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I Thought I Was From SIRIUS …..

Those that know me will know that I am not only interested in frequency & vibration – I am passionate about it – it is our language of the universe that we all can understand. It does not matter if we talk or listen or feel or sense or write or draw – what ever we create comes from frequency.
The 4 elements of frequency – this universal language connects everyone and no one’s excluded.

Last Friday I had a shift – I had a chakra drum session with feather light- Bily (he can be found on Facebook).
During it I travelled to what I thought was my home planet Sirius.
Once I reached there I shifted and moved on to point zero as I travelled I was told that I am not from Sirius – it is a stop gap like staying at the closest hotel that matches my frequency that’s near to earth.

This shift has released all my physical tensions and released me from my physical history.
I am free from limitation and ready to explore even more about the universe to share with you.
While doing soul readings I learn more all the time.
Yesterday during my walk frequency numerology came into my head by using the 4 frequency elements.
I did the maths on my family and friends – I am sure I drive them nuts and half the time sound weird.
I even did my pets.
What transpired is that their number frequencies matched their character and personality and I could see the connection they had with each other through the frequency numbers that they matched.

Frequency is everything and in everything.
The journey never ends there is always more to explore.

Much love to you
Dee xxx

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