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Date of entry – 7th January 2018 – I SEE YOUR SOUL.

Your soul is very much alive – Your physical self does not define you. Your physical information of gender – nationality – wealth – health – status etc does not matter to me. Your physical self to me is like looking at your twin parallel  to your soul self.

Your soul self is your true identity – your physical self experiences for your soul. So any physical information about you is no good to me that is your journey here so far. Your soul is a whole new ball game.

A year on since working with Acho my now guide – soul readings have been a soul disclosure. A portal opens up with each soul I connect with. You are all very unique and your soul information is unique to you. No copying – hiding or faking goes on soul side. Your soul is your genuine you – your soul is infinite with infinite information. What you hear about your soul today in a reading is what you need to hear now. Your soul does not have a beginning or an end like a circle it expands.

Entering and connecting with soul readings is nothing like any other reading I did before meeting Acho. It is working from the universe – the cosmos – the infinite source of everything. I never know with each soul what I will see – after all the universe is vast. Your physical self apart from your basic details – name and contact details is all I need to put you in my diary. When I connect with you your physical side is moved to one side and what is revealed is all about your soul.

Your soul is magical nothing like the physical – your physical character does not come from the physical it comes from your planet where you are from. You cannot hide your soul but you physically can ignore it. Sometimes information received can sound like a sci-fi movie – yet I know and trust your soul understands what you receive because its your own soul reflection that your soul identifies with.

With each soul that I meet I am learning all the time on the spot in real time. I am shown your soul information but it does not mean I personally have knowledge about your location and identity – like I say the universe is vast. So in real time I am not only receiving your information , I have to process it and understand it on the spot. I am shown everything visually too – so it is not always easy translating visual into the words of physical language as sometimes there is not a word to describe it so I use analogies. This is why I only do one reading a day so each person gets my total energy. As they take alot of concentration and energy. Soul readings is not a business its the holy grail of life.

Much Love to

Dee xxx

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Susana Sánchez de VialaPosted on12:02 pm - Mar 21, 2018

I ‘d Love to have a soul reading, my name is Susana. May you contact me to set an appointment via skype, i just sent you an E-mail
Thank you
00376 682230

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