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Where are our instructional manuals to ourselves?
It is our soul our core.
Which is expanding all the time as we grow.
We are not taught how to communicate properly, we hold back too scared to be honest.
Why is that?
Because we are told of, or told we are wrong for how we feel.
Feelings are like a flowing current of water, do we say how the waves form or rivers flow are wrong or right?
We don’t because we accept it is their natural state.
Why is it that humans do not accept much about themselves.
We conform by picking at ourselves and pulling ourselves to pieces, to fit in with everyone else doing the same.
I used to joke about being cross eyed and broad shouldered when growing up, getting in first before it is commented to me.
Everyone wants answers and those answers have to arrive quick.
Often analyzing at the surface image of a situation for answers as the image has no words in which to read.
A surface image can be summed up, guessed, or made to fit, as no words get in the way. It is like looking at life through a children’s book with just pictures and no words.
An introduction on how to read, first have imagination and make up the story as we go along.
Then we have words of shared information which takes more effort and time, as there are not only pictures but words to.
When did this stop?
Is it because life became fast paced, so we have less time in which to read and get to know not only people, but the many situations around us past the front image cover.
People will come to me for guidance showing me their surface image front cover situation….the scene or event and I will look past the surface and see all the information that connects to this scene or event, it takes time it is not quick. It may take an hour or two…. You may say that’s not long? Do you stare at a front cover image for two hours?
Answers are there to the many questions that are asked but you won’t find them by just looking at the surface image.
Turn the page, maybe you have tried and read the intro and got bored as it takes too long.
Yet the problem or situation does not go away…because holding on to the front cover image what stares at you is how you view it no matter at what angle.
The truth is communication, the words read or spoken, looking at a pretty picture or scene is easier, but if we don’t like what we see, that image no matter how you stare at it and hope it will change will be the same image situation staring back at you.
Know yourself then words will not overwhelm you or scare you.
You will speak your truth confidently and hear others truth respectfully.
Confidence comes from self awareness past surface images. Getting to know ourselves and others takes time, there is no short cut through the surface image.
Do you make the choice to connect, it takes commitment.

Much love to you
Dee xxxx

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