By Dee Weldon Bird©copyright 2016 – all rights reserved

Thank you for connecting with this book. You will need nothing, only yourself, together with an open heart to open up your mind. Allow yourself the freedom to read it with no labels or expectations. Free-fall into the flow of life and enjoy the journey.


I have been piecing this information together for approximately 6 years, on my astral travels. For those who are not aware of what astral travel is, it is where your consciousness is free to explore without the dependency of the physical body, some people have referred to this as an out of body experience or near death experience. Shamans, in the past used to hallucinate to reach a state in which the mind no longer got in the way, by using herbs.

Luckily these days this is no longer needed to be connected to more.

This journey for me is like going back to point zero, back to the beginning that time has forgot, to then come forward.

This book is not written from the physical world perspective, it is more like I have travelled from earth, past time and space and reached the core, able to then look back at all life.

This book is like the collective whole of everything.

This is not a book about a certain category, or self-help, or relationships or even a biography; IT IS everything of all life. The complete whole of everything ever experienced here on Earth or yet to come in the NOW.

So where will you find this book, in which genre? It will be in every genre as it is a book about LIFE, it connects to everything.

This is not a piece of life it is the whole works. There will be nothing new in this book that you did not know centuries and centuries ago. Just over time that knowing has been faded, so faded in fact that there is barely a trace of a memory.

So as you read this book it will resonate with you, not maybe in your physical mind, but in your core. We all know this deep down inside of us. Now it is time for it to be remembered.

So please clear your mind, please let go of everything you have been taught here on Earth, let go of labels, headings, opinions, and judgements, and enjoy reading about life in all its glory, so you will be enlightened with more than truth, you will be inspired by understanding life around you. You will see the bigger picture. We are in a new paradigm, everyone in the universe is transcending to their core connection.

If you are curious to remember more, then you will enjoy this journey of going back to go forward, to help you remember more, the energy source of all life, past the flesh and bones.

We have all been searching for the meaning of life, but first though we have to be able to `understand’ the meaning of life.

If we all had a pound for every time we thought or asked WHY, we would all be rich.

Well we are not going to know everything. Not going to have the whole picture by picking one subject matter and researching down that one avenue, we may find the answers and proclaim that’s it I have found GOLD, only then to be disappointed because there are never enough pieces, but we are on the right track!

The gold lies in each and every one of us. This is where the treasures, the stories, and the mysteries of life lay, lying at the bottom of the ocean and buried deep inside of you. It is deep in the core of everyone and everything. So where is the core you may ask, it’s everywhere and it’s infinite. Everything that you see, separate from you, in every particle and every cell, in material, nothing is left out. Everything is connected to the energy and meaning of life, how energy created life, which opens up to the experiences we all have.

This is the WHOLE we have been searching for, searching centuries and centuries for answers.

I am sure if you are anything like me, you’re sick of bits and pieces, sick of missing parts, and being left with more open questions than answers.

Now looking back I know why I have travelled to so many places, sightseeing the labyrinth room, visiting the matrix of the universe, portals, to name but a few. I was left with pieces and a question mark above my head. WHY? What was the point? The point is this; I joined all the dots and came to an understanding about life. This book will give you all the understanding and meaning back in your life. Going back to go forward, you will remember who you are and why you are here.

No distortion that is past, the new paradigm is about connecting back to the life we should have always enjoyed. Equilibrium and a life of love for all, living in fear is no longer part of the new paradigm. This is a non-physical book, I feel honoured to be writing it. For those who are connected it will be GOLD to their source. This knowledge has been buried for centuries; it is time for it to now awaken.



As I started my life here in the physical the same as anyone else, it did not take me long to realize I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I did not have much going for me apart from the fact that I could breathe, I was nothing; after all I was an abused orphan. I had to face death and abuse before I could even fully stand on my own two feet, literally. So many labels of negativity piled up on top of me, too many to name but for a time these became my name. We all hate it when we tread in dog shit, well I felt like I had been born as a piece of dog shit.

I was buried for many years under the surface of this life, I hated it here; I am not going to lie. Not a pretty picture postcard on first impressions. So to be sitting here all these years on writing this book, I did question, WHY ME?

After all I am nothing, but I remembered from nothing comes everything.

On a physical level I would have maybe been classed or judged not good enough and maybe to not even fit in on many levels.

But in the quiet space of me, in the nothing inside of me, I opened the door to all life; all I had to offer back was an open inquisitive heart.

So on a physical level I thank you and the universe for trusting and believing in me, for being brave to face life’s journey.

I thank every one of you for giving me some space to share this journey with you.

I thank everyone and my family for their patience, and understanding and support. For the frustrations I may have caused them at times with overcoming my inadequacies and spelling mistakes and lack of grammar. This shows in itself how we are all connected, as I know I can turn to those who have the gifts in them to make something come together.

So although as I type it feels like I am writing this on my own, I know I am not on my own, it’s a collective team effort.

So thank you to everyone for bringing all your gifts and skills together to make this book manifest.

We are all the same in life together and so it always comes back to the self.

If you judge life you expect to be judged, life is a mirror reflection, it depends on what we see, what we believe, which becomes our magic or our hell.

You hold the key but what is the point in holding a key for all infinity if you do not use it, or misplace it. I was born with nothing but I found gold inside me.


Pebbles on a Beach

As I walk towards the sea, I see a mass of pebbles around my feet. All sit perfect and in uniform as if all knowing their place. They all look so beautiful making the landscape magic to any child’s eyes.

If I was to pick one pebble from the masses and start to compare it from all the rest, I would either pick holes in it or want to keep it as if I had found gold. I would only be analysing that one pebble, if I then placed the pebble back it would mould and blend in perfectly with the many pebbles that lay around it. It makes the landscape whole, complete, for if I kept removing one pebble, I would eventually end up with nothing left.

So are there too many pebbles that share the sea shore? Or are they all beautifully placed in which to explore through the child’s eyes and imagination? That nothing is ignored and everything is special, ready for the next child that explores the pebbles on the sea shore.


CHAPTER ONE ( Conversation with consciousness)


That’s Right! There is absolutely nothing wrong with you.

You are perfect no matter what you are doing, choosing or being.

“But what about if I do something wrong, bad, negative or really serious? How does this affect the good things that I do?”


Wrong or right! Good or bad, judgement, ideals, there are so many labels to choose from, none that will define you completely.

“How am I perfect amongst the many choices I am making?”

It does not matter if it is conscious, deliberate or unconscious in the whole picture of life.

No matter what you do, be or not, it comes back to the self, life here is about many different experiences to help us understand the meaning of life.

We are taught to judge ourselves, or to judge others, yet if you do not fully understand yourself, how are you able to understand the bigger picture.

No one is really equipped enough to judge themselves let alone another. We only ever look at bits and pieces of ourselves and see the bits that others share with us. So what is the use in judgement or labels? They are just labels that have caught us in the big net of fear.

“But what if I have hurt others, or abused others or I have experienced these things?”

“I have been kind and thoughtful to another and yet my gift of kindness has been ignored, misunderstood or taken the wrong way.”

“I don’t fit in, the opinions of others makes me feel worthless, invisible, weak or ugly.”

To be honest it would take a book all of its own to cover all the labels, names, judgements and headings we live under.

We may look at them as our rules and guidance of life, condemnation too. It certainly does not feel like free will and choice in freedom to be self-accepted.

If you are labelled good you get good things and rewards. If you are labelled bad you get punished and go to hell.



Where on the universal map is hell or heaven? Where is its location, map reference, or star reference in shape or form? Geographically, scientifically, numerological, zodiac, or spiritually/ religious speaking, do you know?

If you cannot remember before your physical birth and cannot remember past what we call death, how are you so sure these places exist?

These places only exist in thought and fear, because in truth we all don’t know or don’t remember or have forgotten. So we believe the stories handed down to us, and hold onto them without questioning them. Yet, as children you questioned everything, much to the annoyance of everyone around you.

When did questioning life stop?

It stopped when you were told you are wrong, or bad for thinking differently to the structure of understanding around us. So the main object to life here, that starts you off on your journey, is to conform and fit in, if you don’t you will be alone, isolated and ignored and worse punished.

Yet why is it we encourage children to use their imaginations and yet as adults we are too scared to do so.

So many questions while searching for so many answers; no wonder at times life here is so frustrating and doesn’t make sense.

So it looks like a lot goes on in thought and fear that moulds our life. How well are you in control of your thoughts anyway?

We only have Earth to go on, we once believed the Earth to be flat and then we changed our minds to believing it now to be round.

What is right or wrong? Or who is right or wrong? It is about discovering more than what we once believed or understood to be true. There are many ways of looking at things, either as a small piece or the bigger picture.

It all comes back to our own personal choice through what we experience.

This influences us on what we hold onto to be true, or what we believe on our own level of understanding.

So we all agree earth is a small planet amongst the infinite planets, amongst an infinite universe. Yet we think we know the whole from the small piece that we hold on to, from the whole picture of life from the perspective of earth.

It is a bit like gathering every human being and every living thing and cramming them into one country on Earth. And then everyone says this is it, nothing else exists outside this one country.

If there is more out there, we expect to still understand the whole of it, from the bits and pieces explored so far, from the position and location of that one country.

Those that have travelled or googled planet Earth, or have ventured out into the big wide world and space soon realize how big life is. Some become aware of different weather systems, landscapes which creates different experiences across the globe and that of space.

To travel outside of our comfort zones, we think is to travel outside of ourselves. Yet we can travel inside of ourselves and equally be out of our comfort zone. We can run away and hide on the surface of everyday life and can equally run away from our core of who we are.

Why do we run away from anything?

It is because it becomes overwhelming, confusing, and too big.

Why is it too vast at times….it is because we are infinite.

We know we are infinite which is why we are taught to scale it down here on Earth; categorise, pigeon hole and label things, to make it all that more manageable.

Yet lift the lid on the limiting control, we are then open to everything we close ourselves off from and hide away from.

So we stick to what is familiar, our comfort zones and make things fit, make them stick by repeating the same old. And we wonder why we get bored and frustrated, because deep down we remember there is so much more than we are allowing ourselves to access.

Why do we not access this if deep down we know it is there?


Yes that’s it – fear is the biggest disease on planet Earth, yet is our comfort zone and our trap.

“So if fear is the only thing stopping me, how do I overcome fear?”

It takes confidence and a willingness to face at times, the unknown, which takes trust in the self. How well do you know yourself! Are you comfortable enough in you to explore past your comfort zone?

It is about being confident enough within you to face the challenges and take the risks.

“Well what happens if I have an accident? I could make a mistake; I could die or be killed. I am scared and fearful, who would save me? I would feel alone….”

When have you ever been alone? Even when you experience things on your own, you are with you, the air and the landscape is around you. You may take the landscape or the trees for granted and not pay much attention to them, yet they house many creatures and have those who have trekked via foot. So please do not under estimate the importance of how everything around you nurtures you.

So many thoughts that are never ending! So many pressures, responsibility and expectations, no wonder life may feel more stressful than fun.

With so much going on all the time, even when escaping life on a holiday, we may still bring many of these demands with us.

Life is a bit like a film, so many films to choose from. From thrillers, comedy, inspiring or boring. We say art imitates life!

Yet all films, no matter what subject heading, are telling a story about an experience whether we have experienced it or not.

How does the experience make us feel? How do we handle or manage the experience? How do you react to it or not?

We know that how we face it or not, it will lead us into the next experience that we are continuingly creating. We are so used to doing this that we take it for granted, how much control we have in our lives even if we are the driver or passenger, leader or follower.

We do not pay too much attention to this process because we are not interested in the journey; that is ignored. What we are more interested in is the answer, the outcome. You know when someone says, `Oh you must watch this film; it is brilliant you will love it’ Well what is it about? Some may want to know the ending before even watching the beginning.

Many critics will give their own opinion, judgements, and take on it. Some will love it, hate it, rave it, or bin it. Does it really matter? As it has created a reaction of feelings and emotions, your reaction makes you dig deep into how you feel.


Well you may not be the actor or the producer or the writer of this particular film, you give your energy in what you call free time, in which to watch it. You are sharing and joining in with the creation no matter who came up with the idea. It shows no matter what any one of you do, no matter what you create or not, you are connected to everyone.

We are all connected.

What is the point of creating music if no one is around to appreciate it and listen to it? What is the point in painting a picture if no one notices it? What is the point in doing anything if it is not recognised? Whatever you create it will always be noticed, always known, by YOU first before anyone else.

So who are you creating for? The family, the community, the world! What do you want to become?

“It could be to become famous with lots of success and riches!”

Say you create a song and you love it, you feel it because you are connected to it. The flow of energy and passion flows from you into what you are making. Everyone who listens to it feels what you do; the flow of energy touches every hair on the back of your neck and arms, standing up in applause.

It’s produced and marketed, every groove on the disc captures every vibration and frequency in each note. It is launched and played on the radio and TV, the public love it, and it is a hit.

The phone starts ringing offering you contracts and agents are now falling at your feet wanting to manage you.

You are flattered and feel valued and important, but who got noticed first the music, you or the public which creates a wave of pound notes.

Money talk’s right, money connects! Yet who started this wave?

YOU did by connecting to your joy and passion in which to create music.

How long before the spark of creating gets forgotten, the meaning and drive gets lost. Once it was all about your love of music, then its pushed aside by business to please the public, to give them more, to keep you on top and keep ALL involved rich and successful.

Are you as happy as when you first had the dream? The first few songs are all you, you love them! But what happened once you got managed – did this change?

“Yes they told me what they wanted me to sing or write!”            

So it does not come from you any more then?

“Well yes it does as I still have to face the public and turn up and perform.”

So you have changed your position from creator to performer. Was this your dream and goal?

“Well yes and no, I wanted to create and I am so pleased the public love it.”

What’s the piece of you that you’re told to share; is that what you mean? Are you content and happy with that?

“I was to start with but now I am not, the rush of attention and money was fun at first, but when it comes back to the self this is not enough.”

What fame and fortune is not enough. Really! So what happens now that you find yourself in this position?

“I have had to do a lot of soul searching, and face my truth of how I feel. It worries me because a lot of people expect so much from me. I have to let go of people that no longer benefit me. I have to try and get out of contracts which no longer suit me. Oh the stress of it all, I never knew creating held so much responsibility.”

“I am so depressed and look back at the years with tears in my eyes, what a waste of all those years.”

Hang on a minute are you telling me you have not enjoyed one thing on this journey so far?

“No I have bits and pieces of it, but the whole of it…. no.”

So there is nothing wrong with it then. You are realizing your truth, you lost your connection to why you started creating music in the first place and now you have reconnected and remembered. You can use the experience to create how you wish to continue, being your best manager in you, no matter who you share it with. So really all you lost sight of was YOU! Your fans love you and I am sure being honest and true to yourself, they will continue to support you.

Now you can feel the strength in you once again, the strength that started you off in the first place. Manage you well and never lose sight of you, you will always be there and you will always be your number one fan.

The most important meaning is what we learn from the experience; all the experiences that we face build our foundations, our base. These are our own personal roots like the many trees you see in the forest. Many are hundreds of years old; they have stood the test of time no matter what has been thrown at them.

How? By having strong roots, not strong branches as we know branches fall off only to be replaced.

“But you say we are infinite so why is everything measured in years and by time on Earth?”

It makes it more manageable and easier to understand, broken down in years so life can be scaled down. You are first taught in pictures, and then came the letters which connected together forming words. Then those words make sentences which create stories. If we just lived by pictures we would get by, through understanding and communicating in a simple way. By introducing letters, words, to add to the pictures, it gives those pictures detail and makes the pictures come alive.


As with all life, it is about the continuing evolution yet so much focus and energy is taken up with the opposite. Death!

Yet it is subliminal, as death is regarded as a taboo subject. Why is that? The reason is because very little is understood about it and so therefore no one really knows the best way in which to face it. You could say it is a bit of a dark subject, dark matter like a black hole, a void.

A long time ago, the physical body did not rule people’s lives. The body was important for it was recognised as a vehicle to get around, pretty much how you use your cars. Although the body was respected and looked after, people knew and remembered they were so much more than bones and flesh.They did not get side tracked or obsessed on how their body looked, they relied on the reflection of the sea or a river. They just concentrated on food and skills. What mattered more to them was how strong they were in muscle and at times in stamina. Strength to build and hunt, this was nothing to do with survival.

For example a shaman who sat in a hut not lifting a finger, being waited on by those around him, not because he was lazy or weak but because he is strong in essence, he had the gifts of being a messenger. He had the connection to tune in and pass on messages about forthcoming events. Not seen by the physical eye but by the connections from within. At first such a person would be feared and classed as evil and punished for being different, but once word got around about how beneficial his guidance was, this man would become a high figure in the community.

Team work came together with words of guidance about the star systems and that of nature; man came together working within the cycles of life.

They had strong roots, they wanted for nothing, they had all the food and water that they needed daily. They had clothing, shelter and fire for warmth, they lived by the sun, the moon and the stars, their landscape, their playground and their community valued is what mattered.

Not survival of the fittest as is so often proclaimed, they shared life as a team nurturing the young and the old. The elders passed down knowledge to the young who fed their souls, the parents hunted and tended to their homes. The children learnt what was passed down to them, so they carried the knowledge forward to hand down to their children. Evolution began rich in knowledge of the land by living simply via the landscape around them. They lived in harmony and balance not greed.

They relied on nature to feed them and heal them, together with ancient gifts that are long forgotten now, in this present time on Earth. What defined their death was not governed by the age of bones, it was governed by choice!

Be it the choice after living for hundreds of years or the choices made not in awareness of how powerful the land is, by natural disasters. They chose when to transcend, a process of letting go to continue life. Death was never an end or final it was a continuing journey of choice.

To be alive and to live, is a life lived in energy as we are not just a physical body. They understood this and knew that they would return to earth when they chose, to learn more about life through many lifetime experiences.

They knew they were energy which was known as the rhythm of life. This energy is the CD of life captured in the air that you breathe, so each cell of your being picks up the song and knowing.

Where do you think instinct comes from?

You only have to observe the animals around you, who do not speak in the language that you know and recognise. Animals are not taught how to live, they instinctively know. You have been taught a language; the real language of all life is not taught it is known instantly. The real language is in the rhythm of all life, it is transferred and flows through the energy of everything and you thought you were just bones, flesh and organs. What makes your organs work? It is your electrical impulses from your brain. Those impulses are so fast you are not even aware that it is going on inside of you. Energy that vibrates, that makes frequency waves is the pulse and heart of all life. Understood naturally and instantly, continuously, a language you are using all the time. It is so natural that you forget it is being used, because it is what makes you, YOU.

When do you class someone as dead? When an arm or leg falls off, when the heart stops or when the brain is dead?

What about near death experiences, are these real? No – because you class the person dead! So what happens when you are asleep, you accept this process because your body is tired? You do not pay much attention to it, unless you remember a dream and it does not make sense, and you want to know if there is a meaning in it. Are you dead when you are asleep? No you say because I wake up in the morning and get on with my day. So what happens to consciousness? Where do dreams come from, and how are you making them if you are not even aware you are asleep? You do not totally switch off in sleep state, even though you are resting so your physical body can recharge. You are an energy body which does not ever need rest, as it is not physical material. You are energy, like you have many forms of energy that you use; your energy in you is an etheric energy source. I am using the word etheric as a way to describe the energy, as there is no word that describes the infinite energy of all life. Energy is the frequency wave which connects everything together, allowing us to observe the bigger picture of the whole of life. The more you understand the flow of energy the more you will remember about who you are and what the meaning of life is.

Life taught is a life half understood, step out of the box and trust what you remember that’s inside of you.

Without your thoughts what would you know? Without your sight what would you see? Without your ears what would you hear? Without your taste buds what would you taste? Nothing! Is that what you think? Really are you sure?

So when you dream and it feels so very real, to the very core of you, how are you seeing the dream if your eyes are closed? How are you remembering your dream if you are asleep? How are you feeling the feeling of falling if you are lying down in bed? What part of you is experiencing all this in your dream? Oh it is just your imagination is it!

Tell your heart that when you wake up in the morning and it is beating so fast.

Tell your sweat glands that when you wake up with sweat pouring from you in fear.

Dreams, if remembered, can feel as real as life when you are awake. But it is just a dream right? Is it? Well we all have two bodies, our physical body and our consciousness energy body. If it is only your physical body that needs sleep what does the energy of your consciousness do while it is sleeping. After all this never sleeps. Have you ever tried to sit in a car, on a journey that is taking eight hours or more? You need to stop for a break to stretch your legs and have something to eat, it relieves the boredom. Your energy of you is not just sitting next to you in a chair while you sleep, waiting for you to wake up in the morning. You have seen the film Avatar; liken it to the concept in that film as an example, a small example at that.

You can see by this chapter that there is so much more to you than meets the physical eye. It may be a lot to take on board but we all have dreamed at some point in our lives and know what it feels like. All these experiences that we have, whether awake in our physical bodies in day time, or whether asleep awake in our consciousness energy body, we all agree we have experienced it. We don’t pay much attention to it, unless it gets our attention and impacts us in some way.

You may still wonder whether you have a conscious body? Have you ever walked into a room and analysed the room first by the atmosphere in the room, with no words of language used you are scanning the energy in the room. At that moment you are picking up what the atmosphere feels like, cold or warm and welcoming. You are working out whether you feel comfortable in the situation or not, you may then observe body language and read the situation. At this moment you are using your energy body to assess the situation so you know if you are happy to be there or not. You may make up your mind very quickly and turn around and make a quick exit hoping no one has seen you. Or you may stay for a while to see if you made a rash decision or not.

Have you ever thought of someone only to hear from them a few days later or you bump into them down the street. Or you may get a phone call from a friend and they will say, you just come to my mind and had to call you. I don’t know why I just felt I had to.

This is the bigger picture of communication that is going on around you all the time, no gadgets, no wires, no batteries. This is going on via the connection of frequency within you and around you. The energy source of all life is always connected and always communicating. Everything is known and no one is separated or left out. It does not matter where you are, you can be anywhere in the universe of all life and you will always be connected, whether awake or asleep. You now remember; you know you never actually sleep, you are awake continuously. To understand life it is first about remembering you are more than the physical of flesh and bones.

To deny who you really are is to deny that you dream, and to deny that you sense atmospheres in a room.

Psychics or Sensitive’s, as you may label them have been misunderstood and feared over the centuries. Sometimes treasured and treated with respect, some of the time feared and discarded. Yet you have senses which you use, dreams that you have seen, visions could they be called? What is a vision? Prophesied and passed on to be appreciated in the future.

Why does it take time for such knowledge to be taken on board? The answer is because it is not understood; anything that is not understood is feared. After all it is not classed as normal to see things which the physical eyes cannot see, to see spirits, or to hear a voice without a physical body to belong to. Yet you have seen your dreams while being asleep when your eyes are closed, so how are you seeing your dreams? If your eyes cannot physically see? You use your energy eyes; “but what do these eyes look like?”

Well it is not flesh that sits in a socket of a bone; it is with light that captures the frequency that relays it in to a picture. A bit like fax machines which passes information through the light beam. You use all forms of energy wave transference, to pass on messages, from one country to another, even as far away from space back to Earth. This is accepted and not questioned because it serves you so long as you have a gadget you can use. What happens past using the phone or computer you do not need or care to know, how the messages are received or transferred does not matter to you as long as you get what you want. Those who are in the know with technology see the bigger picture of how technical communication works, which takes constant upgrading and a lot of up-keep. You know how frustrating it is when your phone or computer malfunctions. It is so inconvenient, as you do not want to be disconnected from your social group or the world. You would hate to miss something or worse for your friends and family to not be able to get hold of you. The way of the technical world is a connection available 24/7. You know no matter what part of the world you are in, that as you sleep someone else in the world is awake. This makes you feel connected and safe in the blanket of contact. No one wants to be out of touch or out of sight or out of mind.

Have you ever felt the fear come over you if you lose your phone, it is like losing your best friend. You feel lost without it, isolated and alone. Yet it is not the phone that is making you feel like that, it is the content and contacts within the phone. Otherwise we would hold on to our phones for all time, yet we upgrade and pass on to the new phone the contents from the old phone. Only deleting what we no longer want to be connected with. Sounds like phones are imitating life, upon reflection. So if we live in a physical way which imitates life’s reflection why do we fear psychics who are sensitive to picking up information pretty similar to the friendly phone that you wish to stay connected to? You can see the phone you’re holding, it is real in your hand, so I’m not making it up and we tend to trust what is only physically solid.

Solid objects are more real than what you cannot see. So why do you go with your thoughts? After all thoughts are just electrical impulses that you cannot see or hold, yet your thoughts are real to you, are they not!

So should I ignore you and not listen to your thoughts because I cannot see them for real or hold them? It seems like there is a selective way of life going on here. Wanting some bits, discarding some, yet at some point we have all felt what we judge.

Pick an experience out of your memory. Maybe you took a sweet you were asked not to take, but you did not listen and took it any way. Then some time down the line you buy a sweet and put it safe in the fridge only to find it has gone when you want it.

“Who ate my chocolate bar?” you ask and yet no one owns up.

Have you ever laughed at another person only to have been laughed at yourself at some point too? I am sure if we go through our memories, we have all at some point experienced similar to what we dish out. So how does judgment work if we are all in it together, sharing pretty much the same? At times we may feel the leader and in control, with lots of money. Other times we may feel on the floor and have lost everything. It all comes back to the self, so we do not forget what it is like to experience more or less of what we already have experienced.

Remember continuation, this is why if you do not want to repeat the same old experiences, it is important to know what you want and what you do not want. It all comes back to choice and knowing you hold more power of your life than you think.

So as you can see I have carried many questions within me, year in and year out since my childhood, trying to make sense of life on Earth. My simple answer is I never understood life here on Earth growing up. With so much contradiction; guess work and mind games, people scared of hearing the truth and yet I was being asked at the same time, `come on be honest, tell me’. It did not take me long to see that life hit many brick walls of confusion, honestly nothing made sense at all; all I could see was a mess. Some bits and pieces I understood, only to be lead up the garden path or a dead end. Everyone else around me looked comfortable, settled into the way of life here. Was it really just me that questioned everything? I did not feel at home here, I did not fit in with the pattern of limitation; I just could not conform to anything that did not sit right in my heart.

For an easy life we tend to shut up and get on with it, conforming and not questioning life so we fit in.

Why was i just moaning when everyone else seems to be getting on with it?

Well I want an easy life yes, but this does not feel like an easy life, when I feel lost inside. I am not someone who can lie and say I feel something just to please others or to fit in, if it is not really my truth and how I feel.

If that is what you have to do to fit in, if you have to lie your butt off, is that really real life? As a child I would listen to the words adults would say to me and like the game Pairs, I would match up their words with their actions. Oh no this game was not fun at all, it took me ages to work out whether to trust the words, or the actions, it left me split in two, divided on whether to choose between the words voiced and the actions acted. Why don’t both of them match up? A lot of odds if you ask me, so I would have to tune into them to see if I could find out their truth, because on the surface they made no sense at all. I swam against the wave which was hard considering I was not a very strong swimmer. I was determined to stay true to myself; I refused to get caught up in the distortion that surrounded me, I set out as a child on a journey to travel between the surface and that of the core of life; I travelled the dark places where no one likes to go, on all feeling levels. Life was a rollercoaster ride for me, extreme highs and extreme lows with nothing much in between. When I looked back I noticed these extremes where not personal at me, I had created a personal choice to discover what life was all about. Although for many years it felt like my life was a rollercoaster ride, a ride I hated and did not know how to get off , in reality it is life on Earth that is the rollercoaster ride.

I explored life, not just by taking life at face value but also the surface and front cover of life which is like a veil that covers up so much. It’s like picking up a magazine; it may look all glossy and inviting but will the content match the cover? Life seen from this perceptive relies so heavily on what the eyes see as you don’t have to be blind to be blinded, or deaf to not hear. You could say if you don’t see it does it mean it is not there? I chose to travel the path of trust and instinct and I knew the physical senses would not serve me for this journey.

I travelled behind the scenes of what we see as life, to see if I could find the answers to my questions because I could not find answers to them on the surface of Earth, within the systems that were in place around me. I hit brick walls; confusion, fighting, rules, control, egos, judgement and rejection on the physical surface route, so I found my own route, my own freedom route that allowed me to be me, freely. The only person I could hurt, although that is only an experience, was myself. I had to stick to me and be true to myself. Guided with the few tools that I had, such as; morals, manners, meaning, truth, respect and a voice to name but a few, these tools guided me with the decisions and choices that I would then make to benefit me on this journey.

It was tough as I had to let go of people along the way. I had to let go of comfort, also security as well as familiarity. It was an unsettled journey in a search to reach settlement.

So what did I have to lose?


What did I have to gain?


Everything I found came from nothing; after all we come here with nothing. Yes it’s been a self-path of discovery. To enter this path, the first doorway I entered was myself; my physical self.



Wow if I thought the outside of myself was a rollercoaster ride; nothing on the outside of me prepared me for what I would face inside of myself. All I wanted to do at first was find my answers about me, what a maze I found myself in. I was scared and faced this journey on my own. Maybe that is where the saying comes from – `me, myself and I’ from the perspective of many angles and being an observer. Life is so not a flat page or the 3D image we are lead to believe. We may think the outside of physical life is challenging enough, I never knew by entering this door inside of myself that I would come face to face with the many layers of me.

It felt like many levels in a game, some were easy to get past, other levels where so hard that I had to keep going over it until I could move on. But life is not a game…. is it?

I had soon uncovered a whole different world, so vast and so different from the surface of planet Earth. I had gone past my physical self and entered the infinite universe of all life. There was me thinking, I was just going to find myself so I understood me and my place in the world. Trying to make sense of the mess of my confusing life, I did not know I had a core, an energy that would open up my real world in me.

So where do you find this location? It is in the space of nothing!

“What do you mean nothing? This really does not make sense.”

Well life is so busy with so much distortion of misinformation that by connecting to nothing you find silence.

“Oh I hate silence to have no noise is hell for me.”

Why is that?

“I would have nothing outside of me to distract me from my thoughts? I can never switch off my thoughts they are playing continuously and at times my own thoughts drive me mad. They even stress me out so much they make me ill even thinking about it. So by keeping myself busy and distracted I have time out from the thoughts that are going on, round and round in my head.”

It does sound like hard work to live like that! Have you never thought to find the off switch so you do not have to keep being distracted from you?

“To be honest I have never thought about it. I did not think I had an off switch; after all I do not come with batteries or a plug. With life around me so fast and hectic I barely have time to think about my thoughts as I am too busy with keeping up with life’s demands.”

So how are you aware that your thoughts are thinking continuously?

“When I have a problem which feels like I am hitting a brick wall, my whole life will revolve around this problem.”

Sounds like a revolving door to me, you know those doors that go round and round, you have to consciously make the effort to step out of it, otherwise you get lost in its movement to keep up with the door, rather than yourself.

“Yes I know what you mean; I have never looked at it like that.”

So when is it the most profound for you?

“Quiet times and at night in bed before I go to sleep, and even rest through the night does not ease the strain, because when I wake up in the morning it carries on from the night before, like one long loop. It literally does my head in, so much so that I just want to scream or run and hide. I feel like I have nothing going for me and my life is over. It feels like life has screwed up for me.”

It really does sound like, and I am sure feels like the end of the world.

“Yes, what is the point in carrying on with life, I hate my life, and I hate everything.”

Do you really mean that?

“Oh yes I am so angry at life when I feel like this, nothing is going right for me, nothing seems worth living for if I have nothing to look forward to. I am so out of my comfort zone, my familiar life has now become a memory.”

I understand you feel so lost and hurt, how can life be so cruel and unfair to do this to you! How can it take away from you what you love and want to hold on to?

“Every part of me hurts. My physical body feels like shit; I feel like shit, life around me is shit.”

This does not sound like a good place to be in. so how do you deal with it?

“I don’t. My life is just over and it’s a misery, I have never felt so miserable in all my life, I feel sick.”

You are not physically dead are you?

“Of course not but I may as well be, my life is over. My thoughts haunt me; I am out of touch with everything.”

So how do you hold on to your life when you feel so out of sorts?

“I hold on to the past, I hold onto what was familiar and when I was happy.”

The past you mean?


So if the past has been and gone how do you hold onto it if you are no longer in that scene anymore?

“I hold on to the memory which I remember.”

So where do memories come from?

“In my mind where thoughts are stored?”

So thoughts are like a double edged sword. You have thoughts which you like to be distracted from and yet you need thoughts to access your memories.

“Yes I suppose so, if you look at it like that.”

So thoughts are very precious to you in moments of holding on.

“Well it is all I have left to hold on to.”

So is it nice memories you hold on to when you go back into your memories?

“Oh yes I try and hold on to the nice memories the nice bits.”

Why is that?

“Why would I want to access and remember the sad bits when I feel shit enough as it is”

Oh I see, so you are selective on what you recover from your memory.

“No I am just trying to make myself feel better by remembering just the nice bits”

So do you feel better?

“No I don’t, I feel like shit still”

So it does not work then, accessing just the nice bits.

“No I so wish it did.”

Why does it not make you feel any better?

“Because by remembering only the nice bits it makes me remember what I am missing and it makes me feel sadder.”

So what would happen if someone reminds you about the sad bits in the memories of the scene, what would happen then?

“I would get defensive and cross with them for ruing the nice bits I want to focus on.”

But the nice bits you’re focusing on are not the whole picture is it? The not nice scenes are part of the reality of those memories are they not?

“Yes but I don’t want to be reminded of the whole picture I just want the nice bits back in my life.”

But the nice bits come with the not so nice bits.

“I know its shit isn’t it. Now you see the dilemma I am in, there is no answer that will make this feeling go away.”

No it will not go away while you are only focussing and holding on to the bits you like. It would be like buying a film to watch and cutting the bits out in the film you did not want to watch, and being left with the bits of the film you like. When you go to watch the bits of the film that you kept, the story will not make sense, but that’s ok as you like the nice bits you have saved. At first this works but after a while you will get bored watching this film like that, as you will know deep down there is a bigger picture to this film, that tells the whole story. So you either get to this point and realise this and decide to add the bits back to the film, so you can watch the whole film without feeling out of your depth, or you throw the bits of a film in the bin and move on, knowing you have not faced the film, only to find one day, further down the line, someone gives you another film to watch which is similar to the one you threw in the bin. You will remember it is like the old film you chose not to watch as this film will trigger that memory in you. So you are faced with the same dilemma although it is a different film, do you watch it and face it, or do you select the bits you like and cut out the bits you do not like? Or you can be brave and face the whole film so you never have to be in this position again.

Do you really want to keep experiencing the same old shit; just it’s a different day. In real life we cannot cut out anything, we may think we can by thought alone, but all thoughts connect up which make our life manifest into the experiences we wish to have. We may think we can be selective and pick the bits we wish to hold on to and cut out the bits we do not wish to face or feel. Life does not know the meaning of separation only connection. So no matter what you think or feel this connection will follow you around no matter where you are in the world.

We may think we can separate ourselves from a situation or experience by blocking it out of our minds, by ignoring it or denying it. But we all know at some point ourselves come back to haunt us.

“Haunt us? Oh no I do not want to be haunted and hunted down by my thoughts; I don’t believe this, for thoughts are not real, as they are just thoughts.”

Really is that what you think?

“Yes because they are not a solid object they are thoughts, I am in control of them by what I choose to think.”

So when at times you feel like shit and feel like life has knocked you out on the floor. Where is the boxing glove in which to land you on the floor?

“Don’t be silly of course I was not punched to the floor physically.”

But your thoughts made you feel like that? So how do thoughts have so much power over you? Because of the way they make you feel. So feelings come into play here then?

“Yes of course it’s all about feelings”

So feelings hold all the power over thoughts then?

“Yes I suppose so, again I had never analysed it before. I have been too busy with holding on and concentrating on routine of the things I used to do. That filled up my familiar day. Yes I know I felt like shit which is a feeling but I never understood it. I was used to holding on to the bits, I was used to living in the bits of life, and I didn’t think about or feel about the whole picture at once”

No one is really taught to see the bigger picture and connect all the dots so to speak. It is too overwhelming and consuming. Yet the one piece you held onto sounded like it was overwhelming and self-consuming too.

What is the difference?

“Nothing I guess, but it felt easier to deal with it that way.”

Is it really, when you are still going through it and feeling like shit. By dealing with only the bits of a situation you will end up with unfinished business.

“Yes but I don’t have to think about that right now, I will face that when the time comes.”

So time is a safety net then?

“Well they say time is a healer so I guess so yes.”

It looks like time is used as an excuse to give you time and some space to deal with only that which you want to deal with. So time is used as a pause button, to freeze frame a scene in life that you do not like. So you can ignore the film and find another machine to start a new film in which to watch. Forgetting you now have two machines with two films still in play at the same time, just because you have switched from one film to another, this does not mean the other film has disappeared of the face of the earth. The two films are connected as one scene has continued from the last choice made.

We may think if we throw it in the bin it is gone, if we let go of something without facing it, we may also think it is gone. If we lose something we may think we have lost it forever. Nothing ever gets lost it is always continuing no matter where you are in life. Just because you cannot see it, it does not mean it is not there.

“Rubbish you are talking shit!”

Am I really? So why does history repeat itself, why do you have repeated experiences even if the scene or situation is slightly different? If this was the case why do people say `same old shit just a different day’ if there are no repeats? Even when you switch on your TV, even with so much to choose from you will have noticed they have repeat shows and programs. Once you only had five stations to choose from with very little repeats, so why should there be the need for any repeats on the TV with the vast amounts of stations on offer? Life here repeats everything, not just the days of the week or the years that you celebrate on New Year’s Eve. Everything in life is saved and logged in the archives you call history. Museums hold old treasures hoping it helps piece life back together. But is everything disclosed or do we only have access to what they wish for us to see? After all everyone holds back and saves the best bits for themselves. Keeping life’s cards close to your chest hoping no one will see what you hold. These are all mine, you got to find your own way if you want to succeed in life. Whether you hear; me, me, me, everything, no matter how we play our cards in life, will always lead us back to the self.

Very little is remembered about life, by holding on to the bits and pieces we encourage ourselves to continue a life that is fragmented, selective, unfinished, and repeated in cycles that has been going on for centuries and centuries. The world has got lost, lost in the distortion while trying to make sense of the pieces we can see.

Religion also played its part, by creating fear. No one wants to live in fear, so the ones that created the fear and religion claimed to be the only ones who are able to save you from fear.

“Oh good so if I follow you and your religion, you will save me?” Yes if you follow my rules and do as I say.

What a setup we have going on here! Of dictatorship and control governed by the disease of fear. The leaders know a life lived under fear is a life lived of being scared. Whether it is being scared of your own shadow or the world at large, being scared is fear no matter how you dress it up.

So are you really interested in your life? Do you really want to benefit yourself in your life? Do you want to feel connected and empowered in your life? Are you ready to face the whole of life and the bigger picture? Do you really want to understand life so you will then find its meaning that is personal to you?

Then you have not come across this book by chance!

This book found you, to connect with you personally and you will get from it what you need. Do not worry about what others say, or what other people think or feel. What matters right here and right now is what you get out of it. This is why you connected to it after all and your journey is your journey, it connects you to the life that you share with others around you.

You want to feel strong! You want to feel your strength, you want to feel comfortable in yourself, you want to feel confident to be your truth and you want a life to live in joy, not a life lived in fear to survive.

It does not matter why you first picked this book up, on the surface reflection of the front cover. You may not really know on the surface of why, you just did. What matters is what you get out of it. If you find you get nothing out of it that is great because out of nothing you will find everything from within you. So even if this book helps you to remember this one sentence, it will give you back more than hope, it will give you that knowing that you hold the key to your life.

So as you turn the pages, have a pen and paper by your side as it may unlock what is buried deep down inside of you, that which you have been waiting centuries to discover. It may unlock things you have forgotten so have an open mind, there is nothing to be scared of you are safe with yourself.

The whole of life is entered from within you, rather than searching outside of yourself. After all searching outside of yourself, you will only find bits and pieces that are on offer. The real stuff that life is made up of is hidden underneath the life you see as life. This is where understanding connection is so important, as connection is the key which turns the lock, you don’t want to be locked out or left out of life, so now is the time to use YOUR key.

We may all have physical bodies; this includes all life forms on Earth even down to the food that you eat, and the water that you drink. This book is not just selective to do with physical humans. This book is about all life no matter what the form of the body used. The body is what holds life in all its forms. So how connected are you to your body? Do you hold on to it because that is all you see, or do you use it to hide in? Are you even aware that your essence gives you character and personality, or are your contents of treasure and gold buried under the surface front cover of the physical body. Often at times we do not even get past the front cover, on the physical sense of our flesh and bones, we are mesmerised by the look of the body and that is as far as our focus and connection goes. It blinds our experiences; you may hear people say,

`I don’t do emotion and feelings. I don’t go there or face that’.

Yet all the ingredients inside of us are what make us whole. After all it takes a lot of ingredients to make a yummy cake. If we just concentrated on one type of ingredient, say for example just eggs, we would soon run out of ideas and end up with limited inspiration for what we could make from them alone. Ideas dry up like this and we would not even be close to making a cake, as it would need so much more than one part. All the hoping and wishing in the world, not even thinking about it all day long will turn those eggs into a cake without connecting them to other ingredients.

This is what happened to the old paradigm we know as life on Earth, it has dried up; life’s inspiration became too limited and stale and had been repeated enough. The Mayans touched on this leading up to the year 2012. But no one understood what was happening. Well now you know and remember. The hype of 2012 at times referred to it as the end of the world. Well I suppose you could say it was the end of one chapter in life’s evolution, it was time for the next chapter to continue and so a new paradigm would begin. But nothing has been mentioned about the major change happening now across the universe. The Mayans mentioned it was the end of one calendar, it does not matter how you label it or head it, life as we know it will no longer be the same old shit just a different day, unless you hold on to the old paradigm and wish to carry on experiencing it. As you see this new paradigm is not a repeat of history that time forgets. This new paradigm has not been written yet, which is why you hold the power to your life now, if you do nothing with it how are you going to know how to live?

This is where this book comes in, so you will have a better understanding about the whole of life; the bigger picture so you will know what you decide or choose to experience connects you to everyone and everything. So it’s no good looking at the past, this is a distraction, it is you who tells your scene, the world around you that you see as separate from you is just the back drop, what matters is your story. So for now all you need to know is your life, know your scenes and face all of it so nothing is left unfinished. This new paradigm is about the self, selflessly selfish enough to know who you are and what you are about, because if you are lost in you, you can expect to be lost in the back drop of life. It is now time for the whole of the universe to wake up, so everyone is enlightened to more.

Over the centuries life has been focused and consumed to the same old patterns, these patterns of cycles in the systems of everyday life have separated us up, split us up, dividing us up in to different classes. This divide causes more of the same; destruction, ill health, stress, imbalance, disharmony, pain, creating a huge virus of separation and fear. We have forgotten our connection and how important this lifeline is. Try standing or walking or doing anything with your legs wide apart. Everything would be much harder to do and to function. It would not take long for the lack of balance to outweigh productivity and creativity. The world is massively out of balance which is why the new paradigm is here, to balance life out. But this balance starts and comes from the self, rather than depending on the Earth to do it for you. This new paradigm is going to close up the gap of all distortions, which will realign and bring everything back together in harmony. Major changes are happening now which we are all connected to; there is nowhere to hide not even with the self. Everything is seen and out in the open. Watch out separation your game is over, connection is back!



(The Changing Paradigm)

Once upon a time many centuries ago, people were tuned into the station equilibrium. Everyone lived peacefully and happy while attuned to this frequency vibration wave band. Embraced with the gifts of telepathy, teleportation and healing while working with nature and the animal kingdom respectfully. They lived for hundreds of years, not like us making our goal if we are lucky enough to live until a hundred. They chose when they wished to transcend, not because of illness or death but because of a knowingness to let go, to awaken to more from life. They did not fear letting go as they knew life continues and that death did not exist. If you wonder if this is true, why did they take lots of goods with them into the pyramids before they transcended, so they could use them in the afterlife? Although these goods have been taken, removed by those who found them centuries ahead, once those pyramids were not empty and they held a message they wanted to pass on about the meaning of life. That message was that life continues and so be prepared to the best of your ability within the understanding that you have. So their understanding was half way there, life here meets the whole of life half way.

Many loving, balanced, happy years went by until a select few got bored. They wanted more, they wanted to rule, they wanted to control and take charge of the people and that of the land. The equilibrium station started to get knocked out of alignment, other frequencies came in which turned the peaceful world and way of life upside down and back to front. A virus started to spread out across the Earth. The new station which rapidly took over the last one, was the station called fear. Distortion rippled out everywhere, the once balanced and harmonious way of life became a memory. At first people retaliated against the new station, the fear was not strong enough to make a difference. People stuck to what they knew and carried on with life the way they always had. Fear at first had a struggle on its hands, until they had a brainwave and introduced money and taxation. By introducing money the people of the land would have to listen to their new station of fear. At first people had enough from the way life used to be. The land was fertile, the crops where plentiful, until people started to run out of supplies, they knew if they wanted more they had to pay for it. First they introduced taxes on the land in which they grew their foods, making the demand exceed what they actually needed in which to feed themselves. They had to grow more to sell more to afford the taxes on the land.

Now fear had everyone’s attention, people started to panic, fighting started which created stealing. Just by introducing money the Earth became so many frequencies; panic, loss, fighting, greed and above all it created ego and the power to be above anyone else. The once happy land had changed by a select few who got bored. What a clever plan, sacrifices of animals to make sure the gods were kind and brought rain and sunshine for the crops. The connection of their once knowing had now become a silent whisper in the air. People were too busy surviving the rules of the new paradigm, making sure they had enough, grew enough or worse held on to enough to pass down. Some people still held on to their equilibrium station within themselves, they would not let go of it even if it meant being on their own. They found places to hide away from the main frame of life. They hid in places deep in the forests to carry on living a life in peace and harmony with nature, together with the animal kingdom around them. They went off grid you could say. So although they had to separate themselves from the community they once knew, they never separated themselves from the true meaning of life, they kept the connection of the whole of life alive inside of them to pass down the knowledge to their children.

This connection meant more to them than letting go of the community and fear station that was destroying their way of life. They held on to what they believed in rather than letting go to fear. Not only did the fear station divide the people who stayed in the community, the divide separated those that wished not to be part of it. People of the land started to spread out across the Earth, moving to different areas and countries that they discovered as they moved out across the world. Setting up their own communities and relying on the strongest member to keep them safe. Knowledge and skills ruled these communities; each person within the groups had very special tasks. No one was better than the other; they understood that everyone was important in the continuation of their way of life, far away from the distortion and destruction that they left behind. It may on the surface look like they had to start all over again, packing up their essentials and families as they travelled to the next place they would call home.

In some ways they faced the unknown as the land they came from was rich and plentiful, they did not know what faced them. They knew they had the skills within them and that would be enough to start living again, a new cycle like the seasons if you like. They had the sensitive’s who knew how to follow the star systems; the sound of the animal kingdom guided them to their next destination. Once they found a suitable piece of land they went about gathering what they needed which at first took observation of the land around them. They would mark their boundary not by greed but by what they needed within the guidelines of the animal kingdom. Life soon continued in the equilibrium way of life that suited them deep inside, respectful team work between man, land and nature. They did not worry about what they had left behind or what they had lost. They were just thankful not to be trapped into a way of life that they could see would only cause fear and misery. For centuries ahead fear kept themselves to themselves, which allowed the equilibrium community to equally live in freedom. Equilibrium did not pay any attention to the fear going on far away from them, they just felt that they had a lucky escape and got out in the nick of time.

They knew it was no good looking back only forward in the now, the only thing they took from this experience was not to take life for granted which made them more aware of life and how life can change so rapidly and often without warning. They recognised that change does not only happen from themselves but by those around them and from people who they thought they could trust. Life is about variety and not complacency or giving up; they found strength from challenges and diversity. They saw these as chances in which to grow, and develop their ability rather than seeing life as a closed book, they opened up themselves to the opportunities that were on offer. Their guidelines of respect nurtured their lifestyle, which flowed from a place of love. Life carried on passing on knowledge from elders to the young, passing on the skills that had served them so well, everyone was busy getting on with what they did best. Until the sound that came from an elder, which alerted those in the community that a stranger had turned up on their land.

Everyone gathered round curious and of course cautious to who this person was. The person looked tired and exhausted for they had travelled far by foot to escape the fear station community that they too had left behind. They welcomed this person in with open arms, inviting this person to clean up and eat with them. After eating a meal of fresh produce a fire was lit where everyone gathered to hear what this person had to say. Stories shared of how life had changed more than they could have possibly imagined. Women were treated so badly, children were like slaves, and people were captured, imprisoned and tortured if they disagreed in any way with the fear stations way of life. It sounded like a horror story of evil and hate, the opposite to the way of life in the community of equilibrium.

“I have come to warn you that the fear station is getting very greedy, they are no longer content with the community they have taken over, they want so much more, they want kingdoms in which to rule. So fear is spreading out”

“Is that what you say?”

“Yes and they are heading in your direction”.

“It sounds like history is repeating itself”.

Equilibrium decided to stay and not run away from fear, they decided they had enough knowledge to protect them from fear. They decided to make traps around their community which would stop the people of fear entering their peaceful land. They made extra tools which they used for hunting that would now also serve them as protection. The atmosphere in the community had changed from free spirited to caution. So just word of mouth had caused change in the equilibrium flow. The elders sent word to neighbouring tribes making sure they too were prepared for the invasion.

Each tribe looked out for one another as a collective team effort. They felt safe and protected in the knowledge that the equilibrium people had grown in size from the days when they had left the land of fear. During the night screams could be heard which sent out a wave of fear to everyone in equilibrium. Mothers gathered their children in their arms; the men took their places with their weapons in their hands, the elders stayed inside their huts. Fear had arrived. Bringing more than panic, they brought fire.

They burnt the huts which housed the elders; they perished to ash before equilibrium’s eyes. For the first time equilibrium realised they were out of their depths with weapons of such destruction used against them. They gathered everyone quickly telling them to run to the next village. They knew the land which gave them a head start on fear, as they ran for their lives, the fear people set up camp for the night in the village that was once equilibrium’s home. Fear had pushed them out once again, a repeat, but far worse than the last time, for last time it was equilibrium’s free will and choice to let go and move on, this time around fear had forced them into a position that was not of their choosing.

Once they reached the next village and tribe, the people of equilibrium warned them of what they had just escaped. This tribe did not welcome them with open arms, they feared their presence. They looked at them as a bad omen, the bringer of fear and destruction. The elder of the tribe did not welcome them in and instead asked them to move on. They did not care about what the equilibrium people had gone through and what they had lost, they only cared about their own safety and protecting themselves. Tired and with heavy hearts, the people of equilibrium left this village as they had been asked and carried on their journey to freedom. Words alone had changed everything, they never before had to make weapons in which to protect themselves, they were used for food. Now equilibrium had changed from the peaceful way of life they had known for centuries, in the freedom to live from a place of love. Now fear had got to them too, dividing villages and tearing tribes apart, once friendly neighbours now became fearful enemies. Fighting became a way of life, to try and keep hold of what you had created in fear of it being destroyed and taken away. This cycle carried on for many centuries up to the present day. The fear station got to everyone who created distortion between man, land and nature. Separation divided everyone apart, first over centuries ago by creating fighting for pieces of land and goods, fighting for money and power in which to rule people, fighting to create a way of life in which the whole world would follow. A one world order of fear that no one could hide from, no matter where you lived on earth, fear would be your ruler.

So for an easy life, like dominoes, everyone fell into line. Being saved from the destruction of fear, fear agreed that if you followed them they would pay you for your hard work. Follow their rules and we will live in peace. So everyone followed this new system way of life, work hard you get rewarded with money, fall out of line you will get punished brutally. Your punishment will be shown to everyone in the community, word will get about, and big stadiums will be made as a way in which to watch your punishment, for our entertainment. To watch the show this show of punishment spread far and wide it made headline news via word and mouth. People of the land saw with their own eyes, heads roll – literally, this gave a warning to those across the land that if you cross the line, this is how you will be punished. Some did not take heed of this warning and fear of bloodshed; they wanted to hold onto what they had left inside of them, their free will and choice. I am not a sheep or a follower; I want to follow my own way, the way that does not match the systems of imprisonment and control created by fear.

So by standing up for what you believed in created many crucifixions for the people of the land to watch in the way of entertainment. These punishments ranged from hanging in the hot sun nailed to a cross, being stoned or burnt at the stake. They all have something in common, each brave soul did not let go out of fear no matter what would be their fate in the physical sense. They knew death did not exist and had pity on the others for they did not know what they were doing. They could not see the bigger picture and truly believed they held all power of man and that of Earth. They believed what their eyes saw, they believed that as they saw the blood flow they had made that heart stop. They believed by killing the heart they could kill love from each individual and replace that love with fear, even at the moment of death they wished them to rot in the fires of hell.

They made sure that even as the body took its last breath people would see fear in their eyes and not love, for eyes are the doorway to the soul so they wanted to make sure their souls were full of fear too. This worked and created total fear, people were lost and terrified, not just of the systems around them or people they shared life with, now they were terrified of themselves. Fighting that started off in the station of fear and that rippled out across the land, had now diseased and infected the human body and that of the soul. Who is going to save me now from myself? I am so scared of myself.

“I will save you from your sins” God says. “Follow my ways and I will save you from sin”.

So word got about that God would now save humans from themselves, but this did not stop the fighting of the self-destructive kind. Self-harming to prove you were in control, if I hurt myself before you hurt me I will be fine.

This cycle of fear spread out and took on many shapes, forms and guises. You only have to look back in history to see that the real message was hidden still under fear. The messages once known by the elders of the equilibrium people have been lost and misunderstood and ignored and not trusted anymore. Yet the message has always been there and kept alive by those who wished to be brave and carry what they believed in with no fear. The only thing people trust is the opposite to love, a life of hate and self-punishment. So looking back to go forward has much changed over the centuries of the history of life? Different situations and back drops, but all driven by fear and greed. This flame of fear has been extinguished by the connection of love within us all. This flame has never gone out it; it has always flickered in the silence of a room, amongst the trees and animals of the land. People have been waking up. Truth has been shining like the sun shines to light up the days, truth is here to stay, no more lies or deceit the truth will come out in the end. No more will punishment be our daily entertainment; truth will set you free from the chains of suffering and limitation. All it takes in which to do this is face life, the whole life; see the truth shine in all its glory. Within your free will and choice it is your infinite instinct to choose what sits right inside of your heart, rather than hide and run in fear.

This starts with the self, being able to face the self in self-love and not self-hate or fear. Are you ready to reconnect back with you and listen to the message that has always been there? Why carry on punishing yourself? Why? What have you done that is so bad when you know you have no power to kill yourself or anyone else for that matter, as death does not exist? This book will help you UN-wrap the bandages of old, that cover up your wounds and scars that have surfaced on the front cover you call and recognise as life. When you unwrap those bandages, be it in thought or deed, that you have held onto for centuries believing them to have scarred you for life, as you peel them away you will see you are as good as new, no trace will be seen, the scar has healed, all you have actually been left with and carrying all these centuries have been the trigger and memories that you chose to hold onto. After all fear has been so destructive you would not want to forget how bad it is. You would not want to be caught off guard and to have to face it all over again. So by holding onto fear you are protected and prepared for fear.

With each century that has passed, these fears have layered us up, mummifying us so we are limited in feeling, these bandages act as a barrier that cuts off the circulation to the whole of life. Entombed for centuries and buried alive in the fear and destruction created by a few to rule the world that the masses surrendered to. They had lost sight of the connection that they had to their own power inside of them. Fear is not actually powerful, only if we believe we can die or be killed. So how has the world carried on for centuries of years if the human people die after a certain amount of years? You only see what you want to see, blinded from the whole picture of life, living in the shadows and dark places of fear. Why is it you can remember and hold on to fear no matter how many times you visit Earth? Yet you cannot remember past this visit or what is after this visit when you choose to go back home.

It is a selective way of living, thinking and remembering. So how do you know that the people you see around you now have not been on this journey with you for centuries?

Well of course they have not been around me for centuries they are strangers a lot of them, I hardly know anyone, apart from my family and circle of friends.

Did you know or were you aware of your family around you while you were in your mother’s womb?

Of course I was not. I was not even born yet so I am unable to remember that far back.

So you were dead already inside of your mother’s womb, waiting for the day of your birth to come alive as you take your first breath.

Now you are being silly of course I was not dead because I had a heartbeat.

So your heart defines you after all, not fear, for the heart is recognised as a symbol of love is it not? So love is the power that flows through your veins. Your twisting things now, yes I agree with you that Earth uses the symbol of the heart that is recognised as love. But not in the physical shape of the heart, with chambers and valves that is not the same image of the heart that you are referring to.

So it comes back to image more than meaning or symbolic. So where did the image of the heart come from to form the shape?

I don’t know to be honest I do not know how it came about.

So do you recognise more the heart shape or the meaning that it represents?

The meaning I guess, as it covers so many meanings just by using the symbol. It can mean a hug or a kiss or to let someone know that I am there.

Do you think the symbol got changed over the years as the heart in your body, the organ you have with all its chambers and valves became too hard to draw.

Maybe because once they stopped cutting them out from peoples chests they then forgot what a heart looked like, so came up with the symbol of the heart that you know and recognise today. Maybe that’s how symbols change but I don’t really know.

So pushing images to one side we agree the meaning stayed the same although the image changed over the years.

Yes I agree the meaning of love is important which flows and carries the messages that time has forgot. So we never forget that once the world lived in equilibrium and peace and love.

I guess not. We all carry that meaning within us by the fact we have a beating heart. So the meaning has never been lost or forgotten it has always stayed a powerful force just misunderstood.

So going back to the time of your physical birth, when in the womb you were only aware of yourself, you could not see with your physical eyes yet, life outside of the womb. So if you remember very little before the time of your physical birth, how can you rule out that life has no end?

Because I do not remember anything apart from what I have experienced over the years that have lead me up to the present day.

So why do you follow old systems such as religion?

Because it has been written down and passed down to us to follow.

So do you believe everything that you read even if you cannot remember it or experienced it?

Well it is some ones truth and a lot of people have followed it so there must be truth in it, if it has got a lot of people’s attention.

Have you read all of what has been written down? No! Why is that?

Because it is boring and the way it is written I do not understand the words that are being used.

So language has been changed over the years to how it is written today? Yes! How does that change the meaning?

I am not sure if it changes the meaning because I have not read it all, I did try and got so far and switched off. I just did not follow the words being used as they confused me. It is not simple enough for me to follow.

So what did you do?

I followed bits and pieces and got the gist of it and just went along with that without questioning it too much. After all how can I question something that I do not understand, so for an easy life I just followed and copied the people around me that seemed to get it more than I did?

The people you see in your life at this present moment in time you label and call family and friends, were strangers to start with weren’t they?

Yes I suppose you could say that.

So what makes your family members your family?

They are called my family because we share the same parents and blood line.

What about your friends, why are they called your friends?

Because I connected with them in some way and we have a lot in common, and so out of choice we became friends.

Does this connection that you share guarantee you being friends forever?


Why not?

It depends if we fall out or not and if we no longer share the same interests.

So there are no guarantees in the physical life then?


So is it an equal choice that you both decide not to be friends anymore?

No not really as it can be either one of us or a mutual conclusion.

So at times, friendship can feel out of your hands and out of your control.

Yes I guess so; it’s just the way it is here. Nothing lasts forever!

Does this apply to your memories do they finish and get forgotten once the friendship has ended?

No they continue and are carried in our memory.

So your memory does not rely on the physical person still being around you in your life?

No I hold my memories safe inside of me a bit like how photos are stored in albums. I can access those memories whenever I wish.

So while you have the power of your memory nothing is lost and it is stored safe for many years.

Yes they are, I hold the key to them, no one can take my memories away from me, unless my brain is damaged and no longer works properly.

So a lot relies heavily in the existence of the condition of the physical body.

Yes well we do live in a physical world.

So when people are classed as brain dead that is when they are dead is it?

Yes and sometimes it is when the heart stops working.

So how does the embryo stay alive when it is only cells that are dividing inside the womb, if it does not have a heart, or a brain or even a placenta in which to feed from?

The cells bury themselves into the lining of the womb of the uterus inside of the woman.

Is this going on while the woman is unaware that she is even pregnant?

Yes in the very early stages.

So it’s all unconscious then?

Yes its nature and evolution.

So the human body has no physical control of this and relies on nature and evolution to carry on which is nature’s instinct. So are those cells not classed as alive if it has no heart or brain? It is alive in the sense it is feeding off of the uterus that has prepared itself for the egg that has been fertilised. So does the eggs which come from the ovaries or the sperm that come from the man in which to fertilise the egg, do they have a heart or brain?

No don’t be silly they are too small to hold such organs.

So how do the sperm survive without a heart or a brain?

It contains a nucleus which holds all the DNA and information; it then has the formula so that the connection can take place between that of the egg and the sperm.

So connection holds the key of information that is stored and passed across more than the heart of an organ or that of a brain. So we are more than our organs the information and connection came first.

Yes I guess so when you strip it back!

So without information nothing would exist, as the continuing of passed on information is what makes life come alive.

Yes it looks like that is what happens.

So we all are continuing through the cycles of life, past the organs of the flesh and bones, carried safely in the electrical system of information of DNA. So we are really a grid of information in the frequency that holds all life. Life’s continuation is not governed by a beating heart or a brain that registers physical activity, there is a bigger picture going on here. We both agree that life does not start at the first signs of a beating heart, or that life starts before the egg buries itself into the womb, these are only looking at life from the physical perspective. That life continues before cells that we see under the microscope, life starts at the electrical level which forms the circuitry of DNA. This comes first, which is ignored and covered up by what we see is physically important. That death will occur if the heart and brain stops, yet we now see that life starts before the physical body has even made them manifest. Life continues, not through the blood lines, it continues through the connections we carry through the information we see as stored DNA. We see this as a bigger picture in the physical sense past the flesh and bones and organs. Yet there is a bigger picture than just DNA, what came before the DNA, which we carry within our bodies, which holds all the information about where we have come from, which does not rely on the physical memory to remember, the part we call DNA strands is a small part in the universe of all life.

The whole of life around you has stored enough information to carry them on through the experiences that is chosen while visiting Earth. The bigger picture does not lie in the hands of the physical; it is safe in the source and energy of the universe. As you know Earth is very small in the bigger picture of the planets in the universe, you as humans may feel small while being on the Earth and class Earth as a big place. Yet what you think you know and hold onto to do with life, in reality is such a small piece which is like one grain of sand in the desert. Do you pick that one grain up from the sand and analyse it to death and proclaim you know everything about life and that of space and the universe around you. Earth has only remembered fear and control, which is like going in reverse to find the answers and meaning of life. You are not going to find answers in reverse or by analysing that one grain of sand.

That grain of sand is like the physical body, you think you know it all by the physical alone. So much is cut out of understanding how life works, because all the time is spent working out how to become rich and secure and powerful. Yet you are like the one grain of sand, so much you cannot see from this perspective because it is too limiting. One grain of sand may be swept up by the wind and travels far and wide, away from the other grains of sand in the desert. When the wind stops blowing the grain of sand lands, lost in a forest, it feels so small to the tall trees that stand around it. Nothing is familiar and soon the desert will be forgotten, at first it will be a memory of life back home only to be forgotten further down the line. The continuing, repeated cycle of life continues in the continuous loop of forgetting, of where you have come from.

When you are willing to open up your mind, past the physical flesh and bones and tap into your consciousness, you will then see and remember who you really are. You may have heard stories from those who have had legs or arms amputated, that they still feel the limb that is missing. They call it a phantom limb, yet it must feel real to them to convince the doctors enough to give them tablets to stop the feeling of the missing limb. This shows that the physical limb is still alive, if it were not and it was severed and dead, how comes they still can feel it? The electrical grid that makes up your DNA and all the information you carry over the centuries, is your life line as you live. This cannot be killed or destroyed it is alive in the collective consciousness of all life. This is the bigger picture and where the meaning of life lies, not just in the physical, this is only part of the story. Real life begins with the energy within us that connects us to everything and everyone in the universe. We are selective of the bits we choose to understand but if you want to know more, then the whole of life is your connection by connecting the dots you will then find your answers.




I sat wondering what would life be like if like the film Back to the Future, I went back in time and decided to change, not the world but myself. I then imagined going back in time to this physical visit. How I grew up as a child, I looked at what I had experienced so far and how these experiences had moulded me. I decided to not focus on what I already knew about myself, my content that I lived by inside of me, my feelings of love and knowing about the bigger picture of life. I decided to focus on the outer world, that is the surface of life, the opposite to my core. This picture presented to me the separation of life’s connection. After all what would it feel like to remember nothing and see life as black and white with only an end to look forward to? You hear many people say there is nothing once you are dead, so what is the point in living. I would only know what they felt if I decided to visit life from this view point.

My knowing now safely stored away in my archives of my source within me, I stepped out into this visualization of forgetting who I am. I had made a decision and a choice to go back in time, that time forgets. So who am I? I am still me; Dee. My childhood experiences are the same, just this time my reaction to them would change. I did not have access to what I knew about myself. It was like I had amnesia or a knock on the head which had wiped out all my memory. I concentrated on what my eyes literally saw and took life at face value. I looked round at all the shops that sold clothes, records, and magazines which helped me learn more about life’s image. After all that is what life is about, the image that is all glossy to please the eyes. Sell it to me! Look at the people in these magazines and the lifestyles and the dreams. What a catalogue of life all beautifully presented. I want this, I want to look like them, and I want all those fancy goods. I am sold; there is no turning back only now I want more. I want the picture perfect life that is shown to me, I want a happy ending like you see in the films. After all if I only have one shot at life I want to make it count and have everything that money can buy.

My connection to my core had now gone, my connection as a sensitive had vanished into thin air. My psychic abilities no longer existed, which left my sixth sense buried in `Once upon a time’. Wow, now my life’s experiences are totally surface, not too deep and not too intense, just cruising the surface and content of this picture perfect dream. I then started to see how this was not just about me. The change in me affected everything, my change of attitude had a ripple effect which altered all the experiences and relationships I would go on to have. I looked at my family and my circle of friends and the people that I had met because I was a psychic. The scene I had been familiar with would totally change. There would be no more deep conversations about the meaning of life and that of the universe. No more being asked what do you feel about this or can you tune into that.

No more asking for my guidance and advice from my core connection source of truth. It would now be answers of what I think in an opinion and judgment kind of way, to please you in what you want to hear, rather than what would benefit you. The way in which I chose to live, made the world that I now see as my life, change totally. This change would bring different people into my life, just because I made a conscious effort to let go of the bigger picture that made me whole. My choice would not alter the other psychics in the world, they were free to carry on with tuning in to what they know; this change was my own personal choice. This scene would change for me by choosing a different mind-set.

A surface life brings a life of surface experiences. We are powerful creators by just being ourselves. We set the scene which In turn affects those we share our experiences with. No matter how we look at it, whether from the surface or the core, we experience perfectly that which we wish to experience, by gathering an understanding with the information available, about life and the world that is presented to us. It all comes back to the self and how we choose to observe life, whether from only the perspective of the surface, outside of ourselves, or from the knowing within ourselves. The whole of life will always be there regardless of what we decide to focus on or how we choose to live. We are like a fifty pence piece coin with many sides and many angles, so we have a variety of choice, which is infinite to match the infinite source of energy that we are. If we did not have this endless choice we would soon get bored in the infinite continuation of life.

Flip a coin; heads or tails? Life is not about winning or losing, it is about choosing an experience. So we learn more about who we are by what we have chosen to experience. Heads surface, tails core, what scene do you see yourself in? We really are a powerful magnet, a magnet of energy that is our source inside of us all. If you were not you, none of what you experience and see as your life now, would exist. Changing you is like time travel, how you choose to live, ripples out and influences and inspires not just you and the world, the energy source in you is so strong, like a magnet, it connects you to the universe, collectively consciously speaking. If you went back in time and changed one thing it would change more than that one thing, it would change everything. Yet we do not have to go back in time physically speaking, we are going back in time to see and understand how our choices have created our life now. Back to the future in the space of now!

When we look back, our life pieced together makes more sense than when we first experienced the scene. You could say your view is too magnified and up close and personal, so we only see what we want to see as we are limited in seeing the bigger picture. When we look back at the past, we are then able to see the bigger picture if we join up the scenes together. A bit like the scenes of a film, they are filmed in many sequence’s, but when put together they make the whole film, so we can watch the film and make sense of it. If we took the individual scenes and only watched those repeatedly the story would not make sense. Because we would know that so much is missing, no matter how much someone begged you to watch this one scene over and over, instantly you would know that the one scene is not enough to understand the film. So your immediate reaction would be to throw it in the bin as if you had just been handed a circular out in the street. Your reaction to it would maybe be this is rubbish, what a waste of my time.

So there are double meanings going on around us, we are like subliminal advertising, setting double standards which do not flow or make sense. One rule for one, do as I say and not as I do! In one breath we live by and follow the one piece rule; that fragmented piece of a life experienced, yet if a piece is presented to us like that, like the one sequence of a film, immediately we know not to bother with it. So why do we live by this one second rule, live by holding on to bits and pieces that do not make sense, our life starts to look like a scrap book or that of a cutting room floor. Bits of this and pieces of that, sounds like scraps of information to me, all thrown together on the floor collecting dust. If I ignore it, it will go away.

Until the dreaded day comes when these scraps of a life saved, are piling up so big around you, you no longer can manage them. As you pick one piece up and take a look at it, you’ve forgotten what this piece was all about or where it came from, or if it even belongs to you in the first place. `What a mess’ is all you can say, this is too overwhelming for me to face. We are born in the physical sense like a blank tape. Whatever we record on to it we keep and store, whether it is you who has personally recorded yourself on to it, or allowed others to take up all the space on your tape. We pick up so much from around us, from the situations and circumstances that we find ourselves in, like the clean washing I placed all neatly on my daughter’s bed, only to find a few days later those clean clothes are all mixed up with the dirty washing on the floor. Now we have one big pile of washing whether it was clean or not, it did not matter how it started, the whole lot gets picked up and thrown in the washing bin.

As I sieve through the washing that I have just washed, the fresh smell of clean washing makes it all so worthwhile. I come across clothes I have never seen before. I shout out to my daughter,

`Whose jumper does this belong to? Oh what about this dressing gown and pyjamas, oh wait a minute what about this towel?’

Answers flow at me from the top of the stairs;

`Oh they belong to my friend’.

We all pick up many things, some of which are obvious such as the washing that I have just sorted out. We are selective of what we sort out and face and that which we choose to ignore. So is there really a system going on in life, or is it made up to suit us as we go along? In the flip of a coin our life can change overnight if we are not connected to our choices and choose to not pay much attention to it. If we are not aware of what we are collecting and holding on to, life can take a spiral turn for the worse without any warning. If we are speeding along and not paying much attention to anyone around us, or not in control of how fast we are going, we can lose control and crash; it only takes a second by taking our hand off the steering wheel or we look away from the road because something else has got our attention. We may think we are good at multi-tasking but tell that to the insurance company as they process your claim. Whose fault is it they ask? Oh not me it was the other driver, it was all their fault.

In the bits and pieces we see as life we would agree that this is true, but in the bigger picture we would see a different perspective and have a wider view of understanding.

You helped create this scene, you were after all driving your car and you were involved in the action.

Yes but if they had not been speeding they would not have crashed into me! So they are to blame not me.

Yes I understand from this physical view point, but we are talking about the bigger picture here. You helped create the scene by being involved in it. You chose at that moment in time to do what you did, took the risks and the chance to drive that particular day.

Oh so you’re saying I should not take risks or chances and stay at home and never drive my car ever again.

No of course not, not at all. What I am saying is that it is not about fault or blame; it is about the fact you both shared in an experience, whether you like it, or hate it or love it.

You both made a choice to drive; you both took the risk and chance to travel your chosen route. An accident occurred out of the choices you both made, you both met in the middle of those choices. This then created an experience in which you both found yourselves caught up in. When we look at the bigger picture; it gives us awareness and understanding to the choices that we make. Which create what we experience whether we are paying attention or not? It does not matter who is to blame, or who is at fault, what matters are the experiences we have chosen, gives us the foundations in which to learn from.

I don’t care about your silly bigger picture; all I am interested in right now is my claim. I have had to endure the inconvenience of being without a car. I have had to make phone calls and fill out forms just to make a claim. I am shaken up enough without you going on about stupid stuff. All I can focus on is getting the money I deserve so I can get another car. Money is what makes life move here not your silly quotes. If you are trying to tell me that the meaning of life is about experiences from the choices that we make, which help us learn from the experience, I really could not care, it doesn’t change the fact I am waiting for this mess to be sorted.

But have you learnt anything from this experience?

Yes to be more aware of idiots that drive like lunatics on the road.

So you have learnt something from it then?

No as it is nothing new, I already knew this can happen; it just brought it to my attention more.

So it does not alter the fact that anything can happen even if we have already experienced it before. We already know the risks we may face if we get into a car. So you learnt it got your attention this time around. Whether we already know it and know experiences like the top of our hand, there is always something we can learn from it. Even if what we have learnt we have experienced before, it does not matter if it is small or big, life does not forget anything even if it repeats different situations over and over again. One person really can make all the difference, what you change will change not only your life but the world as a whole. Everyone and everything are connected; it is just about connecting the dots to understand it more. Whether you choose to look at the bigger picture or not, those pieces of life you hold onto make up the bigger picture of your life. It all comes back to the self, a personal choice of self-discovery, whether we piece them together or not.

In the news, a young lady got shot in the head for believing in having an education. At first the young lady was in the news because it shocked the world, how anyone could point a gun to the head of such young students. The world was sickened by this event; the world came together because of what happened to this young lady. She had survived the event and was still alive, but would she make a fully recovery? This story got worldwide attention, first the shock and then the recovery. The young lady made an amazing recovery and the media followed her story. The surgeons and the medical teams came together to help this young lady. Although miles away from her home town, this young lady spent the next few months piecing her life back together. She refused to be scared or full of fear, she stuck to what she believed in, that she had the right to an education, not just for herself but equally for the many women back home in her home town. She carried on her education where she was being cared for; she got the attention of the political governments and really started to make a difference. She got invited to share her message around many different schools and to chat to people in many high places. She had the support of the whole world, which continues to the present day. So although she did not put the gun to her head, the two opposites in that event that day came together, which created the bigger picture that we see today, a message of love and passion, to hold onto to what you believe in and to not let fear get in the way.

Love can always be seen even within an experience of adversity. Out of shock rose the power of love from one young lady, this young lady chose to make a difference which she continues with today. The world chose to support her love and passion about the right to an education. This story could have gone in a totally different direction, the world could have held on to the power of anger, taking matters into their own hands, which may have escalated into riots and more destruction, yet the power of love from this young lady must have impacted on those who she came in contact with. Love is a powerful force which is misunderstood. Love drives the world no matter which way you look at it, we class love in the good list, and hate in the bad list. Yet life does not know separation, which is why that gun, which may have been fired from the person in a rage of hate; that same bullet was welcomed with love from the young lady. This place of love did not alter from the lady, as love centred her life and that of her core. Love stayed by her side and shielded her from the angry man. You can’t kill love no matter how hard you try, especially when you know there is no such thing as death. Love continues no matter what you throw at it, which is why you will see love is in every experience you will ever have. Love is who you are and love will be your guardian angel. Love can be anything you want it to be, love faces everything with you, you are never alone and love will always be with you. Love will always support you no matter what choices you make. The bigger picture is remembering what life’s meaning is! By having choice, which creates events, which gives us experience, reminds us love is all the matters. Love is all there is within everything that we do. Love is our real universal energy body. It is a source of energy that is so powerful which is why it created life to be infinite. How can you destroy love if you cannot fully see it, how can you kill love if you do not understand it, how can you abuse love if you forget what love means, how can you end love if you have forgotten you are infinite? How can you ruin love if you have forgotten its connection? You may think you are the biggest ruler that life has ever feared. If that is the case why does the world announce that you have been killed and buried? Where are you now? If you are so powerful that you want to rule the world, how are you going to do that if you are buried in a box six feet under or ashes in an urn? To want to rule life you are only ruling yourself, you may think people are following you but that is the illusion. Your life shared with others does not mean you are not centre stage, just because people may follow you, you are not able to hide behind them. Whatever you create you are the leader and all the roles of that scene.

Love is everything that does not need to rule, in which to be infinite. It flows from the feeling and rhythm of life. It does not mind which note is played, a high note or a bum note. Love will join in with any note that is playing. Love loves everything unconditionally.




Love is the most powerful source in the universe, it is so infinitely alive that you cannot replicate it, copy it, manipulate it or control it, it is multi-faceted. It cannot even be held on to, like the air that you capture inside a balloon in which to inflate it, love just is! In nothing you will find everything, love is where nothing comes from. Love is your power pack and your body; it does not need anything in which to create. You cannot even measure love, like you do when you buy a gift of chocolates that need to be weighed. You cannot tie love up in knots as it is all knowing. You cannot imprison love as you cannot trap it. You cannot use love as a weapon because love does not judge. Love does not punish as love does no wrong. You cannot fear love if you understand that love will love you unconditionally. Love gives you the freedom to be whatever you wish to be. Love gives you the freedom to make choices, to help you remember who you are in life’s meaning and understanding, in the experiences that you have. Love knows you will learn from loves lessons that you have chosen. Collective consciousness is love connecting everything together. Love cannot die for the life of you. Love is an energy that makes your life real. You cannot kill love when love flows within space that your physical eyes cannot see. How can you hold what you don’t believe you can see? Punishment and judgement comes from a lack of understanding, try to be angry and cross when you are giggling. Try to hate when you feel in love, try to ignore love when you are attracted to it. Try to deny love when it is love you are searching for. Try to feel judgmental when you are being appreciative. Try to be thoughtless when you are being thoughtful.

This is stupid you are just talking in opposites; we all know the opposite to hot would be cold, or the opposite to love would be hate. Sounds like a tight rope, a limited platform to me, stay on the rope otherwise you may fall off.

Frequencies create space, like if you have two TVs playing at the same time, although they are playing the same station you will notice they are out of sync, how does that happen? So does this show that frequency is a parallel energy of frequencies going on at the same time in the now? We may understand this out of sync as a time delay. It shows that it does not matter how many stations are playing at the same time, one will not over ride or get in the way of the other, both TVs will be heard, regardless of what they are playing even if it is the same programme. When there is a big gathering of people who are all talking at once, even while loud music is playing in the background, you are still able to hear your friend next to you if you lean in close. Why does sound not get lost amongst the many sounds? You may not always hear the sounds, if your physical ears are deaf and cannot pick up the frequencies, but no one can switch off the vibrational frequencies that are going on around you, even if you cannot hear them.

Even in what you call white noise, in silence there is sound which can still be heard as the universal language of life is going on all the time. Collective consciousness is picking up and receiving everything, from every thought across the universe. So if you think Earth is big this is like a grain of rice in the whole of everything. Collective consciousness collects all our thoughts of love which creates the picture. Love knows everything as it is the main frame of life. Everything is known as there is nothing to hide from; we are all one creating the tunes of life.

I don’t like the sound of this, it sounds like an invasion of my privacy, why would you want privacy?

Well some things I like to keep to myself you know, like my secrets.

Do you mean the secrets of your thoughts or the secrets of your actions?

Well both, just some things about me, I don’t want other people finding out.

Why do you not want other people finding out?

Well for all different reasons, sometimes I do not want to be judged so by keeping myself to myself my secrets are safe with me. Some of the time I have been asked to keep a secret that someone else has told me. Sometimes I hold back so I do not have to deal with confrontation. Sometimes I am too shy to share more about myself.

Secrets sound like fear to me, fear of the reactions from others in the fear you will not be accepted or understood.

Well no one wants to be rejected do they!

That is why unconditional love is safe, unconditional love will do none of the things that you fear. Unconditional love has no preference on what your choices are; unconditional love encourages you to enjoy being you. Creating what brings you joy, which connect you to the passion of happiness. If you knew you are loved no matter what you are doing or thinking, would you need secrets?

No I guess not, it would take a weight of worry off my shoulders. It would save me worrying about life so much.

You are safe in real life, you only feel lost because everyone has forgotten what love is. You are love so how can you hate love when you are in love by just being you.

You know this for yourself when you are in a feeling of happiness and laughter; you love this feeling so much, that you cannot stop yourself from laughing, even if you have forgotten what you are laughing about, and even if the situation you are in expects you to be quiet and in control of yourself. At that moment the feeling of joy overcomes you, regardless if you get told off for laughing in this scene, you don’t care as it is so funny no punishment will take this feeling away from you. Laughing can be so infectious that we do not have to know what other people are laughing at, that sound of laughter sounds so much fun that you find yourself joining in with laughter too. Equally we may wake up on the right side of the bed all happy and ready to face the day, the feeling you feel inside of you came from nothing, you do not even know why you feel the way you do, but you do not question it; you ride this amazing feeling on your journey to work. Others may look at you as if you are odd! They may even ask you, what is your reason for being so happy today? Have you had some good news or something? No I just feel happy today for no reason. They may give you the screwed up face of confusion, not quite sure what to make of you. So you start your day all happy within the space of your feeling, you love the song in you that you have woken up with. With no reason or meaning to give to it you just feel in a good place. So your day continues in the happiness you woke up with, your boss arrives screaming and shouting that you have made a mistake. The thunderous sounds jolt you out of your happy place as if you have been day dreaming. You slam back into reality as if you have been punched in the stomach. Your mind races to work out what is going on around you that has made your boss so cross.

As you listen to what is being told to you, you feel like you are slipping and drowning in the current of anger. Once you have established what the problem is you try to steady yourself by explaining that you did not create this problem, as you were not in work that day when it occurred. The boss so angry at this point will not listen to reason and expects you to clear the mess up regardless of whether you caused it or not. Your happy feeling has gone all you feel now is angry too; your boss has rubbed off on you. Now you are really boiling and you have no one to vent it off to, as the person you want to vent it with has gone. The big boss knocked you out of the happy feeling that you had been tuned into, without even having a chance to be heard, now how is this fair? So you pacify yourself by being extra busy to keep the rumblings (not of your tummy) at bay, but your volcanic stirrings of anger and frustration, that you have pushed and hidden deep inside as you work hard, all you think of is the things you are going to say when the boss comes back in.

You play those thoughts and go over them in your mind to make sure you have not left anything out or worse, forgotten what you want to say. You hold onto that feeling of anger ready to explode in any given moment. The hour’s tick by, you keep watching for the boss to walk through the door. Nothing!

`Where is the boss’ you ask your work colleagues,

`Oh she phoned in ages ago to say she will not be in until tomorrow as she had a meeting to attend’.

In one way you are relieved to be spared the confrontation but in another way you need to vent what you have to say. So as your shift draws to an end and it is time for you to go home, you know you are going home a lot heavier than when you arrived for work this morning. Now you have to hold on to your angry feelings which feels like you are holding your breath. On your journey home you are going over the day’s events, you replay what happened making sure you have every piece of the conversation still locked in your memory. By keep going over it you are making sure you have recorded it on your blank cassette of you. Once you get home you know you cannot keep it in any longer you cannot hold your breath for that long. So it all comes out to whoever will listen and sympathise at home. And of course importantly, agree with you, that how you have been treated is so bad. It relieved your itch that you were able to get it off your chest rather than totally bottling it all up inside. You manage to switch off and have your dinner and settle down to watch whatever is on the TV.

Bedtime comes and just as you slip under the covers for a good night’s sleep, the events of the day come flooding back into your thoughts. Now you are tossing and turning and getting angrier not just because of what you had experienced; but now tiredness has added to it. What a long night, part of you is relieved that the morning has arrived so you do not have to toss and turn anymore to pass the hours of the night. Yet the day has come when you have to face your boss. You arrive an extra five minutes early to see if you can catch your boss too. You wait, anticipating the moment only to be moved along by time that tells you to get on with your work. Time whizzes by in the flow of work, making you nearly half forget about what you had planned to do. It does not feel so bad while you are busy getting on with it. The boss arrives and all smiles flow your way, as if nothing had happened the day before. What the hell, how do smiles undo yesterday! At that moment in time you have a choice in which to smile back or you choose to give the best stone face you can pull off.

How angry are you? How much did the scene wrong you? That’s it; the cold shoulder I will give back, not a word or a smile is leaving my mouth. Stone cold dead, as no one likes the death treatment! At first my stone coldness had no impact on the boss, until as the hours went by, the boss comes over to you and asks what is wrong? What is wrong, how can you not possibly remember or know? This now makes your arms shake, the anger and frustration is flowing through you and you can feel the shaking rise up your legs, not in fear but anger. Finally you are able to off load all of what you have been carrying since the day before. The boss now listens to what you have to say, sorry is exchanged in a token of peace. Smiles resume across the work place and a weight has been lifted, by facing the scene together. When you get home you are asked how work was today, did it all get sorted? Oh yes the boss told me why they had a go at me, it was not at me personally, just the frustrations of work had piled up and got fired in my direction. It sounds like at times you are dodging the bullets of words that are fired randomly. Yes you could say that, I am just glad it is all sorted now, I just want to move on and put it all behind me.

This shows we are supportive of life’s experiences all the time, no matter if we are dodging words of the mouth or catching them or being hit by them. We are sharing in experiences every day no matter if we started it or not. At times we are minding our own business only to be dragged into a situation we had not chosen. People say we were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Oh what bad luck that has been. Or we may say `oh it was so lucky you were passing that day you saved my life’. So many experiences offer the chance to flex our skills of catching or throwing or even dropping out of something we are so amazing at.

Life on the surface may seem at times the same old just a different day. After all we go to bed every day and wake up every day. All the general routines of washing, cleaning, eating and working are a pretty much repeated routine and become very familiar and our comfort zone. Yet underneath routine a bigger picture is going on within the same old, no matter how many times we do the same thing over and over, each time it will feel or be slightly different, even machines malfunction and make mistakes, so everything, whether human or machine will have days that either malfunctions and breaks down or functions with ease. There are just no guarantees how things will turn out until that moment in the now. All the planning in the world will not stop the gifts of life unfolding a surprise.

Some surprises are so unexpected, that we are numb to our bones, the gift of a hug when you feel so alone. The gifts in life at times can be missed as they are so subtle, or they are taken for granted because you do not make a drama out of them. You quietly get on with your gifts you share out, regardless if they are noticed or not. You notice them so that is enough for you. Other times the world knows about it, not for self-ego but to use it as an example. As you know life is catching and if you send a wave out of love it does not take long for that wave of love to be surfed by all those who want to join in.

It depends on what we want to focus on, like the blank page with a dot drawn in the middle, do you notice the small tiny black dot in the middle of the page, or do you notice the blank space of nothing around it. At times we focus on the dot only and ignore the space around it; we focus on a problem and feel stuck in it. Yet there is always space of nothing around a problem, offering you a choice to let go and move on to the next thing you wish to enjoy. Love is so infinite; it comes in all experiences, in all forms and sizes, they are all equal with no grade as they are all connected in the experience being explored.

Love stems from the self, your love in you will go on to steer your experiences; your loves connection within you is not separated from you – ever. This is your gold, your universal credit card, not to buy things in the sense you do with money as that is limited by what you have in the bank. Your gold, the love in you is your universal magnet which attracts to you everything you tune yourself to. Your love in you is that little voice within you; your love in you will guide you and accompany you in everything you face. Love in you is all you need, which is why love is all you were born with in the physical sense. Love is what you will continue your life with. When I say love is all you need, it is what you awaken with when you are physically born; the all is the whole of all life. This is not a little piece, a fragment of a jewel, a scrap you held on to. This is the whole of the source of life that connects you to the universe and that of creation. You are born not only with the world; you are also born with the universe and knowing of everything. Your connection is never broken not even when you visit Earth as your holiday.

We all look forward to a holiday and we may plan it for months in advance, or we may get a last minute deal. Whatever type of holiday that we choose, we plan on having the holiday that we intentionally set out and planned, a holiday of a lifetime. Once we get there we cannot be sure our intentions and wishes go to plan. Some holidays exceed our expectations, some we are disappointed with, some we extend in duration and some we may cut short. One thing we are guaranteed is that a holiday, no matter how it goes we will put it down to experience. So does life turn on a spiral of experiences that continue and never end? We may find a romance on a holiday, we may find a new home and there are so many possibilities that can spiral out by being in that position of choice that we have opened ourselves up to. We face the unknown in everything we have chosen, it may be subtle but it will still be there underneath our comfort zones.

We may be enjoying a meal out at our usual restaurant but they have decided to change the menu. So on the one hand the location is the same, but on the other the menu has completely changed. In that one moment the familiarity changes, you are faced with the unknown by having to decide what to choose from this new menu. You may ask for guidance from the waiter in describing what the dishes are like. You choose and hope for the best, you eat your meal and then make up your mind whether you liked it or not. If it was a disaster, you may then say `oh never mind, I will put that one down to an experience and never eat that again, no harm done I just know not to eat that off their menu next time’. We grade things on how much harm they have done to us, yet if you cannot die no harm can ever come to you, you do though enjoy the choice of variety and have the experience under your belt.

After all you can learn all you want about life, you can be taught it and think you know everything about the subject matter, but getting out there and putting that knowledge into practice is a different matter. What we know on paper and in our memory does not always play out the same as when it is being experienced; you may choose to do a scary sky dive. You can prepare and read up on it all you like, only to bottle out of the experience at the last minute. Not because of the dive itself, not even because of how high up you are, the thought of it has made you feel so nervous and sick that your own feelings within you have become too much. When you face everyone you explain it was nothing to do with the sky dive, it was just how you were feeling. I just could not overcome myself. We are always connected to the self, the self-governs what we will face or what we love or hate, and experience is love in all its forms, no matter how we class it or label it. Experience is experience after all which is more valuable than it being taught.

If we spent a lifetime just sitting at a desk, learning and reading about life, or watching many films and documentaries about it, we may think we are very knowledgeable. It would not mean we would have wisdom, for wisdom comes from experience. If you read about all the lovely dishes of food available in the world and I then asked you, have you ever tasted them and you say no! What would be the point in having all that knowledge without the wisdom of experiencing it? Life is known and remembered by experience, a life taught is a life only guessed or imagined.

Experiences connected to love are your universal passport and the key that opens up the meaning to life. It does not matter how many times you repeat experiences, repeating allows you to explore the infinite feelings that flow from that event and choice. We may think we play it safe, you do not have to play at being safe as you are connected to safe within what you have chosen to create to experience. Nothing is a surprise, as you know everything there is to know about the whole of life. What you are doing is taking that knowing and experiencing it for yourself. You are always in your comfort zone; you will not experience anything new that you did not already know. It is the practice of it that makes it come alive. Like an actor, they may learn their lines from the script that they have been given, they know the part that they are going to play. They will memorize the story and go over and over the script. They know exactly what they have to do. When they turn up on set they know it will be a different story. They held the whole script and story in their hands, they know it inside out, yet on set they do not film it that way. They do all the different scenes out of sequence, depending on the location. Many takes may have to be filmed to get it right which creates out-takes.

These fragments of films and pieces would not tell the story at face value. But because you have been prepared and know the story beforehand this way of filming does not take you by surprise. If on the other hand you turned up with no insight of the story and was given your lines on the day, you would have to hope you had enough experience to pull it off. As you would have no memory to back you up, those fragmented pieces of film are then sent to the cutting room to be pieced together, put into order frame by frame. Then once pieced together the film mirrors the story you read in the script before it was filmed.

This really sounds like film imitates life. We know our life before we are physically born, we have read the script, we have chosen the location, and we have chosen the parts we wish to experience. It then comes back to the self, to remember what we have chosen, so we create the scenes by sticking to our role. This is where Deja-vu and the saying, `you make such a good role model’ comes from. Life’s meaning can be found in everything, there are no hidden secrets of knowledge; it is just about understanding life’s story. If you look at life in the same way to how films are created and filmed, without remembering the script, it is no wonder that life is confusing and does not make sense. Life’s meaning is in plain sight, it is out in the open around you all the time, but you know when it is that obvious we miss it and can’t see it. Just because you cannot see it, it does not mean that it is not there. The film of life is playing around you all the time; we all have our roles that we have chosen because we all know the whole script. Nothing is missing and everything is perfectly aligned to come together. This is because we are all connected and not separate. The energy of love that is you comes alive and continues. Love is a huge subject to cover as love creates all the infinite experiences that you choose. We may not have understood how valuable love is, how love creates everything that has ever been known. Nothing is by chance or by luck, it is carefully chosen and aligned to come together. The matrix of life is in the flow of love. This energy is limitless, it is so infinite that you will not find the answers by trying to find the beginning or the middle or the end. You would be searching for infinity and getting nowhere. If the answers came by picking at it in this way, why is it that scientists are still trying to work it out; why is it NASA is trying to work it out, why is it math is still trying to work it out? Why is it, that no one has found the answers? It is because they think by separating it and sticking to one subject matter they will find the answers down this route, only to find they hit brick walls and work out there is always something missing, you are never going to see the bigger picture by having a limited view point.

Life is infinite for a reason; it is what makes it untouchable to the human hands, the physical will not grasp life by trying to manifest it, in the form of material matter. The answer to infinity is in nothing, nothing is only accessed through the self of the space within you of nothing. The physical eyes only see what they are able to understand, the physical brain is selective in what it chooses to believe or remember; the physical is in a fight, a tug of war between who is right and who is wrong. If the scientists reveal they have found an answer, the math will not add up, if the psychics reveal what they know, the world ignores it as they cannot back it up with physical proof. Yet you will never have physical proof within the understanding of the answers being physical. The answers are found in understanding the bigger picture, being able to trust what you cannot hold, the answers are found by letting go of all that is physical. The infinite matrix is connected to you; it cannot be measured, as it is growing all the time. You do not have enough numbers that would explain the maths of life, and yet all the numbers play their part.

Remember you came before the physical, as you are love, the energy that continues. When you open up to remembering who you really are, that you are not waiting to be saved, that you are not waiting to transcend from what you call death. When you remember that you do not have to hold on to life in fear of death or be saved from death, you will then remember you are alive. The world and the universe are ready to remember the truth. Why are you waiting to transcend when it is already completed. You would not be experiencing your life today if you were dead, you would not know everything there is to know if you were dead. Death does not exist as you are a spiral of continuing energy that has no beginning or end. Try not to confuse what you have been taught as the truth, as your understanding is so limited. This would be like taking a painted picture and ripping a small fragment from it, then expecting a friend to recognise and know the picture that piece came from. You remember and would know because you have seen the bigger picture, but your friend, who sees just the piece you took from the main picture, would not have a clue. It would be a big puzzle; they may go away and spend years trying to work it out.

This sounds very similar to when people find old pieces of history that have been discovered buried in the ground. They expect to know where it came from and the bigger picture from that one piece, they may spend a lifetime collecting many pieces in the hope they can solve the puzzle. It will all come back to theory and guess work. So what do you believe? You believe what you remember rather than what has been found or taught. You find your own truth which will be found buried down inside of you. The pieces found outside of you may trigger you on your path of self-discovery; they may come in handy as tools to encourage you, but to hold onto them without travelling inside of yourself is like holding on to an unfinished book, and making it up as you go along. This is why life in all its glory is safe, because it is the hardest challenge in life, to face the self in all its glory.

We run from the self, too frightened of what is buried deep down inside. The surface is an escape route in which to hide from the self; if I keep looking away from myself I will not have to face myself. I will always have something else that I can blame or that I can use to distract me.

This is the toughest challenge as we are taught to ignore ourselves and concentrate on everything but ourselves. We may hear people say,

`Oh stop thinking just about you, stop being so thoughtless. The world does not just revolve around you, you know!’

A way of life taught in this way, is a life of many contradictions. No wonder we tie ourselves up in knots of total confusion. How are you meant to find the answers if you keep contradicting yourself? Yet to find the answers and meaning of life, we have to be brave enough to face ourselves and that of our whole picture; it is not going to happen by being selective. The route to finding the answers you are looking for are always found within you. If you turn away and keep asking everyone else for the answer they will not have the full script that you chose. They will only have the bits to go on which you have chosen to share. So how do you expect to find answers only going on the bits and pieces that you are focusing on?

I understand what you are saying, but what if I cannot see any answers for myself. I feel so lost and do not know which way to turn, so I turn to my friends in the hope they will see more than I am able to see.

Life is not about hope, it is about trusting what you know, if you hope you find an answer you do not trust what you know.

That is all well and good but that does not help me in my time of need, when I feel so lost and in pain. I want answers quickly so I can stop feeling like this.

Sometimes answers are not rushed; answers come when we are ready to accept the truth. If we are in a fight with our own truth and deny what we know and feel deep down inside, we are holding on to what we want to believe on the surface. If we let go of what we are holding onto, then the answer of truth will surface for you. You are in control of what you face, if you are on the run from yourself then yourself will follow you, to catch up with you, if you are running away from a situation that situation is equally following you so you have the opportunity to face it. You are connected and nothing will stop that connection until it is faced and understood. If it is not faced it is stored safe so you are able to face it further down the line.

Love does not give up on love no matter what you have chosen or what you have wished to experience. Love will follow you until you have learnt from the experience what you planned. Just because you cannot remember what you chose the universe forgets nothing, the matrix of life is like your waiter, it will serve up for you what you have ordered, whether consciously known or not. The matrix of life remembers everything for you, every small detail and aligns this experience for you, sometimes you call it synchronisation. Nothing is created by luck or chance, it is created in intention. It does not matter if you pay attention to it or not. The matrix of life does all this for you. It keeps your master plan intact, you may think life has screwed up your plans or your goals, it has not; it just refigures the next beneficial route. This is starting to sound like a sat nav if you ask me. Well sat navs are handy as it makes the route to be travelled easier and takes the pressure off. Life is not against you, as life loves you and is rooting for you. Life wants you to get out of life everything that you want.

Well that is a load of rubbish, I don’t believe that for a minute, I have not won the lottery, I do not own my own home, and I have not even got a job that I enjoy.

So you know what you have not experienced yet? It is good that life is infinite because if you had done everything in life, there would be no point in visiting Earth ever again. Well why would I want to revisit this shitty place again, I hate it here.

So why do you hate it so much here?

Because I have not got more of what I want!

So you do want more, is that because you know you are infinite?

No just because I want more, why should I settle for less. Everyone wants more otherwise there would be no point in living.

Exactly there is no reason to settle for less, but people do because they give up. They do not want to change anything, as they are too busy holding onto what they are familiar with in the physical sense. It is too scary to face the unknown, but you know behind the door you call unknown, is the door to more. You want everything now, because you want to cram it all in to the dot that you see on the blank page. You think you only have one shot at life, so panic sets in to make sure you get everything done and experienced on this one visit.

Well time is running out, I am already middle aged and I have still not achieved anything. I have not got long until I am dead. Then my life is over, I will pass all my goods down and end up a memory which will then be a distant memory until I am then forgotten as if I have never existed.

You will never be forgotten, the path of your life will always be accessed and seen and known. You are thinking about it and settling with this conclusion from a small piece which connects to the bigger picture. You cannot die for the life of you, if you can open up your mind and remember you are infinite then you would not judge your life so far on such a small piece of your life. Your life is a much bigger picture, just because you cannot remember where you have come from or cannot remember where home is. You will only have the limited view that your life, which is numbered in years is all that you have, that one chance to succeed in life. You worry that if you do not achieve your goals and dreams that you have lost the chance. Some people may choose to be a leader in one Earth visit, then the next Earth visit chooses to observe. A woman may choose in one Earth visit to have no children and yet in the next Earth visit choose to have many. Just because you forget you have been here before the path and the matrix of the bigger picture knows it all. What you have chosen to experience in this Earth visit has followed on from your last visit. Remember there is no separation between Earth visits; they follow on from each other. It maybe that in a previous Earth visit you had lots of money and possessions and then you find in this Earth visit you have less. If you remembered all your Earth visits you would not take the one you are in so seriously. If you connected up the visits you would then remember that you have no loss or lack as you would remember you are in fact experiencing everything that you chose. It does not matter what you have chosen as it boils down to experience. You would not take your life as personally as you would know you are experiencing more than you had previously.

I understand what you are explaining, but how does the bigger picture help me right now. I am in a bad relationship that is making my life so stressful, which is causing me to feel so much pain. If I am love and life is all about love why would love make me suffer, why would love inflict so much pain and suffering on people, abusing people, torturing and killing people? That is not a place of love or a loving world. Is that why people have to wait for death to be saved from all this pain, suffering and loss, is love a place called heaven that we hope to get to if we have suffered enough on Earth first? As Earth feels like an evil place of hell, I must have been really bad in a previous life to be suffering like this.

You are viewing and judging Earths experiences in a limited way. If you only had nice experiences and continued experiencing the same over and over again, even if it is all nice types of food. As an example children love chocolate and sweets, if one day you decided to not offer them choice and variety and only gave them chocolate and sweets for every meal they would soon feel numb to the joy of eating chocolate and sweets continuously with nothing else in-between. It may be fun at first but after a while this would not be fun anymore, they would go off of it. They may surprise you and ask for a jacket potato, this may then alarm you and disappoint you as you thought you were giving your child what they want. So you listen and offer them something else, if we had a life of continuously being the same this would not make us happy and content. People say if I won the lottery I would never have to work again, I’d have a life of luxury a life free from stress. But a windfall of such vast amounts may be too much to handle. It is a shock to the system that in reality it would be so different to what you dreamt it would be like. A life changing event that you are not prepared for, only in a dream like way which is vague, would not prepare you for what that windfall brings with it. You will have a different kind of stress to deal with, do you trust the people in your life to love you for you, or do they love your money and status.

You may think that money would bring you security, but as with all opposites it also brings with it insecurity. As all experiences whether labelled as good or bad; negative or positive, the truth is, every experience will be connected to all those labels. So you may experience one of them, two of them or all of them. Life does not know separation; life knows all possibilities which will unfold the experience. You may say, yes but I did not ask for this experience, you may not have asked for it literally, but you left yourself open to more as you may not have been specific enough to know what you want. That would be like sitting down at a restaurant and saying to the waiter just bring me everything on the menu as I cannot decide what I want. You would then be opening yourself up for more than you can chew!

It is like deciding to know a bit of what you want so you concentrate on this, only forgetting that life will present more for you. So in life it is valuable to know what you want and to equally know what you do not want. If you do not know anything, then life will offer you both to choose from. Remember life is not about lack or less it is about experiencing more.

Sometimes you have not been able to say no to anyone, you may be labelled as a `Yes’ person. You may think you are being generous, loving and kind. By constantly giving, this may feel nice, but in reality after a while you will feel worn out and taken for granted. The gift of giving is fine at first, until one day you go on strike and choose to do nothing more. This will teach people a lesson for taking me for granted, but did they take you for granted or were they just receiving the gifts you offered to them.

Well I did not get anything in return, so why should I do all the work and make this relationship work by giving everything to it. When they sit there and get away with not making an effort.

This has been created as a team effort, you both made this situation happen; you blindly had no foundation in which to meet one another half way. You both carried on in a way, blindly and not communicating. Going with the flow which works for so long but like with everything unless we grow with it, it becomes stale and boring. If you treated relationships with the care and attention they require you would not be in this position in the first place. If you knew what you wanted from the relationship and had an idea of what you wanted to share together, then life would have stuck to what you wanted. If you just turn up to a relationship and think this is enough, then you will not feel present in the relationship and soon you will start to feel ignored, because you have ignored what you want. If you do not acknowledge you, how is a relationship going to notice you? How you treat yourself is how you will accept to be treated, if you pay little attention to you, then that is what you will receive back in return.

You hear the saying if you have a tidy organised home you have a tidy organised life. How you are connected to yourself is what will reflect out from you, as you are like a strong magnet you will attract more of the same back to you.

If you treat yourself badly and have very little respect or low standards for yourself, you will not care how others treat you in return. You may hope they will love you and save you from yourself and that they may even feel sorry for you. They may even use your inadequacies as a hold over you to control you. What it stems back to is the self, how you value yourself is how others will value you. There is no point trying to make someone love you as you have infinite love inside of you, for you. So you are not lacking there, the infinite love that you are, is like winning the biggest lottery ever possible. If you forget this you will be searching for love outside of you as you will feel there is something missing in your life. When you remember that nothing is missing and then you will no longer feel the need to search for love, you will then remember you wish to share the love that you are and share the love of another. Everyone is full up on love, what is missing is the understanding how to share it.

Love is the most powerful force in the universe, everything flows from the power of love and it creates your passions in life. It does not matter what you choose, love will be your driving force and your foundation. Even if you find yourself in a situation that you do not like and hate it, your love in you drove you to it. How? If you said I would love to try that or have a go at that, it would not matter if you are scared to follow it through or whether you remembered an experience that you know you would not repeat again, love will still drive you to not experience it again; because you will love yourself enough to be able to say no. You can compare relationships and all you class as riches and worth, but you will be judging it by the pieces that you can see. As no one sees behind closed doors, everything can look picture perfect on the surface, but behind closed doors it may tell the opposite story, a bigger picture. You experience variety, both the Ying and Yang of opposites that attract, which may be seen as the opposite to love. By experiencing more you remember to piece together the magic of love, which will then give you the answers and a greater understanding about love. A life of love is a real life explored.



Long ago there would be a beat of a drum. Beat sounds and rhythm. You rely on what you hear and not by what you feel. You have become afraid to feel and fear emotion. This is the equilibrium wave of all life. Thinking is poison to the well-being of rhythm. Embrace rhythm as your song inside of you. There is no need to be afraid the rhythm will guide you. The powerful force of rhythm gets you from A to B soundly. Like a vision of creativity, like the artists pencil to paper, it is that easy. Connection that is made in rhythm connects to life in strength. No one knows in the second before rhythm what that rhythm will be. This is where trust comes in; all you have to do is open the door. Don’t worry about what is behind the door, we arrange and connect bringing forth the gifts to you in life. All you have to do is be willing.

Open up to non-thinking; trust your rhythm and flow of what you know by what you are feeling. Trust this connection, what you are feeling inside even if your eyes cannot see it on the surface around you. This is you, guiding you in your truth, rather than being distracted around you. Go with what you feel deep down inside even if it is the opposite of what you see. You rush out of panic and let your mind take over. You let the mind fix things; you let your thoughts take over out of fear. You rush decisions and choices out of fear because you cannot see anything now.

There is no need to panic, as long as you are connected to your feeling, this feeling you feel is to reassure you that you are connected to the strong energy force of life. This connection is to let you know your order is being aligned and in progress. Allow the flow to process your next experience. You hear the saying `things come to those who wait’. This mirrors the understanding about connection. Being in a physical world on Earth is your biggest distraction. Do you trust what is for your benefit or do you distrust and take control of the situation, which causes erratic non-flowing decisions. You have been so used to relying on what is physical, what is told, what you think is real, that you have forgotten how life presents gifts to you. Being present in the now is your strongest gift of strength. You know you are physically present in the now yet your brain is all over the place, so you are in the past holding on to bits and pieces of memories, you are in the future trying to see what your future will be, all scrambled up in the distortion of being in the now.

These are mixed messages that are distorted between so many time frames. The whole of life is in the now. How do you expect to be connected to a feeling of connection if you are searching only for the physical that is so fragmented? Just because you cannot see what is next, it does not mean it is not arriving. It may not come when you want it as much has to be aligned. It is like a child saying I am hungry I want my dinner now! You then say to the child you will have to wait as I have to cook it. The child then watches as you gather all the ingredients together to make the meal. The child starts to cry as they cannot see the meal they wish to eat, they only see bits and pieces of ingredients. The child finds it hard to see how those bits of ingredients will make a meal because the meal has not been served up instantly in the physical sense and ready instantly to eat it now and quickly. The child does not understand that in the now all the ingredients are there, it is just about making them come together, to prepare and cook. So there is no waiting for the meal to happen you know it will come, because you know you have everything you need to make it happen. All you both are waiting for is the preparation and cooking time.

This is the same concept of how what you wish to create connects with you. All the pieces are there it is just about aligning them so the creation manifests in the now. You panic like the child has over the meal; you do not understand or remember that whatever you desire, will be served up to you. It may not be in the time frame you wish, it may not happen until years down the line in this Earth visit or it may be on hold until another Earth visit. Like when you go on a day trip to a theme park, you may not have time to get round all the rides. So you select the ones that are on the top of your to do list. You are satisfied with your choices, and do not go home disappointed, you know there will be a next time. You then say next time I am going to go on the rides that I did not manage to do this time around. You know they will still be there, you know you will still have that choice; you do not panic as you are sure the rides are not going anywhere.

You are sure in a physical sense out of experience; you trust what you know as you have repeated this scene many times. So out of experience you do not mind waiting for the next time you decide to visit the theme park again. You know it depends on situation and circumstance, when you can get time off work or when you can plan when everyone is free to go. In one sense we trust that a future event will happen even if we do not know all the facts of what month or year. In the now you are confident and happy to wait for when the event comes, because you feel in control and empowered to make it happen with what you know.

When you feel in control life does not panic you, you feel balanced and not concerned with waiting for things, even if events are planned months ahead. What matters is that you have an idea, you know how to manage that idea, you know you can create that idea so it manifests. You feel secure knowing you have everything you need. Time does not bother you, waiting does not bother you, what you are connected to is the power that strengthens this belief in you. You are not put off, you hold onto what matters and that is the choice of when you choose to create the event. When you feel out of control this strength and knowing gets pushed aside. This connection that you have and know so well is forgotten, what takes over is panic. Frustrations and distrust start to flow; you do not know what to believe anymore, you search for answers frantically outside of yourself. You turn to many people around you asking for their advice, which then makes you feel confused. You have so many choices of opinions, so many different points of view, so many judgments you have listened to. Some you may agree with, that match how you feel, only to change your mind the next day. `Oh I don’t know what I want,’ you may say.

How are you going to know what you want, when you bring so many people into the picture for your answers? You have heard the saying `too many cooks spoil the broth.’ You only have one creator in your life and that is you, so why are you turning to so many when it will always come back to you. All your decisions and choices whether they are copied or followed will still have been chosen by you. You may find when you look back you say to yourself, `why did I do that, why did I copy that person. I am not happy being in a partnership with this person, I feel so undermined, I feel lost working with them.’ But you chose to work with them, even if it was decided in a moment of panic and seemed like the next best thing to do. You may think I have wasted so much time and energy working with them, there is never a waste; everything is valuable experience, even if that experience is giving you the confidence that you needed in which to stand on your own two feet.

Your original plan is never lost sight of; you may think you are side tracking from what you really want to achieve. We never forget your original goal; we work in aligning and reconfiguring the best route from the choices that you make. We work around you; this would be made easier if you did stick to your plans rather than panicking. Each time you panic and change your mind we have to reset and realign everything around you. This is what takes the time, when you are indecisive. This would be like going to a restaurant and the waiter asks you what you would like to eat. You have studied the menu and you choose Lasagne as you know you love it. Then the waiter starts to walk off in the direction of the kitchen to place your order, you call out

`Excuse me can I change my mind?’

Of course the waiter politely says, `what would you like?’

`I would like fish and chips.’

So the waiter goes back to process your order. Only for you to change your mind again and you ask for Lasagne again as you think you want that more. Then you are still not sure as the all-day breakfast has caught your eye. You get the waiters attention again, and finally know what you want. You decide to make your own breakfast up, down to every detail. You now feel satisfied with yourself that you got there in the end. Your meal arrives and to your horror something is missing. The waiter is apologetic at the mistake that has occurred. They rush your missing item over to you. The waiter explains the order got so confusing with so many crossings out, that the chief was unable to read the order. Yet you got what you wanted in the end.

You may have heard the saying `Man plans, God laughs.’ If we expect everything to go according to plan by putting all our trust in the physical, or put all our trust in a person we may get let down; people do not always follow up with their intentions. A child may hear from a parent I will take you on holiday, it is promised year in year out. The intention and thought is there. With each year that passes the child has grown up, then this choice offering is not such a sure thing anymore. Now it depends on whether the child wants to go on holiday or not, or whether they have missed the boat on this ever happening. The thought was there!

We may take disappointments like a grain of salt. Or we may carry disappointments in bitter resentment. It all depends if we take it personally or not. The bigger picture will give you the bigger answer of understanding. Some things are out of our control, life does not always pan out how we may expect it to, if we forget our real beneficial map then we are going to go off route and find ourselves in situations we never thought we would find ourselves in. What is the point of holding on to disappointment when we cannot change the scene that we have already experienced? Finding understanding helps you remember that choice is available to everyone. It is not selective and just down to you because you have demanded it or want to control it. You all have choice to do what you wish, you have the choice to say yes or no, you have the choice to agree or not. You will not please everyone by the choices that you make; the main person your choices should please is yourself. Life is about being self-responsible and knowing what you are doing in any given moment, event that you find yourself in. You have not got where you are now, blindly. You may not have been aware or consciously present, but it certainly is not a blind choice, choice has no preference if you pay attention or not. Your choice continues for you even if you lose your connection of attention to it. Going with the flow of a choice for an easy life; I am too old to change now, I am too far in to leave now, and too many people are depending on me for me to leave now. These can be labelled as excuses or labels of reason for whatever the reason you decide, if you stay or whether you move on to your next best experience. There is no point in me starting all over again, the grass is not greener on the other side, I may as well stick with what I know. You have heard the saying `better the devil I know.’ why is the saying not better `the angel I know,’ why the devil as a reference? This does not sound like a fun reason to stay put. Life is meant to be enjoyed and fun, where is the fun with sticking to choices because you do not want to change your comfort blanket of what you know.

Are you happy and content? Yes and no, it suits me for now until something better comes along. But how is something better going to come along if you are staying put and doing nothing about it! Where is the platform and station that brings the cargo of opportunity along to land in your lap? If you stick to what you know, what you know will stick to you. Until the day maybe the people involved may change the scene for you and leave this stuck event. So then it is taken out of your hands and you are no longer in control of the situation as you forgot others can make choices too. It is not just about you because you are connected to everyone, so now the situation forces you into change. You may get angry and feel you have been hard done by, when deep down the flow of energy in the core of you played a tune of unhappiness. You may have felt secure, but secure in being unhappy and not content.

You may have thought you could play this scene out for as long as you wanted as you have all the time in the world being infinite. Time does not rule events, but what you forgot is that feelings change the course of events as they are your core truth which will be heard above the tune of familiarly unhappy. You may think you can hide on the surface, away from your core feelings, you may think your core feelings are private and not known to the energy and matrix of all life, you may think because no one else in the physical has a clue about how you feel because you have kept it to yourself, it is hidden safe inside. The universe of collective consciousness knows everything about you and how you feel. Just because they are silent thoughts to you, those silent thoughts are heard loud across the universe and the matrix of life will guide you to what you really want, which is happiness and joy and fun. If you are stuck in an unhappy scene that may even go on for years, it will not continue, it will be continued with what you really want all it requires from you is a willingness to trust that it is there even if you cannot see it. Life will align for you in synchronisation, the chords of feeling that you are playing, so if you tune into what you feel in truth and knowing, you will no longer be distracted by the tune of the fear that your mind thinks. You can moan when you look at a singular event but when connected together you then see that piece you moaned at is in truth, a stepping stone of gold that helped you get to where you are now. That piece is part of the bigger picture that you are continuously creating in your infinite life.

Trust and connect and go with the flow of what you feel inside, even if to your physical eyes you cannot see anything ahead that is clear. Your feelings sense ahead of you things that your eyes cannot see, your physical self will catch up with you, you will be happy you trusted what you know and felt deep inside, as life manifests for you in the physical what you once only felt in a feeling. The strong connection that you have manifests your dreams. You may call it a vision, whatever you label it as what matters is that you feel your connection and the energy in you, which will inspire and motivate you. You can think all day long, try so hard by thinking yourself into things and thinking yourself out of things. Thinking does not fuel your inspiration! Thinking is like being stuck in the same place, treading water just to keep your head above the water. You know it is taking all of your energy and effort, but you know you are soon going to feel tired because you are not getting anywhere. You may think this is ok because you are surviving and holding onto the same situation, putting all your energy into it gives you the illusion that you are working hard at it, when in truth your energy is not propelling you forward, at some point you know you will make a choice. You will either choose to stay the same after a breather and a break, or to let go and try something different. If you choose to stay the same thinking you have got your breath back after a short break, you may try extra hard and put extra energy into this treading water, yet no matter how hard you work at it, you still are in the same position and situation. All your efforts are getting you nowhere.

So do you give up and throw in the towel? Or do you assess what needs your attention to make change happen. You have learnt you have endurance, you have learnt you have strength; you have learnt you have commitment. Now you know you have the tools in which to sustain your ideas, it is a case of applying that energy into creating rather than putting it off by doing nothing with it. You may put all your energy into helping another person with their creations, because you have not got the confidence to believe in your own ideas. Why put off what you know you can do? Why not face your ideas and hold them in your hands and allow yourself to feel them. Even the vase you see so beautifully placed on your window sill, once started out as an idea and a lump of clay. Nothing comes from doing nothing.

You may say why is nothing working? Why is it, no matter how hard I try, my creations that I am doing never ever seem to take off?

Do you love the work that you create? Are you confident with what you create?

Well I get good feedback from people and they love my creations.

So it is not a lack of appreciation or acknowledgment about it then. Do you love them? Are you as passionate about them as the people you show them to?

I have not really had the time to think about it. I rely on the feedback from other people.

So this is where you have a break in your connection of your creations.

What do you mean? I work hard at what I create, I pay attention to detail and some say I am a perfectionist.

So you are passionate towards your work, but who creates the finished article?

I do of course.

So why are you ignoring the creator, you put all your energy into it but you are the creator and if you do not exist and become invisible to the world. The world will need to see the creator even if it is in your energy, so they have you to connect to. They may love what you have made, but that will be dependent on how they feel on that day. Your energy that you put into your work is what will carry your creations. If you switch you off from it then you are leaving your work without the creator, to fend on its own. It would be like saying to a vase,

`Now I have made you with great care and love, it is time for you to go off into the world in the hope someone loves you and buys you.’

Your creations are not lost, they are connected to you, so the more you are connected to you, as you connect to your creations that same wave of your meaning will get picked up and noticed. If you are different towards yourself to that what you create you cannot expect your work to carry you, you both support and acknowledge one another. This creates balance and the continuity of feeling that started from you in the first place, which continues with no breaks. If you are not confident to show and tell your work, no matter how phenomenal your work is, it will be stuck in a cupboard and collecting dust. The success of your creations comes from the connection of your strength. Your strength shines no matter what you fear; your strength faces the world regardless of the outcome, that strength will be noticed. Sometimes the strength in a person gets picked up and they end of doing something totally different to how they started, because their strength is so strong they can adapt their strength into anything it wishes to be, the power of love is so strong it gives you the strength to be whatever you desire.

Strength does not boil down to luck, strength does not understand luck or hope, strength knows connection and sticks to the plan of choices being made.

I am scared people will laugh at my work, I am scared of rejection, I am scared of not being good enough, and I am scared of making a mistake.

If you rely on other people for your worth, you are forgetting the creator is the master builder. You will always get critics, some will love it, some will hate it, some will support it and some will pick holes in it, to knock you down from your success.

It comes back to the self of why you are creating in the first place. Whether it is because you love and enjoy it, which makes you happy, or you become a business so you are reliant on other people for your success. If you cannot recognise one person appreciating your work how are you going to appreciate the masses? The one person that matters is the creator in you. If you lose sight of the creator then you have lost touch with your work. No matter how you look at life, your wave of life in you, it will always lead you back to the self.

At times when you see nothing ahead of you, do not panic as long as you feel something, you will soon see the picture take form and unfold. Be patient with what you feel. Be in unison with the self. Calm your mind by practising silence and sitting with the white noise you call silence. Embrace your knowing in full feeling. Creativity comes from one spec of energy, like the spark that ignites a fire, allow for patience as it gets going, so it is not a furnace and burns out quickly. This is where regulating balance will steady the flow. Trust as you open the door to your next unknown choice. While you are being patient observe your feelings. Remember we are your collective waiters behind your every door of choice. Give us time to align your path for you, so you aspire and experience what you ordered. Your gift comes after your order so please remember we need to process it for you. Like your postal system, some things arrive super quickly, other times if it is a big order it will take longer. You may encounter a problem; it is not beneficial to you if you look at your problems to solve them. Look past your problems. Your problems are not a road block. The less time you focus on them the quicker they pass. This is forgotten in the rhythm of life, by forgetting what you focus on, connects to you like glue. You will wonder why you feel stuck and feel like you’re going round and round in circles. It would be like listening to a song over and over again. Stumble across a problem, why keep replaying it, you may feel like you’re stuck but in truth you are not, you are just stuck on what you have chosen to focus on.

When this used to happen when old vinyl records were being played, the needle at times got stuck in a groove; the needle would be lifted from where it was stuck, the needle was then placed back down past where it occurred. So the song could resume and continue. You are only stuck if you allow your mind to be stuck. There is no need to focus on the problem as you sent out a message to us, which we have received. If you do not get an answer from us straight away, know it is because your message is still being processed. Know what you want as well as knowing what you don’t want, it is that simple. If the mind is pushed to one side so you can ride the wave of your feelings, your mind gets in the way, which causes time delay out of fear. This takes the confidence out of our connection, that we are preparing your pathway ahead.

If you take it upon yourself to separate you from your connection you will think you have to sort your life out all on your own. This will create a struggle for you, you will be going against a powerful force that makes you, you! So you will be fighting yourself to face life all on your own. It will take all your energy to do this, it will feel like a heavy load as it is like taking so much energy into your own hands and then find it is hard to handle. You will make life harder for yourself. This does not show strength it just shows stubbornness. You have heard the saying `cutting your nose off to spite your face.’ You are a team so why try to be a single player. Together we work in unison of the rhythm of life. You will be guided with each step you take to make what you create flow with ease. You may blame struggle outside of yourself, struggle is like a universal alarm clock that sounds from inside of you when something is not aligned that may have gone off track. This creates a struggle to get your attention, so you will tweak what needs your attention. Struggle is guidance that needs to be loud enough to get your attention. Please do not be angry as tough love is for your greatest benefit.

The meaning that was given to the symbol of the wave meant a powerful force; the ebb and flow and cycles of all life. The flow of life can be seen in the trickle of a stream, the powerful force of a waterfall. The flow of life is in you and around you. Everything has the pulse and heartbeat of the rhythm a gravitational pull that connects everything in life together. The choice is yours on how you ride it.




What is point zero and what does this have to do with me? Point zero is the spark of energy that created the universe.

Oh do you mean the big bang, which created the Earth?

No point zero came before what you call the big bang. Point zero was millions of years before the big bang, or eons you could say. Remember we are talking about the infinity of life. So how did the spark of energy get created, which then created point zero? The spark was created in the nothing of space; this space had consciousness as its nucleus. Consciousness rested in silence for millions of years until it had a connection to create. This connection made a wave which flowed out of this space, which created the energy to pulse, which created the rhythm of life.

So collective consciousness is what created the wave, which created the spark in which the energy then flowed.

Yes this is how point zero; the bull’s eye, the core of all life, was created. So when you ask! Where are you are from, you now know you have come from consciousness. Consciousness is an energy that came from nothing, but when we strip back nothing there is always something to be found. Nothing really exists as there is always something. So to keep this chapter simple we will just go from the point of consciousness. Once consciousness made the choice to create, this wave flowed out into space which can still be felt to this day. With each beat the pulse created more waves which created the flow of continuation. This energy, being a strong powerful force, like a big magnet it caused a gravitational pull within the waves, which created this to expand out further which then created the universe. Consciousness created planets and galaxies and star systems. The universe is growing all the time as it is infinite. Nothing stays still in the rhythm of life. When consciousness decided to manifest creation, this is when you became infinite.

Don’t be so silly, if this happened millions and millions of years ago, I was not born yet.

You are still trying to understand this from the perspective of your physical body. Everything that you see around you now was there at the moment of the first pulsing beat. You did not have to wait to be physically born millions of years further down the line. Everything you see around you now is connected to this universal birth. Nothing is left out, you all joined in with the celebrations of consciousness, in the choice in which to create. Everything within the space of consciousness is present, as life is connected to everything from the space of nothing to the life you experience today.

So how can I have been there at the moment of the birth of consciousness creation if people did not exist back then, not even animals?

You are still trying to understand it from the physical view point. Let’s go back a bit. What made you physically you?

I was created from the fertilization of an egg by the sperm.

So at that moment you hold the matrix of your DNA, which is energy which then used these strands like an instructional manual and started to multiply the cells in which they changed form and shape which made your physical body. So really you did not start your physical life experience with a physical body straight away, you still had to start from a nucleus of energy which pulsed, which created movement, which created you. Your physical body had to wait to manifest and come together. It had to wait for all the connections to take place first. You started out as an energy which consciously chose to create the physical form. Sounds very similar to before point zero, so if you start out as energy and continue past this Earth visit as energy, why is it hard for you to understand that you are energy at that moment of collective consciousness, to create choice to manifest all those millions of years ago?

You all created the universe, your energy connected to consciousness itself, which then flows out creating all forms of life, down to personal choice, yet still collectively connected. If you go to the seaside and decide to fill your bucket up with water you collect from the sea. You will think that the water that is in your bucket is now separate from the sea. Again you are looking at this in physical terms. If you throw the water out of your bucket because you no longer need it, you may think that the water no longer exists. It will evaporate back into the sky and again fall as rain that will flow back to the sea. You cannot break connection. The sea water does not mind where it is placed it will always find its way back.

If you view the universe from the physical view point, you will only see what you think you understand. The bigger picture is a powerful magnet which is like a strong gravitational pull that will attract it back into alignment. It does not worry about time as time does not really exist. As I have explained you are as much back in what you call the past now as you are in the present, as well as the future. It is all spiralling in waves of parallel energy that are like the grooves you find on your DVD in which to watch a film. You try to measure life from the view point of time, which is a vague point of view in which to understand space.

You measure speed in such a limited way; by sound waves, gamma waves, all the frequencies that you know of, as well as the speed of light. You try to break the sound barrier or speed barrier, but if you really understood frequency you would not try or bother. Like children who like to play with toys, they may dismantle a gadget to see if they can put it back together again. That is from the child’s view point of their capability of trying to remake or recreate something that has already been created. There is nothing new to find in the creation, only what they want to learn about their own ability. The child may come up with a new idea from the old creation. But it will be a small alteration in the grand scheme of things.

You often call it trial and error; I will keep trying to work it out until I hold the master plan. But there is not one way, it’s a collective infinite way, so why do you spend so much time trying to find the one thing, as there will never just be one thing, as that one thing you are trying to find will be connected to the infinite whole. The people of Earth are trying to separate the whole to find the connection and answers. You will only find the answers if you understand the infinite whole. It is a bit of a dilemma here. But you have to go way back inside of you to understand the matrix and point zero that was created by the consciousness pulse of rhythm, how are you going to understand that if you cannot get past the fact that you are more than physical human beings? There is no top secret, the secrets that you think are top secret, are man-made with the toys that are being played with, with little understanding about them. You think movement moves by a physical object. Even propulsions are created by a wave of energy.

You make machines to go many miles an hour, but you are creating these machines from the understanding of Earth. You think you hold so much power by thinking you can create missiles of destruction; therefore you have to be feared in a barter system of a truce as you know you are not the only ones to hold such power. You create them from the view point of the fear station, in the belief that you can kill and destroy a world or the universe which you came from.

You cannot kill, nor have a hold on anything, as life is an energy source so powerful that is not physical. What you play with is like the toys that your children play with. The universe gives you the freedom to play with your toys as you cannot harm anything that you do not understand. You live in illusion, thinking that because you create a mess with your toys, a bit like a child does when they have messy play with their paints or water, that you have such power by creating such a confusing mess. Like with any mess it does get cleaned up and no harm is done.

There is so much the people of Earth have forgotten that is why this new paradigm that you are in now will clear up all the mess that has been created. You have had messy play long enough, now it is time the toys are put away so the real meaning of life can be remembered and continue. Like how the old station of equilibrium got knocked out, now the fear station is being knocked out. The same tune has been playing for long enough and everyone is bored with it. Collective consciousness has listened to the request long enough and has consciously decided to change the tune. The new station of love is continuing now.

If you still play the tune of fear you will find you will have little force to back you, if you do not connect to love then love will not work with your choices and creations. It would be like expecting a gadget that needed batteries in which to work, but instead you choose to use a plug. No matter how much you try to find the connection in which to plug the adaptor into your gadget, if there is no connection, it is not going to work. So you will be left with an old gadget that once worked well but will no longer work in the updated version. You have a choice, let go of this gadget that once served you and switch to an updated version. You may have felt you had control and once felt on top of the world, you then find in the new station of love, this has become a memory. You may find people losing interest in you and they no longer support you in their energy that they once gave you.

This is how new cycles come and go, you have seen this even in your fashion industry, the political systems and that of government. You may think life stands still because you view it from the perspective of hundreds of years. But life is infinite, so those hundreds of years are really like a second of time from the view point of the bigger picture. You may think the physical dictates your life; you dictate your life because you are energy. You may think because you are limited in the physical sense that this is your way of life.

If you go back to point zero you would see your truth and know it for yourself. It is something you cannot be taught, it is something you know by being brave enough to explore outside the physical box. Once you reach the core of point zero and look back at life, you will see the matrix of its energy like a hologram. In the source of energy that you are, nothing that is physical can harm you or touch you. You will only feel it physically if you believe you are only physical, by switching your belief system from infinite source, to physical limitation. You cut yourself short by separating yourself. What you believe in will be your reality. If you understand your true core source then this will overpower the physical. You think that the masses rule, yet one person can overpower the masses if they are strong enough in what they believe.

The fear station has rippled out past Earth and across the universe as this has been the tune that has been chosen. People have feared other life forms that you call aliens. Yet those aliens could also call you alien. A lack of understanding, which creates fear about other life forms you do not yet understand. If you are scared of you and do not face you, how do you expect those that are from other planets to not be scary. You connect with like mindedness; like attracts like. Some people have had contact with other life forms you call aliens, or angels, anything you see different to your own form. Some will report scary experiences and some will report uplifting and loving experiences. Any experience you have will resonate with what you believe in. if you see life as fearful and harmful then the contact that you have will be experienced in a way that you expect. If you are not fearful and are open minded and open hearted, then your experience will resonate from your core source and meaning.

It does not mean you may fully understand the experience but you know you were not harmed. Your source of knowing will be a stronger force than fear. So even if an experience tried to be played out in a way which you do not accept, it will not happen. If you allow it and connect with it then it will continue. You will not experience anything you have not already agreed to or allowed to continue. After all being an infinite energy you would not put yourself in a situation you could not handle. Once you regain your connection of awareness and understanding the scene will stop if you no longer wish to experience it.

People think other life forms have more power over you because they are more advanced in certain technologies. The same rhythm of life connects with these other life forms. They are not more advanced than you, able to take over planet Earth; otherwise it would have happened a long time ago. They have their own platform in which to live from. They do not need the limitations that Earth would trap them in. Parallel energies are spiralling for a reason, so all life forms have their own energy grid in which to live from. You may think they need Earth because they have no Earth or planet of their own in which to live from, as their base, just because you choose to walk about the planet of Earth, only able to move around by the transportation that you have, this is all you see and expect all life forms to have the same.

You are again trying to understand this from the perspective of the physical life that you lead. You still have not remembered how the frequencies of the universe connect up. Once you used telepathy and teleportation with no gadgets in which to help you. You may think you have advanced via the gadgets you invent and create, yet you are travelling backwards in your understanding. How are you going to explore this if you hold on so tightly to the physical? The physical did not create life’s consciousness, energy did. Psychics that you fear have more of a clue about this connection than the best scientists of planet Earth. You do not need a degree of excellence to understand the matrix of life; you just need to be a willing, non- fearful, non-judgemental vessel in which to be brave to explore the universe. Why do you think your military have used psychics for years to unravel the answers and to use their knowledge in military warfare? Strength comes not from what is taught but from what is experienced. The wisdom of the universe will always be safe as it is a connection of love. You either connect to your core truth or you live on the surface too scared to remember more.




You may think your universe revolves around planet Earth and that of humans, you may think life is all about the physical human body. When consciousness started creating, this ripple effect created large amounts of energy. This spark of energy magnified in size within the spiralling momentum in which it creates. These balls of energy went on to form matter which then went on to creating the sun and the moon and all the planets you see in the solar system, which includes planet Earth. Planet Earth evolved within the conditions it found itself in and the landscape started to take form. With the moon close to planet Earth it caused the sea to create waves from the flow of energy it connected to with the moon. The sun warmed up the Earth, which breathed life into the Earth’s surface.

The Earth started to grow in its beauty, a prism of colour appeared, beautiful flowers and green grass and trees. Life forms got created by consciousness so the Earth would be enjoyed and be a fun place in which to explore. It became a paradise of thriving life force; everything connected together which would create the seasons. These cycles became the heartbeat of civilisation on Earth. Life forms created within the sea, this growth rippled out like a message of pure joy and knowing. The message of creation spread out into the air, which the plants and trees felt. They too wanted to connect to creation. The Earth was alive with the sound of birth, from the tiny insects that started to form, to the birds that flew from tree to tree. Life really was like an orchestra of life’s rhythm that could be heard way out into the solar system and that of the universe. Energy nurtured life on Earth by bringing forth exactly what the Earth asked for. Many millions of years went by; Earth was a happy, balanced placed with the energy of the eco systems that had been created. They lived in harmony in tune to the frequency that created the manifestation of life, the land now established within the flow and source of connection. Mother Earth   remembered where the connection of life came from, the animal kingdom and that of nature joined in with the wisdom of consciousness, of all knowing. They knew this knowledge would be safe and that it would be passed down for millions and millions of years, the connection that they had sustained life and adapted to whatever conditions Earth would be presented with. They knew nothing could kill or harm them, even if you dig up the land in which to build a house, remove the house, the land would take back its place. No building materials would kill the matrix and energy where land once stood. So with strength in their knowing, mother Earth allowed it to be a playground, a landscape like a blank canvas for the artist, offering space in which to travel and discover life that lay so alive on the surface of the Earth.

The energy would then inspire you to create in the continuing journey of life’s expression. You may say, well it is hardly a blank canvas if the landscape is already there. The landscape that you see is the communication of life’s rhythm.

You are never alone, this applies to Mother Earth, why should Earth be separated from which gave Earth life, Earth consciously knew what it wanted in which to grow and evolve. This back drop of a landscape would not get in the way of your free will and choice, it was nature’s gifts of tools that man would need. Nothing is created out of chance it is within total knowing. Earth knew man would one day need shelter and tools would be needed in which to create these things. Earth was prepared for many millions of years ahead, even before man would walk on the surface of the Earth. The eco systems purified the air in which to breathe outside that of the sea.

Every energy life form connected together and worked together to create habitable living conditions. Earth made its bed so you would be comfortable to lie in it.

For millions of years the animal kingdom enjoyed the Earth and roamed freely to enjoy nature in all its glory. They lived in peace in the silence of their own heartbeat. Until consciousness decided it wanted to experience more than it already had and so the wave from collective consciousness boomed out, creating a sound that could be heard across the whole of the solar system and that of Earth. Earth knew this sound and so knew change was evolving. This spark of energy changed the surface of the Earth; some animals no longer needed to experience the surface of planet Earth, therefore they decided to continue their life back at home in the source of life. This made space for something more. A new paradigm began on planet Earth; this change would see man take his first steps on the surface of planet Earth.

Man adapted to planet Earth and lived, sharing life in respect with the animal kingdom, the landscape offered them all the materials they would need to evolve. Earth became man’s playground in which to learn how to hunt and make shelter which advanced the experience man had already acquired. Man lived in partnership with the animal kingdom and regarded them as equal, in respect for the food they provided. You could say they were neighbours and friends in the sense of hide and seek. So life continued and progressed from camp fires to gas central heating, from writing symbols on caves to decorating the home in wallpaper. This continuation of a life in progress leads us up to the present day.

These days not so many people understand the importance of the messengers of the Earth. Man puts themselves at the top of the food chain, yet they are not, as everything came before man on Earth. The animal kingdom and that of the landscape and nature will always be the messengers in the continuation of life. Just because man had the power of language it does not mean everything else around man is stupid. Man gave up their connection in place of language, which separated man from their instincts, this connection weakened when man became rulers in their minds.

From every blade of grass, to every flower that you see, from the air that you breathe, to the trees that stand strong, to the food that you eat, to the water that you drink, everything is consciousness which communicates. You think man is the only privileged advanced ones to communicate, yet the landscape you see around you which you do not pay much attention to, communicates back to source. All of nature and all the animals both on land, in the sea and in the air are the silent voices you cannot hear. You are selective as humans as you only hear what your ears can pick up; you only have a select range which misses out the infinite of sounds that are being played around you. You may not see or recognise life in these bodies and forms, even down to the rocks and minerals. People collect crystals that they have found growing in the ground believing they have energy, so therefore they are alive and have some form of power; you think they are also precious. You may pick up a certain crystal and label it as the heart crystal, yet every crystal or even a stone from the beach is the heart crystal. The things you label around you are playing every frequency and every meaning; they are not separate for they know they are infinite love. They are everything they wish to be as they are not limited. If you pick a stone up and feel something within the connection inside of you, then this crystal is like your own mirror of the frequency the crystal picked up in you.

You may think you are tuning in to the frequency of the crystal, yet it is the other way round, the crystal is tuning in to you which then amplify like a speaker, the tune that is playing inside of you, which you then feel. You hold onto it as a precious tool as you cannot feel this energy within you on your own, without the aid of the tool of the crystal. Why do you think a crystal ball is clear and when you look into it everything is upside down? Because the way the people of the Earth views things is upside down and back to front. In truth you need nothing in which to connect as you have everything inside of you to tune in; all the stations are upgraded all the time. Every frequency that is playing around you and that in the solar system and the universe, you can pick up by being silent and still.

You are taught to believe the opposite of what life really is, you are taught the complete opposite to how life communicates and you ignore the magic, beauty and messages around you. Yet the plants are physical and real in which to hold, so are animals and all living forms you call physical, yet you ignore what is valuable. All these life forms are here to aid you, to help you remember the meaning of life; you could say they are like the crayons for the blank canvas in which to create a picture as an analogy. When you connect to life around you, you will then hear all the messages that are going on around you without the need to touch or hold it. You are the tool which will receive it, but if you are switched off you will not pick up what is alive around you.

You are taught to hold onto things, yet the real meaning of life is the opposite, it is to let go in the freedom of wisdom that everything is provided for in plenty not lack. You cannot kill anything or destroy anything; life will always provide more of what is needed, not less. Real life has no fear only love, which is the most powerful food in the universe. If you think gold is found in all the treasures that you find, you will only have a limited connection, for that piece of treasure that you hold, thinking it has all the answers will only reflect back to you what you are able to understand. You may think, oh I am picking up so much from this crystal, so I will gather more people in a group together in the hope we will find out more information. Again it does not matter how many join in with you, you will still have limited access in this way of finding the wisdom of life.

Everything around is like a reflective mirror it will only show you what you believe in, it is not a magic wand. You are the magic wand in which to tune into the frequencies and magic of life, this is a journey done with the self and there are no short cuts. There are no quantum leaps either, it is a journey that is travelled by those who are brave enough to let go of everything so they travel into the nothing of space, which opens them up to everything. They do not hold on to tools or crystals, they know all they need is love in their heart to travel this frequency of knowing.

This journey cannot be taught, it can only be experienced by those who are not fearful and have a willing heart that opens up the pages of life. You think there is a special code that will unlock the secrets of the universe, why should there be a secret of anything when life is an open book that you created. You think it is a big mystery because you have forgotten so much, you think there is gold at the end of the rainbow and disappointed because you only find a pot of flowers. Yet those flowers are gold not understood. The more time you spend trying to unlock the padlock of life the longer it will take you to understand the meaning of life. You will be stuck on the same mystery page for centuries because there is not an answer to be found in this limited way of understanding life.

Life cannot be pigeon-holed and captured as it is a free flowing universal energy that changes continuously. So if you even manage to unlock the padlock in force, the centuries that it has taken you to force the lock, those centuries have been creating so much that you now have, so much to catch up on. You will always be searching in the past and not the now. When you can get over your physical selves you may then start to understand life without you overshadowing it. You get in the way by choosing to think you are superior to all other life forms that you share life with, this separates you from life. When you respect life in all their forms then you will remember you are all the same regardless of how you look. Shamans use to shape shift and change into a bird or any animal they chose to experience. They knew they were not just a physical human body that stood upright. They knew they could use their energy to change its shape and form. This gave them a bird’s eye view, literally and an ability to see more than the limitations of their physical human body. Their consciousness is still whole; all that was different is that they were expressing themselves in the form of a bird instead of the human body.

This choice gave them the chance to see what it felt like being a bird as they flew high up in the sky and looked down at the Earth around them. They still thought the same way as they did when being in the physical form, nothing changed about them, their character and personality stayed the same all that was different is that they now had wings in which to fly. They enjoyed this experience and as they observed the landscape around them this gave them valuable insight in how to travel the land via foot. Once they had gathered all the information that they needed, then they would change from being a bird back to being a physical human body.

They knew they were an energy body, that they could shape shift into anything they wished to experience. They understood consciousness and how telepathy worked. They knew how to communicate with all life forms that was different to the human body, they did not limit themselves by sticking to just communicating with the physical human form. This is why animals at times would be worshipped as gods, this is why you would see half man and half animal in pictures that could be found painted on the walls of caves. They passed down the meaning of life, that life is all one no matter what form you are expressing yourself in as an experience.

So man could be animal as well as communicate with animals. The communication between all life forms was shared and understood. So are the animals of the land dumb after all, if man chose to be one? This ability was limitless, as they could shape shift into anything they wished, to being a rock or a tree or grass. Everything is interconnected and accessible if the heart of choice is a willing vessel. This maybe explains how the pyramids were made as consciousness has the ability to be all it wants to be. If you see a rock as just a heavy rock and not understand it has consciousness in which to create, then you will see the limits and boundaries of its weight. Yet the rock can materialize and dematerialize like the Shamans did. The rock does not see itself as stuck in a position by its weight; it knows it has a choice. Consciousness is not like the genie in the lamp and limits you to three wishes; you have infinite wishes in which to choose anything you are open to.

You have heard people being called dog whisperers, or may have come across people that talk to their plants. It is all to do with communication no matter how it is being done, whether in the way you know, of verbal communication or in thought, which is telepathy. You all are being telepathic without realising it because it is your natural source language. You find it hard to switch off your thoughts; they are going on all the time. You know you are not verbally speaking aloud every thought that you have. It is still communication whether it is a communication with the self or thoughts that you are sending out.

Life’s meaning is the continuation of communication in all its forms and all its ways. Nothing is ignored or rejected; every thought is accepted in the collective consciousness of all life, every message is passed on and received instantly in the now. As soon as you thought it, it has been received at the same time, there is no delay or separation and it is received even before you have physically thought it, as thoughts are non-physical, you may view them as physical but really they are not. Thoughts in their natural form are energy which connects faster than the physical form.

So you could say the physical form is running on a slow energy frequency band which is constantly playing catch up. The frequency of life flows in many infinite ways all at the same time. Now that is what you call multi-tasking. Collective consciousness multi tasks, the multi frequencies of all life, of the many multi-faceted forms you call a body. Once you remember what communication is you know their no such thing as a language barrier. Language of communication is shared between everything. This communication is going on between everything, even what you call dead matter.

Animals and all of nature do not communicate on the physical slow frequency wave band. They use the super-fast multi-faceted frequencies which they use to communicate all around the planet Earth and back to source. Maybe that is why they do seven years to our one. They are so much more advanced that they know more wisdom and knowledge, seven years within each year that you call one. They know everything before it is going to happen; they are way ahead of you as they do not need to play catch up like you. They are not scared of letting go, they know the wisdom of life and they connect to the frequencies as an offering in that we will pick up their messages of wisdom. They are not here by mistake they are here in wisdom.

There is no need to shout at your animals, they know everything before you are about to say anything with your mouths, before you’ve even thought it. They are prepared for life around them. They humour you and not the other way round; they are here to give you the energy that you need, they are here to aid you in your remembering about life. When you hear of psychics passing on messages from their furry loved ones, it is real as they are consciousness just like you. The only difference between you and the animals you see around you is a different body shape, everything about you, the way that you feel or think that gives you your personality and character; your animals are the same as you.

Your animals choose you, which is why you may hear stories of how a cat has chosen to have many homes. They may live part-time with you and part-time in another neighbour’s house. They do this because they instinctively know where their energy is needed, so they can share their energy out. They do not need anything, like you think they do. They know exactly what they are experiencing and do not judge it, they understand the bigger picture that is going on around them. They do not fear it as they know the role that they play in the connection of love that they offer. They are the bringers of love, they have no missing pieces and they have the strength in them to face any experience as they know no human can harm or kill them. What you see as the surface picture is for your benefit, to help you feel emotion. They allow themselves to be inspiration and set an example in which to help you remember and feel in life. Without feelings you would not pick up anything apart from static noise.

Your animals love you unconditionally as there is nothing to fear. They know they are offering the gift of love to you. They know they offer you comfort and understanding in a world that judges and labels, animals do not worry about how you look or smell, they do not worry about what possessions you have, they love you just for the way that you are, regardless of how you choose to treat them. You will not alter their multi-frequency by being on a slow wave band; they will continue the way that they know in the wisdom of life, they know that the bigger picture is unfolding before you, they choose when they let go, they know when they have given and shared what they intended to do. When they have finished the experience, they will let go of the physical to go back home to the energy source of love, ready to continue in life’s creation.

You may think you can capture creatures and animals and you may think you are holding them like prisoners against their will. You are not, as they chose to connect with you, to help you evolve and remember the bigger picture of control and money. Life was not created out of control and money, life was created out of love, in freedom of choice to share in life connections together. The dolphins that you have caught from the sea may make you think that you have power over them because you give them food; this is not the bigger picture. If the dolphins did not want to experience this with you they would just choose to go back home whether you fed them or not.

You may think, how can they manage to enjoy this experience? Why would they choose this for themselves when they love the sea rather than the limited size pool you give them? They know they are still connected to everything; it is like a day trip to them, in the bigger picture of life, they know it is not the end of the world to experience something totally different and they hope you too will connect to the bigger picture. You think you have a connection to the dolphins because they perform tricks for you. This connection is not the real connection because you are doing a job that you have trained for and so you use this training to train these dolphins. Life is not taught, life is known, in which to experience. You do this to create more money; love is not measured by money, for love does not need money in which to express itself it has the biggest pot of gold that money cannot buy, it is the power of love.

You may think you separated the dolphins from the sea with the physical eyes that you use in which to see, but if you remembered and saw the bigger picture you would know that this is not possible. You do not have the power to separate love as love connects everything as one, together. Remember what you choose to create you will go on to experience for yourself, how you treat others, be it other humans or animals or the landscape of the Earth, you will continue that experience by experiencing it next for yourself. If you think you have the power in which to destroy, control or harm another, you will bring this to yourself. You may think natural disasters happen because of the power of nature’s force, natural disasters happen because of what you created, so you will then face what you have forgotten you created and connected to, even if it was in other Earth visits that you have forgotten about. What you create you own in connection and are all the roles that is played out in that scene, so you may think you have got away with murder in one life visit, only to find you are on the receiving end and experiencing this in your next visit. You create your own plan and script of the life you wish to lead, so eventually you will experience all the roles that you have created over many lifetimes. This is why it is important to treat everything that you see as separate around you, with the respect and love that you would like for yourself. Life will always come back to the self.

Being a psychic myself I have had the privilege of chatting to animals that have decided to go back home. Previously I had only been used to passing on messages from humans to humans so to speak, so when one day I was asked if I would do a reading for a friend whose cat weaver had gone back home, at first I admit I was very nervous as I had not done it before, all I could offer at that time was a willing open heart to do my best. Luckily for me Weaver did come through and passed on messages of such love and information that was going on around Weavers’ mum on the Earth. I know a lot of people think that psychics make it all up, but I had no way of making it all up, I lived in the United Kingdom and my friend lived in the United States of America, the reading I was about to do was going to be sent on via email. So I sat in my kitchen and tuned into Weavers’ frequency. Through this connection Weaver was able to pass on messages and information I had no way of knowing and once I had written down the information I then forwarded the email to my friend.

This connection of love between Weaver and his mum continues to this day and will infinitely continue. Love connects no matter what. I am so thankful for my friend and to Weaver for trusting me enough; considering I had no experience before, of having this type of communication; it is an experience I will never forget. It was so easy talking to Weaver, the same as talking to humans, the only difference obviously was to look at he had the body form of a cat and not the human body shape. Other than that chatting to Weaver was fun, full of love and appreciation for the love they shared together. The bond of love does not die, you cannot kill love like you cannot kill the body, it continues no matter what you have physically experienced. These experiences then lead me to more animal communications from another cat which then followed on to a dog called Gif. Gif gave proof to show his dad that he was still around him. Our animal loved ones do not disappear off the face of the Earth; they continue enjoying the whole platform of life which includes planet Earth. Remember you cannot separate anything, so anyone who decides to go back home still enjoys planet Earth with you and around you, with their real energy body. They are no longer limited to the physical body; they have freedom of their energy to be anywhere instantly. So the graves that you see in the ground or the ashes that you see in the urn, is not your loved ones in them. What you see is what is left of the physical body vehicle. If you remembered who you really are, that you are energy that cannot be killed, you would view these things from a different perspective. The physical likes to hold on to things in the fear they will lose their connection of love. You are love so are connected to everything infinitely.

Your memories over time may fade and not be as clear as they use to be. Love never fades, it is crystal clear and never forgotten, it continues in the multi-faceted life which connects you to all life. When you no longer fear love you will accept unconditional love. You all have a choice how you choose to communicate with the kingdom of Earth and with all its life forms. Remember how you treat others is how you really are treating yourself. If you want to be treated better than you are, then you have a choice to treat everything around you the same. Life is not selective, if you choose to be angry and try to harm everything around you and this is what you focus on, you will then have this to look forward to. It is not bad luck or karma you chose these experiences, you are the master of your own creations, which lead back to you.

You may hear about plane crashes and one person survives the crash, you may think lady luck was on this person, you may see all forms of natural disasters on Earth. The people that are experiencing them are not doing so by chance or selection of good or bad, it is experienced out of choice, you have forgotten you can choose to let go of your physical body naturally out of free will and choice. You rely on accidents, illness and disasters in which to do this as you have forgotten your source connection. There are no disasters just the flowing of choices that have been made, that are forgotten. You would not judge them or label them as a disaster if you remembered and understood the meaning of life. Everything you view or class as a disaster is an experience. If you remembered life is experience you would feel in more control as you would know you continue.

The Earth is your playground; life does not have any preference to your choices it just sets the scene, so the experience you choose is able to unfold. You all search for knowledge but what use is the knowledge if you do not have the wisdom to understand how to use it. Life comes with an instruction manual inside every one of you but if you are too distracted to notice it then the Earth shines this instruction manual for you, it shines in the everyday forms that you see around you in the joy that you will notice. You do not have to be blind to be blinded from the obvious. Nothing is hidden it is in plain sight, life encourages you by repeated experiences, to notice the instruction manual that you have inside of you. It all comes back to the self, on how you choose to treat the kingdom of Earth and with everything you share life with. You will choose to either respect and love it or ignore it.

There is no running away from the truth, you may think that time is on your side and that because you are playing catch up you can miss out and pass on bits that you do not like. Catch-up has caught up with you all now; the life review is in front of you. You now have the choice to observe and use your wisdom of knowledge, to choose wisely that which you wish to choose next as your experience, otherwise what you continue with will be the same old repeats as you have not chosen to choose something different. If you have not liked your life visits so far, from previous life visits, then now is the time for you to know exactly what you want and to equally know exactly what you no longer wish to experience. You can do this by first watching your life so far, by facing the whole picture; this creates completion with no unfinished pieces. Then you can use the blank canvas of the new paradigm that you are in now to set out your plans for what you call your future in the now. Are you consciously awake and connected because only you can do this for yourself, it is something you cannot pass on to someone else to do for you. Your life is in your own hands and is your own responsibility how you wish to experience it. The choice will always continue to be yours and yours alone.




You all form relationships, the most challenging relationship that you will have is with yourself. The more you are settled with yourself the more settled your relationship choices will be. If you are not sure about yourself then you will not be sure what type of relationship you would like to experience. You will then connect to anything that crosses your path because it is something which you think is better than nothing. What comes your way will be reflective of what you are feeling at that moment in time with yourself. If you are feeling very angry with the world and with yourself, the choice of a relationship will mirror these feelings. Even if you are a very loving and giving person on the surface, but have feelings of anger pushed deep down inside of you, you may then be faced with a relationship choice that is very angry towards you. This relationship is reflecting back to you as a reminder of what is not being faced inside of you.

You may label these as unresolved UN-faced feelings from past events that you have not come to terms with. What this actually means is you have experienced an event you do not fully understand, this is then pushed down inside of you in the hope it will erase and never bother you again. But as you now know with life, the whole of life is not forgotten and does not give up on love and so follows the love experience so it is understood. Life has no preference on how long this takes, whether you put it off for years or for many life time visits. There are infinite experiences in which to choose from to replay a message that life wants you to take notice of.

All relationships have their ups and downs, and at times may feel like more hard work than fun. You may feel you do all the hard work, or you may sit back expecting to be waited on. Whatever you experience in a relationship is offered to you, even if you think you have not ordered this type of relationship. If you do not know what you want and/or equally do not know what you do not want, then life will present you with all possibilities. You do not give this much attention but this connection with yourself is what gives you the relationship experiences that you then have. Relationships are not by luck or chance or a flip of a coin, the connection of love in you matches you up with your next beneficial experience. It may not be what you think you wanted but it will be what will benefit you in the connection that you have with yourself.

You may focus all your time and energy on your partner paying very little attention to yourself. You may forget that you are even in a relationship because it is all about your partner, so you have dropped out of it unconsciously speaking. Relationships are a team effort so whatever you get out of it you have accepted and allowed. If you meant as much to you as your partner then you would listen to what you is telling you. If you choose to ignore you then it may even take years to get your attention, then you count the years that have passed in the relationship as worth more than the quality you are getting out of the experience of it.

It all comes back to the self, you can blame others all you like for how they treat you but you choose to stay in it. You do have a choice, when you are brave enough to face choice then you can make changes in your life, which will then change the scene you are in. You may at times want to know if a relationship will work; every relationship will work, not in years or time but in the experience of the event. It is like if you are hungry you may want a quick fix to fill the gap in your tummy, so you pick up a quick snack regardless of if it is tasty or nutritious or not, you just want a quick fix, so this snack has served your need. You may want an Al a Carte meal and know you have to be patient for it to be cooked, so you prepare yourself for this event. Both choices work out for the tummy it just boils down to the quality of the experience. Whether you wish for a quick fix and jump straight in, or you take your time to get to know a partner first, there is no wrong or right way it is what benefits you the most at the time. All relationships will work, what will differ is the quality you receive from it. If you do not pay much attention to quality and are not too fussed then you are not going to be too fussed on what type of relationship that you find yourself in.

You may have more than one marriage or more than one soul mate. People tend to think you have only one soul mate in life, yet you will have the potential of an infinite number of soul mates. All relationships no matter how many you have chosen to experience will have a connection of love, which will go on to have many levels of feelings. No relationship will literally be the same as everyone has their own frequency, like when music artists mix different songs together this then creates a different sound; you will still be able to hear the original song from each song that has been used. This is why you hear stories from people who have had transplants; they may start to like coffee and yet hated it before they had the transplant, they have picked up one of the frequencies that are still playing, although it is now mixed with their own frequency. You may be able to transplant body parts but this does not mean you kill the original frequency from the body of which this part came from. The frequency continues and keeps playing even if you cannot physically see it.

This is why some transplants connect or why some transplants are rejected, it is not due to infection or the two bodies it is down to the connection of frequencies. If one body part resonated in a certain frequency wave band which the transplant does not recognize it will not accept the frequency being offered. Like with everything it boils down to choice and this includes the frequency which is being transplanted. Medical science does not give enough time to the power of frequency and that frequency has choice in how it wants to continue, it does not matter how amazing a surgeon is, if a frequency does not want to experience this transplant it will not continue with the experience. You look at transplants as saving lives, yet there is no life in which to save, you are really saving time, you are trying to hold on to more time, you forget that you have all the time in the world as you are infinite. You hold on to time as if it is life itself. Life is not time it is events in which to experience more of the choices you have chosen. You want to create more of a quality of life, if you learnt to live with the quality that life is around you already, you would not be trying to recreate it. Life is so magical that you can connect to the magic of life if you understood it more. You would make miracles happen by the connection of thought. You would not invent machines to try to do it for you.

If machines were created in love rather than in a business to create more money, then the machines would work in unison with life. You forget the meaning in which you invent something is the picture you will get back. If it is more about holding on to wealth and power even through medicine then you know you are playing with life and not working with it. You have created many things on Earth which would benefit the whole population; you reject these inventions because they would ruin your monetary income. So you make sure these inventions do not happen. You make out you that you want to better the quality of life on Earth for humans yet you deny these things because money means more to you than quality, this can be seen amongst all the systems you have in place.

You have not worked with life; you have wanted to try and control life, trying to meddle in the weather, using disease in the event to find a cure, with threats of biological warfare. You do not want free energy, you have tried your best to destroy life but you do not have the power to do so, only to destroy life how you currently know it. This is like giving a child a mix of different colours in different paint pots, they mix all the colours together and the child wonders why it cannot see the original colours in which it started with. All the child will see is a mixed up, odd colour of mess. This is how the world has become; you have mixed up so many systems playing with frequencies you do not understand, you only know you have created a mess that you have no control over. This is why this new frequency of love is here; to clear up all the distorted mess you have created.

It is with wisdom that the master frequencies are still playing amongst the mess of distortion you have created. These master frequencies will come into play which will create change by the connection of consciousness to all life. Man does not rule life; you visit Earth just to play so why do you think you can rule that which is your playground. Losing the connection with yourself separates the self from understanding your choices that you are experiencing. If you stay connected to yourself then you will be in tune with what you experience, connection gives you the freedom to consciously or unconsciously create choices in life.

No matter how many relationships that you have in your life, you do not need to worry about choosing between them, they all have a place in your heart. There is no judgment or jealousy as love understands choices are experienced in love. Variety in knowing there is no comparison as love is a uniqueness that is parallel as if one, like you may see a strong piece of rope; you hold on to it and use this rope for a multi-use of tasks. Strip the rope down, you will notice that the rope is made up from many strands which then create the one rope for you to hold. You may not pay much attention to these strands or maybe not even be aware of them, yet they make up the collective whole of the rope, many together are a collective of one source with no comparison, as everything connects together perfectly.

You may have more than one child, or more than one pet, more than one pair of shoes, or collect a collection and variety of music. Whatever is your love and passion you will enjoy it so much that you will want to experience more not less. You are proud of what you love; people say they are my pride and joy. If I asked you out of what you love, what one do you love the best you would say I love them all uniquely and equally. As you know you love them all for a variety of meanings, you know each love in your life will bring you a different experience no matter how similar they are. This is the magic of love; it is never the same twice.

You may worry that as you start to feel that you have experienced all you wish from your holiday on your Earth visit here, you may have even experienced loved ones go back home earlier than you; you have decided to stay on longer because you have not done all the things that you wish to do. This is not reflective of years but in the choices of what you want to experience. You may worry about if you will ever connect back with your partner that you love so much, or that of loved ones. You may worry that if you have experienced more than one loving experience what happens when I arrive back home. You may wonder will you have to choose between loved ones when you meet up with them back home. Love is infinite and knows each loved one has a place in your heart. You would not separate all the notes that create a song and expect the song to still be able to be played. As with love there is no separation, time does not exist as life is infinite.

Love does not recognize jealousy which often is created around sex. You are not created by sex or gender which is physical; you are energy that is infinite. Love is a feeling that continues which creates the bonds that connect you. If you no longer feel anything then you accept the experience for what it was as everything in life is a gift.

Love understands the bigger picture, as you love more than one child this helps you remember what it feels like to love unconditionally. When you meet up with your loved ones you will know you all share in love with no comparison, you continue love with experiences that you wish to share. There is a special place for everyone there is no loss or anything less, love only knows how to love and it connects together that which is continuously creating the bigger picture of the whole of life. Enjoy love and all the magic that it brings to your life in the freedom of knowing that love understands everything and continues with no judgment.



When you wish to visit Earth for another holiday you will consciously choose your parents and as you grow inside the womb, you know you are energy creating another experience. In a previous Earth visit you may have enjoyed the experience of being a male, your life may have been so much fun that you connected to this experience so much that it is still continuing in your conscious feelings. As you are growing in the womb this conscious memory is so vivid and so strong because you know there is no separation, only a choice about whether to let go of an experience. If you did not make this choice then it will not surprise you that it continues.

Your parents may wish to find out during the pregnancy what they are having, whether a boy or a girl. It may at times be a big deal to them and their conscious energy joins and connects with your energy in this creation. If the parents really want to experience having a girl then this energy combination will create the scene. The day of your birth arrives and your birth confirms what they may have already known, or it may be a surprise. As soon as you are physically born to visit Earth again, everyone will want to know if you are a boy or a girl. Your parents are excited to announce that they have a girl which they passionately and whole heartedly connected to, their energy created this out of their consciousness. You start to grow up being the female that the physical form gave you.

Yet at your core and source of you, deep down inside, you do not feel what your physical body reflects back to you. You remember being a male and this connection has never left you as you did not let go of the experience. So now you have two experiences going on at the same time, one that is continuing from your last Earth visit mixed with the Earth visit that is creating now. Love connects, it does not know separation unless a conscious choice has been chosen to let go of it. You notice how happy you make your parents feel by being a female in the physical form of a body. You do not feel the same way in your feelings as you feel more male than female. You feel separated from the connection that you continued from, your energy perspective self of the gender you enjoyed last time, which you stayed connected to from inside of the womb. You are what you unconsciously/consciously remember. You know you feel different and it may take you a while to get your head around, you may feel confused and worry about what is going on. You may feel trapped inside the physical female body that you do not feel you are connected to, you may feel sad as you still feel the male in you, but all people can see on the surface is your female physical body. Your gender is labelled as a female due to the sexual organs that you have, the physical body that is solid and real does not lie.

You feel frustrated because on the one hand you see the physical evidence, yet on a feeling level this does not match the experience that you know and now find yourself in. How has this confusion and mix up happened? So many feelings will be flowing from you; this creates a wave of choice. Do you accept your physical form and go with the physical, or do you go with the feelings of energy that you feel inside. You feel different to everyone else, all you see is that other people are happy to get on with the experiences of their gender and are not questioning it. Then why am I different to everyone else around me? This has happened between the mix of energy that combined and connected together, from yourself and from your parents.

Energy only knows continuation; it has no preference if an experience is still continuing into the next Earth visit. You being a powerful source and creator have decided to carry on being a male, while on the other hand the strong energy connection of your parents, joined your energy to create your physical form. The only difference is that the physical will not override your core energy, hence why their choice of creation does not alter the core feelings that you feel inside of you, they do not have the power to overtake your feelings. This is why it is only on a physical surface level that your energies were able to meet in the middle. Only you own your core feelings regardless of gender and body surface reflection.

It is like when people make compromises. As an example let’s say you were a twin and you only enjoyed eating dark chocolate, while your other twin only enjoyed eating milk chocolate. Your parents recognize that even though you are twins and look physically identical on the surface, at the core level of your personality and character they will see a difference between you. So they compromise and meet both your choices in the middle. They make room for both choices on the birthday cake that you share; one half will be decorated in dark chocolate and the other half is decorated in milk chocolate. No one is wrong or right you just have different tastes. This example is like the same thing when you connected with your parents, you both met in the middle to accommodate choice. You know you are not just a physical body; you know you are an energy body, so their choice of gender will not interfere with who you really are.

The physical form is just an experience as gender does not define who you are it is just a choice to see what it feels like. Your energy stays infinitely the same, the choices that you choose to experience on the surface is like dressing up, that you step into in the physical form you call a body. You have many things you may wish to wear, some people are labelled a tomboy and some people are labelled a sissy, which is just a description in which to describe a role that is being played. The more you understand that you are an energy body then you would not take the physical body so seriously.

So what do you choose on this Earth visit, do you decide to go with your strong feelings inside and change your physical body into a male, or do you carry on this experience how you were, born as a female. The consciousness of life has no preference as you are more than the physical body; the meaning of choice is to bring you an experience that will give you the most joy. Do you give up the joy that you brought with you to continue, or do you let go of it and get on with being a female. Like a child that loves a comfort blanket, the child has got really connected to it yet the parent may not know how deep this connection goes. One day the child stays at a relative’s house only to get a phone call to say this blanket is being asked for. In your love and care you may say,` oh can you find a blanket for the child to hold as they do not go to sleep without holding one.’ The relative calls again to say the child will not stop crying as it is not the same blanket that they have a connection with, so the comfort blanket is delivered safely to the child so it is able to sleep. On the surface it may look like all blankets should do the same job, but on a feeling level it is the connection that is being felt which brings comfort and pacifies more than the physical blanket, otherwise any old physical blanket would have done if it only came down to being physical.

You may notice that children that have had a bond from sucking their thumb continue this even as an adult. On the surface it could be labelled and judged but on the core level it is the continuation of feelings of comfort that it brings which makes the person feel safe and secure. It is not about the physical act of sucking the thumb, it is the feelings that surface from the core that the thumb sucking triggers. If it was understood about our connection of feelings and how important they are to us, people would be less inclined to judge it as weird and odd (on the surface) just because they do not feel the need to do it.

We all have different choices that reflect our comfort zones. If you understand who you really are you would not have any form of stereotypes, for instance; gender, prejudice, skin tone, image, and status, the list would go on. Underneath our physical selves we are all the same, we have all come from collective consciousness which is energy, a frequency that manifests what we wish to create. If we all stepped out of our physical bodies’ right here and right now and no longer could see and touch or hold the physical body, you all would see who you really are, all exactly the same as one, creating in the matrix of life, continuously creating the bigger picture. After all do you look at the sea and try to pick one drop out and judge it as different to the sea that is flowing in the rhythm of life that the drop is connected to. How can you stereotype people when you do not remember who you really are? If you were so physical why do you choose to let go of it and not continue your infinite life in the same physical body. It is because you would get bored with the same old doing, the same limiting experience. You are happy to let go of the physical body that is your vehicle, just like with children, they want to experience everything now, not yesterday or tomorrow, all in the now. You are no different as adults you have just forgotten whereas children do not when they first arrive on their holiday here.

Stereotypes do not serve you as they are labels to understand something you do not recognise. You have been male and you have equally been female, you have been single as well as married. You have been many body shapes and many images. You have been all the colours of skin that you see. You have been physically fit and physically disabled. What you judge around you as different and separate of yourself you have experienced. When you judge it you forget what you have looked like over many Earth visits. You judge the front cover of what you see as an image with eyes that cannot see clearly.

You may judge a person who is black in skin tone only to be friends with a white person. You are invited round your white friends’ house and are shocked at what your eyes then see. As you walk through the door expecting to see two white parents what you see is one parent that is white and one that is the darker skin tone of what you label black. You were not prepared for this experience as you had already made your mind up on what to expect. This shows on your face which you try to cover up and disguise. You say to your friend that you did not know they had a black skin-toned parent; your friend did not see any reason or need to tell you. You then go on to ask how is it they are totally white on the surface of their skin when they have a black skin-toned parent. To be honest you are whiter in appearance than I am as I have olive colour skin tones.

It all comes down to genetics, in truth we all have every skin tone within our DNA strands and it may miss one generation or a few. Genetics continue and have no preference if they surface or not, it is a choice made at the time of what you wish to create. So are you sure you are seeing a white person or is it covering up the black tones that they are. Equally are you sure that you are looking at a black person that is covering up the white tones in them. Just because you think you are seeing what your eyes pick up and see, it does not mean they are seeing the bigger picture. How can you be prejudice when prejudice in truth does not exist, it is made up to cause separation which is not what life is about. Your understanding about life is so limited that you only know how to judge it or label it, if it is something different that you do not recognise or have forgotten in yourself. The surface image blinds you and scares you at times.

Love does not connect to separation, so when you choose to judge someone you really are only judging yourself and reflecting what you do not understand. Some people hold on to prejudice as a weapon in which to fight for what they want. Love does not fight as it is all knowing. One day you will stop holding on to these cards as your armour and protection and excuse. One day you will remember that you are all as one experiencing the unique journey of life.

You are loved unconditionally no matter what your image is, an image is only skin deep which covers your content. If you are only going to see the surface then you are missing all the pages that tell your whole story. It would be like buying a book to read and the label and the heading of the book gets your attention, only to find when you open the book it is empty and full of blank pages. Do you really want to waste your life doing this? Filling your life with front covers with no understanding or not allowing yourself to enjoy the experiences that you wish to, on your holiday while you visit Earth.

You are stuck with images, images that throw up a life of limitation by repeating the same old judgements. You will have nothing much to share because you spent all your time on the images that you see around you. This is like visiting a museum to visit all the replicas of statues that once stood. Your life would then be the same, a life of statues which will offer very little comfort and joy. You would feel numb like a statue and feel lifeless. You have forgotten your connection with yourself, that by misplacing you and losing touch with you, you have no interest in yourself. So your life revolves around the images that you see around you. After all if you think you do not exist you are going to connect with things that are alive around you whether you understand them or not. Your life may feel very empty because you have only got as far as the front cover of your life. You forget that you create the content that makes your life whole. You feel that something is missing in your life, so you try and fill it with what you find by what you see around you. You may try to knock the life out of people around you because you want them to feel like you do, you do not want to be left alone and on your own feeling like this. So you connect with like-minded people who are non-feeling too about their connection with others who they share life with.

You just want to fix inside, what you feel is so empty inside and you are not too fussed with how you fill it. As long as you have something to show for yourself something is better than nothing after all. It may be something that has very little meaning, so you may have stuck this experience in your book. You think you are filling up your pages nicely. You find that when it gets closer to you letting go of your visit to Earth, to go back home to continue your life, you hold your book close to you and you decide to open it to take a look at the experiences and memories that you have had on holiday here. You are shocked as you open the cover of your book; you find the pages are still empty; you are confused, you think how it is possible when you thought had stuck your experiences in there.

Your experiences were not about you but revolved around everyone else who is getting on with their life, you have wasted your visit to Earth by doing nothing to benefit you on your own journey. You were just not bothered with yourself enough, because you lost sight of you and the connection with yourself. This is like having a house phone, you know it is physically real but you decide to leave it off the hook, so no-one is able to connect or make contact with you, as well as you being unable to make a connection back. You may have the phone as a tool that is physically there, but if you do not use it you have decided to separate your connection with it and so do nothing with it, it will only go as far as having the physical phone and that is it. No conversations to report or any experiences.

If you think spending a life in judgement and stereotypical prejudice serves as a quality life, you will be greatly disappointed, as all you will have to show for yourself is a disconnected connection, a life of nothing much to share. You may think because all this attention you have given to another in the form of judgement holds some weight and sticks. You have no connection with the person you have fired the judgement at; it will always stay connected just with yourself. You created it you will receive it back. The person you thought you were attacking is free, getting on with their life and giving you a wide birth. Why waste an Earth holiday visit creating or experiencing nothing for you? You wonder why you have a lot of time on your hands; you are bored so you fill your time with distractions which have very little meaning. This will stay the same for you until you decide to change and create something in your life that brings you joy rather than judging others to relieve your boredom. Do you want to be stuck on the front cover of your life for infinity? The choice is yours as your choices will always lead you back to yourself. You own what you dish out. You will never hurt another at their core; it just looks like it does on the surface which is an illusion. The image that is reflected back to you is all what you understand or want to see. You will not affect their life as you only meet them half-way in this experience, on the surface. Their life will continue and carry on with what they are creating; you are just a passing phase of an event. It is you who is stuck with you for a lifetime.

You may wish to carry on your next Earth visit doing exactly the same as before, only to find the landscape around you has changed and evolved. You no longer fit in so society separates you so you do not judge people any more. You may be in solitary confinement because your attitude is of no benefit to the surface of Earth. So you are still cut off and still experiencing the same as you did before, just the back drop scene has changed. You may find this Earth visit is creating more limitation as an experience, which offers more feelings of separation than it did on your last Earth visit. Consciousness will always give you more of what you want to continue even if the back drop scene changes, for this to manifest.

Your stereotypical ways will halt only your life; it will not stop anyone else’s life from moving on and evolving. You will be in an experience like the film – Groundhog Day, reliving the same old judgments just on a different day, this will continue only for you. When you eventually get bored with yourself because that is all you have, while you have forgotten who you are, when you decide to change your choices, then will your life choices change, which will create new experiences. Wearing a life of stereotypes is as much use as wearing the emperor’s clothes. You may believe what you are wearing hides who you are, thinking they cover you up, you are naked and who you really are is seen straight through the image that you hide behind. The view from the bigger picture knows everything. It all boils down to how you choose to live a life, in isolation and separation or join in the party of life and have some fun.


Chapter 10


“Come on, come on, read all about it. How the love station is here to stay. Come on, pick up your copy here and join in with the celebrations of love.”

We all pick up headline news at some point and we either take notice of it or not. We all have the personal choice within ourselves to choose what we wish to connect to or not. It does not matter if you dislike love or hate it. Love is the frequency that is being played around you now.

Love is a strong energy that flows out across the universe. You will notice that things that used to stick and have weight to them no longer do and fall away. Old systems will no longer be supported by the frequency you once thought was a powerful distortion force of fear. Love is not a forceful frequency it is a flowing frequency that connects the creative building blocks that make up the pages of your life. Love does not build you up, only to then knock you down, like the fear station once did.

The love station may take you time to notice in the physical sense you call time. In the bigger picture love will have connected with you instantly as you are love in the creating of life. This will turn up the volume within you, the frequency of love that you always have been. No longer will you be ruled by the fear station for you will flow in the full feeling of love that you already are. You do not have to wait for a physical upgrade; love will empower you and strengthen you to create from your core roots of love, which strengthens the foundations that you will use as your platform in which to build your experiences on.

You will adjust from distortion to full feeling; you may notice that your path ahead is clearer. You may find that you have been naturally sorting your life out over the last few years in preparation for the changing frequencies. You will notice truth will shine more than lies and deceit. You may notice people are more conscious about the Earth around them. You may notice systems that used to run your way of life is now a distant memory. You may notice your relationships that you share are more fun and balanced. You may notice people arguing and fighting less as they value the language of communication. You may notice that food is appreciated in the cycles of its natural form. You will rejoice that you have seasonal fruits and vegetables once again. You may notice the weather is more stable and less erratic. You may notice the rules and regulations that you once lived by no longer serve you. You may find people are interested in skills and creativity that have been pushed aside for gadgets. You may notice people are less judgemental and more accepting and appreciative of one another’s body image as you remember who you really are. You may notice that people support one another more than trying to be on the ego pedestal. You may notice viruses are no longer able to survive, for the frequency of love does not create illness, only wellness. You may notice the air is more fresh and clean.

You may notice animals returning back to their natural habitat. You may notice the sea is clean with less pollution and debris. You may notice the landscape of the Earth revive from what has been depleted. You may notice so many changes which may be subtle at first. Yet these changes will continue until the mess that has been created by the distortion of fear is all cleared up. Your life, as you have known it, will now change and will continue to change. So your life rides the wave of love and no longer treads water in fear. This changeover will be as quick as you want it to be. It depends if you fight it and hold on to an old frequency that has become obsolete. You may be one of the few that decides to hold on to this old vintage record in the hope it will make you very powerful and rich one day in the future of the infinity of your life. What you forget is that the consciousness of life does not need to repeat anything; the collective consciousness knows to create more in evolution of growth. It does not go back in time, it does not need to. The bigger picture holds all the records that are playing all the time, all the tunes in the parallel matrix that creates life. It lets go to continue, so creation grows in freedom. Collective consciousness is not dependent on you; collective consciousness supports and serves you. You create your bigger picture which adds to the universal bigger picture. The multi facets that you now know make you real, they reflect and shine like a prism that creates the multi-faceted parallel levels that make up the matrix of life.

With the fear station gone who will be able to distract you from you? Who will be able to stop you remembering who you are? Who will control you, who will hold you back, who will be able to have a hold on you, who will be able to play mind games with you, who will be able to harm or hurt or kill you, who will be able to make you suffer, who will be there to save you, who will be there to neglect you and judge you? Well it is no longer any use trying to tune into the fear station as your server as it is no longer playing anymore as the main station. If you miss all these things in your life you will have to turn to yourself to create all the things that you want to continue and are maybe too fearful to let go of.

The love station is here to stay. It is more powerful as it is the purest energy of consciousness. How you collect the pieces of your life and manage them is up to you, it always comes back to the self. It depends if you want change in your unique life. It depends on how connected to you, you are! Life spirals around you but does not revolve around you in the bigger picture of life. Your life will revolve around you uniquely, for you and for the path you wish to lead. The best way in which to adjust to this frequency is to know yourself as much as you can. If you have lost touch with yourself, make a conscious plan to reconnect and get to know you again. You may have grown up so much and missed so much that you paid no attention to yourself.

There may be skills in you that have been buried for so long that they feel like the genie in the lamp waiting to be found. Getting to know you is the biggest gift that you can give to yourself. You like to have friends and make friends but you forget one very special friend that has been with you 24/7 and will be there with you for infinity; that is yourself. By making friends with yourself you will remember you have never been alone, as you are with you all along. So that is loneliness crossed and sorted off the old fear station that you once knew, the fear station encouraged you to be separated from yourself, no wonder you felt so split and divided all the time.

You now have that choice to reconnect with the misplaced friend in you. Your friend in you loves you unconditionally, your friend in you never ran away from you because life was a distorted mess. Your friend in you stayed with you, holding your hand and facing life together, just because you forgot and ignored you, the friend in you understood, as deep down the bigger picture is known.

It is totally your choice and your choice alone if you still continue to choose to cut you out of your life. You will know deep down though that you are only cutting you off on the surface. At the core level of you, you know separation does not exist. The friend in you will always be there whether you choose to pal up or not. You are a collective team; you will still hear at times that little voice inside of you that is letting you know your friend in you is still there. Rooting for you to support and guide you as you experience the choices that you have chosen.

Your life has a chance to be easy for you, it is up to you if you take notice or not and carry on the way you have known and allowed yourself to be ruled by the fear station. Fear will not be heard around you so much anymore so you will have to rely on your memories of the fear station to keep you going. You know already that it does not take memories long to fade. So with the pen and paper I asked you to have by your side, write down everything you remember from the fear station and create notes that you are able to look back on, as you will need them, maybe not so much in the continuation of this Earth visit but your continuing Earth visits that follow this one, then you will need them. You know what it is like when you wake up from a dream that you have had, it may be fresh in your mind for a short while but it does not take long for you to forget it. You know you do not remember your past Earth visits so how are you going to hold on to the memories of the fear station if you do not start writing it down now in preparation for your next visit, if it is this way of life that you wish to continue.

Like the actor that learns his lines I hope you memorize them as no-one else in the physical will learn them for you, it will all be down to you. If on the other hand you have had enough of how life has been, you may be fed up with the repeats that you have experienced, then now is the time to write down your plan of the life you want to create, that you wish to continue past this Earth visit and into the next. Be detailed about your life, be feeling about your life, do not leave anything out, as from nothing you know everything will be offered to you if you do not know what you want.

Imagine you have just woken up on planet Earth and you are the only person here. The landscape has not been built on and it is as fresh as a daisy from when Mother Earth created it from consciousness’ wave of intention. You have no memories of Earth to fall back on; you have knowing and can feel a connection with Mother Earth. How do you envisage your life? What would you create? This is your chance now to create the world you wish to live in with the offering of the blank canvas that the love station is offering you right here and now. You do not have to wait a second, life is in the palm of your hands all you do is pick up the pen and connect with your knowing. This creation does not have to be rushed; it can be a work in progress. Have a clear-out from the closets of your life. Like you would clear out your wardrobe, and throw out clothes that no longer serve your purpose. You have a choice that is yours; to create a life you will enjoy or imagine a life you will only dream of.

The more you get to know yourself and face yourself the easier it will be to write down what you know you want and to equally know what you do not want. If you do this half-heartedly then you will have a half-hearted life. Remember it is your reflection that you want to face. This is not a test or an exam; there are no wrong and right answers. You will not be graded or judged for your choices as your choices will only be felt by you as you experience what you have asked for, whether consciously or not.

Be awake and be alert, the sound of love is playing to wake you up. The dress rehearsal of life is over, now it is time for real life to begin. Life is meant to be fun and enjoyed and you have the opportunity to join in, no-one is left out unless they wish to sit it out on their own. Life will still continue whether you join in the fun or not. Life will not stop still because you do not want to have to feel about it. Thinking about it will not create the life you want as feeling is the pulse which gives your creation movement and rhythm. Money can no longer buy the things it once had power in which to do so, when it was powered by fear. In the love station it is seen for what it is; printed paper that does not need to have a hold over you.

You are a powerful creator. You may forget that you are, now is your choice to remember. Whatever way you choose to go in your life from now on, it is your path and one that is custom made that will fit you perfectly. If you do not like wearing it then you know what alterations you have to make. You have in you everything that you need to live the life you had always dreamed of. It is time to wake up out of your dream and the illusions, to create the life you really want to be living in love and joy.




The searching is over; you now see that life has always been an open book, no dark secrets and no lost codes. This may disappoint you as you thought life was a big mystery. Life was only a mystery because so much had been forgotten and distorted and not understood. You may feel deflated and think, ` is this it then?’

No it is not it. What you will now discover as you turn the many infinite pages of the open book of life you will know and understand; it is no longer a mystery, what you will see is that it is an open book of magic. A magical life that never ends, there is so much to explore and so much to see if you choose to explore the journey of life for yourself and you come across this book.

You may be disappointed like I was on first impressions. After all I knew books that hold all the knowledge that they think they know, in the libraries on the Earth. You have so much to choose from and at times it is overwhelming and you do not know where to start. Some things you may understand and some things physically you do not. So when I first came face to face with the book of knowledge I must admit I laughed. I thought, ` is that it?’ You expect that one book to hold everything there is to know about the infinite whole life. I really did think it was a joke. Until I opened it I then understood why it was one book, as I turned a page, this one page that I held in my hands, folded out like one book in itself. I took a quick peek at all the different maps that had been created on the surface of the Earth and to be honest this was enough for me at the time, as I knew there was no rush. I did not feel I had to sit there looking through it all again as I remembered at that moment in time, I knew it all. I knew I could access this information whenever I wished to.

My one question at the time had been answered, which was why it was only one book. I was satisfied with my answer.

I kept the magic safe inside of me knowing I could visit the wonders and magic in life whenever I wanted to. First what was more important to me was piecing all this information and knowledge and wisdom together. Yes I could have kept it all to myself and let the people of the Earth stumble across it for themselves when they are ready to remember more. Maybe you have already accessed this for yourself and know what I am talking about. If this book then confirms for you what you have discovered for yourself then you will know you are not alone.

It is a magical journey a wonderful adventure once you get past the physical body that guards you from knowing more of who you are. For the magical world in which we live, is a non-physical life of energy, which creates the pages of the open book of magic. I chose to share my adventure with you; it is an adventure not to fear. An open-hearted, willing, inquisitive heart is what opens the door to more. Fear only makes it invisible, questioned and judged which keeps the door shut. I have no preference, if you believe me or not, I am not asking anything from you or to change anything about you. I just felt to share my experience and hope you have enjoyed reading about my journey.

Life is an open book, it comes back to the self…… if you choose to open it or keep it shut.

©copyright 2016 – all rights reserved – Dee WeldonBird