Soul Reading: £70

Soul Readings are like a life review that give you your soul path, and physical path in one map. I will draw out your soul map the day before the reading. The map pinpoints your life from birth.

Please allow approx 2 hours for the session.

Soul Transference: £70

Soul Transference gives you the chance to come face to face with your Soul. This is done through breathing exercises and using my Soul as a mirror to reflect your Soul back to you. It gives you the opportunity to reconnect with your truest self.

You can only book Soul Transference on its own, if you have had a previous Soul Reading with myself. 

Soul Reading & Soul transference: £140

Combine a Soul Reading and Soul Transference into one session.

Please allow approx 3 hours for the session. 

One Question Reading: £15

One question readings are done via WhatsApp message. This allows you to ask me one specific question that you would like guidance with quickly.

The turnaround for a one question reading is 24 hours.

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