Hello , my name is Dee. I am a Psychic Medium & Author from Loughton, Essex.

When my parents died suddenly when I was younger,  I began a harrowing yet insightful journey of self discovery and identity. Through my experiences I began to question; Why are we here? What is life about? Where are we from?

Through my mediumship and writing I want to share that life involves continuous growth and that no matter how difficult our challenges, no one can take the love for yourself away. It is a belief I hold very close to my heart and that guides me in my work.

In 2011 I released my first book “From Both Sides of the Fence: The Gifts in U” – Which shares my story of my childhood, where my mediumship began and with the message that we can overcome anything that life throws at us.

From Both Sides of The Fence. The Gifts In U is available to buy on Amazon.uk and Amazon.com.

I am currently working on getting my second book published as it is nice to have a hard copy and hope to share my message on the meaning of life, explaining life and our connection to the universe. To connect you to your core in you.

CONNECTING TO LIFE’S COMPASS – my second book  is available to read for free – see link. It is a book written through me with my guides for you.

I am excited to share my journey with you.

Media articles and adverts

My first book was featured in the Best You Magazine in the April edition 2013.

I have recently supported the Firestyle magazine by placing an advert with them.


2017 – This year I started working with my new guide Acho  – sharing soul disclosure and doing soul readings – soul identity and planet identity of who you are and where you are from in the universe.

Soul readings are very unique – they explain how much of your soul is present in your physical life – that is where the circle diagram comes in. If your soul is present in your life and your ready to receive information about your soul path and identity then it goes straight to this missing out the circle.

Your soul is your own unique portal to everything about you.I appreciate that I have access to this information if you are ready, which I respect. I do one soul reading a day because of the detailed nature of this type of reading. If you are interested in a soul reading please do your research first by reading about them – there is also a feedback link where you can read other peoples experiences. Soul disclosure readings are OUT THERE but for those that are ready it  is connection to your soul. I am not a label or name person – as you can appreciate the universe is infinite – it is different to how it is taught here. Its matrix is frequency -vibration-energy which I call signatures. So your planet where you are from are often described in frequency identity rather than a name. The named planets that are known and often discussed are a small fraction of what is out there – it depends on Bi-location. I do not hold back what ever I am shown I share with you.


Lots of Love, Dee. xo

My article featured in Chat it’s fate magazine December 2017 issue.

I would also like to thank my daughter Leanne for sorting out my website for me. I can write but I am not computer savvy – I am so lucky to have such wonderful gifted children. Thank you Leanne I love you so much and appreciate your help. XXX