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Depends how aware of your soul you are, how connected you are to it.
How open or ready you are to view it…
Some are more comfortable not going there, thinking a soul reading is similar to the physical surface stuff.focused on what the physical eye can see, thinking they are spiritually connected to their soul path, because of activities or actions or pursuits they do day to day…
Yes your heart can be in what you do, it’s not the same as soul connection…soul path.
The soul is like the ocean it can be very deep, the physical is like the beach you can do many activities, but it’s not the same as the sea even though they are connected.

This example may help you understand it better..
Imagine your soul is a door..
You may open the door so very slightly which you will then feel aware that there is more…
You may open it wider and see more…
If your have not even opened the door I am unable to look into it if you have not first..
I cannot gate crash your soul.
This is why some people get a lot of information and some may hear they have a barrier or veil up which blocks the view.

It is very important that people wanting a soul reading to bare this in mind.
When YOU are ready then you will receive.
If you are not ready then all the curiosity in the world will not help.
Connection is the key here not curiosity…

I respect people’s souls and if I can see that there is a block or veil covering your soul I will tell you so you are aware of what is going on. So you will then have the choice to be more aware and open to viewing your soul.

I understand it’s disappointing when you hear if this is happening but my job is to be honest.
I don’t like disappointing people but I equally cannot lie and give them information that is not there.

The physical does react to this but deep down inside the soul knows.
This is soul work not physical although it connects with the physical graph.
This is why I say soul readings are not for everyone…
You could have ten people turning up wanting a soul reading, for many different reasons…
Yet the soul is like an eye with an eye lid, if the lid is open much is seen, if it’s closed I cannot force them open.

Yes another example there of eyes…
So please take the time to do your research read about it on my website.
So you understand how they work and how unique and personal they are…
Just because one person gets lots of information it does not guarantee another person will as it depends on their soul reflection.
I hope this post helps you understand soul readings a bit more.
Much love to you
Dee xxx

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ByDee Weldon Bird

LOVE…its soul time!

LOVE…. since a child has been my connection to the bigger picture. It came natural to me to see deeper than what the physical presented to me. I see my abusive start in life that created harsh conditions as a blessing. The situations I found myself in gave me the perfect conditions in which to flex my love muscle. It was not about fighting for my rights or for justice, I chose to understand life from the pieces that I had. This opened up a bigger doorway in which for me to live from. When you are faced with fear for many years it either becomes your prison and maze or it shines truth.

I chose to face fear full on not as my enemy, I saw it for what it is a Veil that is used to hide behind. Anything we do not understand builds the energy of fear. It triggers many emotions that makes us feel we are out of control. The marathon runner’s wall, reminds me what fear is like. You cannot physically see it or hold it yet it feels solid and real. It is energy and this alone shows how powerful energy is. It creates a reflection in which for us to face. After all our soul is energy so we all need soul reflections.

From the age of 4 years old, I followed my heart not my mind or fear, by choosing this way in which to live. I came up against the duality of the physical. Not good vs evil or wrong or right. It has nothing to do with rank or grade it is simply truth. Truth does not need to be any of the labels we are encouraged to live by as a guide.Truth is your guide connected by consciousness, which is called your conscience.

We big ourselves up to protect ourselves in fear we will be beaten. Yet in truth the only opponent you will come up against is yourself. Getting over yourself is a big challenge, as this means letting go of barriers and limitation and fear of facing life. Since I was a child I faced life from both sides of the coin not just the physical which is one side of who we are. People let go of me or I let go of them along the way. I have been a threat at times by shining the bigger picture as the physical only wants the physical and has no room for the soul.

This is now changing souls are waking up, there is no where to hide, we all will face ourselves. This is not just about this life time, it is about our total history before this life time experience. This is what I recently wrote on Facebook.

Now is the time to be connected to your soul. What is your soul you may ask? The physical has had the focus of attention that we barely give our soul a second thought. Yet we use sentences like.. that is so soul destroying. We reference the soul with not much thought. The soul is in the driving seat now, your soul will drive you forward even if you are physically not aware.

ACHO also shared this during a chat with me.

2017 Marks the spot x

The past – anything that needs straightening out will be addressed. It does not matter your age, class, gender, wealth, dictatorship, or status. Everyone is accounted for. What is meant to stay will. What is to be discarded will be removed – let go. Situations will occur which changes the scene. Earth structurally is being re-shaped-reset. Everything is ACCESSIBLE – NOW – TOTAL – ALL – EVERYTHING. Time does not separate access from past events/experiences.

Trust yourself to know yourselves to carry yourselves to serve yourselves. What you see before your eyes is not your future. It is being tweaked and changed. PRE-RE-SET. We have had the PRE RUN, we are now on RE-STRUCTURE- next is SET. We are in important times. Exciting times, earth has not had this movement RE-STRUCTURING since TIME began. Man mad time began. When did time begin? no one knows for sure.

Your path ahead is unique to you, following the masses no longer serves you.


It is time to get your life together by October. The stronger you are in yourself the easier the change is. It is exciting when you feel your strength. It is time for history to not repeat itself. New horizon and fresh page for all. Know what you want even when you cannot see it. Changes going on now are not by chance. We may think the rulers rule, natural law does not need rules it flows in perfect rhythm .Follow what guides you, listen to you. Be awake and alert it is time for you to connect with you so you see the bigger picture. Natural rhythms do not need to fight to grow, the energy and magnetism brings everything into a alignment. The shadow will be lifted and what faces us is our true reflection. As events of the future unfold we will see and know and feel that we have never been alone. Your path will open up for you in ways where you will see that you have been listened to where the physical can no longer shadow it.

It is time to face your gold in you. xx

ByDee Weldon Bird

THERE’S MORE….to be cont….

There is always more not less, just because we may turn pages and corners in our life and let go of things. This progress does not mean loss or lack its always more. When I opened the door wider at 4 years old to the guardians of my soul. Who have taught me and guided me whilst encouraging me to keep standing no matter what. We are all strength and by facing what life presents us shows ourselves how strong we are. Strength is not taught it is something that is naturally who you are, fear weakens this connection through doubt.

So as you read some of my experiences on my website or in my books, its a collective journey of teamwork. I will never be able to give you the final conclusion the end or answer. There is never an ending, so if your searching to find an end to things in your life your forgetting who you are and your connection. Life is like many pages in a book with many chapters a book that keeps growing and evolving. We are infinite beings of energy, experiencing many situations. Many different roles, it is often said I wish I had this or that! You are your own producer, manager and what you wish for will surface, it may not be this life time page on your journey. It may be a parallel one, without getting into quantum physics it is all happening now. Yes that is right, we think time separates events through weeks and years, yet how does it I ask you? When time is man made! If we took all the batteries out of our clocks and cut off the main electrical supply to power our time. What would we be left with?  You got it..Night and day, sunrise and sunset and seasons. Sounds like the past does it not?

So what has changed here on earth? It has changed by what man has made in which to control how earth works. Earth provides the back drop and tools to aid our experiences. We view life as one line or if we are lucky up, down, back, forward, or stuck like a pause button. Sounds like a dvd player doesn’t it? I am always growing and adding more to what I have already experienced. So I will never say this is it? We are all infinitely unique, so expansion is a willingness to have an open mind and heart, To be willing to move forward with what you know so far and embrace more. We are more than time we are our own experience which creates more experience from many angles and ways of viewing life.

Enjoy your life as you turn each page getting to know you and remembering who you are.

It is a continuous infinite journey of no end.

To be cont ….

On planet earth we have names for things and people and places.
In space in the universe…labels are not needed.
Everything has a signature energy in which it is known.
So like Sirius where I am from, is a planet of colour…colour vibration …another planet may have a sound vibration like that of wings…the vibration of sound.
So each planet is known by its signature frequency.
Labels in which to understand something is not needed.
It’s all in the energy of frequency.
Frequency is the language of the universe.
Through energy transference communication happens through this connection.

ByDee Weldon Bird





All my life and I am 50 this year, like you I have only known physical readings.

Readings have always focused on the physical, although I touched on your core truth making them deeper.

I chose to work like this although they where different, as I knew we are more than our physical image.

We only know what we are taught and so the physical is center stage.

Our soul gets little attention or notice.

Although over 10 years I had been guided and prepared for the changes to come, I didn’t realize how much readings would change until I started doing them.

Since January of this year I have been upgraded with a new guide called Acho.

He has guided me into these new types of readings where I called them wheel readings…soul to soul..

We hear about people seeing auras and what they mean.

In a soul reading I can see your wheel, its like a circle and it tells me how balanced it is, if there are any blocks or unfinished business. Like a graph I can see how connected you are and how much of YOU is in your life.

You could use the analogy as it is like your own CD of information at a soul level.


Life as we know it is changing you may be aware of this in the news etc.

Everything is changing because everyone is waking up.

Souls are waking up.

Yes I have had an upgrade it is no different to our computer or mobile software.

Why should readings be any different? Otherwise life would stay the same.

I appreciate soul readings will not be for everyone and those that are ready will cross my path.

Physical readings will always be available for those requiring them, but how many people do soul readings? I had not heard of it until January.

I feel honored to be doing soul readings as they are your gold and your true identity.

There are two sides to a coin a flip side, we may think we are only physical but you to have a flip side ….. it is your soul.

It is your soul that highlights your path and opens doors which makes synchronicity happen.

The physical is often faced with barriers and limitation and fears not leaving out judgment.

Soul readings give you the whole picture not just one side of your story.

Your soul is why you are here.

The physical gives you the tools like a dress up box in which to help you achieve what is on your soul map.

The physical you can hide in like actors putting on a great show, it is often very believable.

The soul don’t hide or lie, the physical over shadows it. The soul wants your attention and for you to notice it in you so your connected and not separated from yourself.


We arrive as souls and leave as souls the physical stays here.

Soul readings are unique and one size does not fit all.

They are personal to you, as they are all about YOU, more than your physical.

Physical readings do not have access to the flip side, so you can only go so far.

We may say I hope this happens or I hope my life changes. Soul knows and is all knowing.


There is a place for everything variety is the key so there is something for everyone.

Everything is needed and we get what we are ready for.

Soul readings are new they will not be for everyone, but for those that are ready they are gold to your soul.


If you want to book a soul reading you can message me via facebook, twitter or email


Much love to you Dee (X)



ByDee Weldon Bird



When I am traveling in the universe it’s a magical experience. The first thing that I can feel is how alive it is. It is magnified beyond words nothing on earth can explain what it is like. There is nothing to compare it to, apart from a plasma ball. This is such a diluted example at that. It is not about force its about connection.

Earth looks like it’s a million miles away from what I share, yet in my humble truth nothing is far away its all closer than we can possibly imagine. If you view life and that of the universe as separate from yourself then your understanding of it will be distant and will seem a million miles away.Traveling out past the frequencies of earth is the main difference you will notice.

What we class as empty space is streaming with life. Again if you are not ready to see or experience more than space all you will see is that it is empty. To travel is not about searching for but about tuning yourself to a frequency in which you want to connect with.

Earth separates everything whereas the universe is all about connection. The more you understand how connection works the more you will grasp the signature language of space.

When I travel out there I am not scared, I am aware with responsibility. I pursue what I understand and stop if I feel I do not know enough before proceeding further.There is not one way of travelling through the energy matrix. I have travelled many ways.

On this particular occasion, I notice I am inside a vehicle, I am not alone but I have not observed those with me. I am too busy looking out at where we are going.

On earth we focus on the form of the body, the craft and the vehicle. In the universe this is irrelevant the body is the last thing on your mind. The form is a body a vehicle that is used as a purpose to fit into the environment you are in. So you blend in and can experience what you are there to achieve.

Your energy signature can be anything it wants to be, it is not limited to a body, the form manifests from the intention of your energy and that of your surroundings.The vehicle I am in is transparent, although I can feel the material is strong which I am traveling in. I can see everything and does not obstruct my vision neither do the others who are travelling with me.I am able to see right up and around me, I did not look down on this occasion but I know if I had done, I would have seen totally below me.

Our vehicle enters a big space ship a cylinder shape that goes straight up as if you stand a pencil up on its end.As we enter the craft, I can see either side of me what looks like a city. I notice the intricate detail and uniform with many pillars, in between the buildings.

The shaft we travel up is like an optical illusion, as the sides feel close yet when I try to make out the structures and buildings it is like looking at a miniature city. It gives it the illusion that it is far away.The city that is crafted inside this ship spans the total circumference of the cylinder craft. It looks uniform grey in color, as I did not see any lights on.

Each platform block was like looking at patterned wallpaper, it matched in perfect detail and in uniform. We kept rising up in our vehicle as I had digested enough information about its structure I then looked up. I was wondering when we where going to reach the top of this craft and stop?

We just kept rising up I have never seen such a huge craft in all my life with such vast height. I just could not see an end in sight and was getting bored. After all there is only so much you can see from looking at the same structure over and over again. No matter how much you look it does not change the continuous pattern.

I had only seen the small space ships often shown on films and in pictures. This was nothing like I had seen in pictures on earth of space ships. So I had nothing to compare it.

The oxygen in which to breathe is very clear; pure you could say I did not have any difficulty in breathing.

I heard no sound the vehicle I was travelling in as well as the craft that I am travelling up is silent. No hum of sound or anything, just the elevated vibration like being in a vacuum.

I am a fidget so to keep my attention getting bored is not going to make me stay. So I decided to return back to my bed on earth.

This happens many times with me when I am exploring the universe, if I have an answer to a question I do not hang about for more and leave. Or if I do not understand something I also leave and do not continue with the trip.

I know this frustrates my family when I share my journeys as I guess most want more yet I do not feel the rush. So I take it in my stride and at my own pace.

It may be a bit of this and a bit of that, a taste here and there of the universe.I suppose I know it is not going to be a one off and there will be more to add to the plate of experiences. There is always more unless you fear lack.

So this is what I have experienced so far inside of the huge space ship. Huge does not capture a big enough word for its size. Imagine the tallest building on earth and stack many on top of each other.

I guess I could sum it up in a nutshell. I likened it to a city yet to be honest it is more like a planet inside of a ship.


The journey continues….

Updates to follow.

Much love to you Dee xxx

ByDee Weldon Bird



We may think because we are physically born here on earth, that our life started from this moment at the time of our birth and that we did not exist before this point. Yet in truth in my humble observation, before we are born here we plan our experiences that we wish to have here. Sounds like when we book our holidays don’t it?

The only thing we have to go on before our birth is history and religion, as not many people remember much before they are born, and some do not remember there childhood much. So are we selective on what we choose to remember?

What causes this loss of memory? It is the distortion in frequencies that causes us to forget. We rely on our physical five senses the sixth one we try to ignore it in fear of not fitting in. Yet it is this sixth sense that holds the answer to remembering more, yet we have to use it and tune in to it to find out more.

So we don’t want to think much about where we have come from, as we strive for the future and at times do not give much to the journey, which is the present.


We are forced to think past this lifetime, as we know one thing for sure we all at some point will encounter is death. So we are willing to think ahead to our death and plan for it in a materialistic way, making sure our affairs are in order. The one thing we do not prepare for is our-selves on how we feel about it until we have to think about it.


So I am going back to come forward, before our physical birth. Regardless of what we believe in we all have prayed at some point for something. Who are we praying to? Have you met whom you are praying to? Do you know them and trust them? Let me guess we don’t need to know because everyone does it.

We all trust or hope or have faith that after death we go somewhere, and continue life but where do we go? What is its location and destination? Where is heaven or where is hell?


So we all agree with one thing, we are more than physical bodies we have a soul which is consciousness an energy that creates everything. YES EVERYTHING as nothing is left out, even that piece of paper that is thrown in the bin.

If we are not physical then we must have come from somewhere other than earth. YES that is correct in my humble observation, as the infinite universe is a huge place, with many planets enough for all of us to have come from.



This is my home planet before I was physically born; it is a planet of pure energy. I visit it often even though I am physically here. My consciousness has home visits, which gives me a chance to recharge from the distortion frequencies on earth. I also go home at night to learn which helps me to remember more of who I am. Something that is difficult to achieve earth side, as so many lower frequencies get in the way.


I feel free, I feel less burdened and I feel so safe as I don’t have to fit in, I am accepted, as my energy is alive and not limited. Sirius is like being in the northern lights but magnified. The prism of color is so faceted and changes and glows like its own heart beat. The energy that we are collectively can be what ever it wants to be instantly. Looking from Sirius at the earth, I have the ability to zoom in to a road and a street and can see people up close. You may think how is this possible? As its so far away, nothing is too far away and as close as you are now, we forget our connection that creates the illusion of separation. The energy that I am can see anything it wants to see when at home. I can see through material, I can see over vast distances, I can travel anywhere, which is called teleportation on earth. I reference it as energy location. As everything is energy, I connect to any energy signature of where I want to go in the universe and I am there, it is that instant.

You may think it is done by your will; it is not it is done by knowing and connection. The will can be out of alignment to what you wish to connect to, which would cause distortion. Everything has to be in balance and in uniform.



On earth we search for aliens or ETs, and fear pretty much anything we do not recognize or understand. We have been TAUGHT to FEAR ghosts, with ghost stories. We are taught to fear aliens, as we are told they are here to destroy us and harm us.

The message from the universe in connecting to life’s compass explains how we are all connected and why,

In my humble observation living most of my life more in the universe than here, I have never been harmed but I have been guided and loved unconditionally and protected from attack from humans.



Military Alien Abductions, in my humble observation again through the experiences that I have had. It is the military that is using the disguise of aliens so humans fear them. I have been taken by Milab and I am still gathering the information through the flash backs that I have. The military have been using psychics for years whether to train doing remote viewing to aid war. I was taken as they wanted me to teleport and wanted to retrieve information from my head.

Luckily for me I have learnt or should I say remembered about frequency signature. So I can see through the projections they do in which to create fear, project blue beam touches on this I think if my memory serves me. Before the Paris attacks I had a black ops in my bedroom, I just looked at the man and knew it was a projection. Some call this psychic attack, to break those down with psychic abilities.

I just told the projection to get lost and it did, but could you imagine what projections they are sending people it could make you paranoid purely because you do not understand what is happening. This is not happening to everyone so do not be scared of what I am sharing, I am just explaining what the military is capable of doing.



The universe is a friendly place unless you go searching for not nice things, as you experience what you believe in. I love being in the universe and visiting other planets and learning our history through space and energy. I have connected to other beings, which may be seen as different to us in the form of a body.

When I am at home in Sirius I remember how the form of a body does not matter, we do not give much attention to it. What we do observe is the experiences we have while in that form. Aliens and other ET races are more wary of us than we should be of them. If they where going to attack the earth and us they would have done it centuries ago before we was born.

I love my alien friends as I am as much an alien as they are we all are.

What is normal when you think about it?

Normal is living a life in equilibrium balance and energy.

The biggest alien to fear is FEAR itself, as it has many masks created by those who have some advanced technology that the average human does not know about.

Yet the universe will always be the master and override any abuse used by those who try to play with energy in which to control everything.

The aliens you class in outer space are the guardians who protect our home planets from the destruction of humans.

So when you hear ghost stories, or any fear stories about aliens, ask yourself this have they killed humans? You hear about medical examinations but why would they need to do this if they are energy and the human body is limiting and not much use to them? Plus real aliens can see through anything and into the physical body without touching them, it is only humans who cant. My answer is this, it is Milab doing these abductions and hiding what they are doing by blaming it all on the aliens.


The only ones I see in the universe killing humans are humans themselves. I feel safe in the universe and with all the energy beings that I have connected with. It’s the humans you have to watch and fear.

Until humans remember more of who they are they will continue to separate themselves from the universe. The only thing separating humans is fear, which the world thrives on. Let go of fear then you will remember that love is the energy of the universe and can be what ever it wishes to be.


Much Love to You Dee xxx


ByDee Weldon Bird


It is often thought that to be spiritual you are something different to being physical. Yet EVERYTHING is spiritual as everything has come from energy, a place of source, that inspires, creates, imagines, and incorporates everything that we see as life around us. When I first started out as a medium I was told I was wrong if I charged, yet to serve and share your gifts is energy, which is from the self-charged with passion, love and a desire to express.


A reflection of your own quality not an image of wrong or right.

Money is like a taboo subject; many labels have been given to money, yet money came from energy as an idea in which to exchange the gifts and abilities that we have, money became graded when we started to judge its worth. Yet everything has value how we perceive it is what makes it personal. We have conflict over the status quo of money, yet if we want anything fixed be it our hair or if we want food it costs. Everything costs, as that is how it works here on earth, yet we do not question when the church sends round the offering bowl for a donation of money. As if the label donation makes collecting or asking for money better and good. Many labels to create judgment but if we strip it back everything we do or create are shared by money.


I have done lots for free weekly, yet I do this not to balance out money I do it because my heart has guided me to do so. So money is an energy, which is used so we can exchange gifts within us all. Regardless of what we create why judge and label some when everything is spiritual. When you love something you touch on your emotion the energy you feel of connection towards that item you love. It is the flow and wave and energy of life. If we want something from another we exchange money, until maybe one day when life as we know it changes, where we exchange gifts for gifts.

But for now we have the energy of money, no one is limited by it unless we believe the judgment labels given to it. The meaning is more about the quality you feel from that exchange rather than the cost.


So lets stop putting money on a pedal stall in which to place many labels to it, at the end of the day we all need it as a form in which to exchange our gifts until the way of exchange changes here on earth.

Money is a gift just like your gifts you share, everything is energy because without it you would not function. So there is no divide of spiritual and non spiritual everything is energy so therefore creating from source, a universal exchange of spiritual gifts.


Much love to you

Dee xx


ByDee Weldon Bird


Being a sensitive, a medium, or psychic so many labels or my favorite one I use is a messenger. Does not get me a get out of earth life card, I have fallen many times and had to get up, I have cried and I have smiled, I have struggled as well as have fun. I am healthy as I am not. I am an all and nothing person, meaning no label needed as experience speaks for itself.


Being a medium is like anyone else who has a job you are not at work 247. I am the same, so I get caught off guard sometimes when I am just being me and getting on with my day cooking or what ever, and I will be expected to drop everything and tune in, with flour all over my hands, I wash them and do my job.


What I am trying to say is, I am not a 247 hour walking around tuning in body. I am physical too and have to use my physical senses as well as my sixth sense. When I am using my five senses then I experience the same as everyone else, sixth sense guides me but does not protect me from experiencing everything everyone does.

I have no magic wand, and life and life surprises me, as I tend to search for the benefits in people, so when I get knocked over by people who are not on the same page, yes it takes me by surprise. We all have many masks, many barriers, and secrets. It is not a video game of dodge the person, so I can be taken advantage off when I trust more than doubt.


At the end of the day, I am a physical person that has five senses I use my sixth more maybe than some. But I am not spared life’s challenges. And to be honest I often use the words challenge accepted.


So if you meet a person who says there job is a medium, don’t worry at that moment in time you are talking to the five senses physical person. The sixth sense comes in when asked to work. When invited to use not to intrude. Unless a message is important, but its not a show or a card trick.


So if reading this it bursts a bubble I am sorry, but we are in truth all psychic just some use it more than others, no different to the artist who draws more, the singer that sings more, the dancer that dances more etc.


A normal job of senses judged spooky because it is not understood or respected like the other five senses.


Much love to you Dee xx







ByDee Weldon Bird





With Maria Angeles Martinez.


Coming across Dolores Cannon books a couple of years ago gave me a different option to finding out more about aliens. Although Dolores Cannon covers everything that life can throw at it, aliens where an area that she covered. After she passed away her last book was being published a few months later, so I ordered it in advance of the release. This book is called the search for hidden sacred knowledge. After waiting some months for it, as soon as it arrived it did not take me long to read it.


I then passed it on to my daughter to read, although it took her a year to read it. Once she had finished it she said she wanted a QHHT session and that she had found Maria on the website at the back of the book. My daughter asked if I would like one also? Why of course I would, the fact Maria only lived around the corner from us was amazing.


Maria had personally been taught and trained by Dolores Cannon, which also got my attention, so my daughter contacted her. We could not have wished for such a welcoming of reassurance and passion, Maria’s work ethics shone through.

We booked our appointments and filled in our consultation forms, which had been emailed to us.


My daughter went first, as it would have been a more new experience for her than myself as I was use to astral travelling. We both had an open mind but seeing the reaction in my daughter after her session had finished is a buzz in itself. Listening to the recording of her session and the answers that she retrieved from her sub conscious you could not make it up if you tried. As what surfaced are things that would not be on your mind, and her past lives are so different to how she is in this lifetime. The answer is the common thread that opens up to why you are feeling or experiencing what you do in your life.


It is subtle and more impacting once you process it after your session has finished. My daughter wanted to know about her previous lives and although the answer surprised her hidden knowledge and message inside of it, which helped her, understand her life now.


The following week I had my session, and although I did not know if the ability to astral travel would get in the way, well I needn’t of worried.

I had a lot of questions I wanted to find answers to; I did not want to know about my past lives, I wanted to know about abduction and out there information. The answers I received where nothing like I had already knew from my astral travels. In getting new information that had not been on my physical mind did I believe how valuable quantum hypnosis healing therapy has been?


I am so impressed with it, which is why I am sharing our experiences, I am going to do another blog about the questions we asked and the answers we received. What to expect when booking, you will be received with a warm welcome and her passion will hit you with so much love. Her ability to follow what ever is surfacing in a session amazed me the most. As you would have to have so much experience under your belt which Maria has.

I loved that she was open to what ever was being discussed with the empathy and understanding with no judgment. When you arrive you will sit down and chat about what you would like to get out of the session. Once this has been done you lay on a bed, where Maria talks you through the QHHT, asking you questions that you have written down, the whole session is recorded for you to take home with you after.


If you want to know more about you’re past lives and how these connect to the life you are having now. Then I highly recommend Maria. You can contact Maria by using her email:


I am looking forward to having another session soon.


Much love

Dee xx

ByDee Weldon Bird


There is no such thing as a secret as it is a word used in which to hide information, that is known by a few. Information that is out there is not a secret. It is just not disclosed by those who want control. A secret is unknown information yet it is known so therefore it is not a secret. Information shared by those freely do so as they do not want to control you but stand equal next to you. A secret is a truth that is always known and out in plain sight waiting for you to see its transparency. Don’t believe in cover ups it is time for the veil to fall. Disclosure is now.