Preview – My D Files – (The truth is in there!)

ByDee Weldon Bird

Preview – My D Files – (The truth is in there!)

My D files will be about all my phenomenal and unexplainable experiences. It may not be the X files but it is my accounts of what I have experienced or seen out there. I have grown up with one foot you could say in the other side and one foot this side. I cannot prove what I am about to share in the sense of photographic evidence etc. But I feel its not about proving something it is about understanding it. May be life is a mystery up to a point of proof for a reason, so we meet it half way to experience it for ourselves. So we do not stop searching within ourselves to remember more of why we are here.

My truth may not be your truth, what I will share may sound nuts at times. Hand on heart this is my truth and I am not scared to share it in fear of being ridiculed.I am a level headed person, yes I watched star trek as a kid, but I did not really get it as it was just a programme that was on to watch. Over the last four years I have remembered more phenomenal experiences that I would not know about physically speaking. Physical side I guess you could say I am thick in the sense I do not know much common knowledge stuff. Yet universal side I explore the wonders of life free falling in space and know and understand it out there. So when I return from my astral- travels out there I have to google to see if there is anything in the physical realm that matches it.

I hope you enjoy reading about my D files I am not expecting anyone to believe me as how can you if you have not seen or experienced what I have, but if one day you see what I have you will know you are not alone. I feel we are in exciting times where the bridge of the universe is opening up more to us, so we remember we belong to an infinite space of knowledge, and have access to our natural gifts that have been dormant for many centuries.

The truth is within us all, by joining the dots we understand more about life and  the universe in which we share life with many beings. The physical form is but a mask, it is what is inside that connects us all. It is time to look past the mask and see the magic and mystery of life that surrounds us. Many years have been spent looking up into space for answers yet you have access to explore the universe within you. What you explore depends on how scared you are to face the unknown which becomes familiar.

After all when we are born earth is new to us because we cannot remember before our birth and have to learn to adapt to the conditions of earth.

On my D files I will be writing about phenomenal things you may already be aware of, and I will be writing about things that I am still trying to understand. If I touch on a an area you know more about then please comment and share your knowledge. This is not just about me its about understanding more, if by sharing my experiences it encourages someone else to share too then we have more to go on.

Please read my D files with an open heart and leave judgement behind, if you enjoy it thats great if not then throw it in the bin. If it resonates with you then you have met a like minded person. We wonder if we are alone in the Universe but wouldn’t it be nice to not feel alone on earth.

I hope in sharing  my D files it opens up your mind to be curious to find out more for yourself.

Much Love to You Dee xx

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