• Wow Dee! Not sure how I didn’t know that you did one question answer readings. So needed the clarity you have given me with this answer. So spot on it’s a bit mind blowing. 😮 As always you have blown me away with your spot on guidance. Can’t thank you enough for this…amazing that there was the answer via text…and so quickly 😮 🤗💕🙏xx (One question answer reading feedback)
  • Hi Dee 

    Thankyou so much for my one question answer, literally just what I needed and made things so clear and put my mind at rest

    You was so accurate 

    Such a great idea and so grateful for your time and guidance 🙏❤️ (One question answer reading feedback)

  • Dee

    Thank you so much for my reading it was truly amazing and life changing.
    Am home safe will keep you updated

    All the very best

    Julie xxx

  • Thank you so much for today I am truly feeling so so more aligned and in my power already and seeing and feeling the mid reality more peaceful
    I’m really looking forward to life and everything unfolding
    What was the technique called that we done today?
    I’ve already told some friends who are very interested to come for a reading with you – so let me know if you are ok with me sharing your details ?


  • Dee has opened my soul to me. Dee has given me the universe. What a blessed and beautiful soul she possesses and her gift is so unique. She has opened the eyes of my soul and changed my life for good. She has freed me from my worldly desires and I cannot express enough gratitude for her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dee. Love, light and peacesorry couldn’t leave feedback on your website earlier, left it on fab as-well. I came to see you on 26.6.18 and you showed me my colourful soul which has now fully aware of its existence, thank you for changing my life.
  • Hello lovely Dee,
    You are so so special and have helped me so much through the readings that I’ve had with you, your advise for me has been amazing. You told me regarding a particular man’ that I needed to not go into physical & just see connection building from soul preservative & not take anything personally. Well that’s what I’ve done over past months and we’ve got closer & I truly believe that like you said by September we will be together as we’re supposed to be. It’s taught me so much about trusting the guidance of my soul, following its nudges etc.
    Sending so much love to you and hope that you’re well.


  • Hello Dee.
    Thank you again for your soul reading. At that time I was with you I was terrified by all what was happening with me. I was fighting for my life.
    You changed my thinking patterns.
    Understanding came and I am manage to change thing which happened. I am really happy I went for a reading.
    Thank you.
    Aleksandra (polish lady)
  • Dear DeeThank you so so much for everything. What a lovely soul you possess. The honour was all mine. I am so grateful to you for showing me my soul and yours too. You are such a blessed soul. I wish you can show everyone what a beautiful soul you are I will be

    Going soul searching tomorrow in solitude, sorry searching is may be not the right word now that I have discovered it but you know what I mean. It starts now.

    Once again thank you so much and I will stay in touch. You are soooo special 🙏🏼

    lots of love

  • It’s hard to believe – but events do happen when you remove time – as this message I received shows
     Hi Dee ,
    You won’t remember me but I had a reading with you two years ago . At that time I had been seeing someone and it all finished . At that time you told me that him and I were a soul connection . I totally felt it but it just fizzled out and after a while I just never heard from him again .
    Two weeks ago he got back in touch after two years , yes two years . We have been seeing each other again and it’s all been so good . Just want to say I’m so shocked as it’s not that I didn’t believe you it was just I thought that ship had totally sailed .
    Just thought I’d share , hope you are well and still doing your straight talking as that’s what I loved about your readings x
  • Hi Dee,Below is a little something for your website/insta.My soul disclosure has been immensely rewarding, it’s like removing the sleep from your eyes and seeing things afresh. I felt a subtle shift in myself which hasn’t left me yet. The information is was given explained a lot about myself and filled some gaps of knowing,  it’s as simple as thinking, oh yes, of course that makes sense! I would implore anyone to try it.Thank you again xx


  • Please feel free to use the words below for your website:
    “My session with Dee brought me closer to myself than I’ve ever been. It helped me to truly ‘know’, on a body chemistry level, what loving yourself can feel like and also what it means. For me it is the fundamental key to freedom and Dee’s session showed me how to get there.”
     Thank you again Dee for sharing your amazing gift. I will be in touch when I feel like I’m ready for the next one!
    Take care,


  • DeeThat’s what I have been waiting for
    Enlightenment and God within me
    Coming out and showing me his miracles


  • Testimonial:

I had a reading with the wonderful Dee, which made me literally cry and laugh for hours afterwards. I have had many readings in my life, but nothing of this calibre. She knew things about myself that I didn’t know, but resonated with me and my intuition completely on such a deep level. I felt completely elated and it made me want to be a better version of myself from each moment going forward. The work she does is so important, she connects you with your soul’s purpose, not just your human incarnation’s purpose but the purpose of the totality of your divine self. Knowing my divine truth has completely transformed my life for the better. I think it’s imperative that as many people have a reading with her as possible. Connecting people with their true path will really accelerate the ascension and raise the consciousness of the planet if more lightworkers awaken to their true divinity…and Dee is the key to that!!
I feel so blessed and grateful that spirit guided me to her, for now I can walk my path with confidence and a spring in my step. No words can express how important her readings are, I really can’t recommend it enough!

  • Hello Dee,

I cannot thank you enough for today. Still processing it all but you’ve confirmed so many doubts I had, gut feelings that I have been ignoring; and feelings I had about my self and destiny/work here but thought were to fantastical and egotistical to say out loud. Been looking over the notes and noting the key dates you mentioned and what was happening for me at those times and it is so accurate and enlightening. I feel so seen and empowered and just happy and connected. You have an amazing gift and I really hope you continue to spread your medicine and light. This quote sums you up, “A healer doesn’t heal you, a healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so that you may heal yourself.” I also love that you shattered every image I had of a ‘soul reader’, spiritual healer and are just such a down to earth, real person who can communicate really dense and complex issues in such a grounded, relatable and easy to understand way (life goals!).

You can use this for your website and edit whatever you wish, but I’d rather be anonymous or have a pseudonym at this point if that’s ok, just grounding into all of this at the moment!


  • Dee, I can’t thank you enough. My soul reading experience was truly magical. I’ve had many types of readings from wonderful people over the years, and they were all very helpful and informative, but the soul reading from you was so profound and next level for me! I felt so deeply understood from the moment the reading began…You were able to put into words the essence of who I am and what I’m here for in such a way that it provided me with an unmeasurable amount if clarity and enlightenment. You helped me understand the vibrational record of my soul’s journey and purpose as it pertains to my life here and now and how to connect on a Universal level. Thankfully, I was able to capture an audio recording of the reading as well as tons of written notes; I have spent the last week replaying, re-reading, and taking it all in again and again! Every time I listen to it or re-read my notes I discover more! I’m incredibly inspired, motivated, and excited for what’s to come…and I thank you for being an integral part of this shift, my new paradigm. Much vibrant love, light, and more thanks than I could ever convey with words.


  • I don’t think I realised until very recently that there are 4 parts to us. Mind body spirit and heart.

I have spent 46 yrs doing what I have been told by magazines and society being focussed on my mind and  body. With a tiny bit of focus on what my heart wants but have thoroughly neglected my soul/ spirit. That is until I met with Dee. I have had mediums and psychic readings in the past and that’s not what this is. It is a like a spiritual therapy session. If you have ever had the feeling that something is missing or how comes I am still  unhappy then this provides the answer. She saw my soul, my life’s purpose and enabled me to feel my own soul which was like coming home to an old friend who has looked after me my whole life. If you want to live your best life or at least know what direction you should be heading in to get it then go and see Dee.

Jax Buckhurst Hil

  • Hi Dee!

Deepest thanks for your soul reading yesterday, I feel totally elated today. The session brought me so much clarity and I have been literally buzzing ever since! I have so much love for you and your process, it was such an authentic experience that really focused on the core of who I am and what I am here to do during my time on earth… So valuable. Looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future!

xxx much love xxx



  • Hello Dee.
    Thank you again for your soul reading. At that time I was with you I was  terrified   by the psychic attacks and all what was happening with me. I was fighting for my life.
    You changed my thinking patterns.
    Understanding came and I am manage to change  thing which happened. I am really happy I went   for a reading.
    Thank you.
    Aleksandra (polish lady)


  • “I found Dee to be both kind and authentic during our session. At the same time clear and to  the point in regards to aspects of my perception that were limiting me and therefore my ability to move forwards. Linking me to the connectedness we all share and therefore the power that we all have to create change”


  • I could fill a page with superlatives about my soul reading experience with Dee, however after careful thought, I felt it was necessary to wait a few days and let my experience percolate before putting finger pad to key board.I understand from Dee that she’s been a successful medium in the past and has thoroughly enjoyed her work to a point. However the work that Dee is currently undertaking is far from your average reading and is at a level that I’ve personally not experienced before. With this in mind I feel that I it’s important that you read the information and blogs that are posted freely on her website and that you get an understanding and feeling about where she’s coming from and what to expect at your session if you choose to connect with her. I was immediately attracted by the text from her book and also her back story and I wanted to explore this further.

I assume the reason that most of us choose a psychic reading is that we’re looking for answers or at least information to help us on our journey and this session was no different for me.  I wasn’t absolutely clear about my question before I arrived but I know I was searching for something; I just didn’t know what that was, so I promised myself to have an open mind and an open heart. The difference with Dee’s soul readings compared to your average mediumship experience is that she appears able to track you through to other locations and lifetimes within our universe and ultimately to engage coherently with your soul, you are then encouraged to go away and practice this yourself. The session is infused with relational information that clarifies current and historical information in respect of this current life, which serves to reassure you that the information is accurate and more importantly to help explain why certain events have happened in your life and why we act out certain behavioural characteristics. What you do with that information is your choice. The incredibly interesting and fascinating information for me came in when Dee began to explain about my soul work at this time and my role in helping humanity and this wonderful planet that we live on (some of the time)! It broadens your perspective and view on life as we know it to the point where you could never look at what appears as normal life again without wondering what else there is affecting it that’s beyond our normal sensory awareness. There appears to be important soul work being carried out by some of us in different forms of reality at the same time as we’re experiencing our human Earth based reality as we know it at this time.  I find this prospect fascinating, exciting and very reassuring to know that help is at hand in ways that we don’t currently comprehend. I’m excited to find out more about my particular role and how I can get to know this ‘other me’ and how I can develop this further within my work as an acupuncturist / cranio-sacral therapist.

If you’re interested in connecting more deeply with your soul and your souls’ work I strongly recommend that you reach out to Dee and see how she can help you.

Thank you Dee for a wonderful experience x

Ged Ferguson / London

  • My recent soul reading, received by Dee was a truly wonderfull, empowering experience. She is such a beautiful heartcentered being, radiating so much love and passion through what she does.
We had like a chain reaction with my beautiful soul friends, it was kind of a – “this is so amazing – you should get one too”. And so it happened.
When we started she explained that this reading will be a bit different than usual, that usually it’s sort of a 2 part. 1st part being information to your physical being or how to say, and the second is the message on a soul level. And she was guided to do the whole session on a soul level. 
In the begining she described to me clearly how my home base planet looks like and how it functions, the relations of nearby celestial bodies to our planet, and the effect that it is creating. Sort of like explaining how the eart and the moon are in synergy.
What kind of species I come from and how this collective functions. Explaining in which fields we are experts and what kind of work we are doing doing on our planet. 
The next set of information was about my purpose in this lifetime in relation to the ascension plan on Gaia that is unfolding, she also described some of my natural gifts in this incarnation, what do they mean and how I can use them – how do they work. Describing in detail also how I can tune in to achieve an altered state of consciousness to do the work I came here to do. She also warned me about what I need to be carefull when expressing these advance gifts to not attract undisered attention and troubles…
She alsogave me more clarity on how to stay in focus to proceed with my journey that I came here to realise.
Throughout the reading so much information resonated with the facts that I was already aware of and it clarified why I am doing certain things that I do. Synchronicities everywhere. I am really happy about this reading with this knowing that although we shared plenty information through our english language, it is also an activation on a higer level of being. I would say an activation of ancient memory, like a key that unlockes acess to pre-incarnation blueprint awarness that is assisting in the process of true self awakening, remembering who we truly are and why we came here. I feel like this activation triggered a process of accelerated personal evolution through insights and events taking place afterwords.
I am deeply touched and grateful by this gift that you shared with me dear Dee, it happened like miracles happen. With all love,
Bily Ariel
  • Hi Dee,

Well, I tried to do just a few words but I could not pair it down.

This was my first experience doing any type of readings but it won’t be the last, at least with Dee.  I had noticed patterns in my life that I could never explain or understand and she hit them dead on and explained them and why they were happening and it was for a purpose. She brought up animals, specific years and items that are or were in my life that were symbolic or pivotal life changers for me. I told her, “It’s like you’ve been in my head all my life”. She softly told me, “ Love, I am speaking to your soul”.. Ok, game changer can’t hide from that. I felt like I went though 10 years of awesome therapy with Dee in one reading.

It took me a good week to really sit with all that I was told and kept going over my notes. Then I emailed her and scheduled another reading I want to know more and now also have some questions.

If you are going through anything in life that you just can’t seem to understand or explain schedule a reading! Trust me, you will understand more about yourself that you have questioned with Dee and will walk away feeling confident, peaceful and truly feeling your authentic self.

Have a blessed Sunday!

Beth Odum

  • ‘Dee has a gift unlike any other. She shines a light on parts of yourself that you know but have yet to discover. Because of this, my reading with her changed my life.Love always, Sarah Bishop, NZ’


  • Thank you so much for my soul purpose reading.  I’ve had many different readings along my journey and none compare to this, absolutely amazing!!  So much information was given that has connected the dots on who I truly am and why I am here on Earth at this time.  I feel like I am able to relax into my true self now, and feel more at peace in my core knowing that the hardships I’ve experienced were there to keep me on track, and I AM living my soul’s purpose. You validated truths about myself that I was not consciously aware of.  You gave me insight on what has been happening with my physical self that nobody could explain. Your abilities are phenomenal and I am so grateful for you and the work you do!  You are an inspiration!!  Much love, Cindy (Arizona, USA)
  • “I had a soul reading from Dee a week ago and it was very different than any other reading I have ever had.It really gave me a clear picture about my soul and if I was following my soul’s purpose. The soul reading gave me a deeper level of understanding were my soul may have come across some obstacles and how I can move forward. The energy around us right now is changing and I feel that a soul reading is an upgrade that matches this new energy. I highly recommend getting a Soul Reading from Dee. Since my reading I feel different, I have a sense of calm and knowing that things will be ok.”
  • “I had a soul reading with Dee. The focus was on my soul purpose in this life is and included a time line reading since birth. It also included ways to reconnect and ongoing connect with my soul. It reinforced how I’d been feeling about life so far and gave me perspective on ways I could adjust to improve my happiness in life. I found that it made a lot of sense to me and gave me hope for continuing my life in a more genuine and fulfilling way. I really enjoyed it and look forward to going back for more support and guidance. Thanks JP”


  • Hi Dee,Thank you so much for yesterday and thank you for opening up your lovely home to us! :)I’m still so happy about my reading and I think it’s given me a lot of answers to things I have had on my mind for a long time.Thank you so much again xx


  • Dee,Here’s my quote for your website. Please DO NOT USE MY NAME.”I found Dee’s reading to be profound, insightful, accurate and eye-opening.
    Her info & insights are beyond the mundane and focus on the soul level work
    we came to do. This higher vibrational info provides a broader dimensional
    perspective and is especially helpful to all those who have done some basic
    psycho-emotional work already. Thanks you Dee”.Cheers,


  • I have often had readings with Dee when I’ve been going through traumatic times in my life or at a cross roads. Speaking to Dee helps me understand what is going on and enables me to look at the bigger picture . Since she’s started looking at soul maps I feel like everything makes more sense. I always come away from a reading feeling calmer and able to cope with whatever’s troubling me. Sometimes I hear things that I don’t want to which can often be hard , but it’s usually something i already know , but don’t want to face and Dee gives me the strength to believe in myself.Anon


  • I have had several readings with Dee over the years and have always loved and respected her honesty and truth in the information she gives me, even if its sometimes hard to hear or accep. I trust and admire her completely, she always gives so much time and love to the time she spends with me.
    I have now had a couple of soul readings since she has started doing them and always come away feeling so calm and connected to myself and what is going on in my life. It has given me perspective and a sense of purpose. I couldn’t of got through most things with out Dee’s love, advice and guidance. She is a genuine and truly gifted soul who shares nothing but love and really does care. If you are feeling stuck, lost or confused I highly recommend a reading with Dee, you won’t be disappointed xxx


  • My soul reading with Dee was extremely helpful. It shines a light on particular events in my life that weren’t so easily explained before. It is very illuminating to have clarity in moving forward. It’s bigger picture clarity really. I felt that my reading and the information I received is helping me to “set the stage” and understand where I’m going and the things that are most important. It was also a wonderful experience to interact with Dee and be seen for who I am and acknowledged for the essence of my true soul. It’s very interesting work and unlike any reading I’ve had in the past. If you have curiosity about your life path and soul path I highly recommend Dee.
    -M.R. San Diego, CA USA


  • Had a soul reading last week with Dee and can’t recommend enough! Dee is such a warm and lovely person and the soul reading itself was incredible- so accurate for the past and my experiences totally matched what the soul reading said. As for the future soul reading it was everything I wanted to hear and hoping it will be as accurate as the past has been! Dee went above and beyond and we both got a bit emotional! Thanks again Dee and lots of love x


  • Thankyou so much dee for welcoming me into your home for a soul reading
    It was like no other reading I’ve had before but just what I needed, it made things clear on my soul purpose and why I’ve been feeling a little lost
    I came away feeling empowered and excited for what is to come
    Thankyou so much


  • Hi Dee
    Just want to say how amazing my reading with you was today. Please use what I say here on your website as a testimonial as to how amazing you are. I want anyone who might be unsure of having a soul reading with you to jump in feet first and go for it because they will be in awe of your gift and how you can help them make sense of their life so far. You are so gifted and so amazing at what you do…you have literally given me back to myself. You have helped me make sense of so much of my troubled life to date. Listening to your wisdom shone a light on what I’m really here to do and helped me make sense of my past, like no one else has ever been able to do. I love you, you have an amazing gift and I just want everyone to experience the peace, love and inner fulfilment that you gave to me today. So much love to you, and although we met for the first time today I feel like your are an amazing friend that I was waiting to meet. Love you Dee,  xx
    just want to thank you from my heart


  • Hi Dee

I can’t thank you enough for the reading today. My mind is buzzing , it has helped me so much and I’m feeling all sorts of emotions. As you said I will never be the same. I know there will be situations that I will find difficult but I’m determind to overcome them.
I will keep in touch and come to see you again.

Love 💜xx

  • I have had many soul readings with Dee, since having them I have felt more connected with myself and my life as well as feeling more relaxed. I feel like I have the guidance I have needed for so long. Everything Dee has told me, has manifested and even though some things she told me I was defensive towards at first, I now completely understand and connect to what she was saying. They have completely changed me for the better.

Soul readings are unlike any other reading I have had before, and I will continue having these readings in the future. Dee has an incredible gift, that no words could justify. I highly recommend everyone to have a soul reading. You will be so thankful you did. Thank you again Dee. 

  • Your ability to connect so clearly to my soul was amazing, yet another demonstration to me of the magical web of life, and all we are capable of as humans. Yet this is your special gift and what a enchanting one it is. The depths you visit and the love and light-heartedness you emanate as you give the readings is beautiful. I felt comfortable, safe and open to all you had to say. You left me feeling reassured with my path, during a huge period of transition for me. You gave me clarity on some situations in my life with the questions you kindly answered. I felt lighter, refreshed, inspired, clear and confident on my path once we had finished. What a magnificent joy to feel! I thank you so much with all my heart for your time, energy and love. I would recommend you in an instant to anyone who is feeling called to delve deeper into all parts of themselves. With an open heart anything is possible. Lot of love. Cami xxx