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ByDee Weldon Bird


Being a sensitive, a medium, or psychic so many labels or my favorite one I use is a messenger. Does not get me a get out of earth life card, I have fallen many times and had to get up, I have cried and I have smiled, I have struggled as well as have fun. I am healthy as I am not. I am an all and nothing person, meaning no label needed as experience speaks for itself.


Being a medium is like anyone else who has a job you are not at work 247. I am the same, so I get caught off guard sometimes when I am just being me and getting on with my day cooking or what ever, and I will be expected to drop everything and tune in, with flour all over my hands, I wash them and do my job.


What I am trying to say is, I am not a 247 hour walking around tuning in body. I am physical too and have to use my physical senses as well as my sixth sense. When I am using my five senses then I experience the same as everyone else, sixth sense guides me but does not protect me from experiencing everything everyone does.

I have no magic wand, and life and life surprises me, as I tend to search for the benefits in people, so when I get knocked over by people who are not on the same page, yes it takes me by surprise. We all have many masks, many barriers, and secrets. It is not a video game of dodge the person, so I can be taken advantage off when I trust more than doubt.


At the end of the day, I am a physical person that has five senses I use my sixth more maybe than some. But I am not spared life’s challenges. And to be honest I often use the words challenge accepted.


So if you meet a person who says there job is a medium, don’t worry at that moment in time you are talking to the five senses physical person. The sixth sense comes in when asked to work. When invited to use not to intrude. Unless a message is important, but its not a show or a card trick.


So if reading this it bursts a bubble I am sorry, but we are in truth all psychic just some use it more than others, no different to the artist who draws more, the singer that sings more, the dancer that dances more etc.


A normal job of senses judged spooky because it is not understood or respected like the other five senses.


Much love to you Dee xx







ByDee Weldon Bird





With Maria Angeles Martinez.


Coming across Dolores Cannon books a couple of years ago gave me a different option to finding out more about aliens. Although Dolores Cannon covers everything that life can throw at it, aliens where an area that she covered. After she passed away her last book was being published a few months later, so I ordered it in advance of the release. This book is called the search for hidden sacred knowledge. After waiting some months for it, as soon as it arrived it did not take me long to read it.


I then passed it on to my daughter to read, although it took her a year to read it. Once she had finished it she said she wanted a QHHT session and that she had found Maria on the website at the back of the book. My daughter asked if I would like one also? Why of course I would, the fact Maria only lived around the corner from us was amazing.


Maria had personally been taught and trained by Dolores Cannon, which also got my attention, so my daughter contacted her. We could not have wished for such a welcoming of reassurance and passion, Maria’s work ethics shone through.

We booked our appointments and filled in our consultation forms, which had been emailed to us.


My daughter went first, as it would have been a more new experience for her than myself as I was use to astral travelling. We both had an open mind but seeing the reaction in my daughter after her session had finished is a buzz in itself. Listening to the recording of her session and the answers that she retrieved from her sub conscious you could not make it up if you tried. As what surfaced are things that would not be on your mind, and her past lives are so different to how she is in this lifetime. The answer is the common thread that opens up to why you are feeling or experiencing what you do in your life.


It is subtle and more impacting once you process it after your session has finished. My daughter wanted to know about her previous lives and although the answer surprised her hidden knowledge and message inside of it, which helped her, understand her life now.


The following week I had my session, and although I did not know if the ability to astral travel would get in the way, well I needn’t of worried.

I had a lot of questions I wanted to find answers to; I did not want to know about my past lives, I wanted to know about abduction and out there information. The answers I received where nothing like I had already knew from my astral travels. In getting new information that had not been on my physical mind did I believe how valuable quantum hypnosis healing therapy has been?


I am so impressed with it, which is why I am sharing our experiences, I am going to do another blog about the questions we asked and the answers we received. What to expect when booking, you will be received with a warm welcome and her passion will hit you with so much love. Her ability to follow what ever is surfacing in a session amazed me the most. As you would have to have so much experience under your belt which Maria has.

I loved that she was open to what ever was being discussed with the empathy and understanding with no judgment. When you arrive you will sit down and chat about what you would like to get out of the session. Once this has been done you lay on a bed, where Maria talks you through the QHHT, asking you questions that you have written down, the whole session is recorded for you to take home with you after.


If you want to know more about you’re past lives and how these connect to the life you are having now. Then I highly recommend Maria. You can contact Maria by using her email:


I am looking forward to having another session soon.


Much love

Dee xx

ByDee Weldon Bird


There is no such thing as a secret as it is a word used in which to hide information, that is known by a few. Information that is out there is not a secret. It is just not disclosed by those who want control. A secret is unknown information yet it is known so therefore it is not a secret. Information shared by those freely do so as they do not want to control you but stand equal next to you. A secret is a truth that is always known and out in plain sight waiting for you to see its transparency. Don’t believe in cover ups it is time for the veil to fall. Disclosure is now.