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Date of entry – 8th October 2017 – (2011).-posted on Facebook,
Who are we?
When we are born we are told what we are – what we are called and taught how to be in society.
I was born into a difficult situation – I became an orphan and did not know who I was apart from labels such as orphan.
Labels given to me by society that explained my situation but didn’t define me.
I soon found out I was different because I could see dead people as adults called it – regular people to me.

I just did not fit society – I did not fit normal families – I did not fit the religions I was placed in.
I was accepted by the other kids in the children’s home because we had something in common.
Our common unspoken thread was pain from situation & circumstance.
Growing up different in a society that blends trends- sexes- and what is classed as image normal.
Behind closed doors – behind closed doors of the self opens up a whole different world.

I lived in silence – until I was old enough to understand more of who I was.
Kids rarely hurt me unless they where hurting themselves – it was adults that caused me pain – because if adults didn’t understand me they feared me.

If I didn’t speak correctly – dress correctly – didn’t giggle – kept my mouth shut – and just blended in.

I didn’t blend in – I didn’t fit in – I stood out for all the wrong reasons which continued for 40 years of my life.
First childhood reasons then because I was psychic – then because I was a single parent – i still chose to not fit in.
I chose to walk my own path regardless if I was understood or accepted or not.

I had one foot in the physical world and one foot in the afterlife.
Some people wanted pieces of me when they needed me – some where quick to judge – some cared and loved me for who I was.

The truth is to stick to what you believe in even if your on your own.
Don’t give up on your path even if it’s in the opposite direction to everyone else.

Being a medium has been tough because on one hand you guide and support and share love with many people.
Yet those who did not understand it feared it.
I had to prove I did not body read or charge those that are sad or vulnerable.
It’s a job but not a business.

People at times find it hard to get there head around.
So when I started working with Acho this January and found out we will be sharing soul Disclosure and do soul readings – at first my heart sank.
I looked back on my 50 year journey so far and all the hard work – passing through each prejudice with mediumship.
People had got to know me and how I worked with Ramini – they understood my work ethics and passion for respect and truth.

To now start all over again doing soul readings – people had a tough time with mediumship how would people understand soul readings – yes it’s about the soul not the physical.
I just did not have the confidence that people would welcome them.
How wrong I was – I am pleased to admit that and proud.
Acho told me that the world is now ready for soul readings and he was right.
The transition into doing soul readings has been easy and flowed like magic.
The soul does not resist or judge – the soul understands – the soul is eager to know – for you to know and remember who you are.
Yes your true identity is not physically made – your true identity is your infinite reality – your home is your planet in the universe.
The universe is ready for you to remember who you are because you want to remember.
To book a soul reading you can message me – if you want to know more you can read about them on my website www.deeweldonbird.com
Yes I am different but then so are you.
I now have both feet on my soul path.
Much love to you
Dee xxx

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Jacqueline WintlePosted on3:58 pm - Dec 17, 2017

Hi Dee a very happy Xmas to you and the family. Lots of things have been going on from when we last met in Lidls some time ago. Your info came up to me and it’s always a way of spirit letting us know we should do something about it, so here I am. If you are around between 2nd – 4th Jan I would love to call in to see you, maybe even bring Sylvia with me. Yes it’s Jacqui. Hope this is ok. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Dee Weldon BirdPosted on11:44 am - Jan 6, 2018

    Hi my love,
    I have not been on my website until now and so not seen your message.
    I trust you had a lovely christmas and wish you a happy new year.
    It was a lovely surprise to see your message.
    Much love to you dee xx

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