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A word to use to bless the soul of a person.
Does the soul confuse you?
After all your physical right before your eyes!
So which one of me do I concentrate on the soul side of me or the physical?
I guess the physical as this is more prominent and in my face.
I will just look in on the soul from time to time as long as it does not get in my physical way.
When we pray, meditate, the soul is totally focused on more than the physical.
So the soul holds the power does it not?
So the soul is your true identity in energy.

You will often see children in their early years more connected to their soul than the physical.
This connection either stays with the child growing up or gets distorted with the physical, or could say over shadowed.
After all if we don’t understand much about the soul how can we teach our children especially if we have forgotten.

The soul is your guiding truth, that little voice within, that feeling and gut instinct that tells you information.
It’s subtle not in your face like the physical because it’s your natural state of who you are. The physical is like wearing a mask.
Maybe the Egyptians where in to something here.

We come with our soul & leave with our soul.
The easiest example I can give is this, bare with me.
We all come to earth from the sea, we see many humans on land on the beach.
All experiencing and creating …making homes and businesses living an earthly life. So we rush from the sea where we have come from to get to land.
While on the beach we know we can see the sea, but choose to concentrate on the beach.
We maybe very successful, even setting up spiritual workshops.

We live compactly with others. Life on earth is all about the beach.
When it is our time to exit, we may want to live closer to the sea. So we move.
Our holidays are around the sea.
Nearing our exit we may not be so consumed with the beach as we used to be.
Our attention shifts to our well being.
We may make plans to pass on our earthly goods.

Because we know we come with nothing material and leave with nothing material. We have our memories.
Nothing is forgotten it is logged in our soul.
You hear of people having a soul review once they exit, their life flashes before them as if watching a film.

Yet your soul path is the real reason why you have come here.
The physical path you tread is meant to aid your soul path.
Your soul path is like your personal map.
Some remember it many forget they have it.
Yet they may feel deep down inside that there is more they are meant to be doing than what they are doing on the beach.

Those that follow their soul, may say I swim against the norm, they are really saying I am more than the beach.
Some who have soul readings will be surprised what their personal soul map reveals.
They might be told that they have done nothing on their soul map so far, even though they look successful on the beach.
But if what you build on the beach is not on your soul map it stays with the beach, like building a magnificent sand castle it will be swept away with the tide.
It lasts for such a short time.
What is created by your soul and soul map lasts forever.

This is why I am now doing soul readings, to help those who have forgotten what is on their soul map, or to confirm to those who have an idea.
Your soul is your true identity not physically made.
It holds all your information.

If you are interested in your soul and want to know your true identity, and why you are here.
Then a soul reading will give you the answers.
It will reveal how much of your soul is used in your life.
If there are barriers or blocks, it explains why you have experienced what you have especially if your a soul worker.

Some here on earth are waking up as the energy and abilities of that soul will be of service and help earth at this time.
There are those who are learning from the physical experience to remember that they even have a soul, but will be more trying to connect with this side of themselves.

Being more open, facing barriers or blocks, life changing events may occur.
So much information that I am not able to explain it all here in this one post.
Your soul map is personal to you.

Soul readings have come about because of the major shift we are now in.
Yes they are different for an important reason.

If you would like a soul reading please message me to book yours.
Please do your research first so you understand what they are about.
I am trying to write as much as I can about them, to explain them with the examples I use.
More info can be found on my website

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Are you a soul worker? If so you will be waking up.
Much love to you
Dee xxx

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