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When I first welcomed Acho. ( written in the moment not edited)  First introduction.

1st January 2017. Welcome Acho my continuing guide from Ramini.

Who are you?

I am total all seeing – consciousness itself. Without grades-fear-insult- to the point conscious. I say it how it is pretty much like you do Dee. Your voice sounds warm-deep-lowish tones- mellow yet sure and strong. Warming strength not to sharp or bitter or sour or sweet a balance that captures a spice of everything. I like your voice tones –  brings comfort, safeness and strength reminds me a mix of Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman.

What is it with the big coat you are wearing? Like an over coat. It is for your physical benefit not mine, so it is easier for you to notice to me when I am around. I chose this image as you like these type of coats. I know everything that you like and what you don’t. I know you inside out. Sounds a bit transparent?

Well I would like to know you please, I do have manners Acho-smile. What is it with your name? It is hard for me to remember. I am not good with remembering names and labels. My name Acho is more a sound, a vibration – a tone – you could say a signature tone. Sound – vibration more than a name. Like the waves of the ocean or that you call the sea –  the name is not the same as the sound of the sea, waves or ocean. So forget the term as a name know me by my sound and vibration. That is beautiful it is like a chord well that is what it reminds me of.

BASICS- being conscious creates many tones and many forms. Where I am from is totally different to the layout of planet Earth. When I look at earth and its structures – it reminds me of lego. Building blocks – solid objects make the structure. You rely on these structures in which to live, without them you would still build from your landscape with materials that you find. Where I am from vibration creates our images and structures or back drops as you call it. The physical does not see it as real as it is not solid form. Yet is stronger than your physical buildings as they cannot be knocked down or destroyed in the physical sense. The physical is dense – where I am from it is pliable- resonance. So we will be connecting in the middle creating a bridge between our different landscapes.

There is so much to see that you do not know or remember. So much has been hidden it is now time for disclosure. So planet earth is connected to the universe rather than feeling it is on its own.  Why me? What is it that I am needed to do? Acho’s answer.. why not? You are a traveller of the cosmos. What does that mean? after all isn’t everyone? we are all energy beings. Yes everyone is consciousness and energy, some are more conscious than others. It is not about grades or levels – it is about conscious itself. Some need rules, some need boundaries –  to master free will takes many experiences. So you have mastered to a degree free will. Your choices matches your understanding not just the view point of yourself  but how it effects everyone and the universe. So you do not see yourself as separate but connected to everything.

A traveller first steps out from ones self into everything around them, then sees the bigger picture, which alters their perception of earth. You are at this point – why I can now work with you and bring the universe to earth. Answers – wisdom- truth – knowledge – history, not story telling. Acho prophets have tried for centuries the people on earth don’t want to know! Why now? Because the people of earth are curious and are opening up to more, they are bored with how it is everyone wants to know more.

I feel like I have retired over the last year Acho, I cannot see how I am going to be able to share this information? I am no good at computers, grammar, or business or promoting – I have tried to reach out to people, it does not happen amongst the masses it gets lost when your a person on your own with no platform.

MAGNETISM – is the key – we attract the magnetism around you it is turned on full, you will be heard and noticed and not invisible anymore.  What is next Acho?  NEXT – revelation – revealing – visiting  – seeing and piecing life together, from the beginning. Anything frozen has has to be broken free – lies just beneath ( clue number 1). Ice age do you mean? Nothing like it.Explain simply to me please.. for now we are getting used to each others vibration while we communicate – you could say fine tuning so communication is clear and visible and understood. So patience is required it will be worthwhile., an adventure of a lifetime. Acho are you able to give me a heads up how it is going to evolve?  Pan out physical side – disclosure.

Much goes on not in your conscious physical state but in your point zero self – source. Since your birth you held the script of disclosure in your soul – invisible to the naked eye but not to the soul. Timing – not the right time – soon it will be, very soon big rush. We will guide you – impulse you. Imagine you are in the middle of the sea in your own boat on your own. Eventually people will rush round you as you hold the key, the soul knows what the physical ignores. Souls will connect more and more people will find you – hence magnetic pull.

Sit patient – trust what you know – soon the sea around you will be full. We have had to prepare you from your physical self – so your physical self does not get in the way of disclosure. Be still – be open – be awake – be aware – be ready to receive – leave the rest to us – magnetic pull. Be silent so the line of communication is clear. Lots to see, observe, remember, know. We have now connected – time to unlock the codes of the universe – synchronicity all around.

There will be typos and wrong grammar as i just write like we have a conversation with anyone, I just write the conversation down I do not have time to think about grammar as it is something I am not eloquent  in. So my writing is raw but natural.


April is a marker beginning of change is happening now right under your feet.
October is a marker as well, point of reference that holds what is happening in between these point reference months.
Surrender to guilt, pain, suffering – the soul never suffers – the physical experiences.

Major changes ahead, there is no avoidance it is a straight line path ahead.
Is this major change going to effect personally or wide world?
Answer- both.
Energy boom.
The more your connected to your soul energy self it protects and guides you.
So what are we to expect? Planet X, niburi, comet, nuclear man made?
What is it Acho?
Structures – alter change – atmosphere- atmospheric conditions. PULSE WAVE – POWER SURGE…
Is it from the sun Acho?
No … Structures.
What is a structure? You keep saying this word. Is it a building, a planet, a ship, what?
It’s not a warning it’s so you understand the changes that are coming.
Structures – not man made….shown the domino effect.
Collision is it Acho?
No not the same thing, structures has energy around them, like magnets have energy.
Structures that align have energy around them – when these structures are close the energy pulse goes into the next structure and so on.

Energy surge is by passing structures it is not the sun as its fixed like a beating heart rhythms.
Structures in and around space have movement – when aligned this creates an energy surge.
So what is going to happen?

Darkness – power lines – atmospheric changes – harder to breathe – sensitivity to light sound vibration – piercing to the ears – think of a dog whistle.
Body rhythms alter .
Once power surge is over – it will be like a light has been switched on, but a different type of light. Not artificial – natural glow light radiates.
3 days…
October is the marker – hummmmmmmm sound in the air – is the energy vibration more and more people will notice it.

People’s bodies will be affected by this energy.
Everyone will experience change.
I stopped the conversation at this point as my rational mind wants to think what a heap of crock.
Yet this information matches what I wrote down in 2009 called universal message please read.
Why am I sharing it?
When it could be nothing?

Because changes have happened around us…
Electrical glitches etc….
If you notice a humming noise then be awake, aware and follow your own soul guidance.
I know what I share sounds nuts I appreciate that.
I am not sharing to convince anyone but if it helps to guide your own connection with yourself that’s great.

I will post any further conversations…

Much love to you
Dee xxx

Hi Acho I have got my head around with what you shared with me yesterday.
I am ready to continue our conversation…
Dee I will always stand in front of you, although my energy is all around you – this is so you can visually see me.
We are together – what we share and face – no one is alone.
IMMINENT – why this word first Acho?
Because it is relevant – a word used not in a specific literal time frame – but a span frame of time.
It’s ongoing – concrete proof will surface – reflective glaze/ glare – like when you shine a glass at the light it creates a REFLECTIVE (LENSE) GLARE.

Supposedly informed- but only a part of the full picture. Surfing – arising – awakening – shifting – surplus falling – ground level – content uploading.
Many papers sitting on desks – question mark above heads – office/ elite etc.
Conference, shadow – talks – many drafts – many conversations, confusion – NO – war/battle!!! Sifting through drafts and papers – configurations – sums- mathematical alignments. Structure – frost – (frozen) – history- tablets of old. NO not in history can this transformation shift be found.
NO known knowledge just theories and ideas.

Complications – movement on planet earth between officials – meetings – structure – talk – frantically trying to find reasons and answers – hiding their treasure etc.
Vaults – emergency alert between the elite etc.
Is this my mind Acho? No please continue…
Main frame – first will have bursts of frequency disruption – news bulletin – black out – anything electrical – will see blips and bursts of malfunction. At first can be covered up what is happening – hoax, tricksters. But due to the increase and volume that will arise many questions are asked, as it will be harder to cover it up. As they cannot control it – as its sudden and spontaneous without warning, more frequent you could say.

Explained as radio bursts – weather – atmospheric – ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT will be temperamental. Bank cards freeze – the frequency of these events will cause a shuffle – meetings – secret meetings – military activity – streets – sirens.
All the infrastructure frameworks – elite, governments, police, officials, NSA etc…will be having secret underground meetings. Frustrated – trying to understand what is going on.
Many excuses – letters will be written for the reasons why this is happening.
But they will not have a clue.
Structurally – planet earth is sound there will be a shift through these changes – occurring changes.

Man made? NO.
Energy plasma increases.
Side affects – tingling sensation as each cell in your body responds to the energy pulse shift.
Some will be confused , some will stare blankly, some will try to fight but their body will feel heavy like lead.
Blank stare as if there but not.
You may have a conversation with someone and mid convo it’s like they zone out.
Once you notice these changes and observe them you know the energy pulse is increasing.
Keep to your own space within yourself.
Light / sound sensitivity – heightened senses for some not others.

It is not catching or a virus – your own sensitivity will gauge your own reaction.
No medication will stop or prevent these affects.
Breathe and connect to your own energy within you.
Stay focused.
You are and will be safe – be prepared in understanding.
Acknowledge what is structurally going on around you.
Some will get fidgety – hands shake as if when nervous. It is the cells in the body, like they are coming alive.

Get use to your own energy- alone time, meditate, be aware of your own energy levels soul side, not physical endurance.
Sleep well – rest – let your body rest if you feel exhausted or tired.
Eat if hungry – drink if thirsty – listen to your body – it is not the time for strict restrictions.
Work with your own rhythms, what works for one person may not another. It is individual.
Your own rhythms will guide you naturally.
It’s time to work with and connect with your own energy within yourself. Follow your own guidance.
Understand – follow guidance so the disruption will be minimal.
Your path is unique to YOU – stick to it.
To be cont…..

Take from this what you wish, throw what does not sit with you.
Guidance guides you to your own truth.

Much love to you
Dee xxx

What else is there Acho in which to understand?
Fire – rescue continues all over the planet earth, Water – drought will continue – as I have mentioned everything and everyone is accounted for including plant life.
Is this all doom and gloom Acho?
Not at all dee – it is all necessary to complete change from one existence to another.
Existence – this word is not a very whole hearted word, sounds like bare basics – Exactly dee it is and necessary like stripping the bark back.

Bare basics is missing – basics of gratitude, sharing, warmth, water, food, shelter, oxygen, nature – true respect for these on earth.
Connection to these elements has gone to greed – once was appreciation, joy and laughter.
Yet man has plenty in greed and yet through self serving are still troubled and miserable – because what brings joy is self connection to everything.
The more separation and divide the more they fight to fill this void and disconnection, wanting more and more and more.
Soon realizing nothing in the physical fills the separated void, on a material ego/greed manner.

Each head that is trod on – this void within themselves widens within that person.
Fear, panic, loss – so they need more than before to cover the feeling of loss they feel.
Terrified of being empty handed thinking having more fills the soul.
If it worked then life as you know it would plateau – people would settle and be content – contentment lasts for minutes wanting more and more.
Many follow the path of the physical as if their life depends on it, yet forgetting the physical are tools in which to experience a chosen experience.

The soul is what matters – only remembered when a person exits the earth…. Then words are said such as R. I.P and may their soul find peace.
You came to earth with peace, the only thing that changed is the experience and journey.
You are all peace yet you have chosen at times to experience the opposite of peace.
Holding onto the physical tools – in which to survive and to not enjoy – fear consumes loss – forgetting you have everything you need inside.
Follow your soul path then you will not fear the physical path you walk. As you will understand and remember who you really are.
To be cont …..

Conversation with my guide Acho…
How earth began…
Long ago seeds / research came to planet earth from tiny droplets – seeds that reached your whole planet. Tiny seeds from neighboring planets, trees grew and green forests became the landscape., from the seeds of distant planets.
At first earth was like a plasma energy ball – electric and alive with molten energy.
How did earth become into existence?
DIVISION – it divided from an already existing planet.
As the original planet divided due to plasma explosion, the hot molten rock you call earth got swept along the pulse current.
Solar force carried the plasma ball far into space/ universe, over millions of years.
At this time it did not have any Suns or other planets around it. You could say it was in dark space away from much activity – pushed and propelled by the energy around it. Like magnetism.
The plasma on earth was like waves of the ocean , from the core of the planet out like a heart beat.
It sent waves of energy over the planet.

Other planets soon got attracted around planet earth, the first thing to appear from a chemical reaction was oxygen.
As the earth calmed down in its atmosphere… Seeds from other planets gave your planet earth life.
So was it a Big Bang? No it was a division from an already existing planet.
Pluto is an ancient planet like the grandfather to other planets and very wise.
Pluto has existed far before planet earth existance, planets communicate with each other.
Pluto’s energy is strong in magnetic force, a strong magnetic pull within the star systems.
Pluto is like an anchor planet, stabilizes other energy fields around other planets.
Pluto is one of the planets that attracts and assists other planets for orbit grid and structure.

I have condensed the conversation for easy reading.
It is told to me in a way I can understand as I am not a scientist or astrology person.
So that I can share the message no matter how raw that it is written.

Much love to you
Dee xxx

MARS is a highly charged planet, it’s movement is faster in the vibration and equilibrium than other planets.
It’s structure is not Dense – it’s a highly evolved planet – in layers.
It’s surface structure is like an outer casing think of a nut in a shell.
Earth you see everything on its surface structure with Mars it is not.
It is what is under the surface – intelligent life – intelligent plant life, holds a life force like no other.
Sea life, sea, water life, green and plants.
Stunning and beautiful & magnificent, some would say like paradise, HD colour.
To look at the surface it looks rocky as if not much life on this planet.
Within the canyons under the surface holds life like no other, your planet earth has not seen such beauty.

Mars habitat is exquisite like a golden planet – rapture in wild life & nature. Tropical in the sense of outstanding beauty. A planet for royalty you could say, but not in privilege or money/ wealth.
The best vegetation, the energy in which it grows is not like that of earth.
It’s energy is derived from its core mantle – not like earths core of molten, Mars is crystalline.
This energy sustains the temperature is constant for what life needs in which to grow. Not relied on by sunlight.

Mars is an established planet, it is not affected by other forces, it does not have seasons like earth.
Many a battle has occurred on Mars wanting to occupy such a planet. The crystalline energy protects itself from outside conflict, you could say it’s untouchable.
Select beings habitat Mars evolved at a higher level, guardians of this planet you could say.

It is unique , under the surface you can feel the energy in the atmosphere, it is not a rogue planet it is a golden one.
Mars is a sensitive planet to pollution, meaning anything foreign to its structure.
Many have tried to contaminate Mars through battle but due to its energy it is like a protective shield. They have only impacted the rocky surface where this crust thickens.

Eons ago a crack appeared on the surface from a battle,it weakened the rocky surface in that impacted area.
The elders at that time felt they had let down the beings of Mars and left during the battle in shame.
Mars did not get taken over, the energy erupted like a volcano which covered this area with the energy like a protective casing.

These elders that left will return to their rightful place and purpose.
Completing to mend the rock surface. Life did not stop because of this fracture, but the work needs to be completed.
Planet earth is like a hotel planet, where any can come or hide out here, from all different abilities of evolvement.
Through invite or selection can you enter the rocky surface of Mars.
This is why there has been much interest in this planet.
Crystalline energy is pure and strong, highly communicative, radar, transmitter, as well as receiver, highly conductive amplifier so knows what’s going on.
Many attempts have been made to weaken the energy belt of this planet, the last battle was close but the energy is to powerful to penetrate.
Mars is regarded as valuable as well as magical.

Much love to you Dee xxx

Conversation with my guide Acho …
People of earth ask for advice & guidance, yet when they receive it they question it!
Or doubt it or try to alter it to suite.
When truth is spoken – truth sticks like glue.
You can try to dodge it – hide it – or deny it.
Truth impacts from inside with a feeling you cannot ignore.
It touches senses of the heart, you want the truth but fight the truth if it is not what you want to hear.

Selective – is what it is – pieces of the truth will do.
Then change the pieces and add pieces to make it look better.
Sounds like Chinese whispers.
You are creative souls – life always adds more – not take away.
There is no rubber in the universe.
People always want more because creativity is expansion.
Yet the physical confuses this with fear of loss of losing anything.

Change is not the same as losing – change is a tool which helps you to experience more, no matter how similar or repeated habits. It is all about experience.
Infinite possibilities, points of view, observations are infinite.
There is no right or wrong.
Where you are standing in your shoes – what you experience & feel & observe from your perspective will be your truth.

There is always space between everything – so more is viewed not less.
If one persons truth does not match someone else’s truth – the frequency of doubt & fear starts questioning who is right or wrong?
There are no sums in the observation of life.
It’s a landscape of multifaceted angles.
Reflections – everyone will see & understand within their own personal ability.

There is no gold star or reward for being correct – it does not exist – as that would make it final or that life has an end.
There is no end because life is infinite.
Often foundations that you create as your platform are made from blind hope.
A platform that consists of energy of fear, greed, take, ego, treading on others to succeed, the list is endless.

When life is observed like a multifaceted painting, will it then be understood why everyone is accounted for.
Your path matches you perfectly.
You know your truth on your path, you understand it & do not fear it.
Confusion arises out of comparing with others around you -to compete – to win over another.
When you are challenged you are competing with your personal self ….. if your improved best stands out then you have achieved your personal best for you.
You will never be a winner or loser, as you know there is always more.
In the moment of standing out on your path you may experience many gifts of joy…& rewards for your efforts…this is not the same as the infinite writing on your soul that the whole of the universe sees.
Enjoying the expression of experience with your abilities.

Know your own truth, it is a light that shines your path ahead, amongst the infinite lights around you.
You can never knock someone off their path, if you try to take from another and continue in their footsteps of their creation you will see your path leads no where.
It leads to nothing! Nothing is vast space waiting for you to fill with your own creating.
The person that you took their creation from will continue where they left off.
No one has the power to stop a person in creating.

Understanding connection is all the protection you need, the frequency connects you to everything you experience & create.
No one can take frequency away from you it is the language of the universe & all creation.
Even when truth is not seen, heard or spoken, truth is not hidden in silence , as silence has a sound as it is frequency.
Everything is known.
Truth shines bolder than deception or illusion.

Welcome your truth in your life, it is your own platform of strong foundations.
Then you will know what to trust as it will match your own vibration.
No matter how many layers cover up truth , truth shines through the veil.
No one can hide the truth no matter how hard you try.
The frequency of truth is bolder & louder & always stands out amongst distortion.

Face your truth it is golden.
Much love to you
Dee xxx


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