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I cant wait is most probably said before we are born, with mothers saying I cant wait for the birth.

When I look back at my life over 48 years this sentence stands out to me, even though they are these few words of I cant wait. They seem to pack a drive of enthusiasm in some way giving us the encouragement to keep going.


I cant wait is said more than we at times remember; you have all the childhood cant waits. Like when you can’t wait to be tall enough to ride a bike, or old enough to go to playschool, or for your tooth to fall out, or a birthday or Christmas to have that toy. The teenager cant waits for being old enough to go out with your friends, having money, leaving school, buying things, getting a job or going on holiday. The list is endless to be honest we may have a cant wait moment every day and not even realize it.


Does saying I cant wait let people know you have got it as the time waiting we have to fill with something. So declaring you cant wait means you own it, I will have it and what I am waiting for will come at some point. While I wait I just let you know I can’t wait and I am so focused on it right now.


Some may call these moments our firsts, so you can appreciate when growing up pretty much everything at some point is our first moment. Once we remember what something was like we then know whether we want more or not.

When we are bored we may dream about what we would like to do or have or be or own. I can’t wait window-shopping maybe so our imaginations keep working so we don’t get stuck with the same old.


At times it is easy to say I cant wait to do something or want something then when it comes to getting it we may back off and not want it anymore. Is it because it is safer or easier to handle in thought rather than action? I could not wait to reach 16 years old to have more freedom, then that changed to 18 where my life changed completely after that. I did not have so many self wishes of I can’t wait. I became we when I had my children, so my life became hearing cant waits from my children instead of saying them myself so much.


From experience I would reassure my children that cant wait moments will soon be here and what you have been waiting for arrives. It does not always guarantee happiness and contentment but you will get out of your cant wait moments what you have wished for. Hence the saying is being careful what you wish for or do you know what you really want. We may feel we really want a puppy or a loan for a car, with it comes responsibility, have you thought it through? The puppy comes and it’s too much or you wait for a loan only to find the payments are a pain and you cant wait for it to be over. So our cant waits are like a double sided card, on one side the cant wait is new and exciting, turn the card over once its been used and not new anymore, it becomes boring and less exciting. So now I cant wait for this to end is more the focus, so I can focus on a new cant wait moment to replace this old boring one. Maybe you could say we have upgraded I cant wait moments.


Life is targeted at the young, from pregnancy through to teens and 20s, and 30s, leveling off when you’re in your 40s. Yet when you’re young and in your teens you think life is targeted for the adults and not about you. You don’t often hear people say I can’t wait to be 50 or 60 or 70 the only age people aim for past 90 are 100 to get a card. So the cant waits are for more the young, as by the second half century you have done most things, the cant waits maybe making changes and visiting different places, you could say they are repeated cant wait moments.


Right now as I type I cant wait for my cold to go, nothing new had them before its just I could do without it. Yet catching things is common as we share everything in the world, we share everything even down to the I cant waits.

I am sure you’re saying I can’t wait for this post to end ha ha.

So the next time you say I cant wait know your involved and connected and meeting life half way, to be bothered to know you are looking forward to something in a cant wait fashion.


Enjoy and embrace your goals, your plans and dreams as life really does flash before your eyes, one minute your 21 the next nearly 50. It does not feel long ago I was the teenager of the moment, now I watch teenagers of today having fun, and dropping them off as I have reached the generation I saw growing up as the old ens. Are we really ever old? Yes our body changes over the years yet inside I still feel the same, just its hidden and not on show so much anymore. It is not my center stage as it once use to be, now I am settled not searching so much anymore just enjoying living.


The next time you say you cant wait smile to yourself and embrace the journey, a journey that never ends.


Much love to you Dee xx

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