How SOUL DISCLOSURE began – starting from the year 2008 which brings us to the present day.

The year 2008.
I started to notice how sensitive I was to other people’s energy.
Being in queue’s or crowds started to affect me. I felt light headed and faint.
I put it down to an awakening.
Until one day while out with my husband on a bus up in London, I fainted.
I had to be carried of the bus, I had never fainted before in my life.
So I booked a doctors appointment, although deep down inside I knew it was an awakening, I wanted to rule out the physical first, to confirm what I felt.
I had a blood test and had a check up and everything came back fine.
At this point I knew I was being introduced to energy & frequency & vibration.
First base was the physical reaction and then came the soul connection.
And so the journey of the soul begins.
Learning about the energy Grail of life mostly happened at night, I call it universal school.

Over the coming months and years, learning about energy was like going down the rabbit hole of Alice In energy land.
I never knew the language of the universe would be so different, to what we physically experience.
On earth we have to take a ride at a theme park to experience G force speeds.
Explaining what I have experienced is not always easy, as our language translation has no words in which to match it.

It has at times been like facing those funny mirrors at the fair ground that distorts your face and image, you feel it not just observe or look at it.
Frequency definitely can distort, I have felt the affects of distortion, the weight of energy pushing down on my head like being in a cramped space, my face distorting like in the film Lucy.
When I was first introduced to energy, I could not move in my bed, this is so the physical does no get in the way of the experience. I then would travel at speed through the energy tunnel. It is beyond G force speed.
When you come out the other end of the energy tunnel, you could be on another planet etc… It depends on what I was being shown in the universe.
Sometimes I did not go through the energy tunnel, and travelled like shape shifting through form energy, of a dolphin and another time was a hawk like bird.
Whilst being in a different body form I still had all my consciousness as me dee. While experiencing what it felt like to swim in the sea like a dolphin or fly like a bird. It taught me that the body shape and form does not matter as we are consciousness, experiencing through the body forms that we have chosen.
It is all about experience, without experience how would we understand.
Energy travel happens in many ways. Depends on what you are learning to remember or wishing to experience.

The matrix grid of the universe is like a spiders web of intricate detail.
The cosmic brain of life, the main source code that aligns everything.
What I have experienced would sound nuts, because it is the opposite of what we are taught here.
I had only been aware of the basics of gravity or ant gravity – physically speaking.
The universe is multi dimensional, it creates and expands in every space, it is a point of connection as well as a wave or pulse and more.

Entering energy is like going off grid from the physical.
Into infinite possibilities.
No limitation …
I am sure you get the drift how vast energy is, how it is everything, and can be anything you want it to be.
What ever you wish to experience no matter how far fetched it seems, it happens and comes alive in the universe.
Just because it is not seen in the lower frequencies of earth, you are experiencing it but your physical self is not remembering it.
So the 2nd part to understanding the soul was through the energy matrix.
The 1st part was getting through the distortion of the physical and everything that comes with it. This is the hardest part to get through, it is like a birth squeezing through yourself, getting over your physical self, like shedding the physical flesh.
Facing yourself, your physical history, then letting go, opens up the magical door of the unknown so everything you wish to remember is revealed to you.
It is challenging to let go of the physical, as we are taught to hold on. To travel the universe you let go.
Letting go of fear, inhibitions, judgment, ego, etc etc and free falling into the safety and comfort of the energy of the universe, you become your natural state at one with everything.
I have called this point zero which I will go into later.
It is who you are your infinite natural state.
The physical is the energy mask a veil that hides your real identity.
I will go into this later with soul map disclosure.
So this is how the soul journey began.

Next in 2009 the universal message was disclosed to me, I knew back then it was important. I felt the urgency of it, how important I could never have guessed, but now I know why.
It was an introduction to the changes we are facing now.


The year 2009.
Universal Message Please Read!!!

I was shown a bolt of electricity, an intense power, the power is strong.
( I see a sunset not traditional, the sun looked calm, focused and paler in colour).
Looked different to how I have seen it.
Then I am shown an intense cloud bank, ( this is were our language fails me to find the correct word as there is not one).
Looking at its presence and atmospheric energy field it is intense.
A metaphor it is like a space ship landing but it is not ???
Resembles … Best description as what I am seeing I have not seen before in this physical life time, so I have limited explanation.
A powerful landing / emerging.
In front of this along its length are rows and crowds of people/ entity/ spirit people.
Identity unknown as yet or could resemble.
Something these people reminded to look at.
Example … The matrix, the men in black or some kind of intelligence emerging from the energy field.
It’s intensity is like a vacuum with oxygen sucked out or very low – making the physical body hard to breath if you got close to it.
It does not match our living life atmosphere it is a different frequency/ vibration, a different realm life force/ vibration to how we live here on earth.

I would not be surprised if strange things / phenomena / happenings start occurring in the next approx 3 days/ 3 weeks which will be an onward progression for possibly years until transition is complete.

Such as – example …. Cars overturning, blips on computers and on any form of electrical frequencies, equipment/ communication airwaves, including electric sat navs, radar, and any type of electrical equipment. Be it space frequencies/ NASA included.
Anything in these areas will be affected causing accidents.
There is an interference with any form of electrical equipment which is used in our world causing overheating, burn out, breakdown, dis function, malfunction, causing havoc by an unknown force.
Meaning phenomena not physical.

If you have any important information on computers please save copies away from the main frame.
Any valuable knowledge about anything, as we are on the verge of major happenings.
We are going back before we go forward.

When I first received this message all I could do at the time was share it as I knew it was important. Although at the time I knew I would look and sound nuts.
It was such a random message at the time, one that even I did not understand, until now.
I did not care about how I looked, as a messenger it is my service to pass on messages.
Once I had shared the message as much as I could at that time I let it just sit in my notebook.
I now see how all the information that I have collected over the years in my notebook, matches what I have been told now.
The penny dropped it all linked up.
When I got information in pieces, each piece did not make sense. I just kept following the trail…until now in 2017 it makes sense.
Once I pieced it all together.
Next I will share these pieces, you will see how random they are. I thought it was a personal journey of my own learning about life and the universe.
How wrong I was, it is information of disclosure to share with everyone.
This is my soul mission, to share what I have been shown, it does not matter how it is physically received as deep down inside I know the soul is awakening and ready to hear it.
It is time for it to be shared.

Date of entry 22nd May 2011.
With my guide Ramini I was shown a room. The room was empty as I looked into it. Yet I was aware and felt that it was not.
As I entered the room opposite is a book shelf, only a small book shelf with a handful of books on it.
These books have unusual markings on the backbone of the spine of the book. I was told these books hold everything about life on earth. It’s history if you like and all the different maps over centuries of how the landscape has changed.
These books are logs if you like of everything that has ever happened on earth, all consciousness and meaningful experiences.

I said well considering centuries have gone by there don’t seem many books? I asked questioning this.
The reply was shown to me, as I reached and opened one book, the page opened up like a concertina effect. So one page is like a book in itself.
This is why it can hold so much information.
Satisfied with my answer as I scanned a few more of the pages. I noticed the different maps. I knew I held at that moment all the knowledge I wanted to digest, yet I knew I could go back another time that it was not just a one off visit.

I am not eager I like to take my time, when I am ready for more information, no rush after all, it is all there for when the time feels right.
I put the book back, now I am curious about the room I am standing in. As I turned around, the empty room became full of the earths country’s and buildings of the earth, like in miniature.
Everything no matter what country I wanted to look at, it appeared in the room before me.
What ever I thought I could see.
It all fitted in this room as if size didn’t matter, it all fitted and didn’t seem odd at all.
It is the way it worked.
Then as I turned to look at the book shelf all the worlds places vanished and became an empty room again. So I turned away from the book shelf to look at the empty room and the places appeared again.
This showed me that all is not seen by the physical eye.

Then to the right of me I saw a round ball like the earth, with all the people of the earth only on it and nothing else.
So before me I can see the books and logs of knowledge – then the buildings and now this earth ball shape with only people on it.
Separate yet all 3 are connected as one.
It was explained to me that all of earths history from buildings and ancient relics, anything of research.
That people who searched for the truth of life would only ever find bits and pieces.
What this means is this… Anything from maths, to myths, is like searching for many book covers, bits of information.
They said the only thing stopping man from finding out the truth is themselves.
Because they are busy searching for treasure and always have since time began.
Searching the caves, the pyramids, searching the sea, searching the skies and space. Searching old relics, scripts, symbols to find the key. They will never understand the bigger picture of truth this way.
The truth is revealed from within.
This is why the golden knowledge of truth is untouchable to mans hands.
It is seen through the eyes of the soul.
The truth is found by a few who have travelled in the silence of themselves.

This is why man will not destroy earth, no matter how much knowledge they think they have.
The energy protects, it is a greater force encasing all life.
On the ball of the sphere I see man is separate from LIFES truth.
Because they separated themselves from it.
Greed – fear – when they remember the truth and see the truth they will remember their connection to all of life and it will become a way of life.
A path that is through themselves.
There are no short cuts.

July 2011 after two years of work, my first book was published and completed by strategic book publishers in America, after receiving my first few copies, it was available to buy on different platforms. Amazon being one of them.
Although my grammar was not very good, plus not being tech savvy, the only way I could face this is by being honest during the publishing process each department I met offered me patience, support and understanding.
Not having a clue how a book is published, I am glad I faced my fears of inadequacy, holding your book in your hand is an experience I will never forget. At that point it was not about how many it sold, the book was a gift of my life, the experience and knowledge, holding my life in my hands was a gift in return.
A labour of love you could say.

The year 2012- (Milab) – I started to get flash backs. It was not until what followed this same year, did I know what this experience was. I was told it was Milab, not ever heard of this I looked it up. Over the following couple of years I talked to people in this field who confirmed this for me.
The flash back started like this..
I was lying on what looked like to me a metal lipped tray as I called it as It was not the normal doctors examining couch.
I called it a tray because as I looked down I could see the lip all around the edge, and could feel it with my feet.
I could not move I was strapped down by what looked like a brown strap. I just could not move apart from twisting my legs from the knee down as the straps where above this point of my body.
I felt like I was tilted head down, and moved head first.
There is a man to my right – I could only see from the waist down at first, he had a long white jacket on like a lab coat that came to his knees,he had trousers on underneath. He had a distinctive badge on the right hand side of his pocket, it was oblong shaped but with detail at the top so not just a box oblong. Had pockets.
His jacket was open not buttoned up. He looked medium build he had dark hair and glasses, but glasses I feel he had on and off.
There is another man standing angled to him sideways, looking at the two beings at the foot of this trolley, one was holding a clip board.
Feel there are 3 techs and 3 observers.
I tried to call out for help to alert my partner but I could not speak, only a noise came out.
The room is so small, and dimly lit, there is a spot light they pointed at me.
One man in the room was black skinned in a brown suite not wearing a white lab coat.
They where interested in my head, the front temples of my head.
While trying to scream out for my partner the next thing I know I am back in my bed.
The second flash back I had which I feel is connected with this experience…before getting to the room.
I was being wheeled on this metal tray trolley…there are people in front of the trolley and behind.
It looks make shift as didn’t look like a normal hospital.
As I looked to my left I could see brown brick wall as if it was the outside of a building, to my right I could see lots of cubical rooms partitioned off with plastic, it reminded me of the film ET when they where examining him.
The door to each cubical had plastic hanging from a pole which you could enter either side of this plastic.
It didn’t look like a regular place, make shift in some way.
The picture I have included of the trolley is the closest I could find to resemble it.
It was a shiny metal trolley, with a lip, that tilted, that had a cross over bar underneath.
Although I was lying on this trolley and could not move, I could see everything even under the trolley, which you physically would not be able to do.
It was like I was consciously free from my body so I could observe more than my physical body could.
Although they where interested in my head, being in this altered state, I was still able to be connected to my home life and partner.
I do have a strong will.
I don’t feel they where able to get from me what they wished.
Milab is military abductions.

Year 2012- it was around the time of the Olympics, myself and my husband took our dogs for a walk. On the way home we could see in front of us five black triangle craft, nothing like we had seen in the sky before. They where all close together, it was still daylight so no visible lights came from these triangle craft. The thing that we noticed the most especially as there where five of them. They made no sound, they where silent. The front had a dome bit on it so they where not totally flat.
Then they just disappeared.
Some time later I talked to a MR H, I am not giving his name as I do not have his permission, we talked on the phone as he was interested in this sighting. I then asked him if he knew anything about my experience on the metal trolley, after giving him the details, he told me it sounded like Milab…I asked what is that? He just said military abduction look it up.
As I work on my own, and do not always have much physical knowledge of what I experience. I write everything down in my notebooks. I then google to see if other like minded people have experienced what I have.
Over the years I have talked to different people who concentrate on their own research in their chosen fields.
I am a bit of a bitsa you could say, bits of many different experiences.
I have come to realize it comes with what I am about.
A traveller of the cosmos how my new guide Acho explained it.
Many pieces which I started to put together over the next few years.

Year 2013- astral travel with my guide Ramini.
As I traveled through space as I will call it, in front of me I see two portals.. Even this was odd to me, after all in the films you only ever see one portal, I have drawn what I saw to the best of my ability,
I moved in the direction of one of the portals, yet the closer I got to it, I could no longer see it. It was like an energy haze was in front of it. You could not see through this haze is was not like looking at cloud.
At this point not knowing what this energy haze was, not knowing if the portal would be behind this haze or not, not knowing if I would even get lost in the haze. What gave me the confidence was knowing Ramini was by my side.
I decided to trust and blindly go through this energy haze. As I traveled through it and out the other side, there in front of me I could see the portal again.
I traveled up to it, very close, so close in fact I was standing on the entrance, I tried to look through the gap in the entrance (the zig zag bit).
Although the outer energy field span it did not affect me. The energy stayed contained with the portal.
I wanted to go through the portal to see what was the other side, but I was reluctant as I did not know enough about portals at this time or how they work.
I did not want to get lost in it and then not able to get back to my kids.
Curiosity is never enough for me, I have to fully understand something before connecting with it.
I call it responsibility.
Because I was not able to see through the gaps enough to make out what was there, I could see blue colour reminded me of the sky, but it was such a small glimpse it was just not enough to get a picture of what is the other side.
So I decided to go back home, I was happy with what I had seen so far, not one portal but two.
I know when I know more about them I will go through the portal next time.
The other thing that struck me with the portal, how big it was. It was massive, I felt like a little dot standing on the edge.
I never realized they where that big.

Between the years 2013-2016 I had travelled to other planets, seen how they live on other planets. Some are similar some are not.
One visit I remember, I was standing outside on the grass like it was an airfield, sitting on wooden benches waiting to board a train.
Everyone started to get up and walk inside.
When I entered and stood on the platform, I noticed how big it was, not like in England. The station was underground or completely covered let’s put it that way.
It was spotless, but I noticed it had no signs or information,the other side of the platform was one lady sitting on a chair. It was like everyone knew what they was doing and where this train headed.
When the train pulled up at the station, it was a double decker train, dark in colour, it had no windows and no door was visible. The door slid open.

Inside the train it looked like a double decker bus, 6 people sat in a block of two rows of three, facing each other. You could sit up stairs if you wanted to.
It was dark inside dimly lit which made it hard to see.
I struggled to get a seat, I kept leaving my white coat behind, I did it once outside when sitting on the bench, a brown haired lady gave it to me. I followed her as she had been so helpful and friendly.
When the train stopped, I got off, there where no sign posts or information.
I spotted a lady sitting on the other side of the platform, not knowing where I am, I said to her I am trying to find my way back to loughton.
She pointed me into a direction.
As I walk there are lots of people selling things,many stalls. I came across a lady selling puppies in a open plastic tray, there where 6-8 puppies. It was odd as they where standing on snow in the tray and it was all over their fur. I questioned in my head but I did not say anything. I just commented what lovely puppies she had. They where playing rolling around each other so happy In this open tray. One puppy went on its hind legs and sniffed my hand. I said to this lady I am trying to get home to loughton.
She said you can either take the over head baskets, reminded me of sitting in a ferric wheel carriage.
I was just about to say I don’t know where to go…
When a party of kids came running forward and took all the carriages so this option was out of the window.

She said I can take the silver bullet looking train that takes up to ten people,it has Windows, but I was not feeling this one.
I said this is nothing like the central line, how do I get back to the other double decker train I came on?
She took my hand like I was a lost child, and showed me, we walked through the busy crowds. On my left I noticed an indoor swimming pool, I could feel the heat and steam as I walked past. It was like everything all under one social complex.
Back at the train I said thank you and went home.
It struck me how in some ways it was similar to here, but the atmosphere was knowing and trusting.
It was like a transparency of knowing and trust, so nothing needed to be locked up. Everything was known by the energy atmosphere.

Other planets are not so similar, on one of the planets I visited there are all animals of every kind. But no humans.

It is such a multi colour universe out there.
I am now going to move on to the year 2014.

The year 2014 – Lectern room circle.
Ramini took me on one of our visits.
He showed me a man in a red cloak that is tied around the neck.
The cloak didn’t touch the floor it was calf length, inside the hood it looked black but the outside of the cloak was red.
I could not see the face as the room was dimly lit.
This man stood in front of a lectern, they looked like stones resting on top of each other with a flat top, reminded me of stone henge.
The person next to him had the same stone lectern, then the man next to him had the same, a man in casually dressed of trousers with a shirt that had rolled up sleeves.
The next lectern that was empty with no one behind it, then the next one had someone standing behind it, a dark haired woman.
The scene froze, it felt like the empty lectern zoomed in to me as a voice said this space is for you.
Not understanding this scene I got out of this visitation, although I trust Ramini with all my soul, and knew there was a meaning to all this, just tonight I didn’t know what It was.
Fast forward to 2017 it all becomes clear – that this was not a visit after all, it was a introduction.
I will explain this more in 2017.

Year 2015 – at the beginning of this year, I felt the energy inside of me, urging me to write another book. It would be a book to explain LIFES history, the cycles and patterns of life. A book that will explain the old paradigm that most of us have known, so we understand why the new paradigm is here.
Out with the old frequency of fear, here comes the frequency of love.
Transparency, of mind, body, heart, soul, spirit…
Truth, honesty, reality, the veil has been lifted, to understand the big changes that we are now facing, this book was written like a guidance manual, that explained why?
As it was a message from the universe, it is available to read for free on my website –
My soul has chosen to be a messenger, to pass on information of guidance.
It is not rules of judgment, it is about understanding moving forward.
Going back to come forward.
What I am guided to share, is done from a place of love.
It is not a business, it is purely to help and guide souls to their own truth of themselves.
You cannot make up your own truth it is highlighted on your soul.
It belongs to you, created by you, you carry it always with you, the tricky bit is getting past the distortion frequencies of the physical in which to observe it.
It is soul time, the physical has had its day of separating you, now it is time for connection with your truth inside you.
Are you ready to know who you are?
If you are keep reading…

The year 2015 – frequency sound.
Date – 13th October
I woke up this morning with a frequency sound in my ear a static frequency sound.
That night on going to bed I decided to tune in to this sound from my left ear, on doing so I was shown something about the future.
I soon realized that this frequency I was able to pick up is the frequency of the new paradigm.
The frequency which has been with me ever since, sometimes it is more prominent than other times. A signature frequency that connects me with the new paradigm.
The bigger picture, the total picture, of everything – past – present – future – now.
A frequency that has opened me up to our universal source of knowing.

Year 2015 – Energy travel vs Time travel
Date 16th September.
Many films show that time travel is all about time.
Set the clock – date – year etc..
Yet how is this possible when time does not exist- what time would you go on?
If the the time set on earth is so different depending on what time zone you are in, in each country.
My today is Australia’s yesterday.
So how do you set the time travel clock?
This distortion would equally apply away from earth.
Time on earth works by giving it energy, either batteries or electrical input.
Time stops without any power going to it.
To travel the matrix of life goes further than a power pack, and a date of time set.

To understand what is called time travel – is in my humble observation really energy travel.
To energy travel you use consciousness. Nothing physical – no time, calendars of date and years.
Going the physical of what is known as time travel, is like using a wind up clock. You will hit distortion.
The energy of all life that I call point zero, is a matrix of signature frequencies in which to travel consciously.
Time travel to me is like bouncing on a trampoline, you will only get so far.
As time is a label created to manage a day.
If we took time away, dates and calendars what would be in?
We would be what we have always be in a continuous never ending multi faceted frequency of now.
When we exit earth we do not take a watch with us, so how do we exist without it?
It is our natural state connection infinitely, that time tries to distort by managing and putting order to our day.
You are free from time, you are more than time.

Year 2016- inside a space cigar city space ship.
Date 26th March.
As I went to bed and before I fell asleep.
I rose up and as I rose up and looked up.
I see that I am inside a dome shape space alien craft.
That is traveling inside the city ship.
Yet it is not how I would imagine a alien craft to be like.
No flashing lights.
It looked grey darkish inside yet around the dome I could see pillar like building.
It was like looking at a city sky line inside this dome.
It went on for miles, it was so deep and tall.
Sky scraper would look small in comparison.
Within the walls of the dome was like a city.
We kept traveling up inside this city ship, that did not seem to have any end in sight.
Everything looked the same inside, nothing stood out, apart from the pillars, and intricate detail.
It was so big, yet I was still able to see the walls of the ship as if it was closer than what it is. Physical vision would not have been able to see the detail, yet I could.
I got bored with traveling up the craft that I decided to finish it.
I had seen enough for now and welcomed the experience.
The universe is a magical place.

Year 2016 – lectern circle visit 2nd time.
Date 24th October.
I wanted to understand more about the lectern room.
On this visit, I could see all the lecterns in a circle, two people where chatting to my left.
It was more visible and not so dark.
The center of the lectern circle got my attention.
The energy felt like a portal, in which anything can be accessed.
The energy within this circle got my full attention, and I liked what I saw.
Happy with the connection – some how visiting it again out of choice made more sense to me, yet in 2017 it all became much clearer when I welcomed my new guide to work with me in January 2017.
This is when all the pieces I had so far, started to link together giving me a bigger picture.
I was ready to receive not only my new guide Acho but to welcome the information that he would disclose to me.
I just had a few last things to sort out before disclosure could begin.

Year 2017 – welcome Acho.
Date 1st January
Acho is energy without a body form, his energy he will transform into something visual for me to visually recognise him. This happened to start with until I got use to his frequency. His name Acho is more a sound, a vibration, a tone.
You could say a signature tone.
Being conscious creates many tones and many forms.
Where Acho is from, is totally different to earth, as we have physical structures.
Where Acho is from vibration creates the images and structures.
Some may call it a hologram – the physical would not view it as real because it is not physically solid.
Acho says the structures where he is from are stronger than our buildings, as they cannot be knocked down and destroyed in the physical sense.
The physical is dense, where he is from you could say it is pliable resonance.
He has told me that so much has been hidden – it is now time for disclosure.
Everyone is consciousness and energy, some are more conscious than others.
Some need rules, some need boundaries – to master free will takes many experiences.
His character is straight to the point, firm in meaning, no faffing, sure in his tone of knowing.
At first welcoming Acho to work with me was not easy, it took me 2 years to accept change. I had grown up with Ramini and worked with him for nearly 50 years, I never thought my guide would ever change.
Ramini is still around he has just stepped aside so Acho can continue working with me now.
Facing the unknown and starting all over again, has been easy, and opened up so much more than I thought was possible.
So the journey begins of soul disclosure.

Date of entry – 9th February 2017
Over the last few weeks, readings changed from concentrating on the physical, to focusing on the soul.
We think the physical holds the soul up, yet it is the soul that connects all the dots to the physical.
The more I did soul readings the more information surfaced, not just awareness of what is going on in the physical.
It looked like people where having life reviews, what it reminded me of.
It is now time for people to remember why they are here, who they are and their true identity.
The physical is like a mask, the soul tells your history, not just physically, not just past lives physically speaking, but your cosmic history….
Soul readings are part of the soul disclosure but on a personal level.
You can read more about them on my website.
Soul readings are personal, this is my graph that I was shown, it goes into more detail, this is just a visual.There is not one graph, these change depending on what needs to be addressed.
Soul readings, revealed how we set age targets for ourselves, example say if a person has chosen the challenge in this life time, to be able to settle in a relationship by the age of 35.
If this is not achieved on the physical path by the age target that the person has set, then that person has reached its limit.
No matter how much they try at relationships, they won’t settle as the set age target has been reached.
What ever targets have been set on the soul map, the physical path cannot over ride it.
The soul is like it’s written in marker pen, the physical is in pencil and can always be altered, the soul map does not.
What we choose to experience and target for ourselves is decided before we come to earth.
When we are in the physical we forget we have our own soul map, we ignore it.
Soul readings reveal the bigger picture, which gives more sense to why we experience what we do in the physical.
Why soul readings are beneficial to understanding your physical path, letting you know if your on track, if your wasting your time in a situation or not?
Soul readings don’t lie they come from source a place of truth and knowing.
The truth is not always easy to hear and sometimes we are not ready.
Soul readings reveal information at a pace that benefits you.
You can read feedback on soul readings on my website.
They are very different nothing like a normal reading.
Some soul readings will just introduce the person to their soul because they are so disconnected by the physical.
The more connected you are the more that is revealed.
Soul readings cannot disclose information if you are not ready.
Why they are so personal.
Soul readings, revealed how we set age targets for ourselves, example say if a person has chosen the challenge in this life time, to be able to settle in a relationship by the age of 35.
If this is not achieved on the physical path by the age target that the person has set, then that person has reached its limit.
No matter how much they try at relationships, they won’t settle as the set age target has been reached.
What ever targets have been set on the soul map, the physical path cannot over ride it.
The soul is like it’s written in marker pen, the physical is in pencil and can always be altered, the soul map does not.
What we choose to experience and target for ourselves is decided before we come to earth.
When we are in the physical we forget we have our own soul map, we ignore it.
Soul readings reveal the bigger picture, which gives more sense to why we experience what we do in the physical.
Why soul readings are beneficial to understanding your physical path, letting you know if your on track, if your wasting your time in a situation or not?
Soul readings don’t lie they come from source a place of truth and knowing.
The truth is not always easy to hear and sometimes we are not ready.
Soul readings reveal information at a pace that benefits you.
You can read feedback on soul readings on my website.
They are very different nothing like a normal reading.
Some soul readings will just introduce the person to their soul because they are so disconnected by the physical.
The more connected you are the more that is revealed.
Soul readings cannot disclose information if you are not ready.
Why they are so personal.

Date of entry – 1st March 2017. – Parallel Dimensions.
Going back to go forwards, Acho said this to me, go back as if the last 50 years had not existed. It’s not an exit it’s a parallel dimension.
The past over the last 50 years in your memory you think is the only experience that is going on, a singular life, there are many going on at the same. The physical frequency that you are tuned in to is the only one you see, hear etc a bit like tuning into a radio to listen to music. The station you are listening to – you know is not the only station available to you. What you listen to is down to personal choice.

This is why deep down you may feel that there is more than this! Or that you are missing out on something more.
There is a multi verse – multi connection. Other lives are going on all at once. You can strand some together, pull other lives up like a file. There is no limitation apart from the limitation you set yourself.
This is why people have sudden luck, or change because they believe their life does not have to stay the same as the one focused on now.

On earth we select, by selection whether a limited choice or not, is self selected, even repeated behavior, habits, or cycles.
If you are focused on logic which is everything physical surface, then you will have little access to more of who you are.
Lower vibrations of surface thoughts, to create a comfortable life regardless of the cost to yourself. Forgetting you came with a comfortable life. When you are more aware of the many layers of your life, the heart opens from viewing life from self survival, to consciously creating life connected to everything around you.
We forget our connection as we view our life as singular.
We may view life as one birth – one death – and don’t think much about what happens before birth or after exit.
Multi layers is the matrix of life, of parallel dimensions that gives us the unlimited experience in an infinite life.
No space is empty – we just think it is – space is creating and expanding all the time.
You may feel your stuck in the physical realm yet your soul knows your are connected to everything.

We may think time gives us beginning, middle and endings to past experiences.
As each new year that we face we may think we have lost opportunities that we missed out on in the past.
We may think that because many years have passed that we have lost what we once had.
The soul has no beginning or middle or end, it is infinitely creating.
We may not face situations, or have been honest and truthful.
We may have hidden how we feel.
Any unfinished business is not erased by time.
The soul knows everything.
The new paradigm that we are in now.
The changes that we are physically facing now, is because the physical energy is fading, so the energy of your soul can shine your path ahead.
Everyone is accounted for.
Everyone has a soul and all living things.
Your soul is what makes your physical experience possible.
I have noticed doing soul readings, that any unfinished business on your soul lineage, will be faced. Going back to go forwards.
This new paradigm is all about facing your self and your own truth.
Not just physical lives, but your soul lives. This is not the same as the physical.

If someone on their soul map has unfinished business from eons ago on another planet, they will go back to that point, to finish what they didn’t.
It is catch up time.
Some will stay and serve here.
Your soul is your true identity and reality which everyone will connect to.
This is why I am writing and sharing as much as I can about it all, so you understand why these changes are occurring.
It is not a physical man made thing, it is all because the souls of everybody are ready for more.

SOUL – Waiting for 2017.
My soul came with my map, from a young child I never forgot where I had come from.
My physical experiences for the last 50 years, helped my soul remember everything that it is to be physical.
Timing in the physical sense is everything and that is why synchronicity is happening.
2017 is the year of disclosure, from April to October of this year. Is when the energy is heightened. The connection to this energy surge will continue over the next two years, where the soul will remember.
You may have found that life has been challenging. Clearing out and sorting out your life, in ways that has meaning rather than existing.
You may feel exhausted with your life and bored, and not feeling happy or content.
This is because the physical does not cut it anymore, your soul is awakening so your life may not feel as good as it did before. You want more and mean it.
You have your soul to thank for that.
Some changes may be subtle, some may be intense.
What ever you need you will face, in which to lift the veil of the physical.
The soul cannot be ignored anymore.
Life as we know it is changing.
You will not find these changes in history.
Everyone is accounted for and will not be lost through these changes.
Even if you find physically what I write boring your soul will remember.
I am talking to your soul self, you will understand what I am sharing.
Even if it is one word of change.
You will read enough to know deep down inside the connection to the information.

Date of entry – 11th April 2017 – Disclosure from Acho about what’s next.
Impulsive actions arise – change occurring now.
No going back – moving forward into place.
RE- alignment – planned events to come, welcome events that creates change – structurally change.
Magnetic pull ready to be switched on now.
What is no longer is gathered together.
Everyone is accounted for – has a position and base line.
There is more on the horizon that looks out of focus yet it is crystal clear.
Imperfections can be covered up but they always reappear if not understood.
Everyone creates their own role, purpose that aligns into the matrix.
Nothing is left out – nothing.

Know your thoughts, be crystal clear of what you know you want.
Thinking creates barriers – knowing opens doors.
October month marker ahead.
The energy surge is like pumping up a half flat ball, in doing so much will fall off.
Any change creates bigger change.
October is the marker of constructing the future now ahead of time.
Everything has been scanned on an energy level, detailed which is why there is not going back.

Date of entry – 24th April 2017 – Disclosure from Acho – addressing the past.
Past – anything that needs straightening out will be addressed.
Does not matter your age, class, gender or wealth or status.
What is meant to stay – will, what is to be discarded will be removed.
Earth structurally is being re shaped, re set.
All is ACCESIBLE, NOW, EVERYTHING, TOTAL ,ALL. There is no division in time.
Trust yourselves to know yourselves to carry yourselves.
What you see before your eyes is not your future. It is being tweaked and changed.
We had the pre run, we are now on re structure, next is set.
We are in important times – exciting – earth has not had this movement re structuring since time began, man made time began.
When did time begin? No one knows for sure.
Earth shift is now.

Date of entry – 16th May – Disclosure from Acho, disruption and letting go.
Surrender the past – the past limitations – the confusion.
The standstill of cycles that continue.
The same old patterns are being disrupted now. Closure is now – in sight very shortly.
Stand in the now with no memory of the past confusion of miss information – realign to the present structure that is being revealed.
The elites, the governments know of change and disruption, they new hundreds of years ago that this time would come.
There was a delay of 75 .
Soon the gap will be seen between the old history – to the reset.
There is no bridge- only through the soul do you emerge to your true self.
RE-SET-RE-STRUCTURE- IS NEW- BOLD – not the old brought back to life.
Re – alignment is with the connection of natural energy.
Life source connection – like a magnet.

Hundreds of years ago – the ties of limitation – where trying to be cut.
Revelation of the masses – this was silenced, buried and forgotten – never talked about or remembered.
Going back in history this was skipped and missed out.
Much is talked about – alien craft and visitation and disclosure.
Yet it is all in plane sight – it always has been – remember connection knows and sees everything.
Separation creates a veil an illusion that there is nothing out there.
Connection opens up the bigger picture – around earth there is a horizon, some you see easier than others depending on design.
Earth looks like it is separate but it is not.
Connection – is key – to everything.
The physical eyes do not have the spectrum of sight past the five senses.
You see darkness amongst the light of the stars and planets – plasma – all is not what it seems.
You view things as vast space – earth views space as in distance.
We do not – as connection is oneness – instantly as it is vast and infinite – it is one.
No separation – a point of entry – point zero is connection to the whole – everything.

Wave of energy – even a straight line has fluctuations within.
Silence – has vibration – darkness has light – light has darkness.
Everything is everything- expressing desire- creating – interest – experience – evolution – nothing is the same there is always variety.
The physical requires attachment – which is not the same as connection – that requires no fix or glue.

Circumference – at what point does a circle begin or end?
Answer – neither – it EXPANDS from the energy of point zero, creating the circle.
This is for anything that is created, expands into formation.
Life is viewed on earth from a beginning point reference to an end point reference, in which to understand life.
Yet what about before the beginning and after the end?
When do things start to exist and cease to exist?
From the view of the physical it is the view of the organs of the body.
If you only exist only because of the physical body, where are you when an organ is transplanted?
Consciousness – is within form but not solely form- energy consciousness connects within form but not dependent of the physical form.
You do not need a physical form to exist.

The physical frequency spectrum has a delay factor due to distortion fliter.
Being still you are able to connect to the main frequency of yourself.
Time line – speaks for itself – a duration – not noticing or aware of parallel space lineage.
Viewing time and years as a block, the physical experiences parts of events not the total event, the soul experiences the whole of everything, no matter what physical part you played.
You think you know all history – yet scientists are still trying to piece it together.
Even the Big Bang theory – yet go further back past this event – what is understood is what is seen.
How can you understand what you cannot physically see?
The physical does not have the frequency range.
It would be like sitting in your car and expecting to see everything around you.
There is more to life than what is taught or remembered.

Date of entry – 19th May – Disclosure from Acho – Understanding earths position.
What surfaces now (October) complete change- complete renewal – complete satisfaction.
Earth although beautiful is a shade grey compared to other planets.
Other planets have vibrant colours, you can see it like particles In the air – bright and colourful.
To understand earths position and alignment and purpose, you have to see it from its position amongst the many planets.
Earth is like a regression planet hotel, going back to go forward – like a parent takes away a toy to learn something.
Earth has very little that the other planets have.
In a way you could call it barren, like a piece of land that has not been built on. Every living thing on earth has consciousness referenced sixth sense this is as far as it goes, low spectrum compared to other planets.
The distortion frequencies causes a ripple effect – some call karma- cause and effect. Distortion causes these effects through the many physical reactions.

Around earth is like an energy belt – a vacuum, what ever happens in the physical range stays with the earth within the physical state.
Although you have many planets around earth – earths experiences does not effect or have a cause and effect to these other neighboring planets.
This is why there is much activity around earth, it is like visiting a museum. It is unique because of the lower state frequencies.
On other planets the vibration is higher and are connected to other planets of the same frequency.
If your signature self frequency is set at a lower vibration you will have limited access.
If your signature self frequency is a higher vibration you have access through lower frequencies and higher ones.
A higher frequency will not feel at home with a lower frequency.
Earths history is in pieces, like broken China, all jumbled up – because humans are hung up on the concept of time – history – past.
NASA knows they are limited to space travel – to craft – air travel – within the loop and band around earth.
This band is like having an electric fence around a farmers field to keep the cattle contained.
It is a highly magnetic field.
It is vast – only frequencies that are aligned to this energy grid can pass through it.
The miss constructed view that is shared by the media, that aliens are going to attack and take over earth – is laughable.
Sharing such information is due to lack of knowledge or understanding of earths placement on the cosmos.

Why would aliens want to inhabit a lower state frequency planet – that would limit them, they would not.
They find earth fascinating due to the fact of how little plasma energy is used on earth.
How static and slow evolving it is.
It is like going back to the dark ages in comparison – laughable.
The cosmos – energy field grid – is not stuck in dense physical matter.
Earth over the centuries has known higher frequency technology, ability etc.
Through mans separation and greed these frequencies have weakened and diminished.
What is taught on earth via religion and spiritual teachings – is like being on the fringe of something they do not understand, yet have a feeling of more than the physical, that is as far as it goes.

There is another planet close to earth, you could say is like a holding planet. Like you have hospitals for health care.
When a soul has forgotten who it is, lived in separation and fear, when the soul exits earth, they go to this holding planet so they can reconnect with themselves without distortion getting in the way.
No distraction, no limitation, free space to re connect with themselves so they remember who they are.
Once they remember their own frequency and connection they go on to a planet that matches them.
As some souls have been in the lower frequencies so long.
Holding on to earths veil, too scared to venture out to more.
Everyone is being released from the confines and limitation of these lower vibrations.
Earth frequency upgrade you could say.
There is no holding on to what has been the structures and formats.
Energy will and is changing everything now.
There is no point or need to look at right or wrong – injustice and cruelty- it’s ending now.
Where there is drought there will be rain – nature is connecting to bring in alignment and balance.
There is nothing left to fight for or survive for – it will all naturally take care of itself.
Earth will naturally reset to the new alignment.
Man will not be able to disrupt or dig up or alter this natural state process.
The physical will ceases- the soul is the energy source.
Anything in the physical in which to harm or disrupt the natural balance will see failure to their demands.
This shift will occur rapidly – no preparation is needed as everything is taken care of.
Rest in your heart – know your energy and follow your soul path.
The changes occurring now is everywhere on earth.
The wave of energy will be everywhere.
Total wipe out of the old system and structures.
Re alignment of the new energy is within each soul – in essence and feeling and emotion.
Truth connects to truth.
The new energy will overlap the old energy to help with adjustment.
The old will be seen while the new overrides.
Souls are being released and will go back to where they came from.
Unfinished business will be faced and served and fulfilled.
Now turn to yourself for you hold the map to where you belong.

Date of entry – 28th May 2017 – Lifting the Veil
Strength,confidence, confirm, veil lifts very soon. Imminent.
Since April it’s been lifting – Completion. 2019 . The more it lifts the more it’s is seen and noticed.
IMPULSE – not to be confused with impulsive action.
Impulse is a wave of energy – like you see a tsunami – wave – reaction – this impulse is like that.

Date of entry – 2nd June 2017 – understanding events.
It’s a process.
Something starts somewhere, when you first go to do anything it starts with a point reference. Then you continue from this point, like writing you do not see the whole word straight away, what you begin with starts to emerge.
Real time – is not down to a specific date and time, real time means now – in the now.
If a month has been given it is sometimes when the spark started to create the process of an event.
Like if you take a blind fold from your face, it does not matter if it’s taken off gradually or slowly – your eyes still need to adjust.
Everything has its process.

Portal of energy – many visit – sharing and giving – to the soul – this is why some know things that they have not been taught here, a song or lyrics just come to you. Many gifts are shared that is known by the soul, the physical waits for the physical awareness.
A physical life may look like it’s going through dark times, yet the soul is bright like a twinkling star – like a diamond that sparkles although covered in mud.
The sparkling diamond will catch the eye not the mud that covers it.
You may have been born into the physical environment – the universe is the true guardians.
We may visit other planets to recharge when we have physical challenges to face.
We are given gifts in which to help us express ourselves.
Nothing sleeps in the universe and neither do we.

Date of entry – 3rd -7th June – Physically overwhelming.
The physical can get you down for many reasons, I have lost count the amount of times I have said I am done.
The physical can feel like it gets in the way – getting consumed with what’s wrong with the world.
In an ideal world of balance and harmony.
A world of love rather than greed and fear.

Observing the physical is overwhelming and emotional.
The pre-run before didn’t complete because of this same reason, of physical distraction.
The physical distracts the soul from completing.
The physical is like a record going round and round on repeat, that needs a machine for it to work.
The soul needs nothing as it has all the energy it needs.

April – turned a page, reality as it is known is unclear, like a frosted window which distorts the image.
Everything that distorts and is unclear will vanish, thrown like rubbish in the bin – once served its purpose not any more.
Different for everyone.
The systems are out of balance and crumbling like a statue to dust.
A process in progress.
A continual progressive process – like flesh decays – it’s a process not governed by age or time but by the energy within.
Do we begin past, present or future?
Neither – it’s all In the now, this is why there is no division or separation.
HUMAN WASTE- conflict- separation- divide – humans are unaware who they really are.
They grade themselves because they stand and walk. Yet if the body does not work they downgrade themselves.
The soul is who you are, your soul pushes you forward when the physical body is weak.
The physical body is like the shell casing of an egg, the shell cracks and the soul leaves.
The human waste factor is to try and preserve the shell casing, so it does not crack or crumble.
Preserving the SHELL of life.
Taking little interest in the contents because this cannot be seen unless the shell cracks.
A caterpillar changes into a butterfly, is the butterfly a different energy to the caterpillar? One of the same expressing from one form to another.
Creating – creates, it is what energy does – even breaking down cells.
Waste is holding on – preserving – so no expansion.
Everything is creating change no matter what way you look at it.
If a seed is not planted it is creating the same seed – same repeat state.
When the shell of an egg thinks it’s superior to the contents – the energy around the she becomes weaker.
The shell is out of balance with the contents – this separation and dual divide creates dis harmony – it may look perfect but it is weaker.
A strong body is one that is connected inside and out.
Humans have not only separated themselves from their own body, they have amplified this by separating from the connection of all life.
Creating peace with yourself – creates peace outside of the physical body.
Fighting starts with self conflict and spreads out like a virus.
Everything that you search for or think is missing in your life, can be found inside yourself.
The journey of self discovery and disclosure starts with the self- there are no short cuts – the first door is through your physical self.
FIGHTING – you fight for your rights – yet forget that everyone has the same rights.
You teach your kids to share yet as adults fight for more.
Fighting has been around for centuries, fighting stops with the self.
Fighting is unnecessary – pointless – it solves nothing.

Date of entry – 13th June – Marker points of reference. What catastrophe?
April – October- point of reference that holds what happens in between these point reference months.
Surrender to guilt pain suffering – the soul never suffers the physical experiences.
Catastrophe – no avoidance – straight line ahead – both personally and world wide.
Energy protects from devastation.
What is coming?
Planet X, comet, nuclear, man made, what is it?
Structures alter change atmospheric conditions – pulse wave – POWER SURGE.
Is this power surge from the sun like an Emp kind of thing?
This is not a warning it is so you understand the changes that are coming. Energy surge is by passing structures, structures have energy around them like magnets have energy.
When these structures align the energy pulse goes into the next structure like a domino affect.
It’s like when wires blow there is an energy surge.
Darkness – power lines – atmospheric changes- harder to breathe – sensitivity to light sound vibration – body rhythms alter.
Once the power surge is over a different natural glow light is seen. 3 days.
October is the marker – hummmmm sound in the air – it is the energy – vibration – more people will notice it.
People’s bodies will be affected by the energy, no one will suffer – everyone will experience change .

Date of entry- 14th June 2017. – Imminent .
This word is used because it is relevant. A word used not in specific literal time – a span frame of time.
It’s ongoing – concrete proof will surface- reflective glaze/glare like when you shine glass at the light, it creates a reflective ( lens) glare.
Supposedly – informed – but only a part of the full picture. Surfacing – arising – awakening- shifting – surplus falling – ground level – content uploading.
Many papers sitting on desks – question mark above the heads- office/elite etc.
Conference – shadow – talks – many drafts – many conversations. Confusion – no war/battle?..
Sifting through drafts and papers – configurations – sums – mathematical alignments – structure – history tablets of old. No not in history can this transformation shift be found. No known knowledge just theories and ideas.
Complications – movement on planet earth between officials – meetings- structure – talk – frantically trying to find reasons and answers – hiding their treasure – vaults – emergency alert between the elite etc.
Main frame – first will have bursts of frequency disruption – news – black out – anything electrical will see blips and bursts of malfunction. At first they can cover up what’s happening – hoax- tricksters – due to the increase and volume that will arise, many questions are asked as it is impossible to cover it up – they cannot control it – as it will be sudden – spontaneous with no warning. More frequent you could say.
Excuses like radio bursts, weather , atmospheric – ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT will be temperamental.
Bank cards – freeze – the frequency of these events – will cause a shuffle – meetings – secret meetings – military activity – streets – sirens.
All the infrastructure frameworks – elite, governments, police, military, officials, Nsa etc. will be having secret underground meetings – frustrated – confusion – panic trying to understand what is going on.
Many excuses and letters will be written for the reasons why it is happening but they do not have a clue.
Structurally planet earth is sound – there will be a shift through these changes – occurring changes.
Is it man made? Answer – No.
Energy plasma increases – side effects – tingling sensation as cells in your body responds to the energy pulse shift.
Some will be confused – some will day dream – stare into space – some will try to fight but the body will feel like lead which will make it difficult.
Blank stare with people as if there but not.
Once you notice these changes and observing you know the energy pulse is increasing.
Keep to your own space and energy within yourself.
Light sensitivity – sound sensitivity – heightened senses for some.
It is not catching or a virus – your own sensitivity will gauge your own reactions. No medication – will ease or stop or prevent the effects.
Stay calm and reassured, breathe your own energy within you.
You are safe no need to survive – just be prepared in understanding.
Acknowledge what is structurally going on around you, but don’t step into the fire as they say, stay calm and reassured.
Some will get fidgety – hands shake as if nervous – it’s not – it’s the cells in the nervous system which is harder for people to control.
It is like the physical body cells coming alive without your control.
Get use to the energy , alone time, be aware of your own energy levels, not in physical endurance , soul side.
Sleep well , rest let your body rest if you feel exhausted or tired.
Eat if hungry and drink if thirsty, not the time for restrictions.
Listen to your body.
Work with your own rhythms, what works for one person may not another.
It’s time to connect with your own energy, follow your own guidance, follow guidance then disruption will be minimal.
Your path is unique for you – stick to it.

Date of entry – 19th June 2017 – Changes happening to complete change.

Fire – rescue continues all over the planet earth.
Water – drought will continue – as mentioned everything is accounted for including plant life.
It is not all doom and gloom – it is necessary to complete change from one existence to another.
Changing existence is like stripping back – back to bare basics.
Bare basics is missing – basics of gratitude – sharing – warmth – water, food, shelter,oxygen, nature, true respect for these cycles on the earth without greed getting in the way.
Connection to these elements has gone to greed – once there was appreciation, joy & laughter.
Man has plenty in greed, through self serving and yet are still troubled & miserable.
What brings joy is self connection – the more there is division & separation, the more they fight to fill this void which always wants more.
Soon realizing that nothing in the physical fills separation.
In a material ego/greed manner, if created with the energy of separation.
Each head used in which to trade on – the gap widens within that person.
Fear – panic of loss – needing more than before to cover the fear feeling of loss.
Terrified of being empty handed – yet hands cannot hold what the soul requires.

If life as you know it worked – then people would be more content & settled – that contended feeling lasts minutes until the novelty wears off- needing something more to feel content.
Filling your own boots with yourself is the gold of life.
Many follow the path of the physical as if their life depends on it, forgetting the physical are tools in which to experience a chosen choice.
The soul is what matters – the soul is only thought about when a person exits the earth.
Then the soul is referenced of that person

You came with peace – the only thing that changed is the experiences and journey.
You are all peace – yet you have chosen at times to experience the opposite of peace.
Holding on to the physical tools in which to survive in fear- rather than freedom & enjoyment.
Fear consumes loss – forgetting you have everything you need inside – follow your soul path then you will not fear the physical path you walk.
You will understand and remember who you really are.

Date of entry – 20th June 2017 – Gifts – seeds from other planets. Earths beginning.

Moon October – part looks dark, a part looks light – cloud cover – coverage is poor (reflective angle).
Long ago – research.
Came to planet earth in many forms.
From tiny droplets – seeds – that reached your whole planet.
Tiny seeds from neighboring planets – you would call brothers & sisters from near by planets & from far distance planets.
Trees where planted – green forest created the landscapes, from the seeds of far distant planets.
Back to the beginning – at first earth was like a huge plasma energy ball – electric and alive with molten energy – this is the first view.
How the earth became a plasma energy ball in the first place.
How earth became into existence – electricity not as you know it – Division – it broke away from an already existing planet – like twins.
As the planet divided – due to plasma explosion- the hot molten rock – you call earth – got swept along the pulse current. Explained in a simple way to me so it is understood.
Solar force carried the electric plasma ball far into space/universe – over many centuries – you could say it cooled by the current of the universe.
At this time earth did not have any Suns – or other planets around it – it was you could say in dark space away from much activity – pulsed and propelled by the energy around it.
Like magnetism – a planet that is highly charged gets propelled like a magnet.
Over many centuries – eons of time – the plasma of earth. – was like waves of the ocean – like a heart beat from the core of the planet – sent waves of plasma energy.
Other planets got attracted around the earth- the first thing that appeared on the earth was oxygen – a chemical reaction occurred.
As the earth calmed down in its atmosphere – seeds from other planets – gave planet earth life.
There was not a Big Bang – it was a division from an already existing planet.

Pluto – is regarded as a redundant planet due to its size regarding earths view.
Pluto is an ancient planet ( active in regeneration) – Pluto is regarded as a dwarf planet in your earths knowledge.
Pluto is an ancient planet – wisdom & wise.
It has existed far beyond and before earths planet eruption from an already existing planet.
Planets communicate with each other – like you have biology – so do the stars and planets.
Pluto’s energy is far greater & strong – in magnetic force.
It maybe viewed form earth as small, yet it is a powerful magnetic pull planet within the star systems.
Some planets link up – some have so much energy that they can break away from a system and travel where the energy of that planet is needed.
Pluto is like an anchor planet – due the magnetic pull.
Stabilizes other energy fields around other planets.
Pluto is very wise like a grandparent planet to other planets.
Assisting other planets – attraction of planets needed for each orbit grid.
Pattern – structure.

Date of entry – 21st June 2017 – Planet Mars.

Mars Is a highly charged planet – it’s movement is faster in equilibrium than other planets.
It’s structure is not dense – a highly evolved planet – in layers.
It’s surface structure is like the outer casing – think of a shell on a nut.
With earth everything is seen on its surface structure.
Mars is not like earth- it is what is under the surface.
Intelligent life – intelligent plant life – if you look at Mars surface crust this is not what the planet is all about.
Under the surface shell surface – holds a life force like no other – sea – water- life, green & plants – magnificent – some would say paradise.
High definition in colour – on the surface looks rocky and baron – Is if not much life.
Within the canyons – under the surface holds life like no other.
Earth has not seen such beauty.
First impression of Mars – all is not what it seems.
Mars habitat is exquisite – marvellous like a golden planet.
Rapture in wild life & nature etc.
It is like a golden planet for royalty.
The best vegetation – the energy in which it grows is not like that of earth.
It’s energy is derived from its core mantle not like earths core of molten.
Mars core is crystalline energy – the energy sustains – the temperature is constant – for what life needs in which to grow – not relying on sunlight or oxygen – simply called crystalline energy.
It is a powerful planet in its own establishment as it is established.
On earth seasons and climate come and go – on Mars it is constant.
Mars is not affected by other fluctuations or forces.
Many battles have arisen on planet Mars wanting to occupy such a planet.
The energy force within the crystalline energy protects itself from outside forces.
You could say it is untouchable.
Battles have arisen on the surface – select beings habitat Mars – guardians of this planet are evolved at a higher frequency.
It is a very unique planet indeed, paradise in beauty & tranquility.
Under the rocky surface, inside the planet you feel the energy in the atmospher.
Earth has air and wind – Mars flows with energy – the atmosphere is energy.
It is not a rogue planet it is one of the golden planets.

Selected chosen higher realm on an energy frequency occupy Mars.
It is a sensitive planet – to pollution – pollution meaning foreign energy to its structure.
Many have tried to contaminate Mars – through battles – Mars is too strong, the energy is like a protective shield.
Battles have only impacted the rocky surface – the rocky surface thickens and strengthens after each battle.

Eons ago after one battle, a crack appeared on the surface it weakened the rocky surface in that area.
Panic from the elders when this happened – they felt ashamed that they had let down the occupants of Mars.
The elders left Mars during the battle.
Mars did not get taken over – the energy plume – was like a volcano eruption which covered the crack.
The elders that left will return to their rightful place and purpose .
Completing the job to mend the rocky structure.
Life did not stop on Mars, the energy protecting the surface crack, this energy is to return from the surface of the planet to inside the planet- once the elders return completion will be achieved on Mars.
Earth is a planet where many from different planets can inhabit- Think of it like a hotel planet.
Only through invite and selection can you enter under the rocky surface of Mars.
This is why there has been much interest in Mars – as the secrets of Mars want to be know or seen in which to occupy.
Crystalline energy is pure and strong – it is highly communicative – radar – transmitter as well as a receiver.
Highly conductive of knowing what is going on.
Many attempts at weakening the energy belt of this planet has been avoided.
It got close through destruction in the last battle – the energy force is too powerful to penetrate.
This is why Mars is regarded as valuable as well as magical.

Date of entry – 23rd June 2017 – Confusion & Guidance- FOMO.

Confusion and misinformation – people of earth ask for guidance yet when they receive it they question it!
Or they doubt it or try to alter it to suite.
When truth is spoken – truth sticks like glue.
You try to dodge it, hide it, or deny it.
Truth impacts from within inside with feelings you cannot ignore.
Truth touches senses of the heart, you want the truth but fight the truth – if it is not what you want to hear.
Selective – is what it is – pieces of the truth by picking at it.
Add to truth or take away to make it sound or look better.
You are creative souls – life creates more it does not take away, it does not matter in what meaning or depth, a lie becomes bigger.
There is no rubber in the universe.
People always want more because creativity is expansion.
The physical confuses this with fear of loss or losing.

Change is not the same as losing – change is a tool which helps you to experience more, no matter how similar or repeated habits.
It is all about experience.
Infinite possibilities – points of view – observations are infinite.
There is no right or wrong.
Where you are standing in your shoes – what you experience & feel & observe from your perspective is your truth.
There is space between everything – so more is viewed and heard and seen – nothing is hidden because of space.
If one persons truth does not match someone else’s truth – the frequency of doubt & fear starts questioning who is right or wrong?
There are no sums in the observation of life.
It is a landscape of multifaceted angles.
Reflections – everyone will see and understand within their own personal ability.

There is no gold star or reward for being correct – it does not exist – as that would make it final or that life has an end.
There is no end because life is infinite.
Often foundations that you create as your platform are made from blind hope .
A platform that consists of energy of fear , greed, ego, treading on others to succeed – the list is endless.
When life is observed like a multifaceted painting., will it then be understood why everyone is accounted for.
Your path matches you perfectly. You know your truth on your path, you understand it and do not fear it.
Confusion arises out of comparing with others around you.
To compete – to win – to be noticed – first before others.
When you are challenged you are competing with your personal self. If your improved best stands out then you have expanded your personal best for you.
You will never be a winner or a loser – as you know there is always more.
In the moment you experienced standing out on your path – you experience many feelings of joy & rewards for your efforts.
This is not the same as the infinite writing on your soul that the whole universe sees.
Enjoying the expression of experience with your creative abilities.
Know your own truth, it is a light that shines your path ahead, amongst the infinite lights around you.
You can never knock someone else from their path.
If you try to take from another & continue in their footsteps of their creation, without their agreement – you will see your path leads to know where but yourself.
Nothing is vast space where you can create with your energy.
What ever you create is connected to to you always, your the creator. This is known infinitely, the energy matches you.
If someone takes your creativity as if it is their own, they hold it physically for a short time, the soul holds it infinetly. When the person that has taken it leaves the earth they go empty handed.
The creator is connected always and continues what they started.
No one has the power to stop a person creating.
Understanding connection is all the protection you need.
Your frequency connects you to everything you experience and create.
No one can take frequency away from you, it is the language of the universe and all creation.
Even when truth is not seen – heard – or spoken, truth is not hidden in silence – as silence has a sound as it is frequency.
Everything is known Now.
Truth shines bolder than deception or illusion.
Welcome your own truth in your life – it is your own platform of strong foundations.
Then you will know what to trust as truth in others will match your own truth vibration.
No matter how many layers cover up truth, truth shines through the veil.
No one can hide the truth no matter how hard you try -even time is an illusion.
Truth always stands out amongst distortion.
Face your truth so truth becomes the backbone of your life.

The soul – has no preference to what body it wears – or status of job or religion.
The soul is every colour and loves each colour as one.
The soul is everything it expresses to be.
No limits of rules of judgement or grade.
The soul is more than sums, of dollars or pence.
It is transparent for all to see.
The light that shines maybe too bright for some, so they hide themselves in the shade.
Knowing one day truth will set them free.
The soul is anything that you understand and believe.
Not measured in quantity.
The soul that follows its light alone.
Walks not alone but with the universe of plenty.
Soul connects while separation divides.
With labels used as weapons of fear & destruction.
Soul is a frequency of loves understanding.
Even in the darkest of shadows the soul knows the way.
There is no bigger sacrifice than separation.
The soul may get stretched but it never breaks.
You can stretch your soul to a bare thread, but that thread is the bond of your souls infinite connection.


Why do humans think anything different to the human form is alien to them?
Humans accept different species on planet earth as not alien although they have a different form of body.
Animals, mammals, sea life, wild life, birds, and even insects.
There are many different forms on earth.

Planet earth is not alien to us!, even though earth is in space in the universe amongst many planets and star systems.
Is it that humans only accept what it is capable of understanding. Anything feared or that is not understood is assumed a threat and alien to us.
Are we not all aliens because our planet is in the universe the same as other planets.
Standing on the surface of the earth, it is thought space is miles away from us.
Yet we are in space.
The universe is home where we all have come from.
When a human exits the earth, or it has been reported after NDE experience, that you go through a tunnel and see a light at the end.
The tunnel is your own frequency that you are experiencing as the frequencies pass yours, the light at the end of the tunnel is your own soul reflection.
The light is you.
We live in an infinite universe with many forms. Let go of fear, let go of human limitation, and follow your heart.
You will not be disappointed, the energy of life is what makes you YOU.
The soul can be anything it wishes to be, in any form and shape.
Imagination is your pencil in which to create.


Much will be revealed about the universe.
Miss information will no longer be the focus.
There is so much that humans do not remember of how the universe works.
The universe is viewed from the physical perspective – of the physical energy platform of matter.
The language of the universe does not consist of a few hundred languages – it’s an infinite language – which is expanding continuously.
Example… Visualize a pulled thread on a knitted jumper. If you follow the pulled thread it will eventually lead to a point of connection.
What is viewed from that point will not be the whole view of the jumper.
Humans pick at information or pull things apart in which to understand the universe. It is all about the opposite of how it is viewed from the physical perspective. It is about connection & connecting the dots.
Selecting pieces of the whole picture of the matrix, will still not give you the bigger picture, being selective is separating a piece from the whole.
The time is takes man to follow a thread of information on the matrix – the universe has expanded ten fold.

Humans try to find answers in a black & white manner, forgetting that the matrix of consciousness is alive.
The universe always provides more not less, it does not stay static, paused, or freeze framed.
Viewing all life from point zero do you then see and understand how the matrix works, it’s a bit like looking at a map – a frequency map.
If you want to understand the language of the universe connect with and understand energy, starting with the self.
The physical relies on visual images – forgetting that anything can be projected.
Connecting with the frequency signature of an image you will know it’s depth and meaning.
When signature frequencies are understood – the created image of any event is easier to understand .
Some frequencies are stronger than others – like music tones can be soft in vibration, while others can be loud.
Everything has a signature tone.
Connecting to frequencies you can experience and view anything.
Energy does not lie, it is what it is, you can try to distort or muffle a frequency – it will always stick to the truth of the frequency in which it is created.
We are all connected to the matrix of the universe – all our frequencies Create the infinite language.


NASA I do not feel has seen the universe through the matrix grid energy, unless they have connected as a sensitive rather than the dense physical energy of limitation.
The only way is through the soul portal – the physical route is limited by physically trying to understand something from a physical perspective.
The matrix is infinite and does not have limitation.
When you let go of the physical frequency – and connect with your soul energy frequency – you understand everything naturally what you observe, it is only the physical brain that needs to catch up.
The physical route will always be limited- the physical would be like looking at a crystal and staring at the reflective glare rather than through it.
When you connect with a frequency you become one with it.
If at the point of connection you separate yourself from the frequency by bringing in other frequencies of fear or doubt then distortion occurs.
This is not the same as observing during connection.
The matrix is infinitely everything and nothing at the same time – nothing being space.


You have a personal instructional manual – the map of your soul – forgotten about and yet it expands continuously.
You are not shown how to communicate – you are taught to hold back – too scared to be honest by letting your feelings show and be known.
Told off for expressing – not the right time – judged as right or wrong for how you feel.
Children naturally know how to express themselves without feeling guilty, shy, embarrassed or protective.
Feelings are like a flowing current of water – we do not say how the waves form or rivers flow are wrong or right.
It is accepted that it is the natural state.

Humans do not accept much about themselves.
Busy with conforming – picking at yourselves – pulling yourselves to pieces, to fit in with everyone else who is doing the same. You would understand yourselves more if you viewed yourself from the whole of who you are, rather than from the selected pieces chosen.

Everyone wants answers and those answers have to arrive quick.
Analyzing the surface of a situation – which can be summed up – guessed at or made to fit.
Life is so fast paced we have less time to really communicate with each other, wanting to be heard first over the other – teamwork is meeting in the middle.

People come to me for guidance with their life, of different situations.
When I view any situation I look past the surface, and connect to the depth of meaning and feelings within the energy of the scene.
The surface image does not give the full picture of what’s going on.
To connect with a situation in a persons life, takes time, it may take an hour or two.
Answers are there to many questions that are asked, but you won’t find them by looking at the surface.
Communication is the key – being honest and truthful.
The more you know yourself then words will not overwhelm you or scare you.
You will speak your truth confidently – and hear others truth respectfully.
Confidence comes from self awareness past surface images.
Getting to know yourselves takes time there are no short cuts through the surface image.
To connect with yourself and others takes commitment.

Date of entry – 26th June 2017 – Crossed Wires.

When you are first taught to read it is at face value via the pictures.
You are then encouraged to understand the meaning of the words- soon realizing that there are many meanings not just one.
Communication is made up of layers – many layers – some are subliminal – some are privately to yourself.
Each thought whether spoken or not – heard or not – is known which can be picked up because thought is a frequency that you transmit.
It can also be picked up by body language and by atmospheres.
It is amazing how much is communicated even in silence – even in silence your thoughts are picked up.
Communication is going on around you continuously.
This next example is how surface communication happens.
A group of friends are together – one of them has a new dress on.
Everyone in the group comment how much they like it.
Two from the group walk away- they quietly say to one another that they didn’t like it really.
You often say things on the surface what you don’t really feel or mean deep down.
To fit in the group – to not stand out or be rejected – fear of being honest.
When you communicate you do so in layers gauged by how you feel in a situation.
Surface is survival – to blend in – to be accepted.

You may communicate by not being present and distracted as your thoughts are else where. Not paying attention to the person who is talking to you.
It also depends how interested you are – you may give quick answers to shut someone up – or to people please.
You may be too busy to communicate.
Many layers create communication – truth, feelings, interest, connection, honest, frustration, boredom gauge how a conversation will go.
Engaging in repetitive communication – the surface scene becomes boring- true feelings will surface – at this point a choice is made to share your truth or hide it or ignore it.

These layers are all going on which offers choice in a conversation.
You are multi faceted, you may surface chat and convince yourself and others that you are speaking your truth.
If truth matches up through all the layers then your truth is felt and received.
You know your truth deep down – you know if your ready to share it.
You may put it off – too scared of how it will be received – or if people are ready to hear it.
You may feel shy and not confident enough or sure enough.
Some communicate one sided only able to manage their own feelings – taking on how others feel maybe too overwhelming.
One word answers are used when your busy dealing with your own thoughts.
How you communicate – has meany reasons – protection- survival – fear – confusion – the key to understanding communication is by observing the whole picture not just the part you share.
Teamwork – meeting half way – without fear.
If you stick to the point without feeling fearful or threatened – then communicating with each other would be less confusing and not such a battle.
Communication is not just a language of words used in which to speak – it’s a language of feelings that have many layers that goes deeper than the surface.
Listening not just to yourself but equally to the person that your talking to.

Date of entry – 27th June 2017 – The Future – Now.

Long shot – projection – future – vast – approaching events.
Soon – rush – scream – shout – extreme events happening and unfolding.
Unprecedented – is this scarism?
No – it’s truth – honest approach is best.
No lessons are learnt – it is the past events that are causing this ridge of change.
The past has reached its peak – nothing stays the same- it is not ground hog day.
What is seen on the surface is not the mirror reflection on the hearts of many people.
It is your consciousness that has created change.
The universe provides what is asked for – like a magnet.
You have woken up – you have realized the systems do not match your vibration.
Like switching a switch it creates change.

Over your years of time – the connection has got weaker to the surface systems in place – it does not have the same impact on you as it did before. You believe in it less knowing there is more than what is offered to you.
Those that have manipulated and controlled for centuries – the masses who once believed in them do not anymore.
Over the last 3 years many are questioning what is real? Wanting change and to create change.
Your conscious energy transfer from one belief system to another way of viewing life has made this happen.
You once voted for the controllers – not anymore.
This is why change is inevitable.
As you look at life around you – you know everything is out of balance which needs change.
This is why the changes that are now happening are massive.
The changes happening now are far more reaching and much bigger than any man made war event.
How to transfer from the past to the new – unplug yourself.
Which means forget your taught memories that you have known of conflict and separation of sacrificing your life to serve the controllers with manipulation of fear.
Embrace connection to everything that connects with your soul rather than your mind.
Connecting to your soul energy protects you and guides you, with the frequently occurring, rapidly happening events of change.
The more you understand why it is occurring the sooner you transfer from the old frequency of separation to the new energy of connection without panic or fear.
You will be connected to your knowing.

Date of entry – 11th July 2017 – Time Lapse.

Relapse – recharge – duration- speed- deja vue, time is a word super imposed to explain an activity.
Manipulation of time – you think you are waiting for time – or for it to pass – or wanting time to hurry up.
Time is the now – what alters it – is your perception and visual image of time.
It is down to your connection the frequency connection that you have with time.
Time fluctuates – because it is energy – a frequency that vibrates – it is not the time that you set or change or alter on your clocks depending on what country that you are in.
Time is the frequency of an activity that you have chosen to experience – you will perceive it passing quickly or slowly or to the memory of the time frame physically set, depends how connected you are with what your doing.

Time is created from many layers of many feelings that you have about an experience. You can alter your view constantly and change time depending on your opinions and observations around you.
Time – waves of frequency- you do not move through time – you are still.
All the frequencies that create what you call time- pass you as if you are standing in a flowing current of water.
Your soul is at the center point of all the multi faceted frequencies.
Your soul is like a magnet that attracts what frequency experience you have chosen – the frequency you connect with is drawn to you.
You may be physically experiencing the same thing as someone else, yet you will perceive it differently.

Time is frequency – everything is frequency – a vibration of energy.
Frequency creates – records – project images on any parallel frequency.
You can project an image – example… You may look down at your hand and see that a wasp has landed on your hand, you react the same, but as you move your hand to shake it off you realize it is not in the physical reality – it is an experience from a parallel frequency frame – that merges with the physical.

There has been a delay in the physical frequency range- example… Like when you switch 2 televisions on the same station, you will notice there is a delay between them.
The physical frequency has had this delay which has created deja vue, the experience has already been recorded on your soul frequency, when the physical experiences the same event the soul remembers it at the same time.
The energy surge that is creating massive changes on planet earth will no longer be on catch up or have a delay- time frequency will now be soul frequency.
The physical focuses on the framework of hours and minutes and calendars to steady time.
You are actually experiencing many parallel frequencies.
One of them you will be aware of is during sleep when you dream.
Some are induced via drugs such as sedation, which gives an altered state of perception.
You perceive time like a straight line to follow – in reality time frequency connects with and follows your connection of what you have chosen to experience.
If you are enjoying an experience it will be perceived as passing quickly. You have less distortion from other thoughts entering it – so the experience flows within you.
If you are not enjoying an experience you will be distracted by your thoughts – distorting the connection so it will be perceived as going slow.

During sleep state 5 physical minutes can feel like hours have passed.
When you have a clear connection you can create how long you wish the experience to last as physical time does not get in the way, or limit you.
You are free from the physical framework.
So much goes on behind the scenes of time by the clocks that you set.
You are time – you create everything that you wish to experience.
Your soul is not limited to your clocks or calendars.
You allow time to pass you quickly or slowly the choice is yours.
You may focus on the physical clock – you will always be connected to your soul clock.

Date of entry – 12th July 2017 – Gut Instincts.

Confirmation – stagnation – putting off – over thinking – over evaluating – process.
You think your way through situations and problems – going over the same thoughts – not trusting your instincts – not going with your gut feeling.
When you have a gut feeling about a situation – it is instant – this confuses the physical brain.
The brain is used to working things out as if it is a puzzle.
The soul knows instantly which sends the message to your gut – your soul does not need to work it out.

The reason your physical brain works things out – which is a long drawn out process – because you add many conflicting thoughts to the situation.
Facing feelings of contradiction – confusion – self doubt – guilt & fear to name but a few.
Your soul self bypasses all these physical conflicting thoughts that are added to the situation.

The soul connects straight to your core truth of any situation and knows instantly what you want or need, in which to make the next decision in your life.
The soul knows because it observes the whole picture of the situation, from all angles all at once.
The physical takes parts of a situation analyzing each point – view – opinion – too scared to face the truth of what your gut – soul knows – as it means changing life as you know it.

Your soul does not lie to you – your soul knows you inside out and everyone around you – the physical is used to hiding the truth of the soul like a veil.
Your truth is perfect for you – your truth may not fit someone else’s truth – this awareness causes a dilemma.
Do you choose what is best for you ? – or do you choose what is best for the other person/ people involved in the situation.
This dilemma becomes a battle in your physical mind.
You may find it difficult to choose between the people involved.
You may try to to find ways in which to work out a solution without having to choose.

Fact is – your soul has given you the answer – showing you that you do not need to hang on to the situation to make it fit to work for longer.
You hang on to familiarity it is your comfort zone – so you do not have to create change right now.

You know trying to hold on will have a limited shelf life.
You know the same dilemma will resurface again.
It may even arise due to a different situation occurring – you will still be faced with your gut same truth – that change is inevitable.
You make excuses – you put it off – sweep things under the carpet – ignore it hoping the dilemma will go away.
You know it does not go away – it keeps resurfacing.

You then have a choice to try and live with it – it becomes a way of life – you may find it irritating and frustrating.
You put up with the situation because it is easier to face what you know – than face the unknown of change.
Eventually even if it is years later – your soul self catches up with you.
You either live a life where you are not happy – convincing yourself that you are – accepting your life is limited.
If your soul has bigger things for you than this situation – the energy of your soul will step in and create change for you.
Your soul self will always override your physical self- giving you the strength so fear does not get in the way.
Your soul is not scared or fearful of change.
Your soul welcomes change because you enjoy creating more.
You want more for yourself not less.

Life as you have known it in the distortion frequencies – you know you could hide from yourself and others.
You made excuses to bide your time so you could avoid change.
The new paradigm that we are now in – the energy surge that is transferring and awakening everyone – you will notice that you are unable to ignore your true soul self anymore.
You may have noticed this happening already – that little voice within you getting stronger and louder.
You may feel the energy pulling at you inside – encouraging you to face your truth no matter what situation you find yourself in.

You may notice your thinking brain no longer controls you – your brain does not have the energy it used to – it does not stop you or put you off from the choices you now make.
Your soul is awakening – waking up from your physical slumber of limitation.

You will take more notice of yourself – trust yourself and believe in yourself.
You will no longer doubt yourself or fear change – you know it is releasing you from one situation that has fulfilled its potential.
Creating change releases you from stagnation – the unknown is not a blank canvas to fear – it is a platform – your space in which to create next what you want.
Listen to your soul that is waking you up – you cannot ignore you anymore.
Facing yourself by creating change opens doors for you.
The first door you open is yourself – welcome your souls knowing – the fight is over.

Date of entry – 13th July 2017 – Universal Passport.

Fast forward ahead – license – soul essence – passport – your soul energy is your passport – wherever you travel & whatever you choose to experience.
Your soul energy is your key in which to travel.
Energy vibration connects to energy vibration.

You have been used to barriers – control – limitation – boundaries – the physical focuses on these labels of framework in which to function.
You rely on technology to travel and access information.
You get blocked if a system is down – you are locked down – until it is fixed.

The energy of yourselves and everything on earth is changing – reset – reconfigured – not back to what you have already known or remember so far in the physical.
You have been waiting many centuries for change.
Many souls on planet earth want to experience these changes.
You judge earth as overpopulated – it is not.
It is not by mistake that the population is high, it is for a soul reason and meaning.
These changes have been talked about for centuries so that you would be reminded of what you forget.

You will feel the stagnation of the old systems – you will notice your physical life has slowed down as if the pause button has been pressed – everything has reached its peak – you may feel like your life has been on hold – waiting for your life to start moving again.
Your future may not be so clear while these changes are happening.
You will sort through your life experiences – clearing out what you no longer need.
Reset – going back to come forward – on an energy level.
Energy – all events that connect you to the present now.

Your view is clouded by the physical memory that you have.
You have experienced before your physical experiences.
The physical journey is a part of your whole journey.
Your soul self knows freedom – your physical self holds on to the opposite of freedom – the physical lower frequencies of limitation – you are taught the programs that your mind chooses to believe.
You believe in the illusion of barriers – forgetting barriers are created from what you believe in.

Your soul self is the opposite of your physical self.
You physically work to buy your pass of freedom in which to travel which has a limited shelf life.
Your entertainment – pleasure- food – resources – homes – cost more than the price tag – you have access to what’s available to you if you can afford it – self worth is valued on gain.
Experiences cost – so everything you create comes with a price – gifts are exchanged if you get them in return – fear of judgement if you give less.
Giving from the heart does not come with a price tag – it is infinite – never getting old – it does not go out of date or fashion.
Giving from the heart – with no expectations in return – freely giving as a choice – is questioned and doubted – you search for a motive remembering in the physical nothing comes free.

The first beings on earth – had freedom – traveled freely – ate freely – drank freely – lived free with the natural cycles of life. Connecting to the landscape around them – sharing their gifts freely in self expression without judgement.
They where not controlled by schedules or time.
They connected with the planetary alignments – sunrise – sunset – day & night. Connecting to the natural rhythms and vibration of life around them – they had mutual respect – it did not enter their minds to change the natural landscape & rhythms of life.

This changed when you created the frequencies of the brain – thinking created more – creation always creates more – creating expands infinite expression and experience.
The physical thinking brain created more frequencies to the natural state of being.
Greed – fear – ego – loss – challenge – grade – the list of labels goes on and on – adding more and more.

These frequency updates changed everything – over centuries these frequencies became the normal way of life.
Forgetting how creation started.
Fear is the biggest weapon and disease – to control & manipulate – fear became your currency.
Your natural state is harmony & balance – the physical confuses this with blending in – moulding into – and following the systems created by the frequency of fear.

With each century that passed – the memory of fear is the one you chose to physically remember.
You remember fear had consequences – you experienced suffering & limitation – you believed fear is real – you chose to remember less – your soul knows everything.
The physical hides the truth with the frequency of fear.

You prepare yourself for less – accept less as the normal way of life – you feel bad if you want more – you remember wanting more created suffering – this memory has confused you.
As you awaken now – you will remember you are free – you are more – you are your own creator – you have access to everything – you do not have to fear more – creating is your natural rhythm.
You do not have to fear what you choose to create.

The distortion frequencies caused separation from your natural rhythm of life which connects you to everything.
Division & fighting separated you from remembering everything that your soul knows.
The reset happening now – will free you from the conditioning.
You are connected back to your natural rhythm of your soul.

Your physical beliefs will no longer control your mind – your soul connection will open up your life naturally.
You will remember that you have access to everything freely – your dormant hidden gifts in your soul are awakening.
You will remember who you are & where you have come from.
You will believe in your soul self & trust you.
You will naturally let go off what you once believed in.
You will find your own truth within yourself.
You will see massive changes occurring with the systems around you.
Everything you once thought was a normal way of life is changing – the connection that you have with your soul is strengthening.
Barriers & blocks will fall – fighting will cease – the natural rhythms of life will sustain you.
The landscape reset – manipulation & control weakens – the heart of your soul beats loudly – your thinking brain of confusion – will be aware and understand your connection.
The veil is now lifting – going back to come forward.
You will not be able to fight these changes – or resist them- or hide – no one can stop the changes that are occurring now.
Reset is now – you will notice changes personally and worldwide – you will not fear them because you understand why these changes are happening and welcome them.
The waiting is over.

You have everything you need – you have your universal passport. Your soul will never lose it – you never did – you just forgot you had it – no one can take it away from you.
You know it is free – you do not have to work for it – to pay for it.
You are free to explore to create – mastering the self – free to travel through the energy vibration of your soul.
What you experience is your choice – what you choose to believe is your choice – if you choose to limit yourself it is your choice.
You are released from the memories that you held on to.
Let go – refresh – restart – continue – creating experiences you once dreamed off.
You are free from the limited systems – let go off what you fear- welcome what you know.
You are responsible for your future experiences that you choose.
Know what you want – know what you don’t want – know your truth.
The old patterns are over.
You have waited for freedom for centuries – enjoy it- you always had it – you just forgot.
Whatever you choose – you will experience.
Master your thoughts – so the changes you experience will not be repeated from your physical memory.
The natural frequencies are the backdrop now – if you do not match and connect with these frequencies – your change will be a different planet- the choice is always yours.
Everyone and everything is accounted for – reset is happening you cannot stop it.
Enjoy your freedom and access to everything – your passport is your soul self- your soul energy is your key connection – separation is over.

Date of entry – 14th July 2017 – The Unknown – (spirals – tunnels – spheres).

Energy tunnels – spirals – bilocation – spheres – creating opens up ideas – interests – intentions – experiences – events.
Creating is like opening a lens – your energy intentions connects with your thoughts.
You produce visual ideas and images.
Your thoughts start with a point (point zero ) of energy that spirals and expands – creating from the point of that thought.
You connect with your ideas & imagination & visualization – known as the energy of the all seeing eye.
Your all seeing eye is your creative point zero of energy – expanding your consciousness – expressed as the unknown – the unknown is your blank canvas – your infinite space in which to continuously create more.

Children may be asked by the teacher to draw a picture – if the paper they are given has scribbles on it already – the children would ask the teacher for a clean blank piece of paper.
The children know the scribbled paper would distract them – it would get in the way of them creating a drawing.
Children do not fear a blank page they welcome it.
As adults you fear the blank page – the unknown – you want it filled with memories of what you have already created.
Facing the unknown of a blank page is easy for children – as adults you have forgotten how to embrace it.

If you moved into a home that is still filled with the previous tenants belongings – you would want it cleared before you move in.
You want empty space within the rooms of your home – a blank canvas – to fill with your creative choices – you put your energy mark on your home.

You select when you want a blank canvas and when you do not – you welcome space when you know what your going to fill it with.
If you have no clue and are as blank as the unknown facing you – you stare at the blank canvas and panic – doubting yourself with thoughts – worrying that you will come up with nothing from within yourself.
When you are faced with the unknown – befriend it – welcome it – your life around you is filled with your energy and ideas that have inspired you – every choice comes from your energy of creation.
The unknown is your space – encouraging you to create more in your life.
It is your door that you open up – encouraging you to expand your experiences.

If you fear it – you put barriers up – block your creativity within yourself by over thinking.
You over think to fill up the space – you keep busy to avoid the unknown of facing your space.
You hold on to what you have known in your memories – to avoid letting go – this is like pressing the pause button so you do not move forward – you fear you are not ready to fill your unknown with your energy of you.

Your soul knows that you have infinite creative choices – your
Physical self forgets and sticks with what you already know.
Searching outside of yourself for answers – escaping – avoiding connecting with yourself. Your physical self is used to separation and disconnection.
You are scared in case what you face is nothing – nothing does not exist – there is always something – you are always thinking – which is creating more.

There is nothing to fear – your soul is filled with infinite creative potential.
Your energy is infinite it will never run out.
The unknown that you face may feel physically big – it may feel like a void.
It is small to the energy of your soul.
You always fill your space – you do not always feel it – it depends how distracted you are from yourself.

You forget you are all seeing – all knowing soul.
You shrink yourself to the physical space of limitation.
Your thoughts are like an opening lens – you capture your thoughts – your energy expands and spirals connecting you to your ideas instantly.
If you think the same thoughts – the same thoughts that you have captured – stare at you back.
A camera does not choose what picture it takes – the camera is constantly open to any image that the physical selects.
The soul is consciously open.
Use your soul lens – be open to everything – connect with your image – your creativity expands from this point of connection.
The energy spirals the more you create.
Welcome the unknown – your blank canvas – your space – fill it with your inspired energy.

You do not need other people to fill your space for you – this would create need & dependency.
Listen to your own words that you think – I need – I want – I fear – I am scared – are all about how you feel towards your space within you.
I am open – I am aware – I accept – I am willing – I understand – you are ready to face your space within you.
Your space is constantly available – expanding with every thought that you think – with every feeling that you feel – with every image that you see.
Your soul energy spirals bringing your ideas into experience.

Thinking never stops even when you are asleep- you are a natural creator.
When your blank page faces you – accept your space.
Knowing you always have more to fill it.
You are bigger than the unknown.
Enjoy spacing out in your creation.
Your unknown is ready for you to fill it with your knowing.

The soul is infinite, it is everything and nothing at the same time. The soul is a huge topic, it is not separate from the physical. What to expect from this page..what it will cover.
1- The physical, understanding why we are here, what is the point of it all?
2- Understanding the difference between the soul and the physical.
3- Explains the physical route and the importance of the soul map.
4- Soul readings why now?
5- Understanding being human.
6- Aliens, Milab, energy, frequency, vibration, feelings.
7- The planets of the universe, how to travel the universe.
8- How earth began.
9- New paradigm…the space energy surge.
10- Going back to come forward – changes we face now and the reasons why? Honesty is the only way forward.
11- There will be a bit of everything..
I am sharing my truth to the best of my ability.
Understanding the soul has been an interesting journey, you never know what is coming next. Over the years I had many pieces but it is not until I started to join them together, did the bigger picture reveal itself.
Truth is not always easy to hear, when we are physically born we forget where we have come from, we hold on to the physical because everyone around us has forgotten too.

It is a deep subject matter not because it is heavy, it is because it is infinite.
We live in duality – the soul and physical are twins. Yet the physical gets all the attention.
The soul is the unknown, a mystery, something we do not pay much focus on until it is time to exit the earth.
The veil of the soul is lifted, ready to be known and understood.
If you want proof of the soul… Look in the mirror through your physical self, and your true identity will stare at you back.
I will start this journey by going back to the year 2008 when it all began with the awakening of energy.
The first message “Universal message please read “, was disclosed to me in 2009 by my guide back then called Ramini. This year the penny dropped that the message shared with my now new guide Acho, matched that same message back then, the message this year has more detail. Back in 2009 I knew it was an important message but did not realize how big until now.
I did not understand what I was being shown in 2009, fast forward to 2017 I do now.
If you want to know more about my history and how I have got to this point of the journey, you can research me on my website
You will find contact details if you want to message me, or if you want to book your soul reading.
Have an open mind, be critical and question everything. I am not sharing for you to believe me, or to convince you of anything. If it makes you think outside the box of the physical, so you find your truth for yourself, then my message has been understood.

There will often be a lack of grammar, spelling mistakes and typos.
I write off the cuff, so it is raw in its natural state. It is like soul dictation – I have to write quickly to keep up with the flow,so punctuation etc goes out of the window.
Look past the typos..
It’s about the message and the meaning.

It is about the soul are you ready?

Date of entry – 17th July 2017 – SOUL SHIFT.

For centuries your physical self took the lead to drive your physical life forward.
Your physical mask – you look at life through your physical eyes – analyzing life through your physical brain – clutching at life through your physical hands.
Believing that your life is nothing more than physical.
You are taught to fear anything that is more than physical.
Life as you have known it – is all singing & all dancing physical.
You learn how to be physically strong and successful at it.

The physical body is not your challenge – you have viewed life like this next example….
If I put a physical box on you at the moment of your physical birth – changing your box to fit you as you grow.
You notice everyone around you is doing the same wearing a box.
You learn to adapt and conform – you learn to move & work while wearing the box.
You view life through the limitations of the box.
You work hard at trying to live with box.
You feel the box is an obstacle – a barrier – a block – to your free soul self.

Wearing the box is a struggle – it is heavy – it is awkward – you soon notice that the box has its advantages.
Boxes are great for hiding in.
The physical becomes child’s play – your physical self can be anything you want it to be with the benefit of hide and seek.
You know there are flip sides to flip sides to flip sides.
Continuous flip sides – create continuous infinite memories.

Some memories are fresher than others – memories are like your experience files- your recorded discs – you choose whatever you want to replay and remember.
You know with each memory you have feelings connected with it.
As you pull up a memory you will remember the scene and you will feel the emotions that connect you with it.
You remember them so you remind yourself that you have experienced them.
Once you have experienced something enough you archive them.
Nothing is forgotten – or erased – or lost – everything is known and ACCESIBLE.
It is ok to feel when you remember.
When you hold on to memories not wanting to let go – you freeze frame your life – you live in duality – not totally in your memory – and not totally in the present – you are in between both.

As you complete scenes of chosen experiences – your life flips so you can create more.
You experience change not as a punishment – it is so you experience more than you have so far.
View the bigger picture of your life – connect all your pieces – separating your life up into points and pieces causes confusion.

Maths is about adding up not taking away – the maths connects.
When you look at the bigger picture all the pieces then make more sense- not just from the perspective point of yourself but from the whole of everything that connects with you – the collective whole of any situation experienced.

The (physical box )that you wear that you call the physical body – is now released from you.
The physical confinement. & limitation has reached its peak- what started out as fun is not anymore.
The physical framework will not drive you anymore.
The box, the veil, – the limitation of the physical self is now lifted from you – revealing your true soul self identity.

You are not left with nothing – or pieces or memories of your physical experiences.
You have a flip side.
Your soul – the energy shift happening now – your transition from your physical self to your soul self, like the butterfly.
This shift creates change – for some it will be subtle for others it will be soul life changing.

There is no point holding on to your box of your physical self.
It is no longer available for you to hide behind – to escape from these changes occurring now.
Everyone and everything is now uncovered – some have caught up to this knowing others are still on catch up.
Soul to soul transparency – truth shines – connecting you back to your soul true self and identity to come forward.

No blame – no guilt – your path ahead shines from the truth of your soul.
If you try to blame others for the choices they make because they do not please or match you – then you are not seeing the bigger picture.
People pleasing is over – filling in is over – blending in is over – lying and hiding is over.
The opposite of what you have known – shines the path ahead for you.
Your soul shines your light for you – if you try to hide from it or try to switch it off- or resist facing yourself – no matter how you try to avoid this shift- your soul self will shine towards you.
There is no escaping your soul self.
Your physical box body will no longer hide or cover you.
You are free to create from your whole truth.
Your soul has shifted in alignment.
Your soul self will guide you.
It is more powerful than the box of the physical.

Real life – reality is opening up for you now.
Your truth shines for you and everyone around you will see your truth.
You will see through the physical box and framework.
Play time is over – reality of your soul self creation is your future path ahead.
The more you connect with your soul – the physical will be more clear and less confusing.
The soul shift cannot be switched back – no matter how you physically try to stay behind the physical mask- your soul self will remove it.
Every soul portal is opening up – are you ready to walk through yours ?
Loving life begins now.

Date of entry – 18th July 2017 – CAUTION – Cross Roads Ahead.

When you hit a cross roads in your life – you have many rational reasons to add to your choices.
Your decisions range from many layers of meanings.
(1)- surface – following the crowds or in the footsteps of another – you are not in a strong position or do not have a strong opinion or point of view from your own perspective.
It is easier for you to follow those that lead you.
You need confidence and strength to stand by your own decisions and choices – your knowing needs nothing only your connection.

(2)- your heartfelt emotion – connects you with your feelings.
You are aware that you have gone deeper than analyzing or thinking about a situation. You have allowed yourself to feel which adds more depth to your choices that you make.
When you feel – you either choose to put all your feelings in your own basket – or you may choose to put all your feelings in someone else’s basket – or you choose neither and decide to view the bigger picture as you know you want more than what you have experienced so far.
At this point – your feelings will reflect whether your decision you make benefits just yourself – or just the other person – sweeping your feelings under the carpet – or do you go with the truth of the bigger picture.

(3)- soul – your core truth – your core self connects with your truth- regardless of what you think or fear.
Your core truth connects with your heartfelt feelings that connects with your thinking brain.
If all (3) points do not match up – you will feel – think – act confused.

Re-act – reaction – resist – you will battle what you are thinking – which will battle what your feeling – which questions what you are knowing.
What one out of the (3) do you pick? If all 3 do not match up and align.

You will then face these choices – survival – protection – battle – RE-action – repeating – ignoring – silence – confrontation – the list of reasons are endless.
Impulsive action – you panic & fear & feel frustrated.
What goes on behind the scenes of yourself is a maze of information.
You may feel like you are in a web that you are stuck in.
Your feelings may be hurt & too raw & painful – your thoughts may be searching for answers & reassurance not just from yourself.
You turn to others when you feel lost – overwhelmed – when you doubt yourself.

The process is the journey of what you experience.
Your alarm bells go off all at once – your head hurts from over thinking – your chest feels tight & anxious with so much pouring feeling – your actions feel numb – you switch to autopilot.
You want this situation sorted quickly – you don’t like feeling miserable – out of control & disconnected with yourself & others that are involved.
You worry when you show your feelings and share your thoughts- if others are not doing the same back – you think the difference that is shown is understood as rejection.
Your fear erupts like a volcano – you panic that change is the end.
You put off making decisions & choices to resist facing change.
You find decisions easy when you know instantly how you feel or think & know the outcome.
You know what food you like and what clothes you wear.

When you share life with other people – many boxes need to be ticked – ticked by you and ticked by other people.
First you try to match all your boxes on a thinking – feeling level – if you can’t match your own you have a battle with yourself.
If you align all your boxes these have to match with who you pair with – if they don’t you will create a battle – fighting over whose boxes are right or wrong.

You all have your previous experiences that are unique to you.
When you choose to pair up with another person – the odds are that you are different- your history and experiences so far may not match up – do you face them in understanding or judgement?.
This next example gives you a heads up about choices…
A Spanish woman pairs up with an English man.
They do not speak each others language.
The Spanish woman decides that if the English man loves her he will learn Spanish.
The English man has also decided that if the Spanish woman loves him she will learn English.
The battle begins of one choice overpowering the other before a relationship has even had a chance. Their foundation is created by the first layer a battle of power.
They could choose to meet in the middle, combining languages – meeting half way in which to communicate.
Team work – sharing the responsibility of difference between them both rather than taking sides.
Many battles are avoidable with greater understanding – battles with yourself or others are not necessary if you took the time to get to know yourselves in which to share yourselves in self love and not in protection of fear.

The choices that you make stem from yourself – the base secure foundation & relationship that you have with yourself.
If your foundations are strong you will have strong relationships.
The more connected your are with yourself – the more balanced that you are – the more understanding that you are – more aware of the bigger picture you will be.
The bigger picture that you see & understand gives you the knowing to not fear the choices that present themselves to you.

You make decisions for yourself – you make them because you are self responsible – you are not needy or codependent.
You are self assured by your knowing – your strength shines even if others do not understand you.
When you are faced with a cross roads in your life – remember it is not by mistake.
You are ready and have reached your peak – you are ready for more on your journey.
Follow your map inside of you – your soul will guide you.
You will trust you to make decisions in your instant knowing even when your physical brain is on catch up.

If you let your head Carry your life you are out of balance – you will be head strong- you forget that there is more to you than your logic brain.
If you let your heart flow out of control – it will flow in all directions – without the connection of your guidance.
If you tread over other people’s thoughts and feelings – without thinking or feeling yourself – you are not connected to anyone not even yourself.

Master yourself – then you will feel connected in your life.
Sharing your life with love & understanding.
Supporting yourself creates strong foundations that grow with each experience that you have chosen.
Know you – know your map – you then know your way.
No longer going blindly through life & hoping for the best.
You cling on to hope when you have forgotten your knowing.
Embrace your cross roads – you have mastered what you have experienced so far- there is always more not less.
You have everything you need within you.
No matter what direction your heart- mind – soul is traveling in – they will always guide you back to yourself.

Date of entry – 19th July 2017 – DIMENSIONS.
Dimensional Travel.

Important – crowds – following – sink holes appearing – sand storms!- different news scenes.
Spiral portals – as you go through a portal it creates many scenes that are escalating.
The physical is not fixed it fluctuates – revolves – resurfacing – appearing – in the energy of creation many multi faceted possibilities surface.

As your souls open up – your portal opens up – each portal creates like the wizard of oz.
Your reality is in your portal dimension of yourself.
Your energy portal grid fans out expanding – overlapping each energy dimension that you open up – your multi reality is your reality it is your personal space.

You are in the physical frequency that you have known and remember so far – you see every day life around you – you believe each day stays the same constant flow & pattern.
It is what you try to hold on to, to prevent change.

Your soul opening up – opens up your infinite portal – which brings in other dimensions to your reality.
Viewing physical life – you view the physical energy dimension as flat – one image – one back drop – this next example explains the physical dimension reality.

When you are physically born – you are given a TV set. You are happy to have the same equipment as everyone else around you.
You switch on your physical TV set – at first you find it intriguing – you learn everything about being physical.
You share and compare your TV set with other people around you.
You notice that everyone’s TV set is set on the same physical station.
The physical channel.
You are bored with the physical channel – you believe there is more to life than just this one channel.
You try to alter your TV set – Focussing on tuning in to more stations.
Other people think your odd for not sticking to the one station like everyone else.
You have a choice – do you stick to what has been set? Do you stick to the program that everyone follows? Or do you follow and connect to your soul?

Your soul has infinite channels – no one believes you – the physical only sees one channel.
You may feel singled out and alone – you enjoy exploring more than the physical – you experience more – you want to encourage other people to view their soul channel.

Once you connect to your soul channel – you view the physical from a different perspective.
You don’t fit the systems – the systems in place do not fit you.
You only believe what you experience.
If you want proof – you experience it for yourself.
The biggest challenge is getting over your physical self.

You cannot be carried through parallel dimensions.
You choose to go through yourself.
The only thing stopping you is your physical self.
The physical is a maze – everything looks the same – the soul is transparent & crystal clear.
You hold on – too scared to explore more.
You are too scared to let go – to trust yourself.
The physical is the barrier – the block – the distortion – a maze of layers.
Once you find your way around your physical maze – you connect with your soul point zero- infinite portals & dimensions open up for you to experience more. You are ready consciously to expand yourself.

It is not your imagination – it is nothing like the physical station – you can multi task many parallel portals – all at once.
It is like being surrounded by infinite TV screens – each screen playing a different scene all around you at once. You can view all of them at once – you can experience each scene and exit each scene – weaving in and out of many.
What you experience is your choice.

Your reality is multi dimensional – you focus on one dimension – the physical.
This dimension of yourself distorts and confuses you.
This one station changes the story line constantly not committing to anything.
You get it – then you don’t ,- you hold on – yet you fight to let go, – you feel like your not getting anywhere – yet you want to move forward.
The physical station is full of contradictions.
Once you have mastered the physical – when you see through the physical matrix.
You are then ready to explore more parallel channels of your multi dimensional soul self.
There are no short cuts – you are the portal that connects you to your multi dimensional universe.

If you want to travel through your soul – master and understand the physical channel – then you will switch from the physical channel to your infinite soul channel of multi dimensional choice.

Date of entry – 21st July 2017 – The Bigger picture – Your EPIPHANY.

When you see the bigger picture not just from the perspective of yourself.
Understand why the pieces of your experiences causes you confusion & fighting.
Your life experiences are infinite which reflect many feelings – pieced together tell your story.
Every piece you create – creates the collective bigger picture.
You physically focus on one piece or pieces of the bigger picture – holding pieces of your life puzzle – to work out & understand.
Viewing life through the peep hole of the physical limits your view.
Opening yourself up is a process of letting go of your physical limited self.

You are the bigger picture – in infinite detail – obscured by physical doubt.
Trying hard to work it out – search for answers – is like looking at a tipped out infinite box jigsaw puzzle, all the pieces are there, but until you join the pieces together none of it will make sense.
Once you have worked out one piece there is always more to work out.

Let go of your physical protecting self view – view the bigger picture by facing each piece and connect it to the many pieces.
Your view is obscured by your physical importance.
Your depth is not physical – your depth is feeling.
Your bigger picture is viewed through your soul self.

Guidance in the physical – you can have all the answers – the truth stares you obvious in your face – to understand it you face it – to comprehend it.
Guidance guides you so far – the rest is up to you.
Completion is arising now in many situations – personally & worldwide – the bigger picture will be clear to you.
Do you accept it and face it or still try to ignore it.
Truth is truth – truth will be everyone’s epiphany personally and worldwide.

The bigger picture is personal to you on what you see – it may not be a pretty picture or one that you would want to look at.
Truth does not pick and choose it reflects truth in its raw natural state.
You can choose to fight it or bury your head in the sand – TRUTH is – there is nothing that can hide truth.
It will resurface until you can’t ignore truth anymore.

SOUL Quote -Date of entry – 23rd July 2017

Carrying people is over because your soul is taking over.
You can guide people to their own soul pool.
If they don’t drink from it you cannot drink it for them.

Date of entry – 26th July 2017 – Treasure – Chest – Gold!!!

You search & dig for gold – you buy gold – hold onto gold.
Not understanding the true meaning of gold.
Essence – purity – truth – calm – solid reflection – image – bond – commitment – object – objective – ego – exchange – a token.
A piece of your gold from within – reflected with the gold that you wear.
Meaning that lasts in the physical moment if the feelings of love stay.

Your reasons are many & your depth are personal to what your treasure gold gifts mean to you.
You have sentimental value – priceless – meaning there is no physical value of money – that is worth the sentiment in heartfelt meaning.
WHY, do you buy gold ?
To accessorize- it’s what everyone does as a symbol when you get in engaged or married – to celebrate an anniversary.
What you wear – you only know the depth and meaning behind it.
Unless you share your meaning with other people.
Some wear it as a status symbol – self value – to gain respect from others- your identity label – a crown to wear of leadership and importance.

You wear your treasure to show the world that you are treasured by someone in your life.
Are you the treasure or the gold your wearing?
If you lose your gold gift does it mean you have lost the meaning that came with it?

Your treasured items are like a vault – a chest that holds its value not just in meaning but the price tag too.
You all came to earth with your gold – your treasure – your chest – your map – your heartfelt feelings.
Your gifts in you is what makes you U.
Your real identity – your sentiment – your depth & self worth.
It is something that you physically do not need to hold on to – you will never lose it – you are your gold.

Your gold is reflected in everything you do – in action – in silence – reaction – spoken or not.
Your truth and essence shines like pure gold.
You search for gold & treasure – you forget you had it all along – within you.
You came with your gold – you exit with your gold.
Open up your soul treasure chest – take a look – you will be amazed what you will find – what you see & remember about yourself.

Your gold is your confidence – your empathy – your understanding – your map that connects you to all your soul & physical experiences.
Your treasure inside of you is infinite.
You think sometimes that there is nothing about you of much interest.
You search outside of yourself – looking in the opposite direction.
Your physical experiences will always guide you back to yourself – encouraging you to use the gifts inside yourself.
To connect with your gold rather than hide it or protect it.
You are not born physically rich or poor.
You are infinitely rich – your key of wealth inside you.

This message is to remind you – your soul – a treasure chest that contains everything that you will ever need – that money cannot buy.
Connect with your gold in you – it is your divine key that opens every door for you.
If you do not connect with your soul – you are missing out on all the riches of the universe.
You all have gold – equally – shared – reflective of your own depth – your self reflection on what you believe.
If you believe you are nothing then your chest will look and feel empty – you are the creator and master of your treasure chest.
The more you acknowledge & connect with your golden gifts in you – the more full you will see your chest.
Stop searching and start connecting with your gold that has created you.

Date of entry – 1st August 2017 – YOUR FUTURE – YOUR LIFE.

~~~~~ – waves – current !! Commitment – signature – confirmation – structure.
Current situation – divide – division – separation – parting of the ways – letting go – choices to be made – singular -momentum – movement – joining the dots – connection.

Amongst the division – connection is happening – whether with the self – or others – or global.
What you face now – may divide you – separate you – encourage you to let go ! – of situations that have run its course or reached its peak !!.

You are now like in your own cinema screening the film is all about yourself – what you now see will be all about your truth.
Your future that faces you will be shown to you & disclosed to you via your soul (film screen) projection.
If you see nothing ahead then you may not be ready to receive – the blankness or darkness void you see is the spotlight being switched off from the physical path that you are letting go off.
What you have known so far – you are expanding from this – your physical past life history & your soul history are connecting – presenting you with your bigger picture – creating your future path ahead.

It is no longer a case of head or tails you win or lose.
The one physical choice – focusing just from the perspective of the physical is now over – your souls are awakening now.
Your soul is why you are here – your soul is strong – determined – factual – practical – realistic – honest – truthful.
Your future is being realigned with your soul connection – reconfigured by yourself.

You no longer will compare your self or your life with anyone else around you.
Your future path is tailor made by yourself – there is no where to hide – you are your soul and the physical will no longer over shadow or hide you from your soul self.
You will have no one to blame – you are self responsible.
What now faces you – your past – your present – creation – what you need to face about yourself will be presented to you – even repeatedly presented to you – until you observe what you need to see about yourself.
This applies to everyone on earth it is not about grade, selection, age, wealth, status, health physically – it’s all about your soul reflection now.

Spending your days looking at others & paying little attention to yourself & your own behavior of what you are creating – you will hit barriers – those that you blame or distract you from yourself – will be removed from your path – those that over shadow you – deny you – or block you – will be removed.

Your soul is all seeing & all knowing – your future stems from you.
If you feel lost & disconnected from your life – then you will be encouraged to connect with yourself.
The physical current that you know as life so far & all its distractions has swept you away from yourself.
The physical current & pool – will dry up – you will be encouraged to stand on your own two feet.
Facing yourself and your life – you may feel alone during these changes as you transition from your physical self to your soul self.
Your soul will give you strength – to continue – to walk your soul path.

You will be encouraged – to face your past – your history before moving forward.
You will adjust and cut ties with what no longer serves you.
You will come in to your own.
Step out of your physical comfort zone – you will review & face your physical life like a film – you will understand your journey & connect with your soul purpose.

It is time to step out of the physical current – embrace your gifts & acknowledge them – remove your physical mask that you hide behind – reveal your soul truth identity.
What you once thought was your physical meaning of your life – will no longer interest you.
You are ready to connect with the depths of the ocean you call your soul – the universal collective consciousness that creates every experience that you call life.
Your fortune – your gold – your future – your life is mapped out on your soul.
This is why soul readings are now available – for those that need guidance & confirmation to their soul identity and truth of purpose.
Your soul is your true identity – not the physical mask that you wear.

Date of entry – 2nd August 2017 – NO LOSS.

There is no loss in the universe, earth is part of the universe, earth is not separate.
You are the collective consciousness of the universe.
Life is – always continues – never ends – not reliant on a body.
Your soul does not need a body in which to exist.

Death – is an illusion – death is a gift – letting go from the physical frequency – transcending to express more of yourself.
Death is a birth – in truth of your soul.
Exiting the earth is a gift – exiting opens new doors and releases yourself from limitation.
Opening new pathways that where previously not there.

Gifts are all blessings in disguise – when a loved one exits from the physical – you then feel the connection of their soul – soul energy.
You feel them around you – you may hear them & see them – connections are never broken.
Death is an exit transfer from the physical bond to your soul connection completely.

You physically observe life as real only if you can hold and see it – smell it – or hear it.
Beyond your physical senses – you question if it is your imagination – or even real.
Through the eyes of the physical if it is not physical – then it is not real and don’t exist.

The opposite is true – Feelings are not a solid object that you hold in your hand – you cannot go to the shops and buy feelings.
Your feelings are transferred through your hands – your touch – the words that you speak – your actions & inaction stem from your feelings – how you feel is projected through your body.
Without feelings your body would be like a statue.
Your feelings flow through you – you may block feelings out – you may be selective of what feelings you feel & share.
Your senses are your tools in which to express yourself – your feelings are your language in which to communicate – past the physical barrier.

You are your feelings expressed through your body.
How much of your feelings you share – depends on the connection that you have with yourself first.
How much of your soul is present in your physical life – how open you are to yourself.
The physical is like a nut cracker – encouraging you to step out of the physical shell.
See past the physical shell – feel past the physical shell.
The more connected you are to your feelings – the more freedom you will feel.
The more you understand your feelings – the more balanced your experiences will be.
Face your feelings – connect with them – understand them – you will then face other people’s feelings in strength and understanding.

If you take the word of another person over yourself – you are bypassing yourself and disconnecting from your truth.
Trust you – you know you – believe in you – you understand you.
You do not need others to tell you what you know about yourself unless they are confirming what you know.
You are awakening to who you are – what you are about – you will stand strong in your own self knowing awareness.
No one can do this for you – it is your own self responsibility to face your life standing in your own shoes.
Your life fits you perfectly – wear it with pride – own it – share it – acknowledging yourself is what makes you real and exist.

Date of entry – 3rd August 2017 – CONFIRMATION ..

Completion from your past – tying up loose ends – what ever is buried will be faced.
No stone is left unturned.
The energy of the physical platform is shutting down – your soul platform is awakening – transition – your soul energy will lift – remove – and free you.
You will no longer be trapped under the influence of the physical.
Your physical reality is altering – shifting – the soul is now your surface – like relaying a new floor.
Out with the physical – in with the new – your soul.
Your soul will be your foundation now to build your life on.

No more hope – wishing – waiting – your connected knowing will synchronistically create change.
When connected these changes flow smoothly – if you feel resistance and fight these changes – you will have the physical ripple affect…the soul will transfer no matter the resistance.
You will no longer feel the need to fight yourself or with others.
Your soul is your main stay the reason and purpose of why you are here.
Living your dreams or facing your hell.
You own your life – you are the creator – writer – producer and master.
Disconnecting with yourself and your life is like throwing your life out of the window.
Hoping that who ever crosses your path will pick up your pieces of your life – will make sense of it and look after it for you in your absence.
They will not have the energy for your life in which to create progress.
They can hold on to it – store it – that’s about it.
You will feel limited – confined – stagnated – you will know your life is not progressing forward when it is in someone else’s hands.
Your life may be stored safe – protected – in bubble wrap – your stuck as your not doing anything more with your life – preserving – restoring – is not living life to the full.

Your life may feel comfortable – safe – settled in doing nothing – that’s as far as you go.
Storing your life is like tucking your life up in bed for years.
Staying still – keeping each day the same as the day before – not changing your routine or habits – your comfortable in your familiar safe routine.

What has held your life in place – will be altered – your soul wants to wake you up.
So you experience more than you have already.
Your soul is waking you up out of your physical slumber.
Change is happening – instantly – at times without physical warning.
What your soul wants to create it will.
Your life will open up emotionally – synchronistically- physically – transforming your life.
Stepping out of your comfort zone of what you have known and passed off as your life.

Your souls are aboard – your destination ahead is perfect for you.
Your golden soul ticket belongs to you.
You cannot trade or swap places with anyone.
Your life ahead connects with you – you will face change – your soul will guide you.
Your souls are ready.

Date of entry – 4th August 2017 – INFINITE – SOURCE – POINT ZERO.

You all started out at point zero – you are collective consciousness – You are infinite – as you created you expanded from point zero like a sling shot.
You experience many planes – dimensions – planets – you enter many different frequencies – in doing so you forget where you have come from.
Your soul never forgets your truth of how you began – as you search and explore the infinite frequency realms your soul is trying to help you remember.
Your soul as you awaken and connect back to your source – you will remember more of who you are – and your soul cosmic history.
Your journey is to make your way back to point zero – home – your infinite source connection.
This is your purpose – to collectively return home.
You can guide others – you can open doors – it is down to each soul to find their own truth – going back to come forwards – to source your home – to move forwards.

Date of entry – 5th August 2017 – GOING ROUND & ROUND IN CIRCLES.

Repeated behavior – No U turns – continuing the same patterns – reactions – creates repeated experiences.
You are up close & personal – trying to figure out a situation that you cannot see clearly.
You will feel exhausted & overwhelmed & drained – involved – too close – you are unable to observe it – to see clearly.
You may ask how come you can see it and I cannot?
Answer – those that observe your scene are not involved – they are not personally connected – they do not need the scene or the experience of it – so from a distance they can observe it.

The more involved you get in a situation the more zoomed in you are to it – the less interested you are – the situation zooms out away from you.
You are less attached – less dependent – less needy.
You are like a camera lens – you zoom in & out depending on the situation that has captivated you.

If you are in a repeated cycle that is frustrating and a confusing situation – firstly zoom yourself out – so you can observe the situation more clearly – when you watch a film you don’t focus on one actor – everything creates the film.
Observe yourself as well as others – view the whole scene.
Altering your perception of a situation – creates change.
You know this so you avoid it.
Being zoomed in is the closest you can physically get to a situation – past this is your soul connection.

To create change the first barrier you face is awareness of observation.
You know what you face of how things stand – expanding your view – you may not like what you see.
You may feel scared to let go of your front row seat and position – zooming out may give you the illusion that you are letting go off what you have.
You may doubt yourself – being zoomed in allows you to be selective – focused on what your holding on to.
Zooming out gives you a wider view – a bigger picture.
You have got comfortable with being zoomed in with a limited view – you have adjusted to it – you fight for more of the picture – to scared to move from your spot – in case you miss what you have and end up with less.

Awareness gives you knowing to let go of repeated habits and cycles.
When you observe more – you have confirmation of your answers to your questions – you will see more clearly of what is really going on.
If you sit too close to a tv screen to watch a film – the film would become blurry – distorted – out of focus.
Observing life – gives you a clearer picture.
Once you realize and know you will not repeat yourself.

If you drove the same way – and as you approached a roundabout you could not see any roads from it.
You would doubt & question do any roads exist?
You have a choice to make – unless you are happy to spend many years driving round the roundabout – you will have to turn to your instincts and trust them & take a chance – see what happens.
Eventually you will be sick of going round & round in circles – you will make a move – to create change.
Any repeated situations – are repeated out of fear.

Creating change as long as it is safe & you can see it mapped out in front of you – creates delay – relying externally rather than internally.
Change is not from the outside of yourself – change comes from within.
If you come across a cross roads in your life – you know you have a choice & some decisions to make.
You have passed the roundabout many times – synchronicity opens up a pathway – opportunity gives you a wider view – creating options for you to choose from.

You are never stuck in life – it is a choice – to repeat what you are comfortable with – what you repeatedly know so far whether you enjoy it or not.
Your soul knows your route – to every destination – your soul is your sat nav – if you don’t use it – you only have the physical to rely on – it has limited view.
You know more than you give yourselves credit for – your thinking logic brain distorts what your soul is trying to show you.
Your soul is your personal guide listen and observe.

Date of entry – 8th August 2017 – Sirius – My Home Signature Planet.

Understanding signature frequencies.
Sirius – a planet of magnificent beauty.
Energy Signature of Sirius – a rainbow of Colour – pixels spectrum.
The Tones – vibration of darker tones – black – brown as a physical visual – direct – serious – meaningful.
Deep tones – source reflection of – information – description – guidance – Instructional manual – map – path – connection – wisdom – knowledge – history – truth – resonance of balance – harmony – even through chaos & discord.
Dis – chord – reflects our bond amongst our chord spectrum – our signature frequency is always there amongst chaos.

What ever you experience in the shadows through your self amongst the distortions and distractions – you will be guided back to yourself – through your connection with our universal language of frequency – vibration – energy – Rhythm – prism – waves – pulse.
Even your vocal chords vibrate so you create your language through sound.

Vibrant pixels of colour – like cells in a body – pick up – receive – transmit – communicate – personally – globally – universally.
The matrix energy spectrum of colour is like being in a waterfall – similar reflection as an example.
As you stand in your atmosphere and breath the air around you – little attention is given to your atmosphere unless it alters.
Imagine standing outside right now – you look at the sky for colour or the landscape around you – if you where standing on my home planet Sirius – you would see prism particles of magnificent rainbow colour of every colour – your energy body would be the same energy spectrum – you would not blend in and become invisible.

The energy signature of Sirius – discloses – information & guidance to create more – like you have instructions that come with equipment that you buy.
Earth is a water planet – the oceans cover your planet – a conduit – energy that receives and transmits.
Amplifying information across planet earth – the Dolphins & whales & sea life are the guardians of the manuscripts of information downloads & uploads.

You have many frequencies on a physical lower tone level – that distract you – to manipulate & control you – separating you from connecting to your home planet signature frequency – so you do not pick up the frequencies of the universe playing in your atmosphere.
Humans have forgotten the meaning of a signature it is not the one you practice to write as your name.
A signature – is a frequency – that transmits as well as receives.
A rhythmic wave that cannot be physically altered – it is created by universal source – you can switch to frequencies that are lower than your home signature frequency.
As you do so you forget your real identity.
You cannot jump to higher frequencies if you have not expanded .

Frequencies believed in the mind are created by the energy of belief that you feed it.
It is created not of natural source but from the mind.
Only the lower frequencies will believe it as real.
When you stick to your natural signature home planet vibration you will see through frequencies that have no signature tone.
My signature tone is from planet Sirius – those that match my frequency – will harmonize with me.

What ever gifts & skills that you have – you bring with you from your home planet – some are downloaded periodically to your soul.
No one can copy you from another signature frequency – or impersonate you – there are no short cuts – you evolve and expand in frequency – it is through your soul.
You can share your gifts & knowledge – you visit many planets – some lower frequency ones – some higher.
You can visit in which to understand more to encourage your soul expansion – a spark that ignites your imagination and inspires you.

You cannot take information and own it – your soul is encouraged to expand to become that frequency of knowledge.
You think – what you are taught from books – gets you a certificate – forgetting you are taught from memory which is not from source. Source knowing does not need a certificate.
Source learning is instant – no prep needed – it’s instant knowing as you bypass the physical brain – you connect with your energy – to source – the universal web.

You think what you are taught physical to physical makes you a master – your brain may know learnt information – it’s learnt to aid your experience – a tool – to expand from experience to connect with your knowing.
Knowing is creation – taught is experience.
When you share your gifts – you share because you would like others to experience the joy of your creation.
Success is expansion – growth of self.
What you create cannot be copied – creators create from their own signature frequency – no one can by pass themselves as you.
Without a signature tone – creation does not exist – it’s an experience yes – but will be an illusion in the hands of another.
Only the creator holds the master key of what they create.
When you are connected to your own signature tone – you will see through that which is fake or mimicked.
You will notice the difference between a natural creator – and a taught experiencer.
Signature tones are truth which you will feel in every cell of you not just one part.
The more you understand energy & vibration & your signature tone – the more relaxed you would be.
You would trust more – you would know – you remember more & understand that there is no need to protect what you create.
Your creation is safe in your signature tone in which it is created.
Those that match your signature tones can blend with you – like your game of pairs – they match.
Signatures that do not match – will reflect – inspire – to share experience.
Other planets have similar colour prism tones – their signature tone will be pastel in colour and lighter.
The frequency of structure – building – creating – helping those to unlock the gifts inside themselves.

You have many languages on planet earth – the universe has infinite signature tones – a language known & not taught – known through connection – if separation is present from source you will connect with being taught.
Sirius – knows & sees through distortion – sees through masks – anything to do with information – emotion – energy signatures & truth – Sirius sees everything.
Sirius is a planet that you could say is like the all seeing eye.

If you do not receive a message via the physical route – the sea – animals – your plants and atmosphere send it to you.
This is why no one can hide – everyone is transparent & known.
Your signal is picked up – the messages that you send out – is received – your answers are sent back to you via your soul.
Nothing gets lost – you receive when you are ready.
Amongst the chaos there is a pathway.

This October the energy transfer to earth will be at its peak – the knowledge & guidance that I share with you – will be more understood.
The more your soul awakens – the more connected you are with your soul.
You are letting go off distortion and lower frequencies that do not match your signature tone of the planet that you have come from.
This will create change naturally – personally & globally.
Your soul is receiving your information – you will be guided to those that will aid your transference from the physical frequency to your soul source connection as you expand and evolve.
This is nothing to fear- you will feel lighter & calmer – free & safe.
You will feel joy that you are connected to your soul & not separated anymore.

Date of entry – 12th August 2017 – Facing Adversity.

When I was a small child I taught myself a couple of things.
When I was faced with adversity – I would look at my life – if I could find one thing I was thankful for – I knew I was on track. As a child being an orphan I was thankful for a doll to hold when I didn’t have humans.
Since those years – growing up – know matter what situation I found myself in – I immediately look for one thing I am thankful for – even if my life is falling apart around me.

It works – because if you can’t appreciate one thing how can you appreciate many.
It kept balance in my life & my cup half full constantly rather than half empty.
If I had to bestow any wisdom for the physical path it would be this – plus saying ya gotta laugh ain’t ya.
If you can’t laugh when life is tough – then you forget to laugh at all.
Life is what you make it – I chose to see a cup half full always

Date – 14th August 2017 – Are you a Cup half full or Cup half empty?

Serious note – completion – affirmation – means affirming action.
Concrete proof does not happen by watching your life pass you by.
Involved – connected – the energy wave of any situation will unfold as necessary.
Being scared of the unknown – being unsettled – unsure in your life – creates a ripple effect – like when you throw a stone into water.

Your thoughts are like stones – that you throw out into your energy pool of life.
You may think – that thinking has no power – the opposite is true.
Every thought sent out by you & everyone else on planet earth – connects to your life.
If you question this – then have you ever thought about someone and you hear from them or bump into them?
Everyone’s thoughts connect – across the globe and the universe.

You send out messages continuously – like dolphins echo location – the thoughts you send out return back to you.
You receive what you think – what you fear – what your scared of etc.
Being aware of your thoughts that you focus on – what you do want – what you don’t want in your life.
Projecting thoughts clearly creates strength & knowing.
If your thoughts are in a mess like a bed that is unkept – it does not mean you have to throw out the bed – it means making a conscious effort to tidy it so it is more comfortable.

If you are confused – you know that too many thoughts & opinions of others mixed with over thinking has caused confusion.
You will know you have over thought your situation.
As you say less is more – more is more overwhelming.
If you find yourself over thinking – observe what is being thought.
Stop over thinking – stick to the facts – you will be aware of your feeling thoughts – your practical thoughts – fighting thoughts – manipulation & control thoughts – compromise thoughts – agree to disagree thoughts.
All these thoughts often get combined together which causes confusion.
Feeling vulnerable & let down – either by yourself or others.

No one’s the victim – connect with how you feel – allow your feelings and accept them – there is no right or wrong.
You de-clutter your homes – your forget to de-clutter your thoughts – have a thought sort out & clear out – you may be holding on to thoughts that do not belong to you.
There are many reasons to why you are thinking & feeling the way you do.
You own what you create not what others project onto you.
Thoughts do not occur by chance or by mistake – your thoughts process your life.
You may have survival thoughts – playing the victim thoughts – play at being vulnerable to gain attention.
Thoughts can be used as a weapon to feel in control and powerful.
You need attention from yourself before anyone else.

If you rely on others to feed you emotionally – to entertain you because your bored – what you need from others you are not giving to yourself.
If you won’t give these things to yourself why do you expect others to give them to you?
Helping yourself creates a cup half full not half empty.
If you share your cup half full with others – who share their cup half full with you also – you have equal balance.
What your cups are half full with may be different to each other – combined you both create a full cup of plenty.

If you share your cup half full with someone that has a cup half empty – they will expect you to do all the work – all the sharing & giving – getting little in return. You will get fighting – you will fight for them to create a half full cup – while they will fight for you to have a half empty cup like them.
They will drain you of what you once had.

Observe people’s attitudes – be aware are they  a cup half full or a cup half empty kinda person?
You will then understand why relationships run smooth or become a battle.
Life is like a game of pairs – match yourself up – match up with others past the image – matching honestly creates balance.
You may share with a cup half empty person to show them what a cup half full is like.
You may inspire them to change & have a different outlook – so they have a cup half full too.

There are many reasons & many meanings why we share our life with different people – to gain experience.
The trick is to not take it personally – the more you know yourself – you will have no need to take it personally.
People try to hide themselves – the more settled you are in yourself- the more you will see through people’s illusions.
When you let go of people that no longer match you – accept it kindly and move on.
You will always have a choice & self responsibility.
The more settled in yourself the less needy & vulnerable you will be.

It is healthy to have your own space – your own interests – consumed in others expectations is limiting & claustrophobic.
If you are waiting on others to move your life forward – then you are not managing your life in a shared fair way responsibly.
Your life is in your own hands whether sharing it or not – you can have your cake & eat it – even when your sharing it with others.

Date of entry – 19th August 2017 – Moving Forward. You have caught up to you.

Moving forward hastily – confirmation of what has been previously written.
Surprised – revelation – stampede rush – mad rush – twists & turns ahead.
Surrender the past – let it go – NO TURNING BACK – if you try there will be no connection.
You can pull the plug from the bath water – there still is a process – the water goes round & round the plug hole until it exits.

It is not a time to be disillusioned – hanging on to situations – that you know are not working – these situations will slip through your fingers no matter how hard you try to hang on.
Truth is being revealed to everyone – personally – globally – universally.
It is not a time to ignore yourselves – if you bury your head in the sand – you will face your own blocks and barriers.
If you do not want to go round & round in circles – then now is the time to awaken and be aware.
Your truth is facing you.
Your soul will not ignore your truth – even if your connection to your soul is weak – that connection is still more powerful than your physical self.
Your soul will spin your life around – your physical brain will no longer be able to distort it.
Your soul will show you everything that you need – in which to free yourself from your past physical limitations.

At first you will face your own physical self reactions – your habitual reactions – you will no longer be able to use these reactions to avoid facing yourself.
Every direction you turn – you will face everything about you.
Whether reflected by people closest to you – or even strangers that cross your path.
Nothing is by mistake – you will attract to you – what you need to face about yourself.
You have been in hiding in your physical self for far too long.
Not anymore everyone on planet earth is waking up – your soul self is your true identity.
You will remember.


Date of entry – 20th/21st August – solar eclipse magnifying your path ahead.

Sun rising – sun setting – full moon – solar eclipse – like thunder clashing – electrical prism – static charge – conductive – conduit – rare event never seen before – magnetism – like the brakes of a car locking up.
Wave anomaly – alignment – electrical charge – anomaly like never before.
So rare – far distant planets in alignment – like a line – line-ar event.
The planets of the cosmos – connect – line up – why the magnetism & energy wave is so rare – a domino effect.
North side of the moon – research touches on the truth.
Sound resonance – reflective rays – light reflection – sound particles – like grains of sound – magnificent.
Blood cycle – a cycle has been reached.
Purification – purged – extract – SILENCE – star particles in the night sky – BACKGROUND – filter the cosmic rays – like the SUN – filter.
Each planet is like a lense.
Each planet in alignment plus those not seen by the physical eye – spectrum – combined – magnify – energy – (bounces) reflects – spin – motion.
SPIN – energy movement through and around – motion of energy creates movement.
What your experiencing is millennia old – the alignment creates the distance through wave vibration.
Structures of planets – magnify like a ping pong machine – nothing stops – the universe recharges continuously .
Energy surges creates change.
Planetary phases & cycles repeated creates balance.
When an energy surge occurs this alignment & balance changes.

Everything vibrates at the resonance that is pulsed.
Sun – moon – sea – earth – are like speakers.
Your bodies absorb the energy – the lower physical distortion frequencies are like being tied to a dead weight.
The solar eclipse – cleanses and removes the dead weight distortion frequencies.
Purifying the water – the air – the earth – you.
Cleansing & purifying your physical body – what you have held on to will be removed.
You are being filtered from distortions and illusions – you may fight the process or go with it.
You crave change deep down inside.
For some it will be a quick transition for others very slow.
Imagine a flight of stairs in front of you that has no end – if you see there is not end – this may put you off – stairs that look too much of a challenge as you know it takes hard work to climb.
If you understand that the stairs are not how you physically perceive them – but a base with each step you take – understanding that it does not matter where you stand – they are uniform In energy.
When you resonate at your energy signature – where ever you stand the energy is amplified.
If you see the stairs as a challenge then you have not reached your energy signature – what you face are the distortions within in your energy signature that you have picked up – distortions are still being filtered.
There are infinite multi faceted signature frequencies – some combine – harmonize – some create ripple effects.
Expansion – is expanding your own energy signature – that harmonizes with others.
The solar eclipse – a new deck – an energy surge – like no other.
Life is changing there is no going back.

Date of entry – 22nd August 2017 – Welcome Home Coming.

Star formation – welcome home coming – Stargate – aligning – illuminating – opening – haze – prism – shift.
October marker – ( 2 months break ) – reshuffle – minor adjustments – wave formation – rainbow clusters – to be cont…

April – next – blossoming – month – joy – creativity – less burdens.
You are all now getting your bearings after a long journey – familiarizing yourselves – settling in – before the hard work of connection begins.
RE-structure finalized – commitment now – self assured commitment – before moving forward – solid self foundations.
If you hide from yourself – your self base will be fragile and fragmented – not so solid or strong or secure.
Your soul connection is your strongest base & foundation – the physical crumbles – created on a lower vibration – soul energy connection is infinite.

Remember – remind your cells – that you are infinite.
DNA – data not applicable – your recording – your cell memory – passed on from physical life experiences to the next – limited to what you are taught to believe.
You are not your physical data.
You are your soul identity.
Your soul energy signature – creates everything – not from memory.
Your DNA is like a recorded memory experience program – installed – so you remember the physical history when you re-enter earths vibration – you forget your soul identity at this lower frequency.
Your true identity is stored in your soul energy grid.

You are taught everything about being physical – this is not your natural state – this is why you have to repeatedly learn it.
Without your memory you would forget it all physically speaking.
It is a carbon copy of many stored memories – your soul connects with these memories – your physical experiences.
Your soul is your main path – weaving in and out the physical energy grid.
You gather experiences – like bees collecting from flowers.
The physical is structured – confined & limited to stay on the physical track.
If you are different and go off grid you are highlighted.

The physical energy frame looks real & solid to you – your brain believes what it has recorded through repeated experiences.
Your soul has no need to repeat – your soul continues & progresses & expands instantly.
The physical frequency is a slower vibration.
You have distractions – distortions – ripple effects – lapses in signal connection – buffering.
From entering earth to exiting earth is like one signal returned.
Like sonar.
You send a signal out on entering earth – it returns to you when you exit.
The journey of space in between you fill with your experiences.
Echo delay factor.
What matches you when you exit at an energy level – what matches your signature energy will connect with you – what does not match your signature energy passes you.
This is why your own signature signal – reflects only back to yourself.
This is why it is a waste of your energy being consumed with distractions around you.
What you are picking up are other sonar signature signals – there are infinite signatures around you.
The key is to connect with your own signature.

Animals understand signature sonar on land – why they encourage their babies to flee the nest.
Signature identity – self responsibility.
Expressing & expanding – your own energy signature.
What you experience is your choice only.
You blame others for what you have chosen.
To be able to understand this knowledge – wisdom.
First it’s wise to understand who you are.
If you believe you are nothing more than the physical then you will not understand this message.

Each spring – nature reminds you that death does not exist.
Does death exist? – answer No!
You chose to enter the physical frequency realm – for some the frequency is lower than your natural state – for others who are more settled in the physical – it will match their natural frequency state.
You exit the frequency of the physical – continuing your life infinitely.
Your true identity – your soul – is waiting for you to remember – your soul holds all your history.
This is why soul readings are now available – to confirm your true identity – and to guide you of how much of your soul is present in your life.
Your true identity is more than your flesh & bones & DNA.

Date of entry – 29th August 2017 – Body management – understanding the body clock.

Introduction – appreciation raises your energy – it’s hard to appreciate when in pain.
Pain can be a big distraction – why do we have pain if we are infinite energy?
Pain is like grounding – putting the brakes on in life – stops you in your tracks – pain – evaluates – gives you time out – rescue self evaluation.
Are you your physical body or your energy body?
Separation & division caused your energy body to separate from your physical body.
Pain was necessary to remind your physical self – that you are not just the physical body.
Can you imagine a physical body without pain? It would cause problems – you would get too comfortable being in the physical body – you would forget who you are.
Pain is a reminder – your energy body does not experience pain – like in the physical sense.

Managing the physical body is a challenge in itself.
Energy does not create illness & pain.
Blockages and mismanagement of self control – lack of balance – causes fragility.
Managing the physical body – acknowledging your body is not the same as being consumed with it.
Too much focus – contaminates – rejuvenation needs space.
4 natural state elements – AIR – oxygen – EARTH – foods – WATER – drink – SUN – heat.
In balance & harmony – when these elements are out of balance – disharmony occurs – the natural filters contaminate.
Your carbon natural salty state – balance – harmony – your body aligns with the sun.
The rhythm & wave. Unnatural exertion – damages growing cells – speeds up too fast – delicate balance.
SLEEP – rest in balance – EAT & DRINK – in balance – WALK EARTH – in balance – SUN – energize in balance.
SUNRISE – wake – eat – drink – between sun rise and setting.
Relax & SLEEP after sunset – calm body state.
Sunrise – sunset healthy balance living – natural body clock.
Align with the energy of the sun – forget 24hour clock – be active between the two Suns its that simple.
If you work after sunset – use the energy by connecting with it as you will be physically energized already between the two Suns of rise and set.
Yes have elements of AIR – WATER – drink – if hungry eat small amount of earth foods.
Earth foods – naturally grown connected with the earth – not man made processed in a factory.
Earth connected energized food – natural energy state foods.
The purer the energy – the quality the food – no matter what form.
It’s all about energy – balance – excess is not balance.
If it’s produced in excess it’s not energy pure foods.
Managing the body back to health.


Date of entry – 29th August 2017 – Body management – understanding the body clock.

Introduction – appreciation raises your energy – it’s hard to appreciate when in pain.
Pain can be a big distraction – why do we have pain if we are infinite energy?
Pain is like grounding – putting the brakes on in life – stops you in your tracks – pain – evaluates – gives you time out – rescue self evaluation.
Are you your physical body or your energy body?
Separation & division caused your energy body to separate from your physical body.
Pain was necessary to remind your physical self – that you are not just the physical body.
Can you imagine a physical body without pain? It would cause problems – you would get too comfortable being in the physical body – you would forget who you are.
Pain is a reminder – your energy body does not experience pain – like in the physical sense.

Managing the physical body is a challenge in itself.
Energy does not create illness & pain.
Blockages and mismanagement of self control – lack of balance – causes fragility.
Managing the physical body – acknowledging your body is not the same as being consumed with it.
Too much focus – contaminates – rejuvenation needs space.
4 natural state elements – AIR – oxygen – EARTH – foods – WATER – drink – SUN – heat.
In balance & harmony – when these elements are out of balance – disharmony occurs – the natural filters contaminate.
Your carbon natural salty state – balance – harmony – your body aligns with the sun.
The rhythm & wave. Unnatural exertion – damages growing cells – speeds up too fast – delicate balance.
SLEEP – rest in balance – EAT & DRINK – in balance – WALK EARTH – in balance – SUN – energize in balance.
SUNRISE – wake – eat – drink – between sun rise and setting.
Relax & SLEEP after sunset – calm body state.
Sunrise – sunset healthy balance living – natural body clock.
Align with the energy of the sun – forget 24hour clock – be active between the two Suns its that simple.
If you work after sunset – use the energy by connecting with it as you will be physically energized already between the two Suns of rise and set.
Yes have elements of AIR – WATER – drink – if hungry eat small amount of earth foods.
Earth foods – naturally grown connected with the earth – not man made processed in a factory.
Earth connected energized food – natural energy state foods.
The purer the energy – the quality the food – no matter what form.
It’s all about energy – balance – excess is not balance.
If it’s produced in excess it’s not energy pure foods.
Managing the body back to health.

Date of entry – 31st August 2017 – INFINITY – Explained.

What you think – feel – believe – reflects – creates.
Infinity is the reflection of any thought – what you believe – in feeling – fear – euphoria – everything exists – this is what infinity is.
Infinity is everything totally – no matter what belief system – status or ego or fantasy.
The label – heading or term that is used does not define infinity – it is the experience.
Infinity does not exclude.

Infinity reflects what you believe – what you think – what you feel – creating it as your reality through what you experience.
If you believe in evil – demons – bad aliens – then this will be your experience.
If you believe in angels – love – loving aliens – then this will be your experience.
Infinity creates everything – if infinity didn’t exist – nothing would be possible or accessible or available.
Infinity is everything – nothing is excluded – infinity has no preference – or grade – levels – or selection between right or wrong or good or bad.
Infinity is – just is – creating everything you connect to and believe in.

I experience loving aliens – to those who experience evil aliens – I am not right or wrong for being different – you are not equally right or wrong for experiencing the opposite to me.
Both exist – that’s infinity – I may not match your experiences and your experiences may not match mine – that’s the beauty of different frequencies & vibrations – creating what you reflect & connect to.
There is no need to argue over who is right or wrong – infinity does not argue over experiences – co creating – collective consciousness is infinity.
If you understand infinity you will understand that everything exists.
That everything is possible – the key difference comes down to self choice – self connection – self understanding.
What you believe – and believe in – will exist in your reality.
Infinity is multi faceted.

Date of entry – 6th September 2017 – Your SOUL Path Ahead!!

Straightening out – time for a quick reflection – minimal minor adjustments at soul level.
What is set now at soul level is your future path ahead – no more going off track on the physical distortion path.
If your soul is still buried under your physical self – your soul will break through and surface – this will be seen more over the next four years approx – everyones soul map is unique to them – what you have agreed to experience on your soul path you will experience.
These changes will be felt personally – structurally – earths – bilocation – atmosphere – is in for a grand slam – not to do with sport or winning.
The energy of source – point zero – your soul – remembers more of who you are.
Clearing out the physical past distortions – your soul purpose will now be known personally – globally – connecting with the universe. No longer separated by the physical energy.
Separation and division is over.

Truth – wisdom – knowledge – will be known personally – globally and universally – everything will be revealed.
If you didn’t know you had a soul – you will.
Your soul is your engine – your purpose of why you are here.
Everyone & everything is rising up from the physical limitations.
Everyone and I repeat everyone is accounted for.
No one can hide – no human – no plant – no animal – no insect – sea, land air.
The changes that are happening – unprecedented events that I have been disclosing on soul disclosure – will be confirmed.
It is not man made.
The physical energy of earths history is being overturned.

The past of the physical – anything that has been buried – hidden – even eons ago – is now transparent.
The past physical energy has met its match – the energy of the universe – point zero – source – reaches its peak this October.
Clearing out the past.
Anything created in the past deceptively – disharmony – dis functionally – greed – ego – that is not connected in balance – will dissolve.
Anything built on past physical energy of distortion – lies – dishonest – if it does not match the energy that is arising now
– it will disappear.

The future of planet earth – your personal future paths will be created at your soul level – not at your physical self level that you present to the world.
What has been sewn at a physical level will be faced – what is reaped is at a soul level of truth.
Balance & harmony on all levels will be restored .
It is not the time to bury your physical heads in the sand.
Face you – face your history – let go of falseness.
Your soul knows your truth – no one can ignore their souls purpose.
No one can hide from themselves – no can deceive themselves – your soul energy will strengthen.

You will want to connect – with your soul – with the collective consciousness of all life.
You will want a deeper meaning in your life.
Your soul is throwing your physical self out of your physical comfort zone bed.
This is causing change – personally – globally.
Life as you have known it is changing now – there is no going back.
The messages in these posts are often repeated – so the message is not missed.
We are in important times – if you have missed information – reread the posts.

The knowledge shared – explains – so you understand why change is occurring on a personal level and unprecedented levels.
No one can stop it – the energy of source is creating these changes collectively.
I repeat its not man made – it’s like the energy of the physical history – clashes like thunder into the arising energy.
We are in a new paradigm – it is time to take you & your life seriously.
It is time to wake up – your physical self will no longer be in the driving seat – your soul now is taking over.

If your want to understand and know your soul path – you can book a soul reading – they give you all the information you need – for the changes that are occurring now.
To research soul readings please look at my website and click the reading link.
Everyone at some level will feel the shift.
It’s time to be self responsible.
Your life is in your soul and no one else’s.

Date of entry – 12th September 2017 – Your Soul True Identity Awakens You Now!!

Confusion is narrowing – past October – everything will become more clearer – for some – the clear up begins – trust issues – refusal – ignoring – ignorance – self.
If you struggle to face your whole self reflection – and choose to be selective of parts of you – then you are fragmented in bits – like a shredder.
There is nothing about you that is scary or too shocking – or revolting – disgusting.
All these words explain a feeling a connection towards yourself or others.
Self acknowledgment is still a feeling expressed – different words – expressing many facets of yourself.
What you may perceive as disgusting or shameful will not be for someone else.

You try to live by the straight line – living within boundaries of what society expects – your family – or by yourself.
Rules – regulations – expectations – assuming – guessing – estimates – gauges – a rule – like a ruler in which to follow – a measurement – whether dress size – body size.
All images in which to mark yourself against.
OUTSIDE reflection – external images – not much attention is paid to your internal soul map of yourself.

You live like an expensive car – it stays in the garage – it is washed and cleaned and shown.
Your car reflects your wealth & importance – you forget it is still external to you a reflection – you hold on to.
Rules of limitation – you forget you are infinite beings – with infinite freedom.
You live to aquire more freedom – which you already have.
You know that how life is structured is limiting – it is the opposite of your natural state.

You CON- FORM – to fit in – to be in line with the regulations – set – forgetting your soul is your infinite reason for being here.
Your physical experiences are a mixture of distractions – fear – ego – surviving – some of what you experience has been chosen before you entered earths frequency – this is on your soul map.
Life is all about energy – frequency – choice – experience – infinitely – your history personally – eons.
No right or wrong or good or bad or rules – your own energy guides you that you are collectively consciously connected to.
No one is older or younger than you – your soul does not have an age.
What makes your experiences unique is your expansion – often referenced as evolution.

The layers of distorted experiences that over shadow you – is like looking at a ball of wool that has got tangled up and mixed up with others it has come in contact with.
You starts with you and continues with you – your thread is always there running through it.
The tangled mess – is now being un tangled.
You will become more aware of yourself – and less consumed with others.
What does not match you will fall away.
You will be seen for who you are – what you are about – your history totally.

You entered earth – for experience – to do a mission – to hide out – to evolve – to remember – earth is not your home planet.
Your home planet is what defines you & your character – not what you physically learn. Your home planet character is your instinct natural state. Your true identity becomes evident during a soul reading.
An example – if you are described as being like away with the fairies – then this is a big clue to your home planet.
If you are a detailed person – then your home planet – gathers information as well as shares such knowledge.
It is not reflective of your body image – as your home planet is about signature energies of identity.
Try not to confuse your true identity with what you physically present to the world – like your telephone voice.
It’s not about presentation or the body form – it’s about your natural instinct state that does not have to be thought about or trying to be it.
You are fast learners at adapting to your environment.
Learned behavior is not the same as natural.
This goes for your true gifts and skills as well.

Your true identity is always there even if it is over shadowed by learnt behavior.
Amongst the many facets of yourself – your truth will always be seen even if you choose to ignore it.
Soul readings give you the answers to why you are the way you are.
Nothing is by mistake – you always have a choice – this is your infinite freedom.
Whether you con-form – whether you rebel – or deny – or ignore.
Your soul will be what is seen now – even if you cannot see it for yourself – or recognize it yet – others will.

Every soul will be tuning in – connecting to truth – the physical shadow is fading away.
You may focus on the surface physically at what you can see – it is your soul truth that is rising now – creating the present continuation.
There will be many discussions – about the surface happenings and changes- structure surface is crumbling fast.
By next April – this will no longer be able to be excused or ignored.
Truth will shine for everyone – truth is the structure ahead – anything but truth fades.
X marks the spot – the cross roads – your choices that you make will be soul driven.
If you ignore your soul – you will face obstacles – not a smooth path – dead ends – your soul path is the one you will follow – even if eventually – your soul will catch up with you.
Even if you have to try dead ends first.
Your experiences no matter what you decide on any level – will lead you back to your soul true self.
Your soul true identity.
This is your freedom.

Date of entry – 14th September 2017 – Your Soul Protects You.

In the physical you feel vulnerable because you have forgotten who you are.
You have a need to survive because you forget you are infinite.
You have a need to protect yourself and your belongings because you forget you are safe.
Your are all SOULS – your view of a soul – you think a soul comes alive at the moment of death or as I say when they exit.
When a human lets go of the physical body – you then think they turn into a spirit / soul – you forget that they have always been a soul.

You freely chat to your family & friends – you walk among many people daily – people you would call strangers.
You walk out into the streets – mixing in crowds of people.
Do you carry sage around with you to burn constantly each time you talk to anyone – do you ground yourself before you strike up a conversation with a stranger – do you say a prayer of protection from the highest realms each time you talk to a human being? – NO – I bet your answer is!
So I ask you this why do you treat spirits /souls differently when humans you talk to are souls to!,

If you remembered who you are – you would understand how protection works – signature energy is like your personal thumb print.
It’s your unique code – your security code vibration.
Your souls rhythm you could say.
You connect with like minded people only to find out later that they are not what you first thought.
What you connect with whether it is your fears – your passions – your strengths etc – is a frequency.
You are the magician – you create what you experience and choose what you connect with.
If you believe anything can happen without any definition or boundaries – then you know you have opened yourself up to anything happening.

Your soul is your magnet – your power pack – your protection – if you do not understand it then you are not using it to benefit you.
You will naturally reply on the physical tools to protect yourself like sage because you doubt yourself and forgotten who you are.
Souls are souls with varying expansions – why fear who you once physically loved – just because the physical body is no longer being used. You forget your character and personality comes from your soul not from your physical vehicle.
You protect yourself externally with physical tools when you are not using your soul internally.
Your soul is all you need – this is why you enter earth with your soul and exit earth with your soul.
That’s it.
Your soul is all you need – put down your tools – your soul has it covered.

Date of entry – 16th September 2017 – Soul Rhythm Eating Vs Physical Thinking Diet.

Firstly your stomach is not your brain – so why does your brain do all the thinking about food?
You are taught to think to learn to eat – you forget eating is natural and instinct.
You think and forget to feel.
You are a soul that feels that is bypassed by your physical self that thinks.
How often do you eat without thinking?
You rely on man made clocks and programs and timetables in which to eat – rather than listening to your natural rhythm body clock.

The brain program of eating – needs lots of thinking to keep you hooked – to keep you busy with over thinking about eating so you feel productive and in control with your thinking brain.
Any diet that encourages you to think your way through your day is a program and not natural.
Once clocks did not exist – neither did programs or diets.

Soul rhythm eating connects with your stomach directly missing out the thinking brain.
You listen to your body – you feel your energy rhythm and ignore your old pattern cycle thinking brain.
The brain keeps you addicted to what you don’t want but creates cravings so you keep thinking about it.

Your soul natural rhythm is instinct – your natural energy state – connects with lifestyle – seasons – day – night – sunrise – sunset – active day – rest at night.
Very little thinking or analyzing or weighing going on.
Your natural body clock – a rhythm of sustainable living.
Rather than excess.
If your body is hungry it would tell you – you would not only feel it you would hear it also.
You did not need your brain to let you know.
Your body is efficient – you ate what you really needed to get you through an activity in that moment.
If you had no food – you waited until the next day – your soul rhythm – gave you energy.

You did not over eat – your body did not get over stressed.
Missing one day of food did not kill you.
You drank plenty of water – if needed or available.

The physical eating pattern – is not a rhythm – it is set by thinking.
It is set by a timetable – a clock – these thinking programs bypasses feelings – feeling hungry – feelings of satisfaction – thinking is not being aware of eating – your told to just eat – get the food down you – finish your meal – have an empty plate.
You will be rewarded as if eating is a challenge an activity so you get rewarded with a treat or a desert – more food to satisfy the craving brain.
Forgetting that eating is not a challenge.
Your stomach does not crave only your brain does.

When you think eat you pay little attention to it – you will eat on the go – eat while reading or watching tv- eat while on gadgets as its distractions connected with thinking so it’s ok.
You rely on the time of the clock to tell you food time finishes rather than your stomach or when an activity is finished while your eating.
No connection with the stomach is involved.

Soul rhythm eating is – feeling – awareness – non thinking.
Recently I chose to soul rhythm eat – I fast on Mondays – Wednesday’s – Friday’s – on fast days I start the day with a small 30g cereal – I drink green tea, decaf coffee or boullion stock.
On soul rhythm eating days I eat what my body tells me I do not restrict – I listen to my feeling body inside not my thinking brain.
I do not listen to I fancy this – that is the brain talking.
I know what I feel I want.
I have felt hungry on fast days and what feeling hungry feels like – music of my stomach – I feel it and hear it.
My thinking brain tries to butt in – I tell it to shut up – it is not needed – as my stomach and my soul self has the connection now.
My brain as far as eating is concerned is off duty – I have given it the sack.

I have no cravings – I have more energy – my body has felt more efficient – more connected – I can feel my rhythm.
Our body after all is our souls vehicle- we do not put petrol in our cars every 4 hours – unless it is on empty.
So why do we over fill our bodies – we have been taught to fear our stomachs language of hunger – so we over fill it so we never feel hungry – forgetting it is a language of our stomachs to listen to.

When does the stomach get a rest? When you sleep at night you say!
Unless you feel and hear your stomach rumble – if you don’t your stomach is still full – and your adding more food to a still full stomach.
So sleeping is not a guarantee that your stomach has finished digesting the days before intake of food.
This is not rhythm eating this is excess – over stress – over drive.

Soul rhythm eating is simple – if your job is strenuous and active you just add a meal on fast days – eat nutritious foods then nothing until the next eating day.
Your body will tell you what you really need.
Self discipline – self responsibility – connecting with your rhythm – you have a non thinking lifestyle.
No measuring involved once you know what a portion looks like rather than filling any size bowl up of cereal.
Your body will naturally want nutritional food.
You will have desert if you wish to satisfy your tastebuds not your brain.
Eat by being aware that your eating and not distracted by thinking activities put down your gadgets.

You will notice the benefits straight away – you will not have to think about eating- you will feel your energy rhythm – you will enjoy eating – to sustain – rather than relieving the boredom of the brain.
Diets that make you think more – is not a healthy rhythm lifestyle of energy.
Ps – it is ok to feel hungry – to hear your stomach rumble – it is your tummy letting you know it is empty.
Start listening to your rhythm – your brain is just a distraction.
Enjoy your natural rhythm that works for you – your body will thank you for it.

Date of entry – 25th September 2017 – October 2017- 2018 – 2019.

World – confirmation – complete – surround – sound – waves – triggered like an alarm clock going off – energy frequency waves.
October 3rd 2017- 2018 – 2019 – chimes – wave – transfer.
Tick tock – time collapses – reset – energy charged.
Energy waves – energy transfer – magnetism – magnetic charge.

Narrow river with a boat on it – Canada? Northern lights spread out far wider – green – pink – streaks of white – colour spectrum – late September until autumn through spring.
Dry land – drought – cracks appear on surface – rivers dry up – receded – recall – water energetically – vaporize over night.
Energy transfer – lifts in particle vapor – travels – appears elsewhere.
Bumpy roads – mounds – dirt tracks – bumps of earth pockets – unusual terrains – not smooth.
Altered state – change – concept – isolated pockets – of altered states – transfigured – transformed – energy phenomena.
Earths magnetic pull – crust – altering structure – placement.
Deep – big craters.
Uneven territory – land mass – magnetic – alter – trees – nature – forests – plants – insects – animals – air – water – communications – response to magnetic pull information.
Combustion – flammable – restructure – core – out – surface.
Birds leaving – deforestation – burnt – flattened – across sea – birds fly – compass is out 3%- 3degrees – shift – land mass.
Compass big clue.
Fracture – alter.
Sunrise – sunset – time clock – not digital.
Blast from the past.
October – known.

Date of entry – 2nd October 2017 – Your in yr spotlight no longer in the dark.

pr-re – SET – moving onwards – fast release – fast track – full speed ahead.
History is known – released – revealed – the search is over – the digging is over – escaping is over.
Full throttle – full steam ahead.
Machines grinds to a halt – no longer used – resurface – restructure – old preserved.
Steam – reality – what is your reality?
What you set – what you face.
No fighting in queues – your queue is with yourself & yourself only.
Everywhere you look – turn – face – you will face you.
Your unique path to you – stagnation is over – pause is released – no more wishing or hoping.
Situation & circumstance – is stuck – set – where you now find yourself within you – is what surfaces now.
You can’t say no to your soul – you are your soul – you will feel like your turning a page of your life.
You cannot fight it – manipulate it – it’s your energy arising in you.
Motivating – structuring your life – giving you clarity & strength if required.
You are your path ahead – each step you take – will be your connection to your soul.
Your life links up – with your history – every story – every event.
Everything is known & seen.
Each brick tells a story – creating walls or doors – your maze – alters – to what you have pre re SET.
You may be used to walking through doors with the key of money – now your soul is the key to creating the walls or doors – not reliant on money.
Your quality – value – reality – content.
The surface falls away – the soul creates.
Know you – remember you – your soul identity – is your map ahead of time.
Your soul print – your mark – your truth – love what you create – connect with what you create.
Avoid you – your life finds you – to face you.
Everything is transparent – easy to see.
Energy connects – division & separation is over.
You know you inside – if you fight – you will only fight yourself.
You are the only playing piece in your experience – do you remember now?

Date of entry – 3rd October 2017 – You have reached your destination – you will see!!!

Listen to your rhythm.
Not music for ears.
The universe is playing songs.
Every soul will hear.
A tone that matches your signature – from your planet that you call home.
Your planetary identity always shone through you – in personality and character.
You had forgotten your true identity thinking earth was it.
Your soul is opening proof within you.
A universal tone unlocks the chains of old.
Freedom is your soul.
Peace is your connection.
Life is infinite.
Death does not exist – believed by those covered in fear.
Your home you never left.
You experience to expand.
A new paradigm we are in.
There is no route back.
Time to let go.
History is in making.
Souls returning not to graves.
To planets & structures the opposite of what’s been known here.
Earths signature is set.
There is a message for everyone.
A vibrational language picked up by your soul.
Step out of your physical images.
Feel freedom under your feet.
Feel the energy within you.
Your signature tone beat.
You have arrived at your destination – you will see.
You entered earth – you exit earth.
So what is your story?
Your answers are in your soul.
You are your family – collectively linked – in your signature chain.
In infinite expansion you will listen to your soul.
It is your song now playing everywhere you go.

Date of entry 10th October 2017 – Soul Readings disclosure.

As you look around you – you may see regular physical people from all different countries across the globe.
What I now see is like something from MIB.
Remove the physical wrapping – you then see your souls true identity and location of structure.
Expanding my frequency range gives me a clearer view.
Over the last 50 years before doing soul readings I did not have access to this information.
Since upgrading my frequency with Acho I now see so much more.
Earth is like a hotel – or should I say has been for many planets.
Some are awol and hiding out here – some are workers to help with the transition of signature energy on planet earth.
We are taught to look up at the stars the solar system etc as if all this golden knowledge is separate to us.
The saying as above so below makes more sense.

As each soul that crosses my path in a soul reading – it reveals who they are – why they are here – where they have come from etc…
I never imagined the information being disclosed would uncover the map of the universe in energy.
Energy grail you could say – the alignment of soul energy planets here on earth within human form.
Hidden in plain sight.
Information that sounds like a sci fi film.
Yet is familiar and home to the soul listening.

Some of the planets so far.
Energy planets with no form – each signature of the planet has its own meaning and purpose.
There are planets that are form planets on many different structures.
There are explosive planets that are like the nucleus of energy information within the point zero nucleus – so that planets energy is within the main nucleus of every planet.
What you see as phenomena from nature – a tsunami a volcano a earthquake – comes from an energy non form planet.
The pyramids and all the ancient landscapes of geometrics in plasma energy come from another planet – the planners- only three work on that planet.
Seeing inside that planet was so intricate makes our computers look like a matchbox or even a grain of rice.
There is another planet that is a magnetic rod a conduit that travels within the band of its colony or what you may call solar system – reminds me of the van Allen belt or an electromagnetic fence.
This planet does not create or do practical tasks it provides the nucleus energy of protection and location – the casing.
What I am beginning to find out during these soul readings discloses the universe in ways that we are not taught here.

If you come from a different colony to earth or what you may call solar system – then you will not be a worker here. You will be a visitor a watcher – think of a department store – and the housewares dept is having a refurb but it does not effect the other departments in the store.
If you work in the food hall you can go and visit the housewares dept to see the changes that are occurring.
This example explains the watchers.

More and more is being disclosed all the time.
How each planet functions – it’s like looking at the universe as if looking inside the human body – each planet is like a cell.
Some planets move within their own magnetic belt.
Some planets have a cluster – some planets are just one but so big like a cigar shape with a pyramid on the top that was added later for communication so they do not have to leave their planet.

Many souls here who have come from nucleus planets to work with the energy from their planet – have an exchange a gift offered to them – planets that do not have relationships or children or have practical experiences – are choosing these experiences while they are here – as they do not have this on their planet.
Anyone reading this for the first time it’s a lot to get your head around.
I am joining the dots which creates a bigger picture that is expanding all the time.
Your souls purpose.
The saying hidden in plain sight – hidden behind the physical bodies of many.
Remove the physical mask and the truth is seen.
How can this be controlled and manipulated when it’s energy.
You can’t – the only way to control it is to hide it – to control the physical and create a reality where the physical is focused on.
Keeping you from removing your physical mask and finding out who you really are.
Soul readings are available because earths signature is changing – the hotel planet is closing its doors.
Those that are not meant to be here will go back to their home colony planet.
The shift in energy will be felt within everyone.
You may try to hold onto your mask but the energy of your soul will no longer hold onto it.
The universe is intricate – magnificent and I am thankful I get to see all the wonderful planets that you are from.
Energy planets are that energy not like a ball that we are taught to see.
Every planet is energy which holds a different signature.
This is a quick update into soul disclosure.
There is more there will always be more.


De coding the universe in signature tone – frequency – the universe language.
Collective consciousness is all these signatures – they link up in a chain – a spiral – of communication.
Many structures you call planets.
I have only just began the journey of soul discovery.
It is mind blowing to say the least.
An exciting journey I am committed to sharing with you.
Let go of your physical brain and open up your soul which will understand more than your brain ever will.

Date of entry – 22nd October 2017 – Autumn – April altered change.

September 2016 – september 2017 altered change – clearing out – new – now coming – autumn – spring – transfer.
a whirl wind – circumstances change – alter – suddenly over night.
Snow mountain tops – random places – rain pockets – circular – crashes – plane – vehicles – dark month – one particular month.
Domino effect one thing after another – relentless – compass marker – off line.
Thick vibrations – vacuum – pockets – random weather and situations in different areas.

A mixture of events – particular events in different situations – surrender out of sync.
Circular movement energy events (pockets) different cyclone circular energy in more than one area – scattered land sea air etc.
Reminds me of Bermuda Triangle – energy vortex – unusual – energy cyclones.
Suddenly appear – far reaching – wider area cyclone energy.
Many appearing – sea – mountain areas (helicopter propeller motion) -reminds me of.
Rocks – movement – boulders – movement – circular – motion – propelled – individual – pocket – storms – not one particular area – scattered.

Force – energy – signature forceful – highly charged particles -motivated – magnetic – like tower blocks – energy volume height.
Snow on mountain top – high altitude – spread far west.
Communication – down – phones – its like looking at a tornado hurricane cyclone in one.
System – magnitude – sever – in cyclone energy pocket region areas systems.
The funnel tunnel within it is powerful and strong – ground level – strong connection – like a magnet – looking up it spreads out like a fan – spray – the bottom core is solid – ground base rising up – strongest point ground level.
The atmosphere at the top does not effect or alter the base. It is very strong the bottom is where the force is – everything around it is like its invisible – does not effect the rotation spin or movement – self motivated energy plume – the energy is loaded.
Its like nothing seen before – surge – more than one – many – some are in a path – some are random.
Circular ground level energy based cyclone interference funnel.
The power exceeds anything in previous history.
Random energy pocket events surfacing.

Date of entry – 31st October 2017 – Parallel – Perception.

You may compare your life to what you see going on around you – what ever is different or upside down looking to you – could it be that your upside down to them?
There is not a right or wrong answer – your awareness will know there is choice and all those infinite choices are going on around you all at the same time.
Life is a banquet it is down to yourself what you choose.
Life itself is like cogs that turn in rhythm – that makes movement – no matter which way anything turns – upside down or back to front etc – it always connects with your signature rhythm.
Everything turns synchronistically – it is down to personal choice if it is liked or enjoyed or not – it still does not make it wrong or right it just is – experience.

Life continuously moves with twists – turns- spirals – coils.
You know you can create and work on your own or you can choose to work in a group.
Expansion comes from the self whether you work on your own or not.
Expansion has no preference – expansion is mirrored on yourself.
Nothing outside of you blocks you out – you may overshadow yourself – yet you will always be seen even in shadow.

You have an energy trail – that connects all your movements and choices and decisions – everything is recorded in your energy signature of you.
It does not matter where you move in the universe – your energy trail stays with you – its your history which makes you – You.
Your energy grid holds everything about you – there is no delete button.
Facing everything is how you expand.
Avoiding – hiding – denial – creates buffering on your grid – like pressing the repeat button.
You may feel like life is on ground hog day – repeating similar cycles and situations.
Something needs to be faced before there is expansion moving forward.
You know deep down if you are avoiding something because you will feel it.
You may feel scared – overwhelmed – fearful – these feelings let you know if your avoiding facing something.

Everything you connect to is infinite so you are not going to run out of time.
You may think you have bad luck its still energy – cursed or fortunate to have been passed with fortune – fortunate or not is a personal reaction.
What ever you connect with you always have a choice to face yourself with that situation or ignore yourself as if you do not exist.
You exist it is the situation you are trying to make invisible through yourself.
Ignoring it does not make it go away your just biding time.

You know energy is alive – so everything you connect with is alive and cannot be hidden for long.
It does not matter when disclosure occurs – it will occur – truth sticks to you like glue.
Your truth of you is your reality.
You carry your life – you can make it light or heavy or easy or hard – the choice is yours.
Your energy trail finds you and catches up with you if it has not been faced.
You stand out no matter where you are.

If you experience the opposite to someone else then you know both choices are happening at the same time – every infinite possibility is happening now – you may experience many or a few.
Still your choice – no need to feel left out – you know you can choose more.
Thinking you want more is like window shopping with a wish – without the credit card of commitment.
Commitment comes from feelings – you mean it – know it – believe it and so you confirm it with feeling it.
Is your life upside down – back to front or is it on track for you for what you have chosen.
Comparing is being aware of more than what your currently experiencing.
You can experience many things all at once – bit by bit – piece by piece – quality comes from one step at a time – concentrated committed in knowing – secure with a piece because you know there is more – infinitely for you.

Date of entry – 1st November 2017 – Waiting for change – Watch this!!

Life is like a wardrobe either full up with clothes or a handful of classics.
Metaphorically speaking of course – what makes life full up or half empty – taken on too much no room to breathe or got space with nothing to fill it?
What makes you comfortable? what you can handle is what you take on.
Dark colours a staple or bright colours in summer – plain prints or bold – blend in to stand out what ever the season or weather.
The choice is always yours out of the variety of infinite possibilities.
You know what you want but its not available – you have a choice – you can create it.
You don’t know what you want you choose what is available.
Some have opinions – fussy – detailed – no preference its something to cover my modesty.
Life is created from many angles of personality.
Our moods reflect our choices and impulsive decisions – no matter how you reached your decision it still came down to you making it.

Some decisions are out of our hands when we team up or group up or couple up.
The risks of change as you say are not just down to you.
Partnerships have dates on them – anniversaries – how old or how long? Is age or time valued.
You can spend a moment in someones company and they impact you for a life time or you can spend years in someones company and you may not notice the person in the room until they are no longer there.
Life is about impact – a connection – for other people to impact us or get our attention – you need that impact with yourself first – magnetism of your own energy.
Your life mirrors your own reflection.

We look outside of ourselves – looking at what we can blame – its your fault not mine – you made me do it – I followed you – all the excuses of blame or fault is down to your own self choice of teaming up or following another.
If it works out its all smiles and celebrations and no blame – if it don’t work out – blame and fault is focused on.
What we choose every moment of the day we agree to.

You are not where you are today by chance – deep down you know what you are letting yourself in for and you know the risks.
The hard part is admitting this to yourself.
Blame and fault is not required as it does not benefit anyone – any situation you find yourself in that is shared with others is your choice for joining and agreeing to connect with them.
Anything you do solely on your own is still your choice just not shared with anyone else.

Life is a stage so they say – the costumes we wear depends on our mood- our statement – adventure – single – couple or groups.
Life offers us infinite variety if you choose to stick to the same choices then life is pretty much the same every day.
Your life STYLE is based around you.
Life is fashionable with trends that come and go with each generation – expectations go with growing up – get a job – settle down etc..
These main markers set in the back of our minds.
You either follow them or not.
You either get comfortable in your life and settle for what you have or you push your boundaries of familiarity to expand what you have already experienced – no one is ever too old you are infinite remember so don’t let age stop you.
Don’t let anything stop you only you stop you.

One thing that is constant in your life is you – who shares your life is changeable.
If you are bored with your life or in a rut then you have outgrown what you have.
Upgrade your life declutter and have a clear out – once started often there is no going back which means you have to commit.
Liking and loving who you are gives you the strength and confidence to be what ever you wish.
Limitation comes from within.
Whether you dress your life up or down be comfortable in both.
Be constant and self reliable then you will be comfortable with your choices because they fit you perfectly – your not trying to fit your life around someone else.

Quick fixes to feel better are just that quick fixes – they don’t last past the night like cinderella you go back to you.
Face the world because you know you can in your strength – quick fixes run out.
Insecure – self conscious – vulnerable – when did you change?
As kids life was a stage for you to have fun and play – speak your truth with little thinking.
Your thinking mind is when you changed – analysing and judging and having an opinion – thoughts created fear – stopping you from expressing yourself.

You are still the kid you was covered up with layers and layers of thoughts.
Strip back – be you – be free – everyone was once.
You have not lost it – you choose to not be it.
Thinking creates rules – boundaries – expectations and limits.
Change does not have a best before date.
You wait for change – change is waiting for you.
Change is you – in you change happens when your ready.
If your not ready – you think – think about change over and over again – preparing yourself for when your ready.
Thinking makes you feel productive.
You hold your script of change – next is action – action requires decisions and choices.
If you are not sure – it is back to thinking about change – once thinking is over – action begins – change happens.

You watch your life pass you by as you think your life away – sooner or later action becomes you.
You may need no thought and act impulsively because you just know the next decision is what you need for you.
Are you selfish because your choice matches you perfectly? We do after all wear our own clothes for ourselves every day we do not expect other people to wear them for us.
Don’t be silly you may say its my body not theirs.
Yes thats true so why do we put our body our life our experiences in other peoples hands.
You own your life master it.

Sudden change can be a shock to they system as you are not prepared for it.
You will face it all the same whether you have been prepared or had time on your hands or not.
Facing life is our own self responsibility.
Sharing our thoughts and feelings gives others a heads up of change that is on the horizon.

No matter what changes you face whether you chose them or not – you agreed to be part of the process and journey.
Once the dust settles and life calms down – life continues – life does not have an off switch.
Why you are here is your choice – your soul knows why.
How you master your thoughts and manage your life path is your choice – how fast or slow your journey – is up to you.
No blame – no fault – people change their minds all the time.
Whether you create change for yourself or adapt to change being created around you – you are all connected to change no one is left out.
You know nothing stays the same for long – our bodies are constantly changing – change whether observed as slow or fast or impacting or subtle its all change no matter how you look at it – depends on what you notice.
You are change its up to you how much you notice.
What are you waiting for?
Nothing – if you are waiting on others then you have lost sight of you.
Each day master your thoughts – master your day and create with choices you know in strength and not fear.
You are here for your own reasons your soul knows.