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I have been guided to write this my second book Connecting to life’s compass as a gift to the world. I wanted the information in this book to be available to everyone for free. This is why I have not got it published in the traditional sense like my first book by a publisher. I did not want money to get in the way of people having access to it. Like I have said it’s a gift to everyone and anyone who has ever questioned life will find this book interesting.

The information in this book has come from source for those that do not know what that is, it is the consciousness of all life. Like people pray or wish for things they are sending their thoughts out to the universe regardless of what you believe in out there.


This book is about life, going back to go forward past the big bang. It explains why we are all here having a life here, why we have fear and why fear separated our self -connection. It explains about death and many of life’s questions. At times we have searched for the meaning of life but what value is there in knowing the meaning of life if it is not fully understood. This book covers the many feelings we experience through the many challenges that we may face. It explains why you are more than a physical body.

Life is changing, in the old paradigm we have lived under fear for over 250,00 years ruled by ego and judgement and punishment. The new paradigm that we have entered is clearing up miss information and distortion, so truth rises to clear out fear, so we can live in balance again with ourselves and that of earth and the cosmos.

You could say everyone is having a life review, you may have noticed these changes within yourself over the last few years.

Living in fear is over as this caused separation, our connection to life is awakening and this book gives you the guidance to understand life not only around you but also of yourself.


I hope you enjoy reading it and remember how special you are.


Much Love to You dee xx

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