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ByDee Weldon Bird

WHO AM I !!!!!!!

WHO AM I !!!!!!!

I believe in love
I believe in the gifts in U
I trust the gifts in U
I believe in focusing on love even during adversity
I don’t give up on U
I believe in strength
I believe in the bigger picture that connects us all
I understand you when you don’t
I reassure you when life shadows you
I see your soul when you have lost sight of it
I see connection past separation
I see the truth past the masks
I feel what the eyes cannot see
Above all I know you even when your lost

Much love to you
Dee xxx

ByDee Weldon Bird


Starts with yourself..
Do you know what you even fear?
Fear is the only energy that you will be in conflict with within yourself ..
It does not matter if you face fear through others … that fear still stems from yourself.
It is your shadow – only you can face your fears so you can let go of them.
The more you KNOW and Trust your truth in you.
The more you will be in alignment with yourself – you will then feel your strength rather than fear and no longer be in a battle with yourself.
You create your fear – Fear does not control you – you control fear – do you remember.
You wish for more – you wish for things to change – yet the fear in you is what holds you back.
You make excuses for fear and turn a blind eye – putting up with fear to save you from facing it.
The fear in you knows every trick – like the magician its an illusion – one that you choose to believe in more than yourself.
Fear is like an elastic band tied around you – limiting you – so you experience the same old situations and repeat the same fears over and over again.

You pray for freedom – you make wishes hoping that something will release you from your fears.
Fear does not listen to such weak intentions – when you mean it and really believe in yourself and stand in your own energy of self knowing.
Then fear listens and moves away from you.
The only way to release yourself is face yourself totally.
Face fear then you are ready to cut ties with fear and let go of the repeated cycles – so life is no longer ground hog day.
You carry fear around with you – fear is ready to pop up at any opportunity in your life because you allow it.
You control it and you can let go of it.
Why hold on to fear and let it hold you back?
Fear relies on your memory to be in your life – your memory is your shadow – copied behaviour – through what you have believed about yourself – through the reflection of others. You are not your memory.

You have everything you need in you..
You have self love..
You have self morals..
You have a voice..
You have standards..
You have your own beliefs..
You have self respect..
You have self trust..
The list is endless…
If you look for any of these things in someone else because you fear you are missing them – you fear you have not got the confidence in yourself to stand in them.
Then you have forgotten who you are.
Everyone came here complete all equally the same with all these qualities..
Just some people use these qualities more in every day life and some of these qualities lay dormant.

Nothing is missing in you..
If you have lost touch with yourself then now is the time to take your mask off – the mask you hide behind.
Reveal yourself and speak – be – and be proud of your truth.
As long as you understand you and know you that is all you need.
Being lost in life starts with the self.
So what ever you are facing that is limiting you or causing you stress – Know fear at some level will be holding you back.
Being scared- intimidated – not fitting in- scared of judgement – isolation – fear of loss or lack etc… is all fear.
It does not matter how you dress fear up – fear fits any situation and experience – fear has not preference.
Stop creating fear and start creating by being and living in peace with yourself.
If you hate any part of your life – rather than hate it which is fear – face it – observe it – be present and look at what it is – that it is trying to tell you and show you about your self.
You are living it for a reason not just for the the hell of it.
Your fears are there to remind you that there is so much more about you than the mask of fear that you wear.

Remove the mask of fear that covers you ..
Behind that mask you will see that there was nothing to fear after all.
Face you then you can face anything in life that faces you – with no mask to hide behind – facing life with your truth is all you need.

Much love to you
dee xxx

ByDee Weldon Bird


People are getting into position for their own reality.
In 25 days time this connection strengthens.
The energy of infinity pulses out into the infinite loop – each persons reality will connect with what and whom you need – anything that does not match your reality will not be part of your reality.
What ever or whom ever you connect with will be defined by your soul and not by the mask and shadow of the physical reality that you have known in your fears and thoughts of the mind.
So you could be in a situation and say an event happened around you – that event will affect those by experiencing that event in their reality – you will observe it and that’s it.

Everything and everyone is accounted for – no running or hiding – everything is crystal clear in your reality that is unfolding before you now.
The shadow of past memory is fading no longer able to hold onto it or hide in it.
What faces you is your reality through yourself.
No blame on others your reality and experiences moving forward all come from yourself.
It’s soul time the shadows of the past in physical memory are over.
What is your strength and true knowing now comes from your soul not your imagination of your mind.
Letting go of your memory that has been your comfort zone and ground hog day will be released from you. Letting go of what has held you back will now bring you freedom – emotional time yes but all for beneficial reasons.

How much you love or trust your self and your life depends on yourself.

Much love to you

ByDee Weldon Bird


Frequency Quartet Elements Combination are …

1- Connection Frequency
2- Pulse Frequency
3- Wave Frequency
4- Vibration Frequency

Situations – experiences – people ebb and flow with you
The connection will be in the frequency quartet elements.
1- The self – you experience for your self growth – so will connect with those for what you will benefit in which to grow from the experience.
Once you have experienced enough you will let go and move on – this will be more personal to your self.
2- Sharing with others – passions – this experience will not only be what you get from the experience – but it will equally be about what you bring to the table, when you have experienced as much as you can from one another – you will let go and move on – kindly and in an understanding way – as you will understand it’s not personal.
3- creativity – movement – travel – freedom – these experiences will include freedom to be yourself – in which to create and experience without limitation.
4- completion – cycles – repeats – health – barriers – hold ups – stop start – final – commitment.

These 4 frequency elements are a quartet that work together – bringing to your life the variety of experiences that you need in which for you to expand.
Nothing stands still – life is expanding all the time – in the music of frequency that everything is.

Frequency numerology uses all these elements which discloses your personality and explains what makes you tick and why you connect with whom in everything you do – including yourself.

Much love to you

ByDee Weldon Bird


Feedback from a Frequency Numerology

Lisa Jones Thank you Dee, for doing ours. The accuracy is incredible, it lays out our personalities, reason for being, in such detail its like reading blueprints! I can see that each of us is actually who we are meant to be. Truly amazing. xx


I would like to share a bit about the language of frequency.

1- Connection
2- Pulse
3- Wave
4- Vibration

These 4 elements are like the grail of frequency – the combination that connects everything.
Connected together they tell a story.

Understanding what they mean.

1- Connection – is about you yourself & I- your mind and your thoughts – the perspective from yourself – your life from yourself. This number gives you the connection to yourself and connects up with the other frequencies if they are connected.
Self willed – need to be known and seen and heard – stubborn – not a sheep or follower – independent – self sufficient – inspiration – Selfish or selfless depending on other frequencies. Interests – engaging – challenging – lack of interest – frustrations – demanding.
Fearless – fearful – distrusting – opinionated – judgmental – narrow minded etc – open minded – information – learning – fast pace – impulsive – own space – non sharing – single minded- committed to self – driven – energy to burn – short fuse – stingy – protective – scared of loss – equally may be the opposite – self secure – positive – negative – overwhelmed -the list in each number is endless depends on the combination of numbers.

The numbers that connect with you depends on what you wish to experience.

2- Pulse – is about your heart – feelings – passions – depth – meaning – communicating – sharing yourself with others and your ideas that have come through you. Community – awareness – selfless – reliant – empathy – truth – trust – open hearted – extrovert – shy – confident – unconfident – reason – patience – growth – expansion – day dream – escapism – strength – endurance – take a lot – sensitive – receptive – concentration – give too much – not receive enough – expressive – facing self – facing fears – exploring – journey – will from the heart rather than the mind – honest – transparency – reflective – encouraging – insightful- networking – people – generous – giving – Again the list is endless depending on what other numbers this frequency connects with.

3- Wave – creativity – jobs – work – exercise – busy – hands on – involved – aware – practical – resourceful – careful – excessive – doing – active – teamwork – independent – adventure – explore – stability – assured – knowing – courageous – more – possibilities – risk taking – impulse – hard work – takes time – patience – perfectionist – challenge accepted – push boundaries – aware – blinded – focused – prepared – unprepared – don’t give up – dreams – space – outside the box – inside the box – again the list is endless depending on other connecting frequencies.

4- Vibration – completion – commitment – stop – start – don’t finish things – will finish things in own time – distracted – chilled – laid back – gets on with all frequencies if matches them in other frequencies – cycles – habits – patterns – likes own company as well as others – has all elements but combined so one doesn’t stand out from the other – bobs through life – hard working if interests – lazy if no need to rush – does not over exert – not expressive in magnitude – works in a team or individually – not needy – fun and enjoyment – involved – drags heals – reliable – consistent – same old unless if other frequencies present – joins in if already mapped out – joins crowd but not a leader if does not have to – unless other frequencies present.
Easy chilled life – likes to just get on – number 4 can be challenging as its slow – waiting for – patience is needed with number 4 and endurance – worth waiting for – again the list is endless depending on connecting frequencies.

I came across this on Monday 23rd April 2018 – as I was doing my walk it just came to me.
How I work out the frequencies that resonate with you.
I use your Date of birth – and your full name at birth including any middle names.
Each will give a number which will relate to one of the 4 frequency elements.
I then combine these numbers which will give another frequency element.
I then add again which gives a total frequency element.

So this is an introduction to frequency – which shows how frequency is in everything including you.
Once you know people’s frequency numbers you can see why they are partnered up with different people – if it’s a long relationship or for a short time – intense or casual etc.
It’s all in the frequency maths.

Hope you enjoy reading this.
I will share more with you about frequency after all it’s our universal language in the universe.

Much love to you
Dee xxx

ByDee Weldon Bird


I Thought I Was From SIRIUS …..

Those that know me will know that I am not only interested in frequency & vibration – I am passionate about it – it is our language of the universe that we all can understand. It does not matter if we talk or listen or feel or sense or write or draw – what ever we create comes from frequency.
The 4 elements of frequency – this universal language connects everyone and no one’s excluded.

Last Friday I had a shift – I had a chakra drum session with feather light- Bily (he can be found on Facebook).
During it I travelled to what I thought was my home planet Sirius.
Once I reached there I shifted and moved on to point zero as I travelled I was told that I am not from Sirius – it is a stop gap like staying at the closest hotel that matches my frequency that’s near to earth.

This shift has released all my physical tensions and released me from my physical history.
I am free from limitation and ready to explore even more about the universe to share with you.
While doing soul readings I learn more all the time.
Yesterday during my walk frequency numerology came into my head by using the 4 frequency elements.
I did the maths on my family and friends – I am sure I drive them nuts and half the time sound weird.
I even did my pets.
What transpired is that their number frequencies matched their character and personality and I could see the connection they had with each other through the frequency numbers that they matched.

Frequency is everything and in everything.
The journey never ends there is always more to explore.

Much love to you
Dee xxx

ByDee Weldon Bird


LOOKING back moving forward it all makes more sense.
I used to say to myself why am I a bitsa?
Astrally I wondered why I had experienced so many different things.

Since 2008 .
Frequency – vibration – energy.
Collective consciousness.
Point zero.
Other beings on other planets.
The watchers.
Labyrinth room of knowledge.
Traveling inside a space ship that I now know was a planet structure.
Lectern room of souls portals.
Learning pulse magnetic massage.

Last two weeks the penny dropped.
All the souls I have met doing soul readings- and since I have started doing soul readings match these experiences.
Ten years before I even knew physically that I was to do soul readings.
My soul knew and I was being prepared.
Ten years of visiting many things and learning about the universe – so you could say I have been introduced to the souls I would go on to meet ten years later.
Some call a heads up.
Over those ten years as I travelled it did not make sense physical side. It just seemed bits and pieces.
Although I appreciated l

LOOKING back moving forward it all makes more sense.
I used to say to myself why am I a bitsa?
Astrally I wondered why I had experienced so many different things.

Since 2008 .
Frequency – vibration – energy.
Collective consciousness.
Point zero.
Other beings on other planets.
The watchers.
Labyrinth room of knowledge.
Traveling inside a space ship that I now know was a planet structure.
Lectern room of souls portals.
Learning pulse magnetic massage.

Last two weeks the penny dropped.
All the souls I have met doing soul readings- and since I have started doing soul readings match these experiences.
Ten years before I even knew physically that I was to do soul readings.
My soul knew and I was being prepared.
Ten years of visiting many things and learning about the universe – so you could say I have been introduced to the souls I would go on to meet ten years later.
Some call a heads up.
Over those ten years as I travelled it did not make sense physical side. It just seemed bits and pieces.
Although I appreciated learning and seeing so much about the universe and remembering what I knew.

Moving forward to now I am thankful that I have had ten years of training – to prepare me for the work I now do.
Soul readings are out of this world and yet connected to here.
The soul knows even if the physical is on catch up.
Much love to you
Dee xxx

ByDee Weldon Bird


Date of entry – 7th January 2018 – I SEE YOUR SOUL.

Your soul is very much alive – Your physical self does not define you. Your physical information of gender – nationality – wealth – health – status etc does not matter to me. Your physical self to me is like looking at your twin parallel  to your soul self.

Your soul self is your true identity – your physical self experiences for your soul. So any physical information about you is no good to me that is your journey here so far. Your soul is a whole new ball game.

A year on since working with Acho my now guide – soul readings have been a soul disclosure. A portal opens up with each soul I connect with. You are all very unique and your soul information is unique to you. No copying – hiding or faking goes on soul side. Your soul is your genuine you – your soul is infinite with infinite information. What you hear about your soul today in a reading is what you need to hear now. Your soul does not have a beginning or an end like a circle it expands.

Entering and connecting with soul readings is nothing like any other reading I did before meeting Acho. It is working from the universe – the cosmos – the infinite source of everything. I never know with each soul what I will see – after all the universe is vast. Your physical self apart from your basic details – name and contact details is all I need to put you in my diary. When I connect with you your physical side is moved to one side and what is revealed is all about your soul.

Your soul is magical nothing like the physical – your physical character does not come from the physical it comes from your planet where you are from. You cannot hide your soul but you physically can ignore it. Sometimes information received can sound like a sci-fi movie – yet I know and trust your soul understands what you receive because its your own soul reflection that your soul identifies with.

With each soul that I meet I am learning all the time on the spot in real time. I am shown your soul information but it does not know I personally have knowledge about your location and identity – like I say the universe is vast. So in real time I am not only receiving your information I have to process it and understand it on the spot. I am shown everything visually too – so it is not always easy translating visual into the words of physical language as sometimes there is not a word. This is why I do not book many readings in a day max is 2. As they take alot of concentration and energy. Soul readings is not a business its the holy grail of life.

Much Love to

Dee xxx

ByDee Weldon Bird


6th Januray 2018 – Happy New Year – fresh new starts and a time of giving up on habits that no longer serve you anymore. Giving up things run in cycles and patterns like clockwork. Change maybe life changing or it maybe a casual fling with change because your not quite ready.

I have lived with some things in my life that have frustrated and irritated me when  it gets my attention. It can feel like living with clutter – avoiding going there or sorting it out. Pretending its not there and bury it by keeping busy with jobs and things that need doing.

For me it is time to clear out out  – of carrying things that no longer fulfil me. It is easy to carry on with life by managing life – so it covers up what frustrates you. It is like pulling the top cover up over the bed to hide the unmade sheets underneath. Change starts with the self – it is only yourself that can observe your own life – so you know what you want to change in it. Changes you want may not be what others want. At the end of the day you have to live with yourself and if your not happy inside it will show outside of you.

FACING your life is keeping it real and not holding on to it to avoid change. Change is healthy when you understand that change is movement – clearing out  old patterns and habits that you no longer wish to hold on to.

No one wants to make do cos it mostly fits – you work with what you have – enjoy and embrace the parts you enjoy and where there is room for change embrace it like opening a window to let a breath of fresh air in. Situations on any level can become stale – even the relationship we have with ourselves can become stale and lazy. Not bothering so much or making the effort.

Life is what you make it which starts with the self – so when you make new years resolutions do you mean it? If you do not know your reasons or meaning of why you are changing then you know it will be a quick change and one that won’t last.

When you really mean change you stick to it and nothing will stop you because the journey that got you to where you are has been a long one. Not a spark from the clock at midnight that turns one year into the next – so it means I have to make changes so what will I give up? Change is a journey for some that journey can be years but once you get there you know. You just know you have to be brave and face your life in truth being honest that starts with yourself. If you can face life and those around you with your truth then you and everyone else knows where they stand. It is easy to bury your head in the sand but eventually that sand blows away even if it takes years – and what the sand was hiding is revealed.

So embrace 2018 with the changes you wish to make – change starts with you firstly by facing it – then acknowledging it – then knowing action and committed is needed this comes when you are ready and mean it and no longer need to hold on to your old way of life.

How is 2018 going to look for you? The answers are inside of you. 2018 for me is like – X MARKS THE SPOT – change – movement – clarity – surety – progress – I know what I want and will not settle with the same old.

Bring on 2018 – I am ready are you? I am prepared are you? I have given it a lot of thought and my energy before the clock struck midnight. I am not leaving it up to chance. I had a plan this time my plan was simple – I knew what I wanted and what I don’t want – a plan I am sticking to this year.

I feel the strength in this plan because I mean it. I am committed to it – because the past is the past – and while the present continuation future is the unknown it is also familiar because it unfolds from the self.

Don’t be scared of change or the unknown because there is always present someone who is always familiar to you – no matter what you face – that presence is yourself. You have never been alone and never will be. So go for it face change and turn your life upside down for the better.

Much love to you

Dee xxx

ByDee Weldon Bird

Preview – My D Files – (The truth is in there!)

My D files will be about all my phenomenal and unexplainable experiences. It may not be the X files but it is my accounts of what I have experienced or seen out there. I have grown up with one foot you could say in the other side and one foot this side. I cannot prove what I am about to share in the sense of photographic evidence etc. But I feel its not about proving something it is about understanding it. May be life is a mystery up to a point of proof for a reason, so we meet it half way to experience it for ourselves. So we do not stop searching within ourselves to remember more of why we are here.

My truth may not be your truth, what I will share may sound nuts at times. Hand on heart this is my truth and I am not scared to share it in fear of being ridiculed.I am a level headed person, yes I watched star trek as a kid, but I did not really get it as it was just a programme that was on to watch. Over the last four years I have remembered more phenomenal experiences that I would not know about physically speaking. Physical side I guess you could say I am thick in the sense I do not know much common knowledge stuff. Yet universal side I explore the wonders of life free falling in space and know and understand it out there. So when I return from my astral- travels out there I have to google to see if there is anything in the physical realm that matches it.

I hope you enjoy reading about my D files I am not expecting anyone to believe me as how can you if you have not seen or experienced what I have, but if one day you see what I have you will know you are not alone. I feel we are in exciting times where the bridge of the universe is opening up more to us, so we remember we belong to an infinite space of knowledge, and have access to our natural gifts that have been dormant for many centuries.

The truth is within us all, by joining the dots we understand more about life and  the universe in which we share life with many beings. The physical form is but a mask, it is what is inside that connects us all. It is time to look past the mask and see the magic and mystery of life that surrounds us. Many years have been spent looking up into space for answers yet you have access to explore the universe within you. What you explore depends on how scared you are to face the unknown which becomes familiar.

After all when we are born earth is new to us because we cannot remember before our birth and have to learn to adapt to the conditions of earth.

On my D files I will be writing about phenomenal things you may already be aware of, and I will be writing about things that I am still trying to understand. If I touch on a an area you know more about then please comment and share your knowledge. This is not just about me its about understanding more, if by sharing my experiences it encourages someone else to share too then we have more to go on.

Please read my D files with an open heart and leave judgement behind, if you enjoy it thats great if not then throw it in the bin. If it resonates with you then you have met a like minded person. We wonder if we are alone in the Universe but wouldn’t it be nice to not feel alone on earth.

I hope in sharing  my D files it opens up your mind to be curious to find out more for yourself.

Much Love to You Dee xx