Has no preference to what body it wears.
Or status of job or religion.
The soul is every colour and
Loves each colour as one.
The soul is everything it expresses to be.
Not limits of rules of judgement or grade.
The soul is more than sums, of dollars or pence.
It is transparent for all to see.
The light that shines may be too bright for some,
So they hide themselves in the shade.
Knowing one day truth will set them free.
The soul is anything that you understand & believe.
Not measured in quantity.
The soul that follows its light alone.
Walks not alone but with the universe of infinite plenty.
Soul connects
while separation divides.
With labels used as weapons of fear & destruction.
Soul is a frequency of loves understanding.
Even in the darkest of shadows the soul knows the way.
There is no bigger sacrifice than separation.
The soul maybe stretched but it never breaks.
You can stretch your soul to a bare thread but you
Will never break the bond of your souls infinite connection.

It’s soul time
Much love to you
Dee xxxx