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Much love to you Dee xxx

My FIFTH book is now available to purchase on Amazon just awaiting for it to be uploaded and available as Kindle too.


⭕️ Just got this lovely email this morning

❤️ Dee,

I’ve began reading the books you’ve sent me again because I have met someone. I have found my purpose in life. I have found my flow and am actively participating in it rather than floating. I trust myself. I love myself. I am transparent, and the world interacts with me authentically now that I interact authentically with myself. I know my truest identity as love, hence my soul’s place in the universe being everywhere. I want you to know, before I finish your books, as I’m only starting the chapter of unconditional love in the first one, that the love revolution is here. Your part is most tremendous in it as are all of ours, and I’m no longer afraid to do my own part. As I know there is no need for thanks, I thank you anyway, and know that without saying so, you know, I’m sending you light and love with every breath in my body.

Sam Narayan Adi Kaur, JC, or whatever else name I inhabit though we all are one ♥️

?I appreciate the lovely messages that I receive.


A must read, they are amazing, I loved them so much, they helped me so much on my journey of self love and self discovery. Very comforting at times. Reading them was a bit like doing a puzzle each piece a realisation, triggering parts of me along the way, into remembering my true essence and where I am from, bringing me back home to self, oneness, peace, truth and LOVE!!!


Dee Bird is one of a kind, a soul that connects the dots. She is my friend and I feel close to her. I admire her work and her words and i am so pleased to share with you her books available to buy via this link on

When we find another human that can share with us gifts we tend to keep them to ourselves, I am of the opposite notion, Dee is amazing and I want everyone to share in her brilliance, she is kind, straight, transparent and has a heart so big that she could hold us all. So for that reason I ask you, my friends, to take a look at her work and reach out to her, she is a nurturer and is by your side, I was lucky enough to have a soul skype call and Dee shared with me parts that were missing – my links and dots to connect, since that call I felt heard, and in life to be heard is just perfect. Thank you Dee last night I started reading and your words made complete sense.

Quote from CONNECTING TO LIFE: Have you ever thought of someone only to hear from them a few days later or you bump into them down the street. Or you may get a phone call from a friend and they will say, you just come to my mind and had to call you. I don’t know why I just felt I had to.

This is the bigger picture of communication that is going on around you all the time, no gadgets, no wires, no batteries. This is going on via the connection of frequency within you and around you. The energy source of all life is always connected and always communicating. Everything is known and no one is separated or left out. It does not matter where you are, you can be anywhere in the universe of all life and you will always be connected, whether awake or asleep. You now remember; you know you never actually sleep, you are awake continuously. To understand life it is first about remembering you are more than the physical of flesh and bones.


The Map Of The Universe – A Traveler’s Guide  – my third book is available to purchase on and etc release date 1st August 2019.

Soul Disclosure – 100% Access – my fourth book is available to purchase on and etc release date 1st August 2019

Front cover designed by my daughter Leanne



MY NEXT BOOK IS BEING PUBLISHED NOW – CONNECTING TO LIFE’S COMPASS – You’re not lost – You just think you are ..2019 – Will update when I know the Release date.

Release Date – 5th May 2019


From Both Sides Of The Fence: The Gifts In U

“Dee’s book shows us that life is more colourful than we can imagine. It chronicles Dee’s life from a tragic childhood, to the person she is today, and teaches us that we can overcome anything life throws at us! Both Sides of the Fence: The Gifts in U is filled with love, humour and honesty, and reminds us that we are never alone! Dee has an amazing gift. She can connect with everyone, and through herself and her guide, can teach us that love is all that matters” – Kelly Andrews, Liverpool, England 

In 2009 I decided I wanted to share about mediumship and psychic phenomena. I wanted to share the behind the scenes of what it is like growing up being psychic. I felt a lot of people are scared about the subject matter because little is understood about it. I chose to share what my journey had been like and how my life laid the foundations. It did not start out happy as I had to face trauma and adversity before I understood the path of mediumship. The first 40 years where tough but I guess you could call it the training ground. It has been a journey of  discovery not just in the physical sense but in the non physical too. I am not one for labels and I saw myself as a messenger because I passed on messages. This made simple sense to me and I was comfortable with that. Yet the world calls psychics like me a medium etc.

I am not a sheep or a follower I am a hard task master I suppose you could say, not to forget I am my biggest critic. There was so much that seemed out of balance for me, as the label and meaning of mediumship seemed to concentrate on death. Yet if I am contacting the dead as it is called, to chat to so I can pass on messages to loved ones here on earth. To me they are not dead and very much alive with their character and personalities intact. You cannot die for the life of you, the physical gives the illusion of separation. I soon began a journey about connection and not separation which opened up so much more to explore about life.

When I became an orphan as a child I faced the world alone with nothing to hold on to. Not even love, I had to be brave and face abuse on all levels. I am not scared to face life as I have faced a dark one already, my journey through my childhood I encountered many taboo subjects which made rejection and judgment seem easy in comparison. I had a tough training ground so that I would not only understand life but also what it is like to experience life in so many challenging ways. So that who ever crossed my path through my work I would be able to relate to them and not be out of my depth. You can learn many things from a book but so much more if you have walked in many shoes.

I want people to understand the depths and meaning of life, and although I am called a medium, to me I am the messenger. I work from the core the truth that is buried deep down inside. The surface changes all the time and it can be what ever you want it to be, your main stay is your core your truth deep down inside of you. My book got published in 2011 with lots of love and understanding as I am not computer savvy or good at grammar. I am sure my manuscript was a challenge to edit. I speak from my heart that needs no labels or grammar as it is a universal language about life. We are all in life together no matter how much we understand life or not.

My life is my truth from my core, a rollercoaster ride and journey into discovering more about life than the surface image that shines back. I have many questions about life and this book explores some of them. This journey continues which I will write about and share in many ways.

I hope my book will inspire you to see more of the bigger picture in life which starts with the self. We all feel alone or on our own when life challenges us, I trust my book will guide you to find your strength in you, so when synchronicity happens you will remember your connection and that your not alone.


My book is available for purchase from Amazon.

My book was also featured in the Best You Magazine in the April edition 2013

Much Love to you, Dee xx

This book is published now 2019 on to Kindle – it is available on and Amazon .uk