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When you choose to have a soul reading, you are ready to face yourself. Soul readings are like life reviews. When souls exit earth, they will experience something similar to my soul readings. They will go through what they have experienced from their physical perspective and whether they have touched on the deeper meaningful experiences that they have chosen. Some souls do not realise they are already a soul, thinking they are only physical and so they focus only on their physical side of their life. By having a soul reading, you gain access to your information, without having to exit.


The day before your reading I will draw your soul map. This is done by using my soul as a mirror. Your soul looks into my soul, as if you were looking into a mirror, and your soul map gets reflected back to me. I draw what your soul shows me. I share this with you the day before your reading, so you have a chance to have a look at it before we begin. I continue with your soul map and explain everything during your reading. You will be given a copy of your soul map for you to keep. Soul readings guide you back to yourself and highlights anything that your soul wants your physical to know, as the physical is always on catch up. It may not be what your physical wants to hear, but it will be your truth always. 

Soul readings are unlike any other. I do not connect with loved ones that have passed. I connect directly with you and your soul, which then gives me information about you. They are life changing as they help you reconnect with your soul and its purpose here. Soul readings can be done face to face, if you live locally to myself, or they can be done remotely to anywhere internationally. The way in which you choose to have your reading, will not affect the quality or the guidance that you will receive.


Soul Readings can last for up to 2 hours long.*


Soul Transference gives you the opportunity to come face to face with your soul, without your physical five senses getting in the way. It is a total sixth sense experience. It gives you a chance to feel your total soul self. The experience is unique and unlike any other. It will allow you to reconnect with your soul on a deeper level to help guide you through this physical life and help remove any blocks you may be facing. Soul Transference is nothing like meditation. In order to connect with your soul, I will ask you to keep your eyes open so your physical self observes everything. I will then ask you to breathe in a certain way, shown by me, to gain a deeper connection with you and your soul. During soul transference, I become your reflection, and I see and feel everything that your soul is doing. I see how your soul is connected with your physical body. Soul Transference helps you gain alignment with your physical and or your soul, depending on what you need.

Whatever you change during your soul transference will be life changing, because the universe does not do repeats. Whatever you change, becomes your reality. Every soul enjoys the experience and will find it hard to explain them because they are so unique.
You may feel tired after Soul Transference because the more your soul energy runs through your physical body, it can make you feel tired if you are not used to it. Those that are used to their souls energy, may feel more energised.


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