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How Soul Readings Began

I have over 50 years of soul experience. I have not been taught physical side. I have gained experience and training soul side, with my guides, Acho and Ramini, throughout the Universe during the night whilst the physical sleeps. This journey started at four years old when I found my mother dead. This opened the door to the universe for me. Being an orphan, the universe guided me and brought me up. This soul journey started off with me seeing dead people, or spirits as it is known in the physical. It felt normal to me until I became aware that no one else could see them physically. I went on to experiencing circles with like-minded people in the 1990s and joined spiritual churches where I did platform mediumship passing on messages from loved ones.


I have been used to being a free soul, encountering so many rules and regulations on how to share my gift, didn’t fit with me. I then went on to use Tarot cards, although I found myself just tuning in rather than using the cards themselves. Into my late twenties I went on to do normal readings without Tarot cards. It was a long journey learning how each soul communicates, so after so many years of doing these readings I decided they needed a change up. Now instead of the focus being on the departed relative, the focus became so that the relative shared information about the person having the reading. I wanted to change it from sharing proof that there is life after death, to sharing how life continues by the messages the relative this side received.


I then started working with Acho my second guide. I had a choice to either carry on with the normal readings with a difference, or start doing Soul readings. I decided that there are enough mediums covering what I have done and wanted to start the Soul reading journey. I quickly realised that Soul readings were so unique, I did not know if the physical would be ready for them. Acho reassured me the world is ready. I decided there and then to stop what I was doing and to carry on with soul readings instead. All of my years of training, now made sense and six and half years on soul readings are a global phenomenon.


The practical experiences and places and other souls that I met in the universe during my soul work experience, are what make my Soul readings so unique as you cannot be taught how to do them physically. They take years and years of experience. Soul readings and soul transference have organically grown from the seed of my own soul, together with all my books. The energy of my soul and the energy of my guides run through all of my work, you could say we come as a package. You don’t just face my soul, you face my guides too. I am proud to have been on this fifty year journey of soul discovery, to know my gift inside and out, so that you get the best that you deserve when you connect with me.

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