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Helping you find your purpose, connection & path. Soul readings are unique, please click the page above for more information.


"From Both Sides Of The Fence- The gifts in you" Available on Amazon. // "Connecting to Life's Compass" is available to read for FREE above.

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My first book was featured in the Best You Magazine in the April Edition 2013. My article was featured in CHAT 'It's fate' magazine dec 2017 issue.

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"Dee has a gift unlike any other. She shines a light on parts of yourself that you know but have yet to discover. Because of this, my reading with her changed my life." - Sarah Bishop, NZ

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I carry out Soul Readings Face to Face at my home in Essex, by Telephone or by Skype.


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ByDee Weldon Bird May 18, 2018

WHO AM I !!!!!!!

WHO AM I !!!!!!! I believe in love I believe in the gifts in U I trust the gifts in U I believe in focusing on love even during adversity

ByDee Weldon Bird May 4, 2018


FEAR.... Starts with yourself.. Do you know what you even fear? Fear is the only energy that you will be in conflict with within yourself ..

ByDee Weldon Bird May 2, 2018


REMEMBER.... People are getting into position for their own reality. In 25 days time this connection strengthens. The energy of infi

ByDee Weldon Bird Apr 30, 2018


FREQUENCY QUARTET .... Frequency Quartet Elements Combination are ... 1- Connection Frequency 2- Pulse Frequency 3- Wave Frequency 4- Vib