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Much will be revealed of the truth of our universe, so the miss information is not focused on anymore.
There is so much that humans do not remember,on how it works in the universe. This is because it is viewed from the perspective of the physical energy platform of matter.
The language of the universe does not consist of a few languages, it’s an infinite language.
Which is expanding all the time.
Example … Imagine a pulled thread on a knitted jumper. If you follow that thread it will lead to a point of connection.
What is observed from that point will not be the total infinite matrix.
By the time it has taken man to follow that thread the matrix of the universe has expanded ten fold.
Humans try to find answers in a black and white manner, while forgetting that the matrix energy of life is alive and living.
The universe always provides more not less.
Viewing life from point zero …do you then see how the matrix works a bit like looking at a map.
A map that is explored infinitely.
If you want to understand the language of the universe connect with and understand energy.
The physical relies on images, or visuals… Forgetting anything can be projected. By connecting to the feeling signature of an image it gives you more detailed information, rather than looking at an image at face value.
When signature frequencies are understood, the language of any event is easier to understand.
Some language frequencies are stronger than others, like music tones can be soft and gentle or loud.
Everything has a signature tone, each human has one and every living thing.
By connecting to other frequencies you can view everything.
Energy does not lie.
You can try to distort a frequency or try to muffle it yet it will always stick to the truth of its frequency.
We are all connected to the matrix of the universe and all our frequencies add to the infinite language.

Much love to you
Dee xxx

NASA I feel has not seen half of what I know unless they are a sensitive.
The only way is through the soul portal, otherwise what you see and have observed is limited by physical understanding.
When you let go of the physical frequency you then connect with your soul energy frequency which is not limited and understands naturally what is observed.
The physical route will always be limited like the thread of a jumper example.
It may have pieces of information but unless it is connected by joining the dots the image will not fully be understood.
It is like looking at a crystal and staring at the reflective glare rather than through it.
When you connect to a frequency you become one with it, if at the point of connection you separate yourself from the frequency then distortion of understanding occurs.
This is not the same as observing during connection.

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