Connections & Recommendations

Here I will be sharing with you the people I have met who have touched my heart with their gifts and skills. I will be adding books I feel are valuable to read. Please feel free to email me if you would like to share your connections too.

I highly recommend that you check out and subscribe to Sugar Coated Nothings @sugarcoatednothingsss – her blogs are written in a way that everyone can relate to no matter what age you are. Blogger.

Check out Jeanne Prinzivalli – Counselor specializng in SELF-ESTEEM. – An amazing woman I have had the pleasure to meet through my work.

If you love astrology you will love in my humble observation.

Kaypacha – New paradigm astrology. He puts up a pele report on you tube each week. After I wrote connecting to life’s compass, as this was about the new paradigm. I googled new paradigm to see if anyone else was writing about it. This is when I found Kaypacha and I have watched his report every week since, talks the same language even from a different perspective. Shows how everything leads the same way. Check him out. It equally shows that you do not have to been into something or understand it to join in and enjoy it too. I know nothing about astrology physically speaking yet I love this mans energy and pele reports.


Dolores Cannon –  I have read many of her books when I was searching for information on aliens, as I was trying to find out if anyone had wrote about similar experiences to what I had. This lead me and my daughter and husband to having a QHHT session with Maria Angeles Martinez.

QHHT is quantum healing hypnosis therapy. Past life regression is very valuable if you wish to understand your life which has continued from your past life. I found it very valuable and so did my husband and my daughter who also had a session with Maria. We liked Maria’s work ethics and how she is passionate about her work, we loved that she works from her heart and explains everything. We felt comfortable and her professionalism stood out during the session with a non judgement tone to her voice, she has a depth and an ability to follow any subject matter that arises during the session, even though it is personal to you. I highly recommend Maria to anyone who is looking to have a QHHT session. You will find it valuable in your life. I am going to have another session some time soon as it opens a door to so much more.

Maria Angeles Martinez contact details are : Email :

Another friend of mine to look out for who is an inspirational writer is Brian Belo. I have been lucky enough to see the gifts in him and in his creative writing  field. He is talented and together with his work ethics and passion he produces some amazing material. He is a writer to look out for.


Another person who has crossed my path that I met through having QHHT, is a freelance journalist, her name is Christina Bucher. Christina wrote an article on Maria who does the QHHT. In doing so Christina went on to write an article on myself on growing up being psychic. This article is yet to be printed in Its Fate Chat magazine.

Christina wrote the article in a heartfelt non judge-mental and kind way. It has been a pleasure working with Christina as her approach is refreshing and  open to what your topic is. It is so lovely to know what you discuss is treated with respect. I highly recommend  Christina as a journalist, who will treat you not only with respect, but her professionalism outshines in a depth that I have not come across before.

Christina Bucher contact details, Email: