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Firstly I will ask you to draw a circle. Then outside the circle I will ask you to write the numbers 3,6,9,12 as if on a clock face. Then to draw a line from number 12 to number 6 inside the circle,and to also draw a line from number 3 to number 9 inside the circle.It will look like a cross in the middle of a circle.
Then to write zero/0 next to number 12. This symbolizes when you was born on the earth.
This circle is a reference graph so you can write in what I am shown about your soul.
So it is easier to remember your reading.
Once this Circle has been drawn I will then together with my guide Acho look at your souls reflection.

What I then see is different for every person, they are so unique.
How your soul circle is shown to me tells me what is going on and about your physical life so far.
It may tell me what you have physically experienced and how this has affected your soul or not.
Some people are here to serve, I call them the workers, they are often very in tune with their soul.
Some have chosen life experiences to aid growth of their soul.
Some have completed their soul map some do not even know that it exists.
This is where soul readings help.
Some information that people receive is quite out there and sounds like a sci-fi movie….as much is disclosed about the soul history if it is relevant to that person.
Some cross my path because their soul is waking up and I confirm what they know.
No matter how far fetched some of it sounds their soul knows it’s right, they will say to me it feels right.
They understand what I am saying to them.

Some cry with relief because they have had confirmation of their true soul identity.
They feel like a weight has been lifted ….this is the physical that covers them.
So much has gone on in our universe and is going on in our universe that we are not told about.
These readings join the dots…after all I have done soul readings in America and Ireland as well as England how can they all tell the bigger story.
Some are just introduced to their soul.
The soul don’t lie and although it takes the physical time to get its head around it….the soul knows.
I never know what each persons soul map will be like until I start work.
It’s fresh in the moment.
Soul readings are best done face to face or through Skype video call or face time. As I need to see physically you understand your reading and filling in your graph ok.
Once a reading is finished, the soul of the person that I have been talking to. Continues guiding that person in their own life.
This is because connection has been made.
It is very subtle and some will notice changes in their life but it’s in a gentle subtle way.
Some grasp it after one reading, some that have resistance or barriers may need more to get use to self connection.
Its like switching a switch between the physical and the soul.
I could write all day about them but want to try and keep it short.
This is an introduction of soul readings.
Please share if you know someone would be interested in this imformation.
Much love to you
Dee xxx

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