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Starts with yourself..
Do you know what you even fear?
Fear is the only energy that you will be in conflict with within yourself ..
It does not matter if you face fear through others … that fear still stems from yourself.
It is your shadow – only you can face your fears so you can let go of them.
The more you KNOW and Trust your truth in you.
The more you will be in alignment with yourself – you will then feel your strength rather than fear and no longer be in a battle with yourself.
You create your fear – Fear does not control you – you control fear – do you remember.
You wish for more – you wish for things to change – yet the fear in you is what holds you back.
You make excuses for fear and turn a blind eye – putting up with fear to save you from facing it.
The fear in you knows every trick – like the magician its an illusion – one that you choose to believe in more than yourself.
Fear is like an elastic band tied around you – limiting you – so you experience the same old situations and repeat the same fears over and over again.

You pray for freedom – you make wishes hoping that something will release you from your fears.
Fear does not listen to such weak intentions – when you mean it and really believe in yourself and stand in your own energy of self knowing.
Then fear listens and moves away from you.
The only way to release yourself is face yourself totally.
Face fear then you are ready to cut ties with fear and let go of the repeated cycles – so life is no longer ground hog day.
You carry fear around with you – fear is ready to pop up at any opportunity in your life because you allow it.
You control it and you can let go of it.
Why hold on to fear and let it hold you back?
Fear relies on your memory to be in your life – your memory is your shadow – copied behaviour – through what you have believed about yourself – through the reflection of others. You are not your memory.

You have everything you need in you..
You have self love..
You have self morals..
You have a voice..
You have standards..
You have your own beliefs..
You have self respect..
You have self trust..
The list is endless…
If you look for any of these things in someone else because you fear you are missing them – you fear you have not got the confidence in yourself to stand in them.
Then you have forgotten who you are.
Everyone came here complete all equally the same with all these qualities..
Just some people use these qualities more in every day life and some of these qualities lay dormant.

Nothing is missing in you..
If you have lost touch with yourself then now is the time to take your mask off – the mask you hide behind.
Reveal yourself and speak – be – and be proud of your truth.
As long as you understand you and know you that is all you need.
Being lost in life starts with the self.
So what ever you are facing that is limiting you or causing you stress – Know fear at some level will be holding you back.
Being scared- intimidated – not fitting in- scared of judgement – isolation – fear of loss or lack etc… is all fear.
It does not matter how you dress fear up – fear fits any situation and experience – fear has not preference.
Stop creating fear and start creating by being and living in peace with yourself.
If you hate any part of your life – rather than hate it which is fear – face it – observe it – be present and look at what it is – that it is trying to tell you and show you about your self.
You are living it for a reason not just for the the hell of it.
Your fears are there to remind you that there is so much more about you than the mask of fear that you wear.

Remove the mask of fear that covers you ..
Behind that mask you will see that there was nothing to fear after all.
Face you then you can face anything in life that faces you – with no mask to hide behind – facing life with your truth is all you need.

Much love to you
dee xxx

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