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Frequency Quartet Elements Combination are …

1- Connection Frequency
2- Pulse Frequency
3- Wave Frequency
4- Vibration Frequency

Situations – experiences – people ebb and flow with you
The connection will be in the frequency quartet elements.
1- The self – you experience for your self growth – so will connect with those for what you will benefit in which to grow from the experience.
Once you have experienced enough you will let go and move on – this will be more personal to your self.
2- Sharing with others – passions – this experience will not only be what you get from the experience – but it will equally be about what you bring to the table, when you have experienced as much as you can from one another – you will let go and move on – kindly and in an understanding way – as you will understand it’s not personal.
3- creativity – movement – travel – freedom – these experiences will include freedom to be yourself – in which to create and experience without limitation.
4- completion – cycles – repeats – health – barriers – hold ups – stop start – final – commitment.

These 4 frequency elements are a quartet that work together – bringing to your life the variety of experiences that you need in which for you to expand.
Nothing stands still – life is expanding all the time – in the music of frequency that everything is.

Frequency numerology uses all these elements which discloses your personality and explains what makes you tick and why you connect with whom in everything you do – including yourself.

Much love to you

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