LOVE…. since a child has been my connection to the bigger picture. It came natural to me to see deeper than what the physical presented to me. I see my abusive start in life that created harsh conditions as a blessing. The situations I found myself in gave me the perfect conditions in which to flex my love muscle. It was not about fighting for my rights or for justice, I chose to understand life from the pieces that I had. This opened up a bigger doorway in which for me to live from. When you are faced with fear for many years it either becomes your prison and maze or it shines truth.

I chose to face fear full on not as my enemy, I saw it for what it is a Veil that is used to hide behind. Anything we do not understand builds the energy of fear. It triggers many emotions that makes us feel we are out of control. The marathon runner’s wall, reminds me what fear is like. You cannot physically see it or hold it yet it feels solid and real. It is energy and this alone shows how powerful energy is. It creates a reflection in which for us to face. After all our soul is energy so we all need soul reflections.

From the age of 4 years old, I followed my heart not my mind or fear, by choosing this way in which to live. I came up against the duality of the physical. Not good vs evil or wrong or right. It has nothing to do with rank or grade it is simply truth. Truth does not need to be any of the labels we are encouraged to live by as a guide.Truth is your guide connected by consciousness, which is called your conscience.

We big ourselves up to protect ourselves in fear we will be beaten. Yet in truth the only opponent you will come up against is yourself. Getting over yourself is a big challenge, as this means letting go of barriers and limitation and fear of facing life. Since I was a child I faced life from both sides of the coin not just the physical which is one side of who we are. People let go of me or I let go of them along the way. I have been a threat at times by shining the bigger picture as the physical only wants the physical and has no room for the soul.

This is now changing souls are waking up, there is no where to hide, we all will face ourselves. This is not just about this life time, it is about our total history before this life time experience. This is what I recently wrote on Facebook.

Now is the time to be connected to your soul. What is your soul you may ask? The physical has had the focus of attention that we barely give our soul a second thought. Yet we use sentences like.. that is so soul destroying. We reference the soul with not much thought. The soul is in the driving seat now, your soul will drive you forward even if you are physically not aware.

ACHO also shared this during a chat with me.

2017 Marks the spot x

The past – anything that needs straightening out will be addressed. It does not matter your age, class, gender, wealth, dictatorship, or status. Everyone is accounted for. What is meant to stay will. What is to be discarded will be removed – let go. Situations will occur which changes the scene. Earth structurally is being re-shaped-reset. Everything is ACCESSIBLE – NOW – TOTAL – ALL – EVERYTHING. Time does not separate access from past events/experiences.

Trust yourself to know yourselves to carry yourselves to serve yourselves. What you see before your eyes is not your future. It is being tweaked and changed. PRE-RE-SET. We have had the PRE RUN, we are now on RE-STRUCTURE- next is SET. We are in important times. Exciting times, earth has not had this movement RE-STRUCTURING since TIME began. Man mad time began. When did time begin? no one knows for sure.

Your path ahead is unique to you, following the masses no longer serves you.


It is time to get your life together by October. The stronger you are in yourself the easier the change is. It is exciting when you feel your strength. It is time for history to not repeat itself. New horizon and fresh page for all. Know what you want even when you cannot see it. Changes going on now are not by chance. We may think the rulers rule, natural law does not need rules it flows in perfect rhythm .Follow what guides you, listen to you. Be awake and alert it is time for you to connect with you so you see the bigger picture. Natural rhythms do not need to fight to grow, the energy and magnetism brings everything into a alignment. The shadow will be lifted and what faces us is our true reflection. As events of the future unfold we will see and know and feel that we have never been alone. Your path will open up for you in ways where you will see that you have been listened to where the physical can no longer shadow it.

It is time to face your gold in you. xx