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⭕️Soul Readings -£50
⭕️ Soul Readings with Soul Transference – £70
Soul transference is where you connect with your soul without your physical self getting in the way – you get to face your soul and experience what your soul feels like – a very unique experience
⭕️ one question answer readings via text – £10

You Pay For My Time
Much love to you Dee xxx


Firstly I will look at your soul – I will see how connected you are to your soul. How I see your soul is like looking in the mirror at your reflection, only what I look at is not your physical image but your soul – which discloses your soul map.

If this is your first introduction to your soul – I will ask you to draw a circle o – around the circle write the numbers 12-3-6-9 – inside the circle draw a line from number 12 to number 6 then draw a line from number 9 to number 3.- it should look like a cross in the middle of a circle. Then draw a 0 next to number 12 – this is when you entered the earth – when you where born. I then will be shown information about your physical history so far.

Because your soul is Unique to you no two soul readings are the same.

The outer ring of the circle is your soul path – what is going on inside the circle is your physical path. The soul has the physical covered – the physical is only limited to the physical.

If you are already connected to your soul – I will then by pass the physical route and go straight to your soul – where I will be shown where your souls bi-location is in the universe – that matches your energy signature and character; it will explain what your soul looks like, in energy as well as your map if it is what you need.  Some get more info universe side than others – it depends on why you are here at this time and what your ready to hear.

I will go on to explain your reason for being here and what you have chosen to experience. You will get exactly what you need the soul don’t lie – it won’t give you what you physically want – the soul is a process and will go at your pace of disclosing more about you. It does not give you everything at once – it gives you what you need for now and when you have processed it  – it will then give you more when your ready. There is always more with the soul as your soul is infinite.

If you are experienced and comfortable with your soul connection – You may choose to book Soul Transference within your soul reading package – this is where you totally let go of your physical self and enter your soul pool as I call it – and transfer from the physical energy to your soul energy. What you experience will be unique to you – some notice that their vision goes blurred they may feel light headed – some feel lighter – safe and feeling of calm. It is quite a soul trip.

Your soul is like your own soul pool – think of a swimming pool – as an example. Like some people jump straight in to a swimming pool regardless of how warm it is, if your like be I enter bit by bit. What you experience during soul transference is what you are ready to receive. I am not a magician I am just an observer guiding the session. I always trust what ever you receive in a soul reading is exactly what you need in that moment. Some people connect totally with their soul without the physical getting in the way straight away – for some they may have a few sessions and connect bit by bit.

Once connection is made on any level there is no going back – your soul will continue where we left off and guide you in your every day life. Your soul will encourage you to expand more so you will be ready to receive more.

Soul Transference are life changing .


UPDATE 30-8-2019

As I have already said there is always more to expand on. During a soul reading this week, the soul reflecting back at me was what I will call a duality soul.

Like some physical people can use both hands to write they are not just right or left handed.Usually during a soul reading while I do soul transference I encourage souls to let go of the physical in which to connect to the soul totally. This soul did not need to let go of the physical in which to connect with their soul because the physical of the frequency was not getting in their way or causing distortion. So this soul is able to enjoy both the physical and be total soul, switching between the two. I on the other hand chose to be total soul which has the physical covered. This soul was a new type of soul for me to meet which I explained as a Duality soul. Each frequency – be it the physical frequency or the soul frequency where balanced without tipping. It was like talking to a dual twin in one – no separation or divide this soul had the ability to be at one with the soul and the physical  like we use both our hands at the same time.

This was a fascinating soul to meet and to connect with, I am sure as I meet more souls there will always be more updates as the understanding of a soul expands.

I will be aware of this in soul readings as not all souls need to let go of the physical in which to be totally connected with their soul. You can literally have both and enjoy both equally without either one getting in the way of the other.


I work with my guide Acho – he is pure energy – he has no form – we work together as one combined – and  he over sees the reading as well as guide it.

If you feel you know people who would be interested in a soul reading  – please share them by directing them to my website so they are able to research them for themselves.

You will receive what you personally need in a soul reading – tailor made to yourself – you will not be rushed or pushed into anything that your not ready for.

Soul readings are a process as the soul is infinite so there is always more not less. So the soul knows their is no rush.

PATIENCE is required at times.

Much love to you

dee xxx

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Face to face at my house in Loughton.

Or Phone & Skype

(Text for one question answer readings only ).

Readings last anything from one hour to a couple of hours depending on what comes through for you.

If you are interested in having a reading you will find my contact details on the contact link.

Please research me so you know how I work, so you will know if I am what you want.

If you have any questions or enquiries please get in touch

Readings are £50

Soul Readings with Soul Transference  are £70

Much love

Dee xx


These are done in 2 simple steps

1- Pay £10

2- Send me your question via text

3- Receive your guidance answer asap.

Handy if you just need guidance to a decision your making and don’t need a full reading –  no waiting around  – guidance on the Go.