ByDee Weldon Bird


People are getting into position for their own reality.
In 25 days time this connection strengthens.
The energy of infinity pulses out into the infinite loop – each persons reality will connect with what and whom you need – anything that does not match your reality will not be part of your reality.
What ever or whom ever you connect with will be defined by your soul and not by the mask and shadow of the physical reality that you have known in your fears and thoughts of the mind.
So you could be in a situation and say an event happened around you – that event will affect those by experiencing that event in their reality – you will observe it and that’s it.

Everything and everyone is accounted for – no running or hiding – everything is crystal clear in your reality that is unfolding before you now.
The shadow of past memory is fading no longer able to hold onto it or hide in it.
What faces you is your reality through yourself.
No blame on others your reality and experiences moving forward all come from yourself.
It’s soul time the shadows of the past in physical memory are over.
What is your strength and true knowing now comes from your soul not your imagination of your mind.
Letting go of your memory that has been your comfort zone and ground hog day will be released from you. Letting go of what has held you back will now bring you freedom – emotional time yes but all for beneficial reasons.

How much you love or trust your self and your life depends on yourself.

Much love to you

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