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Soul Reading: £85

Soul Readings are a life review from birth to exit and an overview of why you are here. With your Soul Reading I will draw out your Souls map, which i send to you the day before your reading, that covers your physical and your Soul paths to see if you are on track. This reading is an explained life review from birth to exit using the language of the Universe (the four elements of frequency) and showing you which elements you are using here.

Please allow approx 2 hours for the session.

Soul Transference: £85

Soul Transference gives you the chance to connect with your Soul without the physical getting in the way. Soul Transference gives you the chance to change your reality and come face to face with your Soul. This is done through breathing exercises and using my Soul as a mirror to reflect your Soul back to you. It gives you the opportunity to reconnect with your truest self.

You can only book Soul Transference on its own, if you have had a previous Soul Reading with myself. 

Soul Reading & Soul transference: £170

Combine a Soul Reading and Soul Transference into one session.

Please allow approx 2 hours for the session. 

One Question Reading: £20

One question readings are for anyone who has a specific question that they would like the answer to quickly. Do you have an urgent, on the spot decision to make and aren't sure which option to take? One question readings give you on the go guidance. Done via WhatsApp message. 

The turnaround for a one question reading is 24 hours.

Soul Coaching Session: £70

This is a one hour session where your Soul highlights guidance for you to see your life and how you're connected in your relationship with yourself, with others and with work ect. The session focuses on giving you a chance to observe your life from your Souls perspective. This session gives you a birds eye view of your life highlighting what you may need to change and what you are working towards. 

Soul Coaching session's last one hour and will leave you feeling motivated and empowered.

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