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6th Januray 2018 – Happy New Year – fresh new starts and a time of giving up on habits that no longer serve you anymore. Giving up things run in cycles and patterns like clockwork. Change maybe life changing or it maybe a casual fling with change because your not quite ready.

I have lived with some things in my life that have frustrated and irritated me when  it gets my attention. It can feel like living with clutter – avoiding going there or sorting it out. Pretending its not there and bury it by keeping busy with jobs and things that need doing.

For me it is time to clear out out  – of carrying things that no longer fulfil me. It is easy to carry on with life by managing life – so it covers up what frustrates you. It is like pulling the top cover up over the bed to hide the unmade sheets underneath. Change starts with the self – it is only yourself that can observe your own life – so you know what you want to change in it. Changes you want may not be what others want. At the end of the day you have to live with yourself and if your not happy inside it will show outside of you.

FACING your life is keeping it real and not holding on to it to avoid change. Change is healthy when you understand that change is movement – clearing out  old patterns and habits that you no longer wish to hold on to.

No one wants to make do cos it mostly fits – you work with what you have – enjoy and embrace the parts you enjoy and where there is room for change embrace it like opening a window to let a breath of fresh air in. Situations on any level can become stale – even the relationship we have with ourselves can become stale and lazy. Not bothering so much or making the effort.

Life is what you make it which starts with the self – so when you make new years resolutions do you mean it? If you do not know your reasons or meaning of why you are changing then you know it will be a quick change and one that won’t last.

When you really mean change you stick to it and nothing will stop you because the journey that got you to where you are has been a long one. Not a spark from the clock at midnight that turns one year into the next – so it means I have to make changes so what will I give up? Change is a journey for some that journey can be years but once you get there you know. You just know you have to be brave and face your life in truth being honest that starts with yourself. If you can face life and those around you with your truth then you and everyone else knows where they stand. It is easy to bury your head in the sand but eventually that sand blows away even if it takes years – and what the sand was hiding is revealed.

So embrace 2018 with the changes you wish to make – change starts with you firstly by facing it – then acknowledging it – then knowing action and committed is needed this comes when you are ready and mean it and no longer need to hold on to your old way of life.

How is 2018 going to look for you? The answers are inside of you. 2018 for me is like – X MARKS THE SPOT – change – movement – clarity – surety – progress – I know what I want and will not settle with the same old.

Bring on 2018 – I am ready are you? I am prepared are you? I have given it a lot of thought and my energy before the clock struck midnight. I am not leaving it up to chance. I had a plan this time my plan was simple – I knew what I wanted and what I don’t want – a plan I am sticking to this year.

I feel the strength in this plan because I mean it. I am committed to it – because the past is the past – and while the present continuation future is the unknown it is also familiar because it unfolds from the self.

Don’t be scared of change or the unknown because there is always present someone who is always familiar to you – no matter what you face – that presence is yourself. You have never been alone and never will be. So go for it face change and turn your life upside down for the better.

Much love to you

Dee xxx

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LeannePosted on10:58 am - Jan 7, 2018

Love this. So true & inspiring♥️

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