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Labels suck to be fair as the language we use, does not explain things under one name.
Yes they are in plain sight always have been for millions of years.
We don’t recognise or see them because it’s humans that have separated them selves the human frequency is distorted and weaker.
You could be looking in the mirror thinking your 95 % human in frequency yet you are not. Just because people focus or hide in the physical frequency it doesn’t mean you are .

Soul readings have given me the access to see people’s true identity. We are all from different planets. With different history. With different abilities.
The only ability talked about is ESP or psychic that’s it.
There is so much more than this. You may ask how do I know? I know because I remember. Different races have different abilities. When I have been my true identity I can see through craft because a purple ish beam came from my eyes.
Yes everything I talk about sounds like a sci-if movie, it would because humans use weak senses and those they doubt, their connection is weak.

When you are connected to your true identity soul side of yourself. The physical veil lifts. Your frequency is no longer limited and you can see the bigger picture.
Earth is like M.I.B film but not the story line or grossness .
Extraterrestrials may not have the same physical form body as us but I can tell you this.
The ones I have seen here on earth are beautiful their energy is beautiful.
Earth humans are into fighting so anything different they do not understand is to capture it and kill it.

What humans do not understand is this.
We all play our own signature frequency. What we are tuned to within ourselves is what becomes your experience.
My frequency I have set at myself is love frequency. Harmony, empathy, understanding, caring, togetherness, teamwork.
So where ever I travel in the universe what I experience matches my frequency it depends on what your focused tuned to.
So yes some may experience fighting or not nice things because that is the level they are at, what they understand.
So to me when I hear these stories I think I have only experienced kindness in the universe.
Like I have said it’s only humans that want to dissect things or test them.

So aliens alternate different bodied entities I would call them. That’s all that is different no different to your pet having a different form .

I have had black ops turn up in my bedroom, stand next to my bed. Luckily for me I have knowledge and understand frequency.
For sensitives who have little knowledge and this happened they would freak out and panic with fear. Believe what they have seen and so the frequency of fear keeps the image alive.
When I looked at the black ops I looked for a signature frequency within the image which I call a heartbeat. This black ops did not have one, it’s then I knew it was a projection hologram. I told it to feck off and it disappeared because my energy saw the truth and rejected it. It had no power only the power in which it was sent. Like if you send a text message you sent it but if the person receiving it don’t want to read it, they delete it same thing.

Humans believe what they see via TV and any media platforms because they do not take the time to do their own research.
So psychic attack and mind control is possible due to weak self frequencies.
The more you know yourself the stronger you are in energy.
The more you are switched on the more you will question.
All the gadgets around us are to distort your own personal signature frequency.
Soul energy cannot be over rid by the physical frequencies . The physical can only shadow it. Block the soul which makes it weaker.
The stronger and awake your soul energy is. The stronger your identity which connects you with like for like.
So like you hear about evil people here on earth it does not mean every human is evil. The same goes to aliens. What you experience will only be matching your frequency mirror image. If you don’t like what you experience change your self channel.

So instead of looking up or down, look around you there is more going on in plain sight.

much love to you

dee xxx

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