Hello , my name is Dee. I am a Psychic Medium & Author from Loughton, Essex.

When my parents died suddenly when I was younger,  I began a harrowing yet insightful journey of self discovery and identity. Through my experiences I began to question; Why are we here? What is life about? Where are we from?

Through my mediumship and writing I want to share that life involves continuous growth and that no matter how difficult our challenges, no one take the love for yourself away. It is a belief I hold very close to my heart and that guides me in my work.

In 2011 I released my first book “From Both Sides of the Fence: The Gifts in U” – Which shares my story of my childhood, where my mediumship began and with the message that we can overcome anything life throws at us.

I am currently working on getting my second book published as it is nice to have a hard copy and hope to share my message on the meaning of life, explaining life and our connection to the universe. To connect you to the core in you.

I am excited to share my journey with you.

Media articles and adverts

My first book was featured in the Best You Magazine in the April edition 2013.

I have recently supported the Firestyle magazine by placing an advert with them.


2017 – This year I started working with my new guide Acho  – sharing soul disclosure and doing soul readings – soul identity and planet identity of who you are and where you are from in the universe.


Lots of Love, Dee. xo