• “I had a soul reading from Dee a week ago and it was very different than any other reading I have ever had.It really gave me a clear picture about my soul and if I was following my soul’s purpose. The soul reading gave me a deeper level of understanding were my soul may have come across some obstacles and how I can move forward. The energy around us right now is changing and I feel that a soul reading is an upgrade that matches this new energy. I highly recommend getting a Soul Reading from Dee. Since my reading I feel different, I have a sense of calm and knowing that things will be ok.”
  • “I had a soul reading with Dee. The focus was on my soul purpose in this life is and included a time line reading since birth. It also included ways to reconnect and ongoing connect with my soul. It reinforced how I’d been feeling about life so far and gave me perspective on ways I could adjust to improve my happiness in life. I found that it made a lot of sense to me and gave me hope for continuing my life in a more genuine and fulfilling way. I really enjoyed it and look forward to going back for more support and guidance. Thanks JP”


  • Hi Dee,Thank you so much for yesterday and thank you for opening up your lovely home to us! :)I’m still so happy about my reading and I think it’s given me a lot of answers to things I have had on my mind for a long time.Thank you so much again xx


  • Dee,Here’s my quote for your website. Please DO NOT USE MY NAME.”I found Dee’s reading to be profound, insightful, accurate and eye-opening.
    Her info & insights are beyond the mundane and focus on the soul level work
    we came to do. This higher vibrational info provides a broader dimensional
    perspective and is especially helpful to all those who have done some basic
    psycho-emotional work already. Thanks you Dee”.Cheers,


  • I have often had readings with Dee when I’ve been going through traumatic times in my life or at a cross roads. Speaking to Dee helps me understand what is going on and enables me to look at the bigger picture . Since she’s started looking at soul maps I feel like everything makes more sense. I always come away from a reading feeling calmer and able to cope with whatever’s troubling me. Sometimes I hear things that I don’t want to which can often be hard , but it’s usually something i already know , but don’t want to face and Dee gives me the strength to believe in myself.Anon


  • I have had several readings with Dee over the years and have always loved and respected her honesty and truth in the information she gives me, even if its sometimes hard to hear or accep. I trust and admire her completely, she always gives so much time and love to the time she spends with me.
    I have now had a couple of soul readings since she has started doing them and always come away feeling so calm and connected to myself and what is going on in my life. It has given me perspective and a sense of purpose. I couldn’t of got through most things with out Dee’s love, advice and guidance. She is a genuine and truly gifted soul who shares nothing but love and really does care. If you are feeling stuck, lost or confused I highly recommend a reading with Dee, you won’t be disappointed xxx


  • My soul reading with Dee was extremely helpful. It shines a light on particular events in my life that weren’t so easily explained before. It is very illuminating to have clarity in moving forward. It’s bigger picture clarity really. I felt that my reading and the information I received is helping me to “set the stage” and understand where I’m going and the things that are most important. It was also a wonderful experience to interact with Dee and be seen for who I am and acknowledged for the essence of my true soul. It’s very interesting work and unlike any reading I’ve had in the past. If you have curiosity about your life path and soul path I highly recommend Dee.
    -M.R. San Diego, CA USA


  • Had a soul reading last week with Dee and can’t recommend enough! Dee is such a warm and lovely person and the soul reading itself was incredible- so accurate for the past and my experiences totally matched what the soul reading said. As for the future soul reading it was everything I wanted to hear and hoping it will be as accurate as the past has been! Dee went above and beyond and we both got a bit emotional! Thanks again Dee and lots of love x


  • Thankyou so much dee for welcoming me into your home for a soul reading
    It was like no other reading I’ve had before but just what I needed, it made things clear on my soul purpose and why I’ve been feeling a little lost
    I came away feeling empowered and excited for what is to come
    Thankyou so much


  • Hi Dee
    Just want to say how amazing my reading with you was today. Please use what I say here on your website as a testimonial as to how amazing you are. I want anyone who might be unsure of having a soul reading with you to jump in feet first and go for it because they will be in awe of your gift and how you can help them make sense of their life so far. You are so gifted and so amazing at what you do…you have literally given me back to myself. You have helped me make sense of so much of my troubled life to date. Listening to your wisdom shone a light on what I’m really here to do and helped me make sense of my past, like no one else has ever been able to do. I love you, you have an amazing gift and I just want everyone to experience the peace, love and inner fulfilment that you gave to me today. So much love to you, and although we met for the first time today I feel like your are an amazing friend that I was waiting to meet. Love you Dee,  xx
    just want to thank you from my heart


  • Hi Dee

    I can’t thank you enough for the reading today. My mind is buzzing , it has helped me so much and I’m feeling all sorts of emotions. As you said I will never be the same. I know there will be situations that I will find difficult but I’m determind to overcome them.
    I will keep in touch and come to see you again.

    Love 💜xx

    I have had many soul readings with Dee, since having them I have felt more connected with myself and my life as well as feeling more relaxed. I feel like I have the guidance I have needed for so long. Everything Dee has told me, has manifested and even though some things she told me I was defensive towards at first, I now completely understand and connect to what she was saying. They have completely changed me for the better.

    Soul readings are unlike any other reading I have had before, and I will continue having these readings in the future. Dee has an incredible gift, that no words could justify. I highly recommend everyone to have a soul reading. You will be so thankful you did. Thank you again Dee.