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New Services

Soul in the now map: £80

This is a one hour session where your Soul zooms into your life and what's happening in it now, confirming what stays and what goes in a practical, factual way. They give you the confidence to face your decisions with commitment knowing you are facing your truth with no mind games to confuse you. This requires you to act now with no questioning on your decision making. This also includes the four elements of frequency (the language of the Universe). 

Couple Compatibility Reading: £170

By looking at your Soul maps as a couple i can see what element of frequency you are on here in the physical. The language of the Universe follows the four elements of frequency. Knowing your element gives you an understanding of how compatible you are as a couple. The reading will help you understand what each of you bring to the relationship looking at the bigger picture rather than viewing it physically. You will understand each other from a different perspective. 

Business Compatibility Reading: £75

This reading will give you a chance to access the energy around the team involved in your business. Using the four elements of frequency (the language of the Universe) the reading will follow the energy behind the team so you have a clearer understanding of what makes the team work and guide you on how your business can be strengthened. The four elements of frequency will give you the understanding and knowledge on how to manage your business from a different perspective. 

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