Here I will be sharing with you the people I have met who have touched my heart with their gifts and skills. I will be adding books I feel are valuable to read. Please feel free to email me if you would like to share your connections too.

⭕️ I have followed this farm animal sanctuary for years – the lady Jan I spoke to many years ago touched my heart – if you want to know of a animal sanctuary to donate to I highly recommend this one – they also have an amazon wish list – you know exactly where your donation is going
Much love to you Dee xxx


I highly recommend this lady @Nalisha_Lucy – I had an amazing experience from her – the vibrations connected in a language the soul understands – my mum although she has been passed 48 years – she was struggling with letting go of how she had treated me when she faces the past – her energy on me has affected my lungs – as soon as the energy exchange was over I have been able to breath better – as I now have freed up space – I cannot thank you and recommend you enough. It is a personal experience

I invite you to experience a sound based guided journeying technique I have developed over the last six years.

I use my voice as a tool to carry soul specific angelic tones, chants, tribal songs, guided spoken words, tones and varied frequencies.

This blend of sound reaches you on a cellular and somatic level. It is an intuitive intelligence aligned with your current obstacles.

A profoundly advanced method reaching the core of the need.

The combination of energy and sound assists in the release of that which no longer serves you.

I have faced my fears, anxieties, addictions, depressions and periods of stagnation and despair using and allowing the evolution of this method on the journey of self and shared exploration.

It has indubitably propelled me forward to expand and let go of that which isn’t MY true essence.

I have been guided to a life in alignment with MY true self. I believe we all seek that space of inner peace, of love of coming home.

I feel honored to share this gift of guidance and support.

With much love and kindness Nalisha ?

Much love and appreciation Dee xxx

STYLE SISTERS … STYLE__SISTERS – can be found on Instagram

We absolutely love making homes and wardrobes tidy, organised and functional with a stylish touch. We believe your home should be a representation of you and your style but also fit in around you. Life is so busy your home should be in sync with you and your lifestyle.
We recently done a wardrobe and our client was very active, loves the gym, yet her wardrobe didn’t cater to this side of her every day life. Her gym clothes weren’t together, she couldn’t see what she had. With some re organisation she now has a complete gym wardrobe making her to day life so much easier. She was so happy that there was a part of her wardrobe that represents her interests and is making her life so much more functional.
Sometimes you need a fresh pair of eyes, or 2 pairs of fresh eyes!

I highly recommend that you check out Gemma and Charlotte @style__sisters for all your wardrobe styling such amazing talented professional ladies with high standards and work ethics that bring a service of quality that they share with you and bring to your home.

I highly recommend that you check out Ged Ferguson – you can connect with him on Facebook or via email

Ged is a 5 element acupuncturist and Bio-dynamic cranio-sacral therapist. Through experience he has witnessed these two modalities working wonderfully well together in helping his clients find their way to a natural healthy state of body and mind and come back in alignment with their Spirit.  Firstly, by understanding the messages from within the body and understanding what they are trying to say he can identify unhelpful core beliefs and discordant emotions that have forced the body to display conditions, signs and symptoms as a way of letting the person know that they are energetically out of alignment with who they really are. With the help of acupuncture and the healings hands of cranio-sacral therapy he is able to help the person release their emotional blocks and take control back of their lives.


I highly recommend that you check out Bily you can connect with him on Facebook – Feather Light – I had a Chakra Overtone Drum session with him. I am so amazed at the whole experience – I have never been able to relax and yet I did totally through the whole session – the tension in my shoulders has gone and my lower back does not hurt anymore. What you experience will be personal to you what you need you will receive. It is a purely magical experience. Something that touches you to your core. Bily works from his heart – he makes you feel safe and calm. Once you connect with Bily you will share with your friends – trust me. Book a session with Bily you will never forget it an journey and an experience of a lifetime much love to you dee xxx

Bily Ariel Šinkovec

I am in love with the bday gift that I got for myself, a new COD(ChakraOvertoneDrum) with 8 notes and some special custom art channeled for me, so I can share with all of you the fruits of deep transformation that I’ve been going through.

It’s been about 2-3 weeks now and I am just amazed by it. Something like being in the right place in the right time attracting beautiful people and sharing the medicine of my heart.

I am doing
~Chakra Allignment Transmission~
sessions by tunning with the highest possible guidance to transmit the melody of your heart.
It’s about tunning into our connected energy field and responding through play – to open, clear, balance, allign the Chakras and more than that.
Each session is very unique and each speaks for itself, so I realised that for anyone to get a sense of what it is ~ I’ll be collecting fresh feedback reports.

Most recent one:
Receiving alignment transmission from Bily took me through a deep and profound journey. From connection with totem animals to being pulled apart and reassembled at the level of the smallest particles, I feel such a wide range of things happened that to try to use words would always fall short. The easiest thing to express is this feeling I have now that can be described as the biggest inner smile possible. Thank you Bily for allowing your gift to shine through.


I am in the process of developing a platform where I will present more of what I do.
If anyone resonates with this medicine, you are welcome to get in touch with me for a private/group sesison.
Stay tuned !

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I highly recommend that you check out and subscribe to life_of_lila_7 her blogs are written in a way that everyone can relate to no matter what age you are and her videos are entertaining . Blogger.


Check out Jeanne Prinzivalli – Counselor specializng in SELF-ESTEEM. – An amazing woman I have had the pleasure to meet through my work.


If you love astrology you will love in my humble observation.

Kaypacha – New paradigm astrology. He puts up a pele report on you tube each week. After I wrote connecting to life’s compass, as this was about the new paradigm. I googled new paradigm to see if anyone else was writing about it. This is when I found Kaypacha and I have watched his report every week since, talks the same language even from a different perspective. Shows how everything leads the same way. Check him out. It equally shows that you do not have to been into something or understand it to join in and enjoy it too. I know nothing about astrology physically speaking yet I love this mans energy and pele reports.



Dolores Cannon –  I have read many of her books when I was searching for information on aliens, as I was trying to find out if anyone had wrote about similar experiences to what I had. This lead me and my daughter and husband to having a QHHT session with Maria Angeles Martinez.

QHHT is quantum healing hypnosis therapy. Past life regression is very valuable if you wish to understand your life which has continued from your past life. I found it very valuable and so did my husband and my daughter who also had a session with Maria. We liked Maria’s work ethics and how she is passionate about her work, we loved that she works from her heart and explains everything. We felt comfortable and her professionalism stood out during the session with a non judgement tone to her voice, she has a depth and an ability to follow any subject matter that arises during the session, even though it is personal to you. I highly recommend Maria to anyone who is looking to have a QHHT session. You will find it valuable in your life. I am going to have another session some time soon as it opens a door to so much more.


Maria Angeles Martinez contact details are : Email :

Another friend of mine to look out for who is an inspirational writer is Brian Belo. I have been lucky enough to see the gifts in him and in his creative writing  field. He is talented and together with his work ethics and passion he produces some amazing material. He is a writer to look out for.


Another person who has crossed my path that I met through having QHHT, is a freelance journalist, her name is Christina Bucher. Christina wrote an article on Maria who does the QHHT. In doing so Christina went on to write an article on myself on growing up being psychic. This article is yet to be printed in Its Fate Chat magazine.

Christina wrote the article in a heartfelt non judge-mental and kind way. It has been a pleasure working with Christina as her approach is refreshing and  open to what your topic is. It is so lovely to know what you discuss is treated with respect. I highly recommend  Christina as a journalist, who will treat you not only with respect, but her professionalism outshines in a depth that I have not come across before.

Christina Bucher contact details, Email: