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We are taught to read at face value, then we are encouraged to understand the meaning of the words.
We soon realize that there are many meanings not just one.
Communication is made up of layers, some are subliminal and some are private thoughts that we keep to ourself.
Each thought whether spoken or not, or heard or not. Is known and can be picked up as it is a frequency that we transmit. Some are picked up by body language or a feeling that is felt even by the atmosphere in a room.

It is amazing how much we communicate by just being silent, yet in silence your thoughts are picked up.
Communication is going on all around you all the time.
Example of surface communication… A group of friends are together, one of them has got a new dress, everyone in the group says how much they love it. Two from the group start to walk away and one says to the other, I didn’t really like it do you? The reply is no I didn’t, it I just said I did because everyone else was.
Why do we say we like things when we know deep down we don’t?
Is it to fit in so we are not rejected.

Each time anyone communicates they are often talking in layers at the same time of how they feel.

1st layer surface – survival and self protection, to blend in and fit in to be accepted. May not even be paying attention as their thoughts are else where, or distracted and preoccupied. Give quick answers or replies to finish the conversation as quickly as possible, or to please you as they have no preference.

2nd layer – half listen to a conversation that is going on, more interested in what they are doing or thinking, too busy to have a conversation.

3rd layer – true feelings – interest, connection, honest, frustration or boredom. Engaging or repetitive conversations, so feelings will surface more than the surface scene, wanting to be heard and understood. Full commitment.
At this point truth can be voiced or hidden or ignored.

These are the basic layers of communication that are going on all at the same time.
Why we are multi faceted.
We may choose to focus on layer 1 – the surface and try to convince ourselves and others that it is our truth.
If truth is spoken at the surface then that truth will match through all the layers which will confirm it is truth.
If one of the layers are out, then it is something someone is working on.
Or if truth is used like mind games, then the person is too consumed with themselves and not ready to listen. This is more about self image and ego which makes it one sided.
Truth is truth when it matches up like pairs through all the layers whether conscious or subconscious.
We all know our truth deep down, just sometimes we are not ready to share it, may be too scared not knowing the reaction that follow. May feel to shy and not confident enough, waiting to see if others feel the same way first, before sharing our feelings.
Some find coping with themselves enough and taking on how others feel is too overwhelming, so will give one word answers.
How we communicate has many meanings behind it.
If everyone got to the point without feeling fearful or threatened, then maybe communicating with each other would be less confusing and not such a battle.
Communication is not just a language of words used in which to speak – it’s a language that has many layers that goes deeper than the surface.
Much love to you
Dee xxxx

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Kelly andrewsPosted on11:07 am - Sep 29, 2017

Hi Dee, it’s Kelly from Liverpool, just picked up your booking for some reason then decided to look you up, long time no speak, hope you are well,
Love kelly xxx

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