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I called the readings I do now soul readings because simply put that is what I am doing.
I am looking at your soul map, and how this connects with your physical experiences.
The time line you have set yourself in which to accomplish what you wish to experience.
I did not use the term or label soul as some fancy higher level of explanation in which to sell readings.
The label soul is used for many reasons.
I am not selling them, I am explaining them so you understand them.

Over the 50 years that I have been a medium, although I call myself a messenger.
I have never been hung up on labels.
I have found in England there has been much controversy what a medium is because everyone works differently.

People have even struggled at times getting their heads around deeper readings than just contact.
So when I was upgraded to do soul work…I thought how am I going to explain this to people?
When people pay little attention to their soul and maybe don’t think they have one while on earth, as if you acquire it once you exit from earth.

So in a simple manner soul readings are to do with your soul, normal readings are to do with the physical experience map.
This is why I call them soul readings.
It’s not loosely used to look fancy as you do not have to dress up the soul.

Much love to you
Dee xxx

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