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why me

At times life throws down the why me card…why the bird got you out of the group your standing with to poop on. How did I manage to tread in that dog poop, yet these moments we call them lucky! How, so make a wish? I beg to differ as its messy and stinks, its only lucky for the people around you that it missed.

You are in class and the teacher wants a volunteer and you get picked, a why me moment. When we want to get picked and we have our arm raised so high that it’s nearly out of its socket in the hope of getting picked. This is a why me why didn’t I get picked moment.


The why card gets played quite a lot in life, why me is a case of why not you?

We are all in life together we all have the same chance as anyone else, yet we get disheartened and give up on ourselves because we either do not believe in ourselves enough, or we look at the shit upon moments and think we will always stink at something.

STOP right now give you a break.

I ask you this what do you see in you? Do you even observe you much? Do you know what you enjoy? If we do not pay much attention to ourselves then we slip between the why me cards that fall. We fall into life by chance or luck or by being in the wrong place or right place at any given time. We may not be present and just let each day roll into the next not giving it much thought.


Why me moments maybe a wake up call to get our attention, to alert us that life needs a lift or a shake up and change. Same old is good but variety is lacking as repeating gets stale when we keep to ground hog day. Life wants us to have fun, to question things and to keep us on our toes. Life does not want us to be bored. Yet why me moments can be uplifting and a prize as well as stinky from the gift of a bird.


How we position ourselves in life brings it purpose or if we go along in life we allow moments to take us by surprise. We all share life, we all hold our own cards to our next move, we all lay what we wish and take what we want. Why me is for everyone it does not matter what prize you get or what you think you lose. Some win amazing prizes I have won toilet rolls. Everything is a gift it depends how much we value it. Even toilet rolls are gold when your stuck out in a field, depends what situation your in.


Why me moments alert us so we do not forget that we share life with everyone and that we are not alone. How we manage and enjoy sharing life with everyone depends on how connected or separated we think we are. I view life as teamwork otherwise we would not have synchronicity. Separation cuts us off from being in the most beneficial position. Not just from the viewpoint of myself, but ourselves….OUR-is the teamwork SELVES- is our individuality connected.

Embrace why me moments as they are the flag that gets your attention. So your life benefits you with many memorable experiences.


Much Love to You

Dee xxx

ByDee Weldon Bird


This is just a selection of my quotes which I will be adding to.

LOVE wins no matter what.


If you are looking at me to lead you, I will guide you back to you.


Life is like pass the parcel you have to keep unwrapping.


Nothing is a mistake it’s an opportunity.


From nothing you get everything.


Those that see nothing in nothing do not understand the magic in nothing. Those that understand see the magic in everything.


If your not happy with one thing how are you going to be happy with many? The one thing starts with the self.


The grass is never greener elsewhere the grass is green everywhere.


You may not always hear me but my heart is always listening.


Just because you cannot see it, it does not mean it is not there.


Searching outside the box leads you back to yourself.


My words my heart my meaning, I have nothing to prove I have everything to understand.


A daily challenge to smile more it costs nothing.


The new paradigm of love is hear it connects everything move over fear separation is over.

If you have an argument does A) the argument mean more or B) the person?

if you find it hard to know how you feel and how much this person means to you, if they left your life would you know then if the argument means more than the person.

Its easy to fall out, argue and fight, because there is another day…. To make up and be kind….

But what if the last moment was an argument….. No guarantees we have time to put it right ….. So if you argue let go of it as quickly as you can and make up because time has many hands in which holds it. My last words i hope are kind and loving if not forgiving. So i can smile at life and not feel sad. Its not about making good but living light.


love is the smile that knows no right or wrong. As both halves make the whole story.



1 person is happy. and 1 person is angry. The angry person moans at the happy person. Does the happy person stay happy or do they too turn angry? or does the angry person turn happy?

You decide the outcome.








ByDee Weldon Bird

Remote Viewing File

This is a document on remote viewing




remote viewing doc

ByDee Weldon Bird

My D Files – How did I get here?








When I was approximately 7 years old I remember sitting in the playground on the school bench in the middle of the day. Does not sound earth shattering I know, but it was not during a break or lunch time. Everyone was in their classrooms and lessons where taking place. The school layout consists of one level building with many classrooms that look out onto the school playground. Each classroom had big windows so you had good visibility to see everything that is going on including the playground. The school office you would have to walk past to get out of the school, it would be very hard to get out of the school without being noticed.

I just remember sitting on the school bench, with my back to the classrooms staring out onto the empty playground. I don’t know how I got there, as I do not remember having a bad day, or an argument with anyone or wanting to run out of school, as I was happy at school. I equally do not know how I got back into the school from the playground. It is quite a mystery, and yet I was in plain view, any of the children in the classrooms would have spotted me sitting there. It was like I had all the time in the world sitting there, in my own zone, and yet invisible even though I was very much physically visible.

I could feel the wind through my hair as I sat there looking at the playground all on my own. To this day I do not know what happened, this is all I remember being invisible it felt to the school around me and yet I knew I was there. I did not get told off, it is like no one noticed only me. What happened that day who knows? its a mystery but maybe one day it will make sense. Or am I making more of it than I should? my answer would be maybe, I can only share what happened.

I know how it felt and how the school day was run, I had no reason to leave the classroom as I got on well with my friends. I was happy to go to school.

This is my first physical what is going on D file moment, it stood out enough for me to remember still 41 years later.

Its not earth shattering but its the start of many D file moments.

Much Love to You

Dee xx


ByDee Weldon Bird


I got introduced to my first gadget when I was a teenager it was a Casio calculator. It was basic and created a lot of fun by pressing in numbers that would spell words when turned upside down. Everything was still pen and paper, not a computer in sight. I did learn typing on a big heavy typewriter, but still no keypad in sight.

This is as far as it went at my school the trusty typewriter for office junior work and telephone answering jobs.


It was not until I was in my late 20s when I got a mobile phone, this was basic back then it enabled you to text and make calls with a few games that was built in. Easy home from home phone but mobile, still nothing too demanding and life carried on the way it always had just we where contactable easier when out and about.

Then 9 years ago I went back to college to do an Indian head massage course, to my horror everything was done on computer as pen and paper was out as of this year. So I had no choice and got my first laptop, I joined Skype and face book and a few forums in which I could write my observations on the world around me.


This back then I could manage as it was easy flow traffic, which was not demanding and you joined in if you wished it had not become a way of life as it was more social. I stepped in and out of these media groups; only to find four years on everything has changed again. When I re joined face book it is not the same, now we have instagram and LinkedIn and twitter. At first I stuck with twitter, as I am no good at multi tasking many sights. So I got comfortable with squeezing my self into and navigating my way basically around and still don’t get it when I am asked to turn on notifications for them. Where and how? I have asked many times I would for you if I knew how! Still none the wiser at all, so I carry on in my little bubble of myself my little pocket of space that I write on.


The other problem I have is this, when I was growing up it was drummed into me to mind my own business, to keep myself to myself. Do not go and be nosey and do not disturb other people unless your invited. Guess the institutional upbringing did not help here. So entering the media web is the polar opposite of how I was brought up. On the web be nosey, search and look, like and follow and intrude. This all goes against my private grain of respect and let others find you other wise your hard sell is going to get on their nerves.


My daughters say mum if you want to get your writing noticed you have to join this, do this and like so others do the same back. As soon as they start showing me how to paste, copy and go on little moments and crop this etc the overwhelming wall raises in front of me, so much to remember so I can post one thing. Why does there have to be so many sites to juggle, why is one not enough? Recently my daughter set me up a website this is cool as I can write and post my blogs to my site to my hearts content.


I admit I am a free flow writer I write from my heart of the cuff, no preplanning I just choose a subject and write away. Yes grammar is an issue and layout but the content is there.

I am honest I am trying to squeeze myself into the media web way of life; it is a squeeze and pinches my head at times and gives me a headache and neck ache. What makes me laugh at times my daughters go to show me how to work it and as they are showing me they will say oh why is it doing that or why is it not working etc. So to me if they are struggling at times how am I meant to work it?


Maybe that is why I stick to my writing on any forum or media site I may find myself on. It is what I know that close resembles the familiar pen and paper that is my comfort zone. I have stepped in and out of the media web so many times I have more pass -words that are long forgotten. As each of my daughter’s over the years have tried to set me up on something only to be left at how it began and forgotten about. I am not computer savvy and I feel I will always be a learner and never quite getting it. To succeed you need followers, you need to network, you need to follow and like and do so many things.


I can write and post that takes all of my energy to get my head around, I still struggle with being nosey as it is not my nature even in an innocent way. If I do not look enough of what you’re doing, or share enough, or seen to be in my own little world it is because I am it is what I am used to. I find the media overwhelming I am not going to lie. Maybe I am set in my ways, or maybe it is just my basic mindset. So if you come across me on the media web I am thankful and happy to connect with you, please remember to tag me or notify me of anything you want me to see, as I am a learner and in the slow lane, and rely on many to pull me along.


I am so interested in people and the world and I care with all my heart its just shown my way and not the fast lane of the web. I get lost in toilets and this is true, I get lost so easy in physical life, so the gadgets way of life I am lost before I even begin. I am happy to share and write but squeezing in the media web is tight for me. Is it just me who is like this? Am I the only one who struggles? Yes I am like a scattered jigsaw puzzle around the media web, bits and pieces of me everywhere. It is not consistent or at times continuous because I just get my head around it and its not the in site no more, join this new one instead as everyone is on this now and not so much on twitter anymore. I find it so hard to keep up.


So please if you ever see Dee Weldon Bird or Dorothy bird or Dee bird crop up anywhere on the web. Know she is lost at most times and trying to keep up. Hold my hand and pull me along and show me the way if you can spare the time. I appreciate no one likes to have to carry someone along just send me a life jacket of a like, or tag or notify me. As one of my one morals I find hard to overcome is be nosey in the sense of not being nosey nosey but joining in by looking at what you do. You see my work as a medium is working from knowing nothing, so by keeping to myself I know nothing about you. So just writing away does not get in the way of not knowing about you.


As I write this post it highlights my dilemma that keeping myself to myself stops me from knowing anything about you. So if you book to have a reading with me it is in confidence that you will know I will know nothing because I stay in my own little world, no matter what is written or shared on the web. So maybe I am lost for a reason and what looks like my inadequacies on the media web is in fact a gift so when we meet it’s a blank page. What I pick up comes from tuning in just not to the physical web but the universal one.


The physical media web I will squeeze into to the best of my ability, I will get lost frequently and you will find me scattered like a jigsaw puzzle. It is hit and miss with me, but I am here always in my heart. I love to write and comfortable to write my blogs for my website. If they get read or noticed I am guessing is because you have been kind enough to share them for me because it touched your heart.


I may be the last one to follow or do something, but I will get there in the end and I am happy to be last as there will be many ahead I can ask on route.

So if you find me or bump into me I say hello and welcome and lets share and talk about life in all its glory.

As this is what we are all in together whether squeezing into life depends if life fits us or if we are trying to fit into life in any medium form.


The words from a Michael Jackson’s song that resonated with me, before you judge me try hard to love me! To love and appreciate anything takes understanding.


I appreciate and understand the fast pace of the media way of life, but does it get me?


Enjoy your space you have on the web and may connections be fun.


Much Love to You Dee xx

ByDee Weldon Bird


(Taken from my free book connecting to life’s compass)


That’s Right! There is absolutely nothing wrong with you.

You are perfect no matter what you are doing, choosing or being.

“But what about if I do something wrong, bad, negative or really serious? How does this affect the good things that I do?”


Wrong or right! Good or bad, judgement, ideals, there are so many labels to choose from, none that will define you completely.

“How am I perfect amongst the many choices I am making?”

It does not matter if it is conscious, deliberate or unconscious in the whole picture of life.

No matter what you do, be or not, it comes back to the self, life here is about many different experiences to help us understand the meaning of life.

We are taught to judge ourselves, or to judge others, yet if you do not fully understand yourself, how are you able to understand the bigger picture.

No one is really equipped enough to judge themselves let alone another. We only ever look at bits and pieces of ourselves and see the bits that others share with us. So what is the use in judgement or labels? They are just labels that have caught us in the big net of fear.

“But what if I have hurt others, or abused others or I have experienced these things?”

“I have been kind and thoughtful to another and yet my gift of kindness has been ignored, misunderstood or taken the wrong way.”

“I don’t fit in, the opinions of others makes me feel worthless, invisible, weak or ugly.”

To be honest it would take a book all of its own to cover all the labels, names, judgements and headings we live under.

We may look at them as our rules and guidance of life, condemnation too. It certainly does not feel like free will and choice in freedom to be self-accepted.

If you are labelled good you get good things and rewards. If you are labelled bad you get punished and go to hell.



Where on the universal map is hell or heaven? Where is its location, map reference, or star reference in shape or form? Geographically, scientifically, numerological, zodiac, or spiritually/ religious speaking, do you know?

If you cannot remember before your physical birth and cannot remember past what we call death, how are you so sure these places exist?

These places only exist in thought and fear, because in truth we all don’t know or don’t remember or have forgotten. So we believe the stories handed down to us, and hold onto them without questioning them. Yet, as children you questioned everything, much to the annoyance of everyone around you.

When did questioning life stop?

It stopped when you were told you are wrong, or bad for thinking differently to the structure of understanding around us. So the main object to life here, that starts you off on your journey, is to conform and fit in, if you don’t you will be alone, isolated and ignored and worse punished.

Yet why is it we encourage children to use their imaginations and yet as adults we are too scared to do so.

So many questions while searching for so many answers; no wonder at times life here is so frustrating and doesn’t make sense.

So it looks like a lot goes on in thought and fear that moulds our life. How well are you in control of your thoughts anyway?

We only have Earth to go on, we once believed the Earth to be flat and then we changed our minds to believing it now to be round.

What is right or wrong? Or who is right or wrong? It is about discovering more than what we once believed or understood to be true. There are many ways of looking at things, either as a small piece or the bigger picture.

It all comes back to our own personal choice through what we experience.

This influences us on what we hold onto to be true, or what we believe on our own level of understanding.

So we all agree earth is a small planet amongst the infinite planets, amongst an infinite universe. Yet we think we know the whole from the small piece that we hold on to, from the whole picture of life from the perspective of earth.

It is a bit like gathering every human being and every living thing and cramming them into one country on Earth. And then everyone says this is it, nothing else exists outside this one country.

If there is more out there, we expect to still understand the whole of it, from the bits and pieces explored so far, from the position and location of that one country.

Those that have travelled or googled planet Earth, or have ventured out into the big wide world and space soon realize how big life is. Some become aware of different weather systems, landscapes which creates different experiences across the globe and that of space.

To travel outside of our comfort zones, we think is to travel outside of ourselves. Yet we can travel inside of ourselves and equally be out of our comfort zone. We can run away and hide on the surface of everyday life and can equally run away from our core of who we are.

Why do we run away from anything?

It is because it becomes overwhelming, confusing, and too big.

Why is it too vast at times….it is because we are infinite.

We know we are infinite which is why we are taught to scale it down here on Earth; categorise, pigeon hole and label things, to make it all that more manageable.

Yet lift the lid on the limiting control, we are then open to everything we close ourselves off from and hide away from.

So we stick to what is familiar, our comfort zones and make things fit, make them stick by repeating the same old. And we wonder why we get bored and frustrated, because deep down we remember there is so much more than we are allowing ourselves to access.

Why do we not access this if deep down we know it is there?


Yes that’s it – fear is the biggest disease on planet Earth, yet is our comfort zone and our trap.

“So if fear is the only thing stopping me, how do I overcome fear?”

It takes confidence and a willingness to face at times, the unknown, which takes trust in the self. How well do you know yourself! Are you comfortable enough in you to explore past your comfort zone?

It is about being confident enough within you to face the challenges and take the risks.

“Well what happens if I have an accident? I could make a mistake; I could die or be killed. I am scared and fearful, who would save me? I would feel alone….”

When have you ever been alone? Even when you experience things on your own, you are with you, the air and the landscape is around you. You may take the landscape or the trees for granted and not pay much attention to them, yet they house many creatures and have those who have trekked via foot. So please do not under estimate the importance of how everything around you nurtures you.

So many thoughts that are never ending! So many pressures, responsibility and expectations, no wonder life may feel more stressful than fun.

With so much going on all the time, even when escaping life on a holiday, we may still bring many of these demands with us.

Life is a bit like a film, so many films to choose from. From thrillers, comedy, inspiring or boring. We say art imitates life!

Yet all films, no matter what subject heading, are telling a story about an experience whether we have experienced it or not.

How does the experience make us feel? How do we handle or manage the experience? How do you react to it or not?

We know that how we face it or not, it will lead us into the next experience that we are continuingly creating. We are so used to doing this that we take it for granted, how much control we have in our lives even if we are the driver or passenger, leader or follower.

We do not pay too much attention to this process because we are not interested in the journey; that is ignored. What we are more interested in is the answer, the outcome. You know when someone says, `Oh you must watch this film; it is brilliant you will love it’ Well what is it about? Some may want to know the ending before even watching the beginning.

Many critics will give their own opinion, judgements, and take on it. Some will love it, hate it, rave it, or bin it. Does it really matter? As it has created a reaction of feelings and emotions, your reaction makes you dig deep into how you feel.


Well you may not be the actor or the producer or the writer of this particular film, you give your energy in what you call free time, in which to watch it. You are sharing and joining in with the creation no matter who came up with the idea. It shows no matter what any one of you do, no matter what you create or not, you are connected to everyone.

We are all connected.

What is the point of creating music if no one is around to appreciate it and listen to it? What is the point in painting a picture if no one notices it? What is the point in doing anything if it is not recognised? Whatever you create it will always be noticed, always known, by YOU first before anyone else.

So who are you creating for? The family, the community, the world! What do you want to become?

“It could be to become famous with lots of success and riches!”

Say you create a song and you love it, you feel it because you are connected to it. The flow of energy and passion flows from you into what you are making. Everyone who listens to it feels what you do; the flow of energy touches every hair on the back of your neck and arms, standing up in applause.

It’s produced and marketed, every groove on the disc captures every vibration and frequency in each note. It is launched and played on the radio and TV, the public love it, and it is a hit.

The phone starts ringing offering you contracts and agents are now falling at your feet wanting to manage you.

You are flattered and feel valued and important, but who got noticed first the music, you or the public which creates a wave of pound notes.

Money talk’s right, money connects! Yet who started this wave?

YOU did by connecting to your joy and passion in which to create music.

How long before the spark of creating gets forgotten, the meaning and drive gets lost. Once it was all about your love of music, then its pushed aside by business to please the public, to give them more, to keep you on top and keep ALL involved rich and successful.

Are you as happy as when you first had the dream? The first few songs are all you, you love them! But what happened once you got managed – did this change?

“Yes they told me what they wanted me to sing or write!”            

So it does not come from you any more then?

“Well yes it does as I still have to face the public and turn up and perform.”

So you have changed your position from creator to performer. Was this your dream and goal?

“Well yes and no, I wanted to create and I am so pleased the public love it.”

What’s the piece of you that you’re told to share; is that what you mean? Are you content and happy with that?

“I was to start with but now I am not, the rush of attention and money was fun at first, but when it comes back to the self this is not enough.”

What fame and fortune is not enough. Really! So what happens now that you find yourself in this position?

“I have had to do a lot of soul searching, and face my truth of how I feel. It worries me because a lot of people expect so much from me. I have to let go of people that no longer benefit me. I have to try and get out of contracts which no longer suit me. Oh the stress of it all, I never knew creating held so much responsibility.”

“I am so depressed and look back at the years with tears in my eyes, what a waste of all those years.”

Hang on a minute are you telling me you have not enjoyed one thing on this journey so far?

“No I have bits and pieces of it, but the whole of it…. no.”

So there is nothing wrong with it then. You are realizing your truth, you lost your connection to why you started creating music in the first place and now you have reconnected and remembered. You can use the experience to create how you wish to continue, being your best manager in you, no matter who you share it with. So really all you lost sight of was YOU! Your fans love you and I am sure being honest and true to yourself, they will continue to support you.

Now you can feel the strength in you once again, the strength that started you off in the first place. Manage you well and never lose sight of you, you will always be there and you will always be your number one fan.

The most important meaning is what we learn from the experience; all the experiences that we face build our foundations, our base. These are our own personal roots like the many trees you see in the forest. Many are hundreds of years old; they have stood the test of time no matter what has been thrown at them.

How? By having strong roots, not strong branches as we know branches fall off only to be replaced.


ByDee Weldon Bird


Fear is so powerful because we fear death and dying.

Fear has to stem from somewhere and our primitive memory before we had materialism would have been survival.

Yet what are we trying to survive, we all think death comes whether we choose to let go or we are encouraged to let go of our physical body. Although what we believe in passed what we call death is a personal thing. Death is a mystery and may scare the death out of us. Why are we scared of death is because we can see up to a point that the physical body dies.


We see ourselves as alive due to the physical body. Yet if we did not see or hear, or feel or sense or taste would that mean we are dead or alive. As the physical body would still be alive it just would not be doing very much it would be dormant. So by having senses makes the physical body come to life. Yet what part of the body does our senses reside in, the brain or heart or skin and bones? I would humbly say every single cell of you. After all you have heard that amputees still feel their limb, which is called a phantom limb. So where do these senses come from when the physical limb no longer exists. The same could be said for us, that when we let go of our physical body we become a phantom body that continues and still exists. Just because you cannot see it and touch it does not mean it does not exist, like the amputee will tell you that what they feel is real.


Maybe there is value in the meaning of phantom, not in a scary way but in helping us to understand how we still continue past death and in truth death does not exist. Or are we too scared to believe we are infinite, would that throw a spanner in the works for this life experience and open up too much which will have a ripple effect on this life.

Lots of ways we can look at this, which gives us many probabilities and answers and outcomes.


For those who have had an OBE or NDE then you will have experienced there is a bigger picture to life. I have seen my husband’s (phantom) energy body as well as his physical body at the same time. My daughter has seen me next to her while she is in bed to talk to her, which was not my physical body that was asleep in my bed at the time. So if we where just our physical bodies how is it our loved ones can see both our bodies that we have. Not everything can be blamed on a dream or imagination.


If we remembered how life continues and that there is nothing to fear or be scared off because we are not trying to survive death. Death does not exist unless you wish to believe it does. I just see death as the route cause of fear to survive, as we have been taught in religion about death. To repent as we are sinful and will go to hell rather than heaven when we die. You are as much as dead living in your physical bodies now, so what are you waiting for. Is this what death feels like to you?


I have spoke to children before they are born, I have seen what it is like in the womb, and I have been shown how people have passed and how they continue to live. I have been shown passed lives and have seen many things in the universe. I have not been scared to visit many of life’s experiences whether they are on my own path or someone else’s. I have observed other peoples life’s so I understand more about life on earth and why we bother to experience more than what we have.


Am I afraid to die or put another way to let go of this physical overcoat of a body? No I am not, as in my humble observation through what I have experienced shows me life is a bigger picture, much bigger than earth. Once you free yourself from the limitations and fears of earth you enter free space of freedom. We all know how powerful energy is, whether a lightning bolt or electrical charge of some kind. Energy produces natural phenomena of earthquakes and volcanoes to odd unexplainable events that have been documented through history.


What will I miss about earth when I step out of this physical over coat? It is more what I won’t miss. I wont miss some aspects of the physical body; I will not miss the challenges of trying to communicate to people in an all-knowing way rather than on a judgmental level. Judgment is a factor here and in some ways becomes a way of life. Our natural state and where we have come from has pure acceptance so to live in such an unnatural way leaves us battling with our way of life even if on a subconscious level.


Deep down how naturally happy are you, deep down how much fun do you have by just being in your own company. How content are you with you? I see a lot of how to become happy in your own skin. One procedure leads to another. How satisfied do we feel inside is it enough or do we crave for more. We are after all infinite beings with no end, is this why we crave more and not less? To fill us up as we have a long life to live that continues.


A lot of what we crave and hold on to we cannot take with us when we let go of our physical bodies. Our material physical goods, clothes, money, food, and wealth on any physical level is handed down and left to your loved ones. So death holds a dilemma we have to hold on to our youth so we can enjoy our wealth for as long as we can. What we do take with us is our essence, our character and personalities our wealth of love and joy, which brought us the experiences that we have.


How much do we value when someone we love has passed, what is it we hold on to from him or her. Houses and money get passed down some may be held on to some sold on. Their belongings are given away and few things may be kept. On the whole what we hold onto is our memories with that person and our photos with them that we put in frames. We have ourselves that we rely on to remember so our memories stay with us. Nothing or no one gets forgotten, as the bond you have is a continuous connection of love. Love does not have a price tag it is infinite that never wears out as it continues and stays with you always.


Love is a feeling an emotion which connects you to life whether you see it or not or hold it in your hand or not. The presence of a loved one is always around you to guide and support you. The more you are in tune with your feelings the stronger you feel the connection, you are the telephone line to everyone, it depends if you hang up or are off the hook.

Does death exist depends on what you want to believe or fear. Why do we not have proof passed death? We do have proof but it is personal to you, it is at times subtle and can be a hunch or a feeling. Sometimes it can be physical, I have been told that someone I have known has passed because they have told me themselves before I have been physical told.


I cant prove it I can only share it as it is my word against what is believable. My job is not to prove life after death, as death does not exist. I choose to help people understand life’s bigger picture by opening up your own mind about life. A closed book is a closed book you only see the front cover. It is not until you open up the book of life do you see its magic and meaning.


What do I fear I try to remind myself nothing, as nothing can harm me, as everything is a continuous experience? Do I fear death no I do not, I see death as stepping out of my clothes. To continue a life I infinitely have as we all do. What can be fearful is pain, pain and hurting is what is feared. Yet we have the choice to let go off pain at any traumatic event. You hear people not remembering an accident and only remember events leading up to an accident or after in hospital. We have a safety cut out so we only experience the amount of pain that we wish to experience. We are in control more than we remember, we having nothing to fear for you are safe in your own hands.


Life continues no matter what you do or not believe.

Your choice is what you choose to fear.

Find out for yourself by opening the book of life in you and see for yourself.

I just like to share no matter how random or odd it sounds, I have no preference on how I am taken at face value or too deep. Life reflects what we are willing to see.


Enjoy life and allow you to feel free in you rather than fear in you.


Much love to you Dee xxx


ByDee Weldon Bird


Wow when I think of the word addict the first thing that comes to my mind is alcohol and drugs and gambling. Obvious I know but its true and then I would think of smoking.

Have I been an addict I ask myself? Yes I have, would be my answer.

What have I been addicted to then, let me see well I would have to go back through my life at the different stages in my life.

Addiction to me does not only mean being hooked on it physically it can be in thought too. Addicted to the thought of being a size 8 instead of a size 10. Craving the next compliment for attention and being noticed in the high profile crowd to feel important. I have gone off track here and into the mind of imagination, so let me get back to the point.


Addiction to me is like a habit or comfort zone of feeling in control. No one likes to not feel out of control. So we find the best ways to adapt or hide how we feel, anything to cover up the feeling of being uncomfortable.

Things may start as a bit of fun to fit in or join in which then removes our memory of how we use to enjoy ourselves without needing the crutch of a smoke or an extra few drinks.


We get use to extras easy; we see it around us all the time. Once we went about our day with no phones or gadgets in our hands, now maybe you could say we are all addicted to our friendly phones and gadgets. Addiction to me comes down to feelings. How a situation or circumstance makes us feel, we may use these things as a back up to hide ourselves in.


So what is it I have been addicted to, well chasing love after an abusive childhood of neglect, which caused a phase of self- harming and throwing up always made the feelings I felt inside go away for a bit. Smoking and drinking of course, yes I have given up lots of things over the years. But I have replaced them with other thoughts and habits. Nicorette gum I have chewed for years I know I don’t have to chew it but I do because I know I can.


I spent years making sure I stayed thin not because of how it looks, because as a child I blamed the fact my mum was a large lady was the reason why she had died. So if I stay thin I wont catch a death and die, this lasted for years until I reached 39 years old. It was mentally draining and consuming to live like this, so I let go of the habit as an adult now and knowing the truth that my mum did not die from fat after all. She had died from thrombosis and a blood clot, the truth made it easier for me to let go of this habit.


In fact I let go of many things at once, chasing love because love had found me, and smoking and starving myself. I allowed my self to be just me for the first time. To enjoy life and not deny myself in fear of catching something, I relaxed and so everything relaxed and expanded. Giving up many things I gained so much more than body weight I gained a life that was not so self -confined. I had freedom to just be myself, as I did not need to fit in as I fitted in my own little world inside of me. Yes I still chew the gum and I do smoke from time to time when life gets emotionally tough and challenging. But I know I am in control deep down whether I do it or not. This depends on the strength of the connection we have with ourselves. Bottom line for me is how we get through each day as comfortable as we can without feeling overwhelmed and out of our depth. This for me came down to feelings, now I am not saying this is the core route for everyone but for me feelings where the reason why I picked up a habit or not. How I felt towards myself and the world around me, the less I felt out of touch the more I would need something to hold on to.


I understand talking about addictions is a personal thing, and can make you feel naked, but really if it where not for clothes we all would stand naked in life. We all get hooked on many things just some are more understood and accepted more than others. I bet there is not one person who can say they are not addicted to something, anything that becomes part of your life which was once an extra and becomes you. The gym, the food choices, the canned soft drinks, sugar, cakes, and any ocd habit, anything repeated is more than a life style choice it becomes a way of life.


Addiction we either learn to live with and share life with without it disrupting our life too much. Or we let it take over where we lose ourselves in it. What ever we choose we choose deep down inside what we experience regarding our relationship with our habits and addictions. Feelings I feel play a part in them, which reflect our needs and how comfortable we are in our place in the world.


Addiction is a label one which I am sure we all have worn just we choose to not notice it or not label it unless the label gets a hold on us. We can judge addiction and yet understanding it gives us a bigger understanding about it, and how it affects all of us.

If you have ever said I need a… or I cant live without…. or I don’t function until I have had… or I am anxious until I get my next.

We are all the same naked with our own personal habits whether they can be labelled as an addiction is a different word to describe a crutch. Yet we all know how it feels to feel out of control while being in control we think.


The more we can face ourselves and feel comfortable with ourselves regardless of what other people think. Then we can feel more in control without the need to lean on something. Yet life is unpredictable so just in case the unexpected catches me unawares I will carry my gum with me.


I can live with my quirks as they make me who I am, yet I know this can change and that nothing is stuck. We all give up many things which shows how powerful we are and that we only get hooked when we allow it to happen.


Enjoy who you are and be kind to you and your choices and before you judge you understand you.


Much love to you Dee xxx



ByDee Weldon Bird


I have heard that earth has been called the big experiment for humans, regarding alien involvement.

Whether this is true or not I humbly see earth not as the big experiment but more the big experience.

You see if I had to sum up in one simple sentence why we are here and what is the point in it all? My answer would be simply to EXPERIENCE, the infinite possibilities and variety of choices that we can ever dream or imagine.

We are after all amazing creators that create everything we see as life around us.


Energy and vibration makes everything connect which goes on to create our experiences. After all most things we do come from thought, which is an electrical impulse in the brain.

Why bother? We may all have asked at some point when life gets overwhelming and at times challenging. When we see something new and exciting for the first time we often say let me have a go. We are enthusiastic in trying new things and experiences; we may call it an adrenalin rush or explain that we love the buzz. However we dress it up or label what we are doing, it all comes back to the point that we too want to join in and experience it.


People at times may say why on earth would he or she want to do that? Or why would he or she take on all that responsibility etc. There are endless amounts of examples I could use to explain why do we do anything.

The bottom line of why we do anything is because we can and want to experience what ever we wish to choose, regardless of the risks, as we know deep down there are no risks in life. Because deep down we know we cannot die for the life of us. We all have been here many times before; we have had many births, friends, families, and transitions, this is what we call death.


Just because we cannot remember everything it does not mean we have not experienced more than this life that we now know.

It is hard at times to get our head around more than what we see in front of us. Yet deep down we all remember in our subconscious or collective consciousness. We are open-minded people really we just may not admit it, after all the film sixth sense was popular. If we where really a closed book we would not watch anything that is paranormal whether we believed in it or not. The fact we watch them shows we are open minded in our own comfortable acceptable ways.


During my life I have come across people who share their experiences on a paranormal level, some want to know more, some have said I am evil and shouted abuse. Yet we all know no matter how our bodies look or how different our personalities are, deep down we are all the same. Sentient beings that feel, think, and experiences life whether it is dished out or received. Life has no preference to whom bats the experiences to who catches it. We are all in the game of life together, helping one another to experience what we have wished for.


We can judge life and condemn life, this too is just an experience, when we are born we are not given the rules of life. There are no rules, because we are infinite beings. Our rules are what we make up or follow ourselves; the bigger picture of life from the viewpoint of the universe does not give us rules. Why you may ask are we not given rules? The answer is because we are given a guide, which is our conscience. Nothing in life is bigger than you or smaller than you, experience is your own personal journey, in which you own what you choose to experience.


Example: During a past war a nurse would tend to the injured soldiers that fought in the war. The nurse did not know what it felt like for the soldiers that she cared for. She had not experienced the pain they went through and the traumatic experiences in what they had faced. She would smile and tend to their wounds trying to help them feel comfortable and not alone. She could only meet them half way for she could not feel the depths of their pain.

When the nurse transcended and let go of her body to return back home in the universe in which we belong. She was asked what did you learn during this lifetime experience. She replied I learnt how to comfort and to not be scared of pain and suffering, as I still saw them smile even though they hurt. The soldiers told me they where not scared as they believed in what their purpose was. So belief gives us strength so we are not scared.


So you have learnt compassion, although you were free from pain you could empathize with the soldiers to the best of your imagination. Yes the nurse says but I still felt pain in my heart for them, I felt their pain. So why are you sad when you see it is just an experience and that nothing can really harm or kill you can it. No I know, so what do you want to experience in your next life on earth. I want to feel what the soldier felt, I want to get shot or blown up, so I can complete the understanding and experience of my last visit. So find someone who is willing to share in your action drama a bit like actors that you have in films. I will choose the soldier I cared for and ask him if he will shoot me in my next life experience on earth. As the act will be out of love to fulfill my experience.



The soldier agrees to do this action part out of love, a gift to let the nurse feel the full picture from both sides of the experience from nurse to patient. They agree to meet up at a certain point in time and year. Yet they will know once they are born they will have forgotten this contract action agreement pre birth. This experience follows on from her last life, which on the surface will show the film yet the actors will know the script which they understand from the bigger picture of life with depth and meaning. No one is in pain when you see the bigger picture. This scene is about past life completion, which is a gift regardless of the   role you play.


We choose everything; this is why people have déjà vu, as they remember what they have chosen before being born. So when this happens you know you are on track. Nothing is an accident or by chance, everything comes together through connection. Collective consciousness creates the connections that you may see as synchronization bringing to you what you choose.

You are the master of your life; the universe works with you, as you are not separate from the life force of intention. You can change your mind many times, which puts your wishes and plans on hold for now. They will always be waiting for you to play out, which is why some things take us by surprise because we forgot we had ordered it many years ago, even if it was a passing thought. Only to find it surfaces when you least expected it. An order is an order, which is why it is always handy to know what you want or know what you do not want.

Life gives you experience so you do not have to imagine what life is like, you can read all about life and not know anything until you have tasted it, smelt it, felt it, walked it which opens up understanding the wisdom on a personal connected feeling level.


Remember you are universal energy that is infinite; there are no risks to your life. Everything is about experiencing more or less of what you already have experienced. The value of your experiences is personal to you. No blame or no guilt for you are the creator of everything in your life. You are the producer the actor and observer. Enjoy your experiences, as you will never run out of wishes for you have infinite choice.


Much love to you

Dee xxx



ByDee Weldon Bird



Many films show that time travel is all about time.

Set the clock, date and year!

What year do you want to travel to? Past or future so the time and date can be set.

Yet how is this possible when time does not exist? What time would you go on, when time on earth is so different depending on what time zone you are in within each country. My today is Australia’s yesterday.

So how do you set the time travel clock?

This distortion would equally apply away from earth.


In order for time to work it needs energy in the form of a power source, maybe batteries are used or it maybe plugged into the circuit.

Time stops without any power going to it or if there is a malfunction.

To travel the matrix grid of the universe of all life, a universe so infinite would need more than a power pack, which is limiting when reliant on a date, time and external power source.


To understand what is called time travel, is in my humble observation really ENERGY travel.

To energy travel you use consciousness, which is frequency, and vibration, which is not reliant on physical tools, no time, dates or calendars or years.

The physical route known as time travel is like using a wound up clock, you will hit distortion and fog so to speak.

The films may make it look easy, yet it is all about understanding energy.

We don’t really think much about energy maybe only the electric and gas that powers our home and gadgets.


Energy of the universe is the flow of consciousness that weaves all life. I call this point zero which connects life, which creates multifaceted infinite space.

When you get past the distortion frequencies you enter point zero the nucleus energy that created all life.

Understanding energy gives you the understanding to energy travel as time travel to me is like bouncing on a trampoline, you will only get so far, as time is a label created to manage a day.

The energy matrix of the cosmos is a language, not learnt by separation it is understood by connection. The physical way of understanding life is understood by separating rather than connecting or joining the dots.

By letting go of the physical and absorbing into the energy matrix do you then see and feel and understand the language of the universe.


It’s a vibration which is continuously pulsing and creating, it is not static or paused, so by the time you enter a date on a machine in which to time travel. You have created distortion by the time it takes you to type the date in even if it only took you a second to do. The universe is instant all the time so the physical is always on catch up which can be thousands of years in time that we view as time. To be in real time in the universe so to speak you have to enter it and be the flow via connection.


When I visit space or should I say the matrix of the universe, its non-physical. So I view it from a non-physical perspective I am energy within it.

The energy is alive and defies how we think it should work. The non-physical is understood when we let go of the physical, so then the energy in the universe would be understood. The closest I can explain it in a very simple basic manner is a plasma ball. When you switch the plasma ball on, the electric current runs through it, as soon as you place your hands on the plasma ball. You attract the current to you and the current moves with you as if you are connected. This is a very basic observation example, now instead of being outside the plasma globe, enter it and become one with the source then you see the language within it.


This maybe a heavy subject matter and I am trying to explain it as simply as I can. As it is simple once you see it. Its like stepping into a flowing water fall, you may know what it feels like with your physical body within its flow, take the physical away and just feel your essence in it, then it becomes a different experience and more expanded.


Any way I hope I have opened your mind to energy travel and the difference compared to what is known as time travel.

If nothing else it shows that travel is infinite and not limited.


I am sharing my experiences that I have had during astral travel, which is sometimes hard to explain, as I may not always have the words. I choose not to be beaten and explain the best way I am able.

I hope you enjoy reading it.


Much love to you Dee xx