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Think anything that is different to their human form is alien to them.
Yet humans accept many different species on planet earth as not alien even though they have different body forms.
Animals, mammals, sea life, wild life and even insects…we have many different forms on planet earth.
Planet earth is not alien to us although earth is in space in the universe amongst many planets and star systems.
Is it that humans only accept what it is capable of understanding.
Anything we fear or do not understand we assume is a threat and alien to us.
Are we not then all aliens because our planet is in the universe.
We may stand on land and think space is miles away from us.
Yet we are in space…
I do not fear anything that I have experienced when I have travelled the universe.
Visiting other planets and different forms.
I have no fear because to me it is home where we all have come from.
Everyone wants proof, yet the only way you find proof is via your soul.
The energy of your soul is all you need in which to explore the universe.
It is a personal journey for those that are not fearful.
Those that can let go of the limitation of earths lower vibrations are able to explore much of what I write about.
Yes it sounds nuts to those who have not experienced it.
Yet many worship many things that have been written down, and believe in something they have not personally experienced from the time it was written, physically speaking.
Millions of people follow many things and proof is what you believe in.
It is good to question everything, and to be skeptical because it means you are ready to explore your own truth and not follow another.
The more you question and explore then you too will see the wonders of the universe like I do.
I don’t need to prove it because I know.
How can anyone disprove it when we live in an infinite universe.
Let go of fear, let go of the human constraints and follow your heart.
You will never be disappointed.
The energy of life is what makes you You.
Much love to you
Dee xxx

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