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ByDee Weldon Bird


Frequency Quartet Elements Combination are …

1- Connection Frequency
2- Pulse Frequency
3- Wave Frequency
4- Vibration Frequency

Situations – experiences – people ebb and flow with you
The connection will be in the frequency quartet elements.
1- The self – you experience for your self growth – so will connect with those for what you will benefit in which to grow from the experience.
Once you have experienced enough you will let go and move on – this will be more personal to your self.
2- Sharing with others – passions – this experience will not only be what you get from the experience – but it will equally be about what you bring to the table, when you have experienced as much as you can from one another – you will let go and move on – kindly and in an understanding way – as you will understand it’s not personal.
3- creativity – movement – travel – freedom – these experiences will include freedom to be yourself – in which to create and experience without limitation.
4- completion – cycles – repeats – health – barriers – hold ups – stop start – final – commitment.

These 4 frequency elements are a quartet that work together – bringing to your life the variety of experiences that you need in which for you to expand.
Nothing stands still – life is expanding all the time – in the music of frequency that everything is.

Frequency numerology uses all these elements which discloses your personality and explains what makes you tick and why you connect with whom in everything you do – including yourself.

Much love to you

ByDee Weldon Bird


Feedback from a Frequency Numerology

Lisa Jones Thank you Dee, for doing ours. The accuracy is incredible, it lays out our personalities, reason for being, in such detail its like reading blueprints! I can see that each of us is actually who we are meant to be. Truly amazing. xx


I would like to share a bit about the language of frequency.

1- Connection
2- Pulse
3- Wave
4- Vibration

These 4 elements are like the grail of frequency – the combination that connects everything.
Connected together they tell a story.

Understanding what they mean.

1- Connection – is about you yourself & I- your mind and your thoughts – the perspective from yourself – your life from yourself. This number gives you the connection to yourself and connects up with the other frequencies if they are connected.
Self willed – need to be known and seen and heard – stubborn – not a sheep or follower – independent – self sufficient – inspiration – Selfish or selfless depending on other frequencies. Interests – engaging – challenging – lack of interest – frustrations – demanding.
Fearless – fearful – distrusting – opinionated – judgmental – narrow minded etc – open minded – information – learning – fast pace – impulsive – own space – non sharing – single minded- committed to self – driven – energy to burn – short fuse – stingy – protective – scared of loss – equally may be the opposite – self secure – positive – negative – overwhelmed -the list in each number is endless depends on the combination of numbers.

The numbers that connect with you depends on what you wish to experience.

2- Pulse – is about your heart – feelings – passions – depth – meaning – communicating – sharing yourself with others and your ideas that have come through you. Community – awareness – selfless – reliant – empathy – truth – trust – open hearted – extrovert – shy – confident – unconfident – reason – patience – growth – expansion – day dream – escapism – strength – endurance – take a lot – sensitive – receptive – concentration – give too much – not receive enough – expressive – facing self – facing fears – exploring – journey – will from the heart rather than the mind – honest – transparency – reflective – encouraging – insightful- networking – people – generous – giving – Again the list is endless depending on what other numbers this frequency connects with.

3- Wave – creativity – jobs – work – exercise – busy – hands on – involved – aware – practical – resourceful – careful – excessive – doing – active – teamwork – independent – adventure – explore – stability – assured – knowing – courageous – more – possibilities – risk taking – impulse – hard work – takes time – patience – perfectionist – challenge accepted – push boundaries – aware – blinded – focused – prepared – unprepared – don’t give up – dreams – space – outside the box – inside the box – again the list is endless depending on other connecting frequencies.

4- Vibration – completion – commitment – stop – start – don’t finish things – will finish things in own time – distracted – chilled – laid back – gets on with all frequencies if matches them in other frequencies – cycles – habits – patterns – likes own company as well as others – has all elements but combined so one doesn’t stand out from the other – bobs through life – hard working if interests – lazy if no need to rush – does not over exert – not expressive in magnitude – works in a team or individually – not needy – fun and enjoyment – involved – drags heals – reliable – consistent – same old unless if other frequencies present – joins in if already mapped out – joins crowd but not a leader if does not have to – unless other frequencies present.
Easy chilled life – likes to just get on – number 4 can be challenging as its slow – waiting for – patience is needed with number 4 and endurance – worth waiting for – again the list is endless depending on connecting frequencies.

I came across this on Monday 23rd April 2018 – as I was doing my walk it just came to me.
How I work out the frequencies that resonate with you.
I use your Date of birth – and your full name at birth including any middle names.
Each will give a number which will relate to one of the 4 frequency elements.
I then combine these numbers which will give another frequency element.
I then add again which gives a total frequency element.

So this is an introduction to frequency – which shows how frequency is in everything including you.
Once you know people’s frequency numbers you can see why they are partnered up with different people – if it’s a long relationship or for a short time – intense or casual etc.
It’s all in the frequency maths.

Hope you enjoy reading this.
I will share more with you about frequency after all it’s our universal language in the universe.

Much love to you
Dee xxx

ByDee Weldon Bird


I Thought I Was From SIRIUS …..

Those that know me will know that I am not only interested in frequency & vibration – I am passionate about it – it is our language of the universe that we all can understand. It does not matter if we talk or listen or feel or sense or write or draw – what ever we create comes from frequency.
The 4 elements of frequency – this universal language connects everyone and no one’s excluded.

Last Friday I had a shift – I had a chakra drum session with feather light- Bily (he can be found on Facebook).
During it I travelled to what I thought was my home planet Sirius.
Once I reached there I shifted and moved on to point zero as I travelled I was told that I am not from Sirius – it is a stop gap like staying at the closest hotel that matches my frequency that’s near to earth.

This shift has released all my physical tensions and released me from my physical history.
I am free from limitation and ready to explore even more about the universe to share with you.
While doing soul readings I learn more all the time.
Yesterday during my walk frequency numerology came into my head by using the 4 frequency elements.
I did the maths on my family and friends – I am sure I drive them nuts and half the time sound weird.
I even did my pets.
What transpired is that their number frequencies matched their character and personality and I could see the connection they had with each other through the frequency numbers that they matched.

Frequency is everything and in everything.
The journey never ends there is always more to explore.

Much love to you
Dee xxx